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Yam Yam Praha

Praha > Praha 6 > Yam Yam
Yam Yam
Mařákova 8, Praha 6
Otevírací doba
Tel: 774 844 446


Yam Yam - hodnocení a recenze

Jomana a.
Really good place to get some quality noodles with some friends and catch up.. all the noodles are good:)

Venkatesh M.
For vegetarians, get the tofus and broccoli/udon noodles. Get the spring rolls without meat. It’s the good stuff.

Loneldia P.
The mix starter hits all the spots 😁 Mango tango salad 👌🏻 Yellow curry 👍🏻

Jan D.
Best starter for two in the town. Awesome soups

Vašek K.
The stuff is bot very welcoming...the foods not bad...the other Yam Yam on Vysehrad is much better thou...

Adam .
I really like the food but the service is not that great. Still enjoying the place.

Kamil R.
Sloooooooow temp of serving of standard food.

Petr J.
Delicious yellow curry at fair price. Great option for a quick dinner.

Jitka B.
Delicious! Try it, but be careful with spicy food😂

Anna K.
Zelene kari 💚

Nacho S.
One of the best selections of noodles in the city. Most of them can go vegetarian. Try the Japanese udon. Delicious lemonades too.

Richard B.
Friendly staff, although a bit unexperienced. I guess not professionals, maybe apprentices. Decent place, not so many guests, Saturday evening and we didn't need a reservation.Try the mixed starters.

Ondřej .
Best pad thai in the city.

Dominika H.
Good food, good service, good prices! Big like

Karolina Klara V.
Good food, but the service is not.

Our favourite place for lunch, but who had such bad idea to serve curry on plate? Almost no sauce :(

Pavel H.
the food was not good. spring rolls without taste, noodles with beef as well, vegies killed by cooking too long.. the cook should go eat in some vitnamese place or get a month off in thailand

Mirka H.
Jednoznacne udon nudle a jarni zavitky!

Kristián M.
I got cold food and still waiting for my order (35 minutes already). And this is daily menu in almost empty restaurant...

Lukas P.
Soup and meal:ok and slow, service: bad, env: ok. Overall: nope. Child and pet friendly.

Grant P.
Cheap. Tasty. Hard to complain. No coffee bean in the Sambuca maybe?

Orest K.
Heslo wi-fi : YamYamYam

Sunethra B.
Hell menu: are you brave tested, it's really hot:D

It is fun to see some tips about waiting time. Yeh she. I went there I waited for 20min. It is a good news... It means that all is fresh and need to be cooked. Definitely a proove of quality.

Radek .
Great Pad Thai with balanced taste (although a portion of chilli could have been bigger)

Marek J.
Yay, the food is cool. Again and again.

Cecília S.
The service is not good, but the food is. It's offered a weekly menu with a starter and a main dish for 135.

Kuba C.
Waiting time for 6 people 25 mins in empty restaurant. #32 is very good.

Lucie K.
Smetanový Litchi Cake je Must Have!

Jason N.
The food is great but the service is terrible (must be newbies) // Food: A- Service: D Facility: B