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U Vejvodů
Jilská 4, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Čt 10:00-03:00
Pá-So 10:00-04:00
Ne 10:00-02:00

Kuchyně je otevřena až do 4 hodin rána!
  • - klasická česká restaurace s dobrou kuchyní v centru
  • - vaří se až do 4 hodin rána


U Vejvodů - hodnocení a recenze

Jeste pred par lety tento podnik byl jistota. Ale vcera jsme chteli s kamarady ze zahranici na ceskou kuchyni a prijemne posezeni. Personal pomaly (ac jich na place pobihalo pres 10), ceny horendni a kvalita jidla naprosto neodpovidajici a uplne podprumerna, i v obycejne putyce 4. cenove se da lepe najist. Je videt ze tento podnik jen zdima turisty. Jiz pri posledni navsteve pred rokem byla u piva podmira a nesmyslny poplatek za pribor. Moje chyba ze tam zase lezu. Takze nevermore!

Jan Erik S.
Prices around new year when visited the prices for beer was astronomical, CZK99 for a Pilsner Urquell is WAY too much for a place like this.

Excellent food and super beer! They have reasonable prices! A must go place in Prague.

Gergely S.
Rip off tourist place.

Petr M.
Total ignorance. More staff than guests, but we were waiting 15min to order at which point we have left.

M K.
Flat beer, cold food and the waitress tried to rip us off.

Görkem E.
rude customers and waiters. we didnt even finish our beers. waiters only care about their %15 tip.

Naz Tugce O.
Many drunk group of people are visiting and harassing you where waiters just watching. Also the waiters try to fraud you by taking the highest rate of tip even if it is not what you intend to tip.

Ekaterina S.
Terrible service, waited for the order for nearly an hour, finally cancelled with no excuse from the waiter. Overpriced. Hostess was non-friendly. Never again!

Tavo D.
Be careful when you ask for the bill, they charge you more and they add 15% tip, TOURIST TRAP

Hung H.
The food is ok but service is bad. They askes to pay 15 % more of the bill and this 15% amount is not able to be paid by card, only cash. Will never come back!

The snacks on the table (bread, pretzel, crisps) are not complimentary.

Gergő C.
Smoking is still allowed!

Jakup S.
Classic tourist trap. Avoid. Overpriced.

Dmytro B.
Service was just horrible. Tables were dirty and standard beer was 100 czk. Really? Never again👎

Jakup S.
Don't even thing about touching those pretzels! Very old and expensive!

Jakup S.
Tipical turist trap. Beer was good but expensive.

I can only recommend if you are such hungry and you can't find any other restaurant open! Euro is not valid and they are trying to "cheat" on currency rate!!! Be carefull! I definitely don't recommend

Dusan M.
The food is very nice, the atmosphere is great and the prices are very correct. They also have good wifi.

Jessica N.
Very good food, beer service and prices.

Sanja S.
Waiters were disaster!! Food is not so bad

Sebastian C.
Clasic food, good beer. What more man want

Matej G.
Terrible Czech pub. Waiting an hour to get ordered meal and waiters are purposely pushing beers to prolong waiting time. Shame on them!

Andriy U.
Nice place

Přemek .
Great Pilsner

Simple Discoveries
Classic Czech food & beer. Get the Master Tmavy beer if you're a fan of dark beers (Dopplebock). Do watch for the "bread scam" as they'll leave bread on your table & charge for it even if not eaten.

Petteri L.
Master dark beer

Magda M.
Overpriced and not authentic, service was a little bit too pushy, the only advantage is cosy interior and great location

nicola f.
Horrible service and very impolite waiter! Food is average and nothing special !

Joco G.
Very large apartment for 6 people. Staff is nice and overall a great place.

Martin M.
Tourist trap. That's what it is. Mediocre or below average meals that won't surprise you in any way and a service that could be a bit more polite. The beer was OK, I guess.

Onur K.
Czech food, beer

Svetoslav P.
Pork leg and fast beer service

Saša .
Pleasent ambient, but waiter tried to steal from us. He wanted to charge 5 beers more. My friends have also problems with waiters here.

