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Zlatá ulička Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Zlatá ulička
Restaurace Praha
Petrská 21, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 09:30-23:00
So-Ne 11:00-23:00

Italské speciality a nejenom ty si můžete vychutnat hned u známé Zlaté Uličky v centru Prahy ve stejnojmenné restauraci. V letní sezóně si můžete jídlo vychutnat na venkovní zahrádce. V nabídce jsou italská jídla, české speciality a pizza přímo z pece.

Restaurace je zapojena do Maurerova výběru Grand Restaurant na rok 2014, takže pokud Vám ve Zlaté Uličce chutnalo, můžete ji dát svůj hlas.


Zlatá ulička - hodnocení a recenze

Alexandra W.
for me the main attraction in the Hradschin area. Medieval lane with many tiny houses furnitured historical through the centuries but not possible to enjoy if there are too many tourists in there

Nikos T.
Golden Lane is a must for anyone visiting the castle area - a medieval street, decorated with tiny shops and houses. However, it can get really crowded; be patient and explore at your own pace.

Marci T.
Beautiful place

Manna K.
Sunday at 4:30 pm the ticket office is closed, we can’t enter. We should waiting half an hour for free entry.

Marina Maki 🐬
A bit crowded

Pinar Y.
I think there are better places to spent your money on ! Just oversmall -tiny shops selling something, not much .. eliminatable :/

liberalia .
Mini skanzen a varon belul.

Adam G.
I will alway have my best memories with this place. Emotions, passion. Love it.

Alexandr M.
One of the pretty place in Prague. Recomanded to visit!

Thuy Minh L.
Pretty interesting things to see and each place has a nice story of those who used to live there

Jan P.
Closes at 5 pm.

E.O. R.
Well, actually you can only enter the Golden Lane part where Kafka used to live if you pay an entrance fee. Yes, that's right, it is fenced. This being Kafka, that's what I call irony.

Nataša P.
Free entrance after 5PM. Be sure to check it out, it's very nice. Franz Kafka lived here.

Levent E.
Must see location in prague castle area. Houses from 16th century express both the simplicty but also aesthetic side of old time living

Baran E.
Historical mood is excellent

Andie E.
Adorable little street, it is only that all these shops sell the same things and don't feel welcome.

Philip H.
Colorful lane with nice looking houses.

Fluying .
Just after writing Metamorphosis, Franz Kaftka moved in to #22. He moved out when the first symptoms of tuberculosis appeared on him.

Amy H.
Very crowded but the armour exhibition is worth a visit

A M.
Go after 5.30PM. Less people and it's free!

Enchanting place worth to visit while being in this area. More lively during opening hours of Prague castle, but beautiful also after that.

Ãñyã .
It is hard to enjoy it's beauty when there much tourists here. However in than case you can visit all that souvenir shops and the museum, pretty cool👍

Ayush A.
Great to walk here with so many historic beauty there

Joanne M.
Awesome old houses with old furniture! Make sure you read the description at each door!

Alexey K.
Street looks like a toy street, but too small and too many people

Hop Hey L.
Very nice street from a fairytale )

Stefan L.
Honestly expected more. But its still impresive place to be.

Lino D.
Inside the prague castle complex, this lane is too touristy and crowded and not totally interesting.

Denis F.
Tourist attraction. Prices are high, but if you dig deeper, you can find some unusual souvenir from one of the countless shops there.

Carl G.
Wonderful route through to the castle.