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Thajská restaurace Modrý Zub Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Thajská restaurace Modrý Zub
Thajská restaurace Modrý Zub
Spálená 29, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 10:30-24:00
So-Ne 11:30-24:00

Modrý Zub je klenot mezi thajskými restauracemi v Praze. Thajsko je známé mimo jiné také pro svou rozmanitou a ostrou kuchyni a přesně toho se v thajské restaurace Modrá Zub dočkáte. Nebojte se, každé jídlo je označeno stupněm pálivosti a najdou se zde i jídla nepálivé. Pochutnejte si na exotické kuchyni a poznejte nové chutě.



Thajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý Zub
Thajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý Zub
Thajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý ZubThajská restaurace Modrý Zub

Thajská restaurace Modrý Zub - hodnocení a recenze

Chodím do Modrýho Zubu často a s jídlem jsem vždy 100% spokojený, ale v létě je zde vedro na umření :/ S tím by mohli něco udělat...

Karolína D.
Good thai food

Thijs F.
Red curry with chicken was great.

Alex P.
(L) amazing place

Vladimír .
Bangkok Combo

Vlado Z.
Weekend lunch:5tables,4impolite waitresses=2tables wrong food,our table after 1h:30m left hungry. No apology, nothing.Avoid tom yum soup-just sad watery no flavour:/

Martin H.
Phad Khi Mao with Beef 🔝

Pho C.
Rude staff

Judith K.
Fast and efficient service

Trần P.
That's OK ...

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: authentic cuisine, interior. DISHES: lovely. LOCATION: mainstream (convenient). PRICES: average (reasonable)

Michal M.
I was never dissapointed by their noodles.

Michal K.
Very tasty curry and noodles. Recommend

Marc 🤓 L.
The chicken green curry is exactly as I like it: spicy and creamy

Charlotte S.
Pad Thai Kai at Andel branch was delicious, here it was a little funky tasting and not as nice.

Christoph S.
Delicious food, and a very friendly waitress!

Roberto K.
Super duper <3

Jana B.
It was bit disappointing, I wouldn't recommend this place at all.

Indian W.
For a vegetarian, spring rolls,pad pak roumi. And of course sesame seed ice-cream

Magdalena M.
Really delicious thai cuisine! The interiour is elegant and sofas are very comfy to sit in and the staff is nice and eager to help. The black sesame ice cream is a must!

Stephen G.
Best thai food in Prague and great service.

David K.
Delicious but really spicy. Expensive but a great gastronomical adventure.

Jason N.
I dare to say this may be the closest to authentic Thai food you can find in Prague. Curry dishes not so good but noodles are great! Friendly staff. {food: 4/5 service: 4/5 vibes: 3.5}

The best thai food in Prague. One of my favourite restaurants👍

Stephen B.
Noodles, sautee

Aeon M.
I used to come here all the time. It was authentic Thai food full of flavour. But now the food is boring and bland. I don't know why they've changed. Very disappointing.

Klára B.
Great lemonades, perfect green curry and salmon and nice atmosphere and servis. Also try some ice cream!

Adrian A.
I went to Modry Zub expecting big things but the grey/brown slop that I was served was some of the worst Asian food I have eaten in Prague. There was no discernible flavour other than soy sauce!

Alexander E.
It's fine unless you've tried the real thing in Thailand.

Honza L.
Great place for Thai food

Pad Thai. ❤️