Alex C.
Don't touch the bagles. nothing special about the food..the only good thing was beer.

Filip V.
Good food. Big portions. Can smoke inside:-)

Nancy K.
Super yummy food and urquell beer (10€/person).

Clark G.
Good bar in Prague old town. There is a massive beer hall if you go down the stairs, as it's not just the bar at the entrance

Dániel B.
Cheap and good beer, english speaking staff.

Schtivie B.
Didn't look bad from the outside: unfriendly staff, small portions and food not really tasty. Tourist trap, be aware

Good beer but service is arrogant and sometimes aggressive. I think fighting with customers is not acceptable for being waiter. Only good thing that they're open till night. Meal is often good but...

Dezurni S.
Great stuff, and food, but beer are expensive. There are a lot of great restaurants with cheaper food and drink.

Iveta P.
The beer quantity in your glass is less than expected and written in menu. You order 500 and get 350. Food is just awful. Worst place in Prague I have been. DO not go there!!!

Alexei D.
High prices - 100 krc/ 0.5l. Also tips included and asked by waiters.

David C.
Food was pretty good but quite expensive

Radek T.
Tourist trap. Overpriced and sour beer. Avoid this place and visit real beer pubs!!

Terrible, terrible place. Awful industrial entrees. Go somewhere else!

Very rude waiters. They are very very slow and they try to cheat us!!

Javi H.
Worst place in Prague. Tourist trap.

Spiros A.
Nice pub with quite the crowd

En Veronica M.
Try Master beer. Smoking place :)

Eleonora M.
A must if you want to try real Czech kitchen. Prices are good (although they raise between Christmas and NYE), traditional food and delicious Czech beer (dark Kozel is the best!) Service not bad.

George H.
Wifi: uvejvodu

Cavit K.
Disrespectful to children, they can not make spaghetti half portion for an 18m old :) Retard waiter suggest me to make it half at the table :) Even in middle east restaurants are smarter :)

Vova N.
Open till late night. Good for big groups of ppl

Denis R.
Good restaurant in the old city with one of the best ribs in the city, good beer and great prices.

Joze N.
Great! You can taste different kind of beers, drink and feel like a real czech

Jack B.
Horrible place. Staff speaks very poor English. Waiter includes tips by himself, although they are not in the bill. Go somewhere else.

Michaela M.
One of the most classic tourists place. Dont eat pretzel on your table its like rock to bite and you may loose your teeth. But Plzeň pretty good anyway.

Mario K.
Ok place. But not the best lunch I've had...

Scott S.
Great restaurant. Multiple levels with waiters everywhere. Similar to a German Brewhaus.

Burak .
Lovely staff and dark beers

Mark S.
Service was excellent, got some recommendation on local food. Tried the pork knee, it was so yum. But yeah do check the bill before you go

Mark S.
Service was nice and got fine local recommendation. Try out the prok knee

Andrzej S.
Avoid this place. You will pay an additional 30kc for each person just for nothing. Ask for a paper bill. Check the bill. If you got into this trap and they are trying to rob you, call administrator.

Andrei F.
Be careful - they will tax you for the pretzel on the table

Alex J.
A bit embarrassed with myself for being unkind to 1 poor waiter who tried to charge us for becherovka we've never had.

Nina H.
One of the worst experience in Prague:( The staff was rude, we had the feeling that we have to finish our meal asap and leave. There was a fly in the sauce!!! DON'T GO THERE!

Petr M.
Good beer in a horrible ambiance. Speak English even if you know Czech. Waitresses will treat you much better.

Anton A.
Excellent Tatarák, tap Pilsner Urquell and mostly local czech people there inside. I recommend to go there when you're in Prague. Vaitors do good job. 5/5. V pohodě! ;-)

Michal H.
Be aware of asking for a water. 74,- for 0,33 is not smth I would expect :D (Vittel)

Jelena D.
Najm, najm....

Michael H.
Wifi is uvejvodu

service was friendly and fast, but our food was salty and the soups were cold.

Ivo J.
This place is just a rip off for tourists. Prices do not match the quality.

Danka S.
Excellent food and even better beer! They have reasonable prices, but as the place is very popular, you should be ready to wait for a while before being served.

ioana s.
You have to pay a "couvert" for bread, etc. The bagles are also a separate item on the bill. Just to be safe, ask for a printed bill at the end. Service is not included. Good food.

Alexey S.
Fantastic ribs. Recommended! !!!

Tomáš H.
Avoid this place at all costs. Horrifying service,.unpleasant people..never coming back

We were having here dinner today&I was not satisfied:-( we ordered soup,starter and main course and they bring us everything in 1 round!!!!! they should improve provided service-at least......

Grzegorz K.
Hard to find, even harder to leave. For beer geeks.

Olga K.
Meat, meat and more meat! It's a carnivore's heaven!

Narayanan K.
The salad veggies were not even washed properly. Beers were good though.

Tibor G.
Cheap. Good food. Pilsner urquell.

Egon C.
Of you don't leave a tip they will (unfriendly) ask you...

Bruna P.
Czech atmosphere, great goulash, cheap beer and english speaking staff! A must visit in Prague!

Andrea B.
Heslo WiFi uvejvodu

Radka P.
Bad bad bad... Noisy and expensive!

Katerina P.
Worst service in history. They brought cheese with a bug on it and were amazed we wanted a new one...

Carlos M.
This restaurant is a Must in Prague, excellent ambiance and tasty typical food

Eduardo S.
Very good and cheap goulash with bread dampling! The beer was also good, and cost around 35 Czech crowns for half liter.

Olka K.
Disgusting food and service. It's Sunday afternoon and I can't say there are many people here.

Mario M.
One of the best goulash that I ever tried in Prague. Decent priced. Fast service(compared to Czech standard, amazing) ans English speaking staf. Like :)

Gautam P.
Expensive food, rude staff and lots of extra items on the bill! An evening wasted in a tourist trap. Avoid!

Alex S.
good service and soups. wine and main dishes are complete crap.

Terrible overpriced food! Don't bother.

Peter C.
59kc for a beer in Prague? Avoid it.

Gregor H.
Tmavy Kozel & Nakladani Hermelin for the win!! ;) cheerrs

Alexandru T.
Good atmosphere, tourists blend nicely with locals. Pretzels at each table to enjoy with beer.

Michalis L.
Jidlo tady fakt ne / Eating here is not recommended!

Martin .
Wifi pass: uvejvodu2

Ничего особенного и запоминающегося. Неплохо кормят, выбор пива невелик.

Naida L.
Для вегетарианца еды нет. Как и везде, предложили либо жаренный сыр, либо пасту сделать без мяса (т.е. просто варенные макароны), спасибо, не хочу. В конечном счёте сделали два гарнира. Не вкусно.

Hier gibt's alles: Leckere Knödel, gutes Bier und betrunkene britische Touristen. Sehr sehr gut.

Геннадий .
Вкусное и огромное свинячье колено, нормальные куриные крылья. По окончанию подойдёт с печатным счётом официант и от руки на листке рассчитает себе 15% чаевых. Я на этой же бумажке снизил до 10%. :))

Сергей .
Вкусное пиво. Но официанты жулики. Пытались обмануть. Испортили впечатление

Оля .
Это заведение абсолютно не достойно внимания. Зашли исключительно ради вай-фая, чтоб поискать что-нибудь поприличнее

Olga N.
пиво хорошее, колено ужасное сухое

Jane L.
Отвратительное обслуживание и обман туристов!!!

Jane L.
Очень не понравилось: все на столе платно (бублики, орешки). В счёт включают хлеб, который не заказывали и не ели! Официант принес чек, написанный от руки и требовал 15% чаевых 0_о Обман туристов!!!

Daridze D.
Полное дерьмо! Будьте сразу готовы заплатить 15% за сервис к своему счету, невкусные и маленькие порции💩💩💩

Thiago D.
Comida razoável e preço caro. Batatas fritas sem sabor. Foi cobrado couvert, mas não foi oferecido.

Frei A.
Вепрево колено гигантское, вдвоём не осилили половину. Все вкусно, хотя выбор пива маловат.

Анастасия .
Вкусно! Блюда оч большие!) Вепрево Колено оч большое! На 2 персоны.Салаты большие) сыр вкусный, воообщем-советую!

Цены выше средних, например, колено - 320Кс. На пиво цена примерно как везде. По антуражу место весьма посредственное. Однако, когда все забито, там место точно найдется, площадь огромная!

Простенькое местечко. Не могу сказать, чтобы оно чем-то запомнилось. Еда вкусная, пиво тоже) В общем если зайдете, не разочаруетесь, но не ожидайте ничего особенного!

Lukas P.
Strašně nepříjemná obsluha v horní části. Hodinu před zavirackou vám už nepřinesou nic kromě účtenky. S každou další návštěvou je to tam horší a horší!

Victoria Z.
Цены средние, но вечером оч много людей и готовят порядка 30 мин!

Anton D.
Официанты дописывают в счёт от руки лишние позиции. Требуют оплату за дополнительно написанные средства только в наличных. Сдачу пытаются не отдать. Разводят туристов.

Natalie K.
Колено не плохое,пиво тоже но обслуживание никакое хотя при этом нагло востребовали 10% чаевых

Irinka M
Огромный бар. Вкусное hot wine, отлично в плохую погоду.

Konstantin P.
Супер вкусные копчёные рёбра. Пальцы отъешь!

ikka69 .
Намного дешевле, чем в аналогичных пивных. Все быстро и вкусно!

Özge .
mekan guzel bizle ilgilenen garson da iyiydi ama giriste cok kaba karsiladilar...

Sergey G.
Очень дорого. Еда на троечку. Стоят над душой и выпрашивают чаевые. Обычное туристическое дерьмо.

Martin K.
Vyborne pivo, zbytek vice mene vykrmna na turisty. Ty precliky na stole nema cenu ani komentovat, ale byznys je byznys. Proste fabrika.

Vojta E.
Studený hranolky od předchozího stolu asi, příbor nikde, na pivo čekáte 15 minut, mám něco dodávat?

Alexander M.
Не самое главное из мест в Праге, которое рекомендуется к посещению, как бы им этого не хотелось)

Lukas T.
Super Essen!

Lokal ve guzel pub. Cok buyuk bir alanda hizmet veriyor. Canli muzik de oluyor zaman zaman...

Vadim M.
Туристический, но очень вкусный и с адекватными ценами

Vladimir K.
Вкусно, брутально, забойно! Тартар и свиное колено выше всяких похвал! Пиво на уровне. Счёт смехотворен...

Serhat L.
Samimi ve guzel biyer kesinlikle muhabbet icin birebir

Marianna C.
Disfrutar de la cerveza y cenar

David M.
Buen si sólo pretendes beber, si te sientas a comer intentan timarte.

Vladimir M.
Раньше ценилось мною за неплохую рульку и пиво Masters. Пиво осталось, а рулька стала как то не очень. Смешной официант при расчете нагло требует чаевые, сам решает сколько. Все что на столе-платно

Julia F.
Вечером много народу. Ооочень долго обслуживают и настойчиво требуют чаевые. К слову незаслуженные.

Giuliano C.
Atmosfera e petto di pollo bacon e patate e

Tomáš C.
Nikdy více! Studená svíčková za 175Kč, pivo velmi podprůměrné a jako bonus couvert 15Kč. Rozuměj ošatku chleba. Co bych s tím k té svíčkové asi tak dělal? Hnus!

maksym k.
Сегодня был в другом баре, но не в центре все в два раза дешевле. Пиво вкусное, варят сами. "сыр до пива" лучше не заказывать, думаю его съесть сможет не каждый))

Отвратительное обслуживание, официанты старательно не замечают, тем более если говоришь по русски. Еда - как везде, цены средние, полменю отсутствует. Забегаловка, короче.

Vlad G.
Пиво супер! Особенно темный козёл!

Başak D.
Bira :) yemekler gayet uygun

Михаил .
Не верьте никому! Идите спокойно, Вас никто не обсчитает, не хотите платить за хлеб? Не ешьте или откажитесь от хлеба. Чек в качестве доказательств!