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Čestr Ambiente Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Čestr Ambiente
Restaurace Praha
Legerova 57, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 11:30-23:00
So 12:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-22:00


Čestr Ambiente - hodnocení a recenze

Vasek S.
Fantastic place to eat! Highly recommended. Try 3 course menu.

Mariana G.
Service and wine was perfect. Food was good but nothing really unique for their price category. Worth a try though.

Lenka S.
This is an outstanding restaurant, slow chewing poetry! Love it, eaten it! Must come back!

Nikča Z.
One of best ambiente restaurant with high-quality meet and amazing personnel which is very happy to help with choice and detailed descriptio.

T Z.
tartare amazing, chopped veal good too, asparagus great. set menu is a lot of food, fish was alright but had too many bones, spider steak super fatty

A true meat lover’s paradise. If you’re spoilt for choice, try the starter-roast-steak combo. The sides and sauces are just as outstanding as the mains.

Margo M.
Incredible filet mignon

Margo M.
The Brisket

Service too slow, steak not enough medium, forget part of the order.

It was one of the best restaurants in Praha. Now it has arrogant chief waiter who has natural ability to ruin food.

Nicola T.
Great Meat!

Petr J.
The food was very good, but the service doesn’t meet the Ambi standard. The outside garden needs many improvements (more green and less noice from the street). Also really overpriced.

Great location, very good tasting menu

Christoph S.
Definitely the best steaks I've had in Prague!

G I.
Properly good Czech cuisine. Beer, meat and chlupate knedliky!

Tadeáš K.
Another Ambiente's very good restaurant. Two of the steaks we ordered were fantastic, but the most expensive steak(they have only three of them for a day) was nothing special. Expect high prices.

Michal A.
Steaks are great, what else you could expect from steak restaurant. What else? Try to order beer ice cream as desert, taste great.

Róbert M.
noisy, canteen-like look and feel. but really good steaks.

Radek P.
I could not believe how many problems we had during our night. Three of four steaks were overcooked. Side dish had a hair in it. We asked not to have mushrooms and got mushrooms. Really bad!!! Dont go

Cigdem B.
Unfriendly and rude staff😔

Janos D.
Excellent place, with outstanding service and quality food.

Clay C.
Food was great, wine was local and fantastic, and the atmosphere was open and comfortable. Will definitely visit again

Berrak S.
Worth to try 3 course menu. It's portion is enough for 2 people. You sould try Enderloin sashimi as a fresh starter. We like everything which we try. 😍

Riri ..
Try their wine list and of course their stakes ❤️

Evgenii U.
Ordered medium steak. Bring raw. Waitress argue with me that it's medium. Show pictures of medium from Web - walk away in silence. Will not recommend.

Cannis C.
Definitely order the Beef tartare, potato mash and beer ice cream - trendy comfort food :)

Great food Try sampler menue

Jan R.
One of the bestest steak restaurants in Prague.

Jakub Z.
Steaks!!!! God!

Unqualified and unwilling hostess. Very very avarage chewy tenderloin steak, very very overpriced. Only 125g tenderloin steak. Homemade fries full of oil. Service with stone faces. We'll not come back