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Yes Burger Praha

Praha > Praha 3 > Yes Burger
Restaurace Praha
Seifertova 14, Praha 3
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 00:00-24:00

Nekuřácká restaurace, kde si můžete vychutnat toho nejlepšího burgera v Praze 3. NONSTOP otevřeno, od půlnoci do 8:00 ale jen přes okénko do ulice. Maso je kvalitní a 100% hovězí. Na čepu je Svijany11°, Máz a pivo DUFF.


Yes Burger - hodnocení a recenze

Jiří K.
Prostředí působí umaštěným dojmem, jeden se bojí aby se nepřílepil, burger nic moc, medium to rozhodně nebylo. Obsluha vcelku příjemná. Jednou stačilo.

Jakub N.
Maybe after 6 beers and few shots burger will be tasty...

Cecilia S.
Place has a strong smell of burnt fat (the smell gets impregnated to your clothes). Lacks proper ventilation, and looks dirty. Also, they added chilly to everything we ordered without asking you! 😷

Kübra S.
Vegan alternatives were so rich! 👍🏼

Katerina B.
Big burgers, reasonable prices - soooo good.

Jakob F.
We didn't have the Golem burger but were told that this is the big one you see on some of the pictures.

Jiri V.
Shitty burger, shitty service, old guacamole, horrible chips and poor beer. If you in burger mood don't go to yes burger.

Adrian A.
The upstairs is beautiful! It's like a Parisian cafe

Ondřej S.
Good big burgers, atmosphere is a bit pub-like.

Kateřina K.
Tasty burgers. Non-stop (at night only take-away).

Anatoly K.
I love this atmosphere. It's authentic, with cool wall decoration. And burgers are super.

Awesome Mexican burger!

Martin B.
Non-stop burgers!!!

Kryštof M.
Non-Stop provoz a hroznová Fanta!!

Sasha K.
Great burgers and Mexican food 24 hours, local draft beer ( nothing much), service is in rush.

Matěj H.
great burgers and friendly staff!

Vova N.
Just any burger you like is fantastic!

Георгий .
The worst burgers i ever tried, even worse than kfc

Océane C.
Vegetarian Burger is quite good and the king Kong burger looks fantastic !

Luc V.
Not the best burgers in Prague but the price is friendly and it's non-stop open, what else do you need?

You need to be absolutely drunk to be able to enjoy the experience fully.

Lucie K.
I'm glad I gave it a second chance. Their burgers really are very good.

Lukáš K.
Great burgers...

jack d.
Best burgers and open all night

Julian I.
The best in Prague!

Jana B.
Kinda underground but good food for good prices. They r open 24/7 so you can grab a burger on the way from club.

Bernardo R.
After work, not a bad place for a quick cheap burger and a few beers. Better still, nice stop off before you go home after a late one on the drinks. 24hr burger window is a little slow, but worth it.

Mai Anh N.
Cheap and awesome burgers) But the service is quite slow.

Petr D.
Bad place to eating burger 🍔. Burger King and McDonald's are better. Burgers are small and not tasty without sauce, meat is very very well done. Fries 🍟 isn't homemade and burnt.

Cheap food.

Andrej K.
Disgusting smelly burger. Never more!