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Vinárna U Sudu Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Vinárna U Sudu
Restaurace Praha
Vodičkova 10, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Čt 09:00-04:00
Pá 09:00-05:00
So 10:00-05:00
Ne 10:00-03:00

Vinárnu najdete ve stylovém prostředí gotických sklepeních. V nabídce je i točené pivo a v pozdní večery se stává vinárna dějištěm divokých party s DJs.


Vinárna U Sudu - hodnocení a recenze

Márcio V.
This is a dive bar. If the waitress doesn’t come, get it yourself. Great tank plsen and cheap and good pork ribs ($ 195kc). Lots of fusball tables downstairs. It’s a fun place and stays open late

Tereza P.
Interesting place, lot of space, many bars, great atmosphere and music, super friendly stuff, good beer 👌🏻

Steven L.
Bring a group of friends here for a drink. Wait until someone compares it to a labyrinth. Ask, with a straight face, "Don't you mean la-BAR-inth?"

Ariana V.
Dive bar atmosphere, great service, dimly list, cash only. Plenty of seating options inside and in the outside courtyard

Ben E.
The draw here is the setting which sprawls across a number of underground cellars each with a different "theme" or feel. Apart from that I found it a rather unremarkable pub. Cash only. Free WiFi.

Pepa .
Very unique place with great beer and drinks.

Jamie S.
Finding the caves can be difficult in the day time; doesn't appear that they're open during these hours.

Dominik L.
Really bad Pilsener, almost undrinkable (out of date maybe or sometin) definately bad beer.

Adrian A.
Really cool place to hangout any night. Downstairs is a room full of football tables. Cheap beer and good times.

Damianos A.
Medieval-like bar. Great.

Fairil Y.
Drinks with an experience you won't forget ;)

Vuk M.
A Prague classic, imo. Upstairs mostly Czechs, downstairs many foreigners. Seems to be a age 20-30 crowd downstairs. Great ambience downstairs and nice service!

Craig M.
Very unique bar. Make sure you explore all the caves underground to get the full experience.

Nacho S.
The longest and deepest subterranean labyrinth in Prague. Endless rooms and cheap beer. Tons of smoke too.

Head C.
Punk bars. Cellars underneath with more punk bars. Hot chicks

Jana L.

Lindsey K.
Amazing cave bar that loops around endlessly. Order flaming shots of B-52 (3 layers of baileys, kahlua, and grand marnier)

Barbora R.

great place to drink beer and hangout. always noisy and friendly atmosphere incide

Caroline C.
There are so many places better than this in Prague, better food, beer and service.. I will never come back!

Caroline C.
Worst place ever, we booked a table, when we arrived (on time) the waitress pointed which was, we seated .. 15 min later she went your table with the bill shouting telling that we need to leave ..

Krystof D.
Very good bier

Rodolfo C.
Annihilate your comrades at foosball!

Tomáš B.
Vyborny Kozel 11, hafec fotbalku

Daniel T.
Lots of foosball!

Eni R.
One of our favourite place!

Karin C.
An atmospheric underground labyrinth- all these dark passageways connecting different cave bars! Fun and highly recommended. Just be prepared to get lost and for the loss of mobile reception.

Especially effective when paired with Mecca Wednesdays or 80s Fridays at Lucerna.

Tereza R.
Huste vylepsili zachody. Doporucuju.

Вячеслав .
Good beer good music