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Toms burger Staré Město Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Toms burger Staré Město
Toms burger Staré Město
Valentinská 9, Praha 1 - Staré Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 10:00-23:30


Toms burger Staré Město - hodnocení a recenze

Asi pocovidovy problem. Restaurace spatne uklizena, jakoby opatlana. Protoze jsme si uz objednali, bylo nam trapne odejit. Jidelni listek v umastenych kancelarskych deskach. Cisnik skoro nerozumel cesky, bohuzel asi ani anglicky. Takze upresnit objednavku prisel trikrat. Pulka nabidky z webu proste nebyla. Jidlo uplne jine nez na fotkach. Nadobi spatne umyte, opatlany nejlevnejsi talir z ikea. Na jidle bez varovani wasabi pasta. Cast objednavky vubec jsme nedostali, cisnik proste zapomenul. Plus vysvetlovani ze maji jen levny rozlevany dzus. Bylo to opravdu trapne. Nikdy vic.

Patrick T.
It’s decent burger restaurant. You definitely won’t make a big mistake by going there but there are better restaurants.

Рыжая .
Great burgers and fries! Took vegetarian and didn't regret, really cool grilled vegetables. Starosta beer is not so tasty then Kozel, but ok. Very small sits in inner yard. Kharizmatic waitresses!

M M.
Good food, good prices, good service.

Nick R.
Boston burger was good. Fried jalapeños were super spicy. Nachos hombre had almost no cheese. The superhero decor was good for our kid, but there wasn't a ton of room.

Bara V.
The food here is literally TRASH, sorry, but the burgers are disgusting, greasy, no flavour, no good sauces, the salad is to cry, totally not worth the price ☹️its s tourist trap

Elizabeth Y.
The service was bad, the waitress was rude and unfriendly, answered very nervous and impolite.Also the burger was bad. Cheese was cold. I was here one week ago, burgers and service was better.

Great burgers with steak fries, combo meals possible with 15% discount.

Annie C.
Don't pay extra for the ketchup it tastes like cinnamon, unless you like that

Rafael R.
I expected more, it seems to be cheap but at the end what you get make it not that cheap. I need to say that my burger was quite good.

Simon H.
Excelente burgers super beer!

Jakub M.
Cheap burgers and 10° beer 29CZK

No, burgers here are pretty bad. There are much better burger joints in Prague.

Dan R.
Mediocre burgers for an incredibly low price, especially given the location. The hungry person's pick

Tomislav J. K.
BURGERS ARE GREAT. Ok, now that we got that out of the way - this is not a "restaurant" it's a Burger joint. So don't expect it to be fancy. Service was great. And they were playing Blind Guardian 🤘

Wahaj M.
Tom's burger used to be one of my favourites when it first launched. Their burgers were good for the prices you were paying, however their quality has been declining with every year. It's mediocre now

Jan P.
Gluten-free burger option for additional 10 CZK.

Prostě F.
Kind staff, nice (poppunk) music and good burgers for low prices.

Sorina C.
You have to wait! But the burgers are good!

Patrick T.
It's kinda small but still great. Love it

Patrick T.
This is Jack Daniels burger and it's totally worth it and awesome. I recommend this one. It's 200g burger so you'll be filled.

sa h.
good price and the burger was ok nothing special but I couldn't eat my steak potato (I was eating salt )

Andrey S.
One of best burgers I've try ever

Naty B.
The worst attention. Worst service. The girl didn't stop yelling at us.

Michal K.
Bier, burgers

J L.
Faust Service. Good price for a good burger but nit enought french fries

Guillermo D.
Cheap and teasty. Goat Burger is great.

Tomas K.
Ideal for quick meal.

Martin S.
Amazing burger for fine price. Even tho i dont like the atmosphere.

You want cheap burgers? Go for it! Want good burgers? Move on, walk pass it...

Ondřej T.
Great burger's, really!!