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The Pind
Korunní 67, Praha 3
Otevírací doba
Tel: 222 516 085
724 206 020


The Pind - hodnocení a recenze

Gaurav S.
Lovely food .. must try.... great hospitality .... everything is great

Diane T.
Awesome lunch menu!

Honza K.
Lunch all-you-can-eat menu is just great. Great value for the money. Go there for it.

Jay Vijay D.
I am an Foodie indian. Always look for an Indian cuisine whenever I am outside of india.i fine this Indian hotel with authentic indian food. Go blindly for this.

Adrian A.
Tasty lunchtime buffet - excellent value for money

Martin P.
The lunch buffet menu is quite basic, so I am surprised about the high rating, as I was not impressed. Maybe the a la carte menu is better

Hana M.
Vegetarian Byriani is awesome! One of the best in the Prague. Masala and paneer as well. They do nice lunch menus, worth to try.

Nacho S.
Many vegetarian options, all delicious and not so spicy. Eggplant is a must. Waiters are really nice and fast. Just missing more beers to choose.

nicola f.
Amazing food and very kind people! One of the best Indian restaurant in Prague!!

Nick M.
Great food - one of the best Indian restaurants in town and the original bar-setter.

Anthony F.
Lunch buffett

Anthony F.
Good Indian lunch buffet, all you can eat, nice curry flavors w some spice

Charlotte S.
120k for an excellent and varied lunch buffet. Each dish was delicious. Will definitely return for a meal.

Ondřej L.
During lunch the staff is basically trying to show you that you are poor, of poor taste and not worth talking to.

Steven D.
Excellent Indian , korma, prawn masala, man and starters all good

Jana Y.
The best indian restaurant.

Tomas N.
Probably the best Indian restaurant in Prague

Michal B.
I have to agree that Tikka Masala is very tasty here. I gave a try to a couple of starters and deserts and loved them too. Note that the place is not casual, and the staff prefers to speak English.

Zuzana C.
Great food,but design of the restaurant could be better.

Luc V.
One of the best indian restaurants in Prague. Staff didn't speak much czech but food was amazing

Vitek R.
Paradicka snez co snis... Vetsina palive

Jan F.
Great lunch menu

Jan P.
The food is much better here on the lunch buffet compared to the Sri Lankan place down the street.

Ondřej L.
Lunch buffet for 120 CZK.

Natalia K.
Such an amazing place for lunch! One of the best places with Indian food! Nice service!

Surinder S.
Nice authentic place to enjoy Indian food in prague

Aditya K.
Service, food.. almost all is good

Vova N.
Among all the indian restaurants in Prague this one is the best

Used to be the best before the owner left to open Indian by Nature restaurant in different part of the city which is the best now in Prague. Avoid pind, their hype is not valid anymore

Cassia N.
I had the buffet and the "curry" tasted more like mildly spicy vegetable soup. The naan was also stale. Although the meal was cheap, I don't recommend coming here for the buffet.

Jakub R.
The daily all you can eat lunch menu is now 120 CZK but still a great deal

Jiri D.
The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is cool, but lags behind the Lal Qila Indian restaurant, which is also situated in this neighbourhood (Italská street).

Jiri M.
best indian food i've had so far (tried many of them in london recently). all dishes we ate were top class. i'm your new regular customer. PROMISED!

Stepan P.
Best (Lamb) Vindaloo I've ever had. Nice and professional service.

Honza F.
This is one of the restaurants where you have to make a trade-off between delicious food and not the friendliest staff imaginable.

rachel c.
Definitely the best Indian food in Prague We ate here a few times during our stay. Great service and cozy environment.

Prague’s finest curry house, and just down the road from NYU’s Selzska dorm!

Ekaterina V.
Amazing place! Delicious food!

Mansura M.
Taste is not really Indian,,, not satisfied totally!!

Ondra R.
Perfect Vindaloo!

Trang N.
the best indian I had in Prague. try butter chicken (mild) or lamb ragogesh if you like very spicy food. and a garlic naan as a sidedish is the must.

Anna S.
Poledni all you can eat je geniální!

Chris M.
Very nice Indian. the best this side of the river

Brilliant,lovely indian food!best ever!

Emilia H.
amazing indian food, good choices for vegetarians and friendly service. the creamy black lentil sauce was divine.

Jiri P.
Chicken Tikka Masala ftw

Michaela B.
the best indian food i have ever had!! delicious!

MiBa .
AllUCanEat lunch menu 109CZK

As good as a brick lane curry. Amazing Food especially the lamb biryani & friendly service.

Marc W.
Amazing Indian food! The Saag Chicken in particular was incredible.

Hana K.
really great saag chicken

Petar B.
Very arrogant staff, they won't even give you back small change, and don't understand a simple "What is this made of" question. The indian restaurant down the street is much better.

Tonda K.
Absolutely Best Indian Restaurant in Prague

Evan V.
By far the best Indian food in Prague, loved the chicken vindaloo and mixed vegetables.... Amazing service as well!

Tomas P.
Great Vindaloo, one of best indian restaurants in Prague.

Joanne E.
Inflexible unusual for Indians to say no!

Salty lassi and chicken tikka masala are truly exceptional.

Arrow B.
this is the best indian restaurant in prague. try the chicken tikka masala, one of the best i ever tried. if you like lamb, the lamb vindaloo is also incredible.

Dani E.
Mango Lassi is perfect!

Lada 🐰
Delicious Indian meal for a reasonable price. I tried Saag Chicken and I loved it (chicken with spinach, indian spices, garlic and ginger). Better make a reservation through web site

Fine all you can eat menu for 109CZK is served workdays till 1430, but the beer is 40CZK.

Daniel K.
Jedna z nejlepších indických restaurací v Praze.

Obedove "all you can eat" je parada, ale mimo obed jsou ceny totalni prepal. ceny nealko napoju dtto. skoda.

Jetam Y.
Zkuste bufet ve všední dny. Za cca 120 snězte co zvládnete:)

Daniel K.
Nejlepší indický počin v Praze!

Kristyna V.
Nenechte se odradit exteriérem, uvnitř je indický ráj! Zkuste Dal Makhani a Channa Pindi. Obsuha je pozorná, dokonce vám přinesou teplé ručníky na utření!

Honza R.
Úplně super obsluha 👌

Štěpán P.
Obědová akce je dobrá, ale kvalitní kuchyni si člověk užije večer.

Si P.
Self service de Comida apimentada

Petra X.
Jidlo dobre, obsluha na ranu...

Wilfrid G.
Jídlo docela ok. Mango lassi byl dobre. Můj Lamb Vindaloo docela take. Různé Naan chutnali take všem. Ale obsluha docela "nepříjemná"... Skoda. Celkový dojem, proč ne zase, ale bych tam "nespěchál" :|

Tomáš Z.
Dobrý,, indický'' bufet. V pátek od 12.15h zde začalo být trochu plno.

Martin J.
Vyborne kureci vindaloo, mene palive, ale to mi vyhovuje :)

Chcete zkusit Indii v Praze, tak šup sem.

Raf P.
Ласси манго здесь The Best

no doufal sem v palivejsi vindaloo :) ale na vinohradech/zizkove asi nejlepsi indie - v praze furt rulez tandoori na brevnove...

Hana K.
Pro mě nejlepší indická restaurace v Praze.

Adam B.
Anglicky hovořící indický stuff vás dokonale obslouží. Výborně se 2 nají za 500 Kč. Akorát pozor, ze jídla jsou dost ostrá!

Jan A.
super indové, jen přes oběd dost plno