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Legerova 57, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 11:30-23:00
So 12:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-22:00


Čestr Ambiente - hodnocení a recenze

Great location, very good tasting menu

Christoph S.
Definitely the best steaks I've had in Prague!

GreGory I.
Properly good Czech cuisine. Beer, meat and chlupate knedliky!

Tadeáš K.
Another Ambiente's very good restaurant. Two of the steaks we ordered were fantastic, but the most expensive steak(they have only three of them for a day) was nothing special. Expect high prices.

Michal A.
Steaks are great, what else you could expect from steak restaurant. What else? Try to order beer ice cream as desert, taste great.

Róbert M.
noisy, canteen-like look and feel. but really good steaks.

Radek P.
I could not believe how many problems we had during our night. Three of four steaks were overcooked. Side dish had a hair in it. We asked not to have mushrooms and got mushrooms. Really bad!!! Dont go

Cigdem B.
Unfriendly and rude staff😔

Janos D.
Excellent place, with outstanding service and quality food.

Clay C.
Food was great, wine was local and fantastic, and the atmosphere was open and comfortable. Will definitely visit again

Berrak S.
Worth to try 3 course menu. It's portion is enough for 2 people. You sould try Enderloin sashimi as a fresh starter. We like everything which we try. 😍

Irene P.
Try their wine list and of course their stakes ❤️

Evgenii U.
Ordered medium steak. Bring raw. Waitress argue with me that it's medium. Show pictures of medium from Web - walk away in silence. Will not recommend.

Cannis C.
Definitely order the Beef tartare, potato mash and beer ice cream - trendy comfort food :)

Great food Try sampler menue

Jan R.
One of the bestest steak restaurants in Prague.

Jakub Z.
Steaks!!!! God!

Sonjoe M.
Unqualified and unwilling hostess. Very very avarage chewy tenderloin steak, very very overpriced. Only 125g tenderloin steak. Homemade fries full of oil. Service with stone faces. We'll not come back

Judith R.
Excellent local wine

Went for lunch. food serving was very slow, meat wasn't that good.

Gonzalo A.
Great meat. Great service.

Zdeněk K.
One of the best Czech BBQ restaurants

Karin G.
Amazing concept and the meat is delicious.

Valeri T.
Best stakes in Prague

saba p.
a heaven for meatlovers😍

Jane H.
Pear pie was amazing too

Jane H.

Fehmi A.
You should taste delicious Steak and local wines!

Moayad A.
One of the best steak meal ever I ate in my life, ask the waiter/waitress about ur preferences and they will help you to pick the good part and the mashed potato you will die for it

Juuso M.
The tartare and rump steak (medium rare) were ridiculously awesome. The 3-course menu (starter, oven/roast course, steak) is the way to go.

Moonyoul A.
house beer good! price good!

Beef heaven - order the combo and it's great value for the portion

Jana B.
I'm not a big fan of meal but this was just perfect, so delicious. Better try the mash potato!

Aristotelis R.
Best steakhouse I've been ever. Try the beef tartare

Carly D.
I usually love Čestr but I was a little disappointed last time I visited. An increase in prices but a decease in service and food. Still, it's probably the best steak in Prague!

Mathias B.
Try the Tatar!

tartare and carpaccio. beef.

Friendly service, very good quality of meat and interesting wine list. Clearly the best meal we had in Prague!

Natalia C.
Steaks, service and ice cream

Michal S.
Three course menu is super! Great service.

Kirsten M.
A bit posh, the food is great

Jiri V.
Definitely one of best steaks in Prague. And absolutely brilliant Pilsner beer

Kaan A.
Eat steak.


Stefanie L.
Best steak of my life and the sweets are also pretty nice. Must visit in Prague but you have to make a reservation. It's always booked.

Otakar S.
Great food

Tomas F.
One of the best steak houses in Prague! Quite expensive for drinks...

Ayşe Gül D.
Goodyear meat but higher price 😀 yemekler guzel ama pahalı

Jasmine B.
Great meat and amazing service! Try the beer icecream haha really something different.:-)

Pawel C.
Impressive collection of cuts and reasonable prices. Entrecote was definitely the best from those we ordered. Make sure you try the beef sashimi for starters!

Michal O.
Great place for meat lovers, good way to experience modern czech cuisine in nice environment. Served by great staff.

Dawid K.
Ordered three courses menu, tenderloin sashimi and rump steak were exceptional. Went out fed to my heart's content.

Rylan H.
Brilliant food and wonderful service. Steaks are ordered by weight - we went for 400g T-Bone and was perfect. Top quality meat in a super stylish but casual restaurant.

Dimitry A.
Steaks are just perfect! The staff is very attentive and sociable. "Simple" (compared to Michelin restaurants😉 ) but very tasty food!

Karolína K.
Great steak! One of the Ambiente restaurants, so they source their meat from Amaso. Top quality and very tastey.

Daniel K.
This restaurant has improved a lot over the past years, you'll get delicious steaks and cold draught Czech beer for reasonable price.

David C.
Get the three course meal and finish it off with the Kozel dark beer ice cream! Great service and food!

Hana N.
Try the three course menu!

Marian G.
"Mr. #steak" and #mashed potato. Perfect service.

Jakub S.
It is delicious and you will not make a mistake by choosing this place, if you are not vegetarian. Smart casual is fine here.

Alexey S.
It's one of the best stake houses if not the best one I have been to. Very good cusine.

Veronika H.
One of the best places for dinner around! Steak was just right, the beef sashimi was splendid and so was the beef tartare. Oh - and dark beer ice cream. Make sure to book ahead!

Michal L.
The Best Pilsner Beer in The City!

Chris H.
Good steak. A little over temp but still good. Good sauces. Spinach is a joke. Really two bites. Fries good. Great space and service.

Iva K.
Great experience for everyone who loves (mainly) beef meat with story. As a digestiv try Hruskovice from Zufanek! Cheers 🍷

Jonathan Y.
3 course menu includes appetizer and two meat dishes. Very good and filling.

Vuk M.
Amazing place. Great service, great location, great interior and atmosphere, and of course great great food. The "3 course menu" has great value! Highly recommended. Definitely a "dinner place" though

Kjetil L.
Fantastic food and service. Had the most tender cut of meat ever.

Martin P.
Superb and rather expensive steak restaurant with an excellent service. Featuring also summer garden for a less formal dinner and/or bier.

Honza U.
Meat. That's all you need to know. Delicious Czech beef served with generous portions of side dishes. And, of course, tasty Pilsner Urquell from the tank.

Scott H.
Don't be afraid to ask! They speak English!

Scott H.
The Entrecôte.

Kristina r.
Beef tenderloin steak is the best one I have ever tried! The meat was so tender, soft, grilled to perfection. An honest recommendation, really.

Heléne B.
Great steak house. Pricy but good service

Johnnie Skywalking
Sashimi for starter. Main for Oyster blade with truffle sauce.

Kristian B.
Hearing everything you might want to know about the meal you're about to eat is priceless. And yes, you get it here. This place is magical!

Florin D.
Call me crazy but the shoulder clod with truffles and mashed potatoes is an orgasmic combination. Sashimi is underwhelming and steaks are perfectly executed but Czech beef is no match to Argentinean

Сергей .
You need to book a place beforehand!

Shahab S.
You can imagin cow in front:D

Veronika J.
One of the best restaurants in Prague

Joanne P.
Lovely food, good service

Ismini T.
Just awesome!

Andrius S.
Excellent stakes! Very recommended!

Lily M.
Steak steak and steak. Dark beer ice-cream for dessert.

Sean R.
Steak 😀 and the service was excellent.

Christian F.
I do not want to be bitchy, but rejecting people while half of the restaurant is empty, is a bit uncool. Some people might call it even arrogant. Sorry I couldn't bring more friends...

Renate A.
Best stake I ever had!

Honza H.
Delicious t-bone steak

Jana A. Kri
High quality means high quality, what to add here? A place to enjoy Czech cuisine a tad bit differently. We were waiting for our meal for an hour though, but it is an exception rather than a rule.

Filip G.
Chlupate knedliky a k tomu kolinko! Zaver patri sladkemu a proto doporucuji buchticky!

Beef Tatar for starter, medium rare tenderloin for main with brilliant Bordeaux - you in heaven 😇

...go with the flow... ..
Marvellous meat, great interior, good service

Roman P.
I'd say the best steak house in Prague!

Levente C.
The environment is nice, but the waiter tried to convince me that rump is entrecot, and the brownish sauce i got is green pepper sauce, and I got a piece of sinewy meat that I could not even chew...

Tereza S.
Am I here correctly in heaven? Let the waiter advise you, they are true pros and their sashimi is out of this world!

Philip A. H.
try "Sashimi" as a starter and the "Veverka" (Hanging Tender) with home made chips!

Hrvoje L.
Take three course meal! Everything's just excellent!

Yve N.
Fine meat and trendy location.

Tomas N.
Like in a meaty heaven!

Good ambiance but restaurant is a little bit over rated. Not the best steak in city.

Mikhael S.
Модное место в Праге

Oğuzhan S.
Müşterilerle ilişki sıfır. Kötü davranıyorlar

Maria L.
Хорошее и вкусно приготовленное мясо. Стейк можно выбрать лично (T-Bone - ~ 1,200 CZK за 400-500г). Отличное обслуживание - оставили 25% чаевых. Сплошной позитив от этого места. Рекомендую.

Petr V.
Pokud chcete zažít extrémně příjemný prožitek při každém soustu skvělé porce masa, je Čestr skvělou volbou.

Karel B.
Pecka, pecka, pecka, pecka a zase pecka! Luxusní maso, luxusní všechno jídlo co jsem dnes měl!

Enis B.
Yemekler, ortam ve servis ortalamanın çok üzerinde...

Adam D.
Jo, maso tu umej :)

Jakup S.
Nejlepší tanková plzeň

Peeetrs H.
Nejlepší tatarak ever! Od ty doby, co restauraci otevřeli, jsem tam ani jednou nezažila zadnej fail. Jediný, co je otravny, je blba akustika, ale za ten gurmanskej zážitek to stojí! ;)

Ahmed A.
الماش بتيتو لذيذ بمعنى الكلمه .. والستيك وطبق السمك عموما المطعم رائع والطاقم فريندلي 👍

يمكنك سؤال الويتر فهو على أتم الاستعداد للمساعدة إذا لم تعرف كيف تختار نوع اللحم

يقدم المطعم المتخصص في الستيك مينيو متعدد يوميا ويمكنك اختيار ماتشاء من الأضلاع التي تعد مباشرة من لحم البقر وطعمها رائع جدا والمطعم أسعاره رخيصة مقارنة بمطاعم الستيك

Lucie G.
Jidlo ok, asi nejvic u me zabodoval dezert (cokodort s arasidovou zmrzlinou). Navstevu ale trochu kazi totalne zmateny online rezervacni system, hlucne prostredi a uspechanost.

Michal V.
Skvělé maso, obsluha i interiér. Škoda jen zbytečně předraženého pití.

Natália N.
Obsluha na 1* aj jedlo! Vyborne :))

Rafa E.
Sitio de carne y más carne con una gran bodega. Precio por encima de lo habitual en Praga, pero genial para darse un festín carnívoro. Obligado reservar o tendrás que esperar a las 10pm.

Vlastimil V.
Nyní víme, kam na steaky. ;)

Argyro F.
Αν εισαι Ελληνας και ξερεις να τρως ... Απλως προσπερνα το

Ekaterina S.
Неплохое мясо, оригинальные шарниры и ...божественный сливочный соус. Просто язык проглотить! Отказалась от десерта, чтобы не перебивать вкус. Цены не маленькие, но есть блюдо дня

Olya G.
Выбираешь блюдо по схеме разделки коровы, очень вкусное пюре и картошка фри!! Есть возможность купить свежее говяжье мясо. Порции красивые и маленькие.

Rostbeef!!! 😍❤️

Simona O.
Opravdu exkluzivní místo, jen pozor na jejich tříchodové menu - nedá se to sníst, idealní na sharing :) must have: brkaše, omáčky, tataráček.

Dmitry W.
Полный отстой. Ребята не знают, что такое нормальный стейк. То, что подают тут, не имеет к стейкам никакого отношения.

Radek B.
Neskutečně zpracované maso. A přístup k hostům, snad ještě lepší než jídlo ! Doporučuji.

Повелись на рейтинг. Откуда такие оценки не понятно. К сожалению не понравилось совершенно.

Štěpán V.
Všechno skvělé, asi nejlepší steak, co jsem kdy měl. Škoda, že sem pustili tu megeru.

Lukas S.
Česká kuchyne 21.století (ala babička konfituje). perfektni poctivá omáčková jídla. Steaky(lopatka, veverka) úžasné. Servