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Sansho Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Sansho
Petrská 25, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Út-Čt 11:30-23:00
Pá 11:30-23:30
So 18:00-23:30

Připravte se na opravdu špičková jídla, která Vás budou bavit! Nečekejte stále se opakující nudná menu, v této restaurace vsadili na obměnu každý den dle nabídky a sezóny. Nebojte se zeptat na zrovna dnešní speciality. Paul Day Vám svým asijským a českým uměním v kuchyni vykouzlí rázem jídla, která Vám rozzáří den!
  • - odběr masa pouze z domácích farem
  • - každý den se mění jídelní lístek
  • - večerní degustační menu o 6 chodech
  • - skvělé koktejly
  • - domácí návykové dezerty všeho druhu

Speciality restaurace:
  • - lososové sashimi
  • - slider z měkkoschránkového kraba
  • - taco z makrely


Sansho - hodnocení a recenze

Laura C.
One of (if not the) my favorite restaurant in Prague. Let the staff chose for you, enjoy every bite and don't forget to order the dessert assortment at the end! Simply perfect

D K.
Great flavors! The salmon and the octopus were standouts, but everything was tasty!

Benno S.
Great Service. Tasty food.

Martin J.
Had a tasting dinner menu (6 courses for 1000 CZK) and it was just amazing. Meals here are different then other city's Asian restaurants. I love the cozy family-ish atmosphere and lovely staff. 🙂

Alessandro T.
The staff is absolutely lovely, and everyone does their job without concealing their persona: love it! (2/2)

Alessandro T.
The unassuming decor hides a culinary gem, where meats and seafood are wisely combined, with a clear nod to the Asian tradition. (1/2)

Perfect sharing menu, very authentic!

Daniel S.

Jamie B.
So good, the owner is fantastic and makes an enormous effort to ensure quality is delivered at all his venues. Get the crab sliders

Marek V.
Asian fusion food

Inna R.
I can definitely say that service experience I had in Sansho is the best one, I've ever had in Prague. And dumplings...💖

Jana A. Kri
Really depends on what's on the menu.Some meals are better than others,all in all it's not the best fusion in Prague and pricey for what it is.The staff is very friendly and the vibe's lively and cool

Lera P.
Best place in Prague! The only trendy & modern place in the city. The interior is very stylish, stuff is friendly, food is delicious. Definitely recommend. Book in advance.

Michal B.
Can highly recommend. Combine starters with your friend. Everytime I go there - the food is briliant.

Come hungry. 6 amazing courses (plus dessert) await you. Pork belly is incredible. Service is fantastic. I left full and happy.

Karolína B.
Perfect 6 course menu,soft shell crab and pork belly were the best

Marek L.
Exceptional service and exquisite food

Judith R.
Sashimi starter and vegetarian curry are amazing

Andrew P.
Lives up to all the hype. Fabulous service. Delicious degustation menu. Personally I loved the salmon and dumplings.

Simon C.
I would come back to Prague, just to eat here again. The food was simply amazing. There's a set menu (pork belly & soft shell crab were devine) of entrees, with seasonal mains. Make a reservation!

One of the cutest places in Prague. Everything is good

Delicious asian fusion food. Good wine. Good service.

Jana B.
Tasting menu was very good. Relaxing atmosphere.

Vlada P.
Soft shell crab sandwich and beef belly with watermelon !

Great, creative, well-executed set menu. Worth a try at least once, ESPECIALLY the pork.

Kiki K.

Zachary M.
Amazing salmon sashimi and dry sweet pork w coconut rice is also amazing

Vuk M.
Great staff, and quite lively atmosphere. The soft shell crab sliders are ah-mazing! In a higher price range for Prague, but for sure worth it. Matouska on tap, which is a big plus. Recommended.

Claire F.
Pork belley

Anthony L.
Excellent veg gastronomic degustation

Julia O.
Delicious and top quality! I've left with a feeling that I want to come back.

Dina V.
Unagi roll is really awesome! Cocktails are very interesting

Jamie B.
Sliders all fantastic.

Steven D.
Soft shell crab, Thai salad

Matus H.
Lamb as the end of the tasting menu was excellent

Josef C.

Fiona F.
No menu but this was one of my most memorable meals ever. Alfresco dining available. 7 courses and great value for the quality. You must book!

Heléne B.
Great fusion restaurant

Patricia C.
Great service, the crab slider is amazing, the papaya salad is delicious, very good desserts as well!

Lucie P.
Try the soft-shell crab! It can look a little bit exhausting but is soo delicious!

Constance C.
Orgasmic food. totally worth the money. Love every dish they served!

Thea K.
Amazing degustation menu with lots of different tastes. Save some space for desserts.

Maria L.
Fantastic! Let the staff decide everything for you.

Martin P.
One of the best asian fusion restaurants in Prague. Run by charismatic chef and gourmet enterpreneur Paul Day, the place is always packed, so better book in advance. The food is simply delicious!

One of the best gastronomic experiences in Prague! Innovative, charming, authentic, tasty, very tasty! Reservations is a must!

Petra T.
Delicious food, great wines, friendly staff and:)minimalistiinteriouy

Rok B.
Wow factor : 99 % Crab burger, tartar and other awesome dishes rocked my olfactory senses.. For a premium price tho.. Don't be confused by ascetic interiors..

Rok B.

Rob B.
Asian food by an english chef in Prague. Mix of cultures. Many visits, never disappointed.

Live Nova N.
The food was excellent.

Kačka K.
In on word: WOW!!! The combination of tastes is just mind blowing and staff is super friendly...

Petr M.
Complete satisfaction with the degustation menu. The soft shell crab was a bomb.

Pepe T.
I have no words to describe the pork belly.. It was delicious!! It would be better if it was the last dish.. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

Tomas N.
I don't know what's going on but we were not so much impressed as in the past. but date dessert and Majove beer taste still great.

Yvette D.
Loved their noodles with prawns and pork in coconut. And their date dessert. The crab sliders did not impress me though.

Good F.
more pics from Sansho on

Kačka L.
Sanscho is a whole Animal Restaurant

Good F.
Amazing restaurant!!!

Adam K.
perfect asian funky cousine! Must to visit, one of the best in Prague

Irina L.
Asian food with a signature twist! We had the softshell crab sliders w/wasabi mayo cream, pork tacos and beef curry- delicious! Important: at lunch- a la carte menu, dinner- 6 course set menu only!

suzi a.
1. Order the tasting menu and drinks (let the staff choose everything). 2. Share many desserts. 3. Order more warm toffee pudding for yourself. 4. Tip in cash. 5. Leave fat and happy.

Anthony F.
Come, eat and bask in awe of an amazing meal. And don't forget desert. Wow is all I can say...

Annelie H.
Its really nice, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is friendly.. You can also chat with the Chef Paul Day-just pass the kitchen :-)

Gwen K.
Delicious food and great service. We alone in the back 'cause it was so full and Chef Paul came in person to offer a drink on the house to improve our experience :) We will surely come back!

Jan J.
Best restaurant in Prague. Seriously.

Terezie S.
... Cucumber Collins! Strop!

Tim S.
Probably the best restaurant in town!

Booked a table for Four People. Had a Good Service and delicious Food.


Tomas F.
One of the best places to eat in Prague.

Tomáš J.
Wifi password: feed888888

Zdenek F.
Cucumber lemonade. Check. Crab in a dumpling. Check. Beef "Oh-My-Goodness" Rendang. Check. Do I need to say more?

Great fushion of Asian cuisine in the Czech style and fresh ingredients from their own farmers. Six-course menu will blow your mind. Male sure to get a reservation.

Kristina G.
All restaurant seems to be one big experiment. Great ideas but sometimes less is more...But l really like the philosophy...fresh and happy meat, exotic components...good.

Ondřej H.
Absolutely amazing food and friendly staff! #foodporn #foodorgasm

Natalia M. H.
Soft shell crab sliders is a must! Also mackerel fish tacos. And don't skip the dessert! :)

Pete S.
This place is world class. Order one of the drink specials, you will not be sorry.

michal n.
Datlovy dortik

Vincent H.
Go for the crab blineys

Moon H.
You must try this place! Fucking amazing!

Juuso S.
Amazing food - Chef Paul is the king of Prague.

Lada 🐰
Whatever you choose, you will love it. Ask for advice, really cheerful staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Delicious wine offer! (Love their water with cucumber slices!)

Dejte si Belly pork a duck & hoisin, luxus.

The D-day tomorrow. Lunch menu will start.

chicken satai -chutove orgie. Chilli salt crab and squid? Rozlozi vas na atomy a chutove poharky budete sbirat po podlaze.

Adam F.
Příjemná atmosféra.

Karolina C.
Z interieru jsem byla chvili v rozpacich, ale na ty jsem okamzite zapomnela po prvnim chodu z menu. Bylo skvele cele, moji favoriti - veprove knedlicky s losos kaviarem, krab v housce (foto) a kari.

Aleksey N.
Opravdu jedena z nejlepších restauraci v Praze.

David N.
Jídlo chuťově famózní! Víno nakonec velmi dobré, ale obsluha s ním neumí moc poradit. Pro větší skupiny nedoporučuji (jídla je pak málo i při vyrovnaném poměru asketických žen i žravých mužů).

Šárka B.
Cena rozhodne odpovida vynikajicimu jidlu! Skvela atmosfera a obsluha naprosto skvela!!!

Alla G.
Очень вкусно!!! Шеф-повар общается с посетителями! Берите краба) Десерт - must. Особенно шоколадное печенье с ореховым мороженым👍

Olinka P.
Po vsech pozitivnich reakcich sansho definitivne nesplnilo nase ocekavani, podprumerna neprilis privetiva obsluha, degustacnimeju jsme si nemohli vybrat tri jidla super tri slabota, prostredi hruza

Tereza V.
O tom slideru z kraba se mi asi bude zdat! Obsluha naprosto skvela: vsichni mladi, tak trochu alternativni a pritom supr gentlemani. :) Sem se teda vratim!

Hursán B.
nem találok szavakat :)

Velmi příjemné místo se skvělou a do Asie striženou kuchyni

Josef R.
Chuťově naprosto geniální

Veronika C.
Jidlo stale skvele, navic "malickosti" v servise, ktere cely zazitek pozvedaji - narozeninova svicka v dezertu od vsimave obsluhy, samozrejma nabidka ochutnavkovych porci vsech dezertu. Vic takovych!

Val G.
neotřelé místo, fantastická kuchyně, vstřícná a milá obsluha

Roquen L.
Vynikající jídlo po všech stránkách. Velmi příjemná obsluha. Skvělá atmosféra :)

Lucia T.
Hovezi prach v jidle 100x lepsi nez hvezdny prach (kdekoli jinde)!

Martin H.
Bezkonkurenční appetizer pork belly. Nelze nedoprucit !

Lucie K.
V Sansho si pochutnáte na šestichodovém menu inspirovaném převážně asijskou kuchyní. Porce jsou menší, tak, abyste ještě měli místo na jeden z excelentních dezertů, které tu nesmíte vynechat!

marek b.
Bez rezervace sem na obed radsi ani nechodte

V poledne vyber z menu a vecer degustacni menu z 6 predkrmu a hlavni jidlo za cca 800. Rozhodne stoji za ochutnani. Vyborny predkrm Soft schell Crab, 12 hour Beef Rendong a jako zakusek Stidy Toffee!

Petr K.
Rustikální prostředí, moc příjemná obsluha a jídlo, které vám vyrazí dech. Cena odpovídá kvalitě vašeho talíře. Zjevení v Praze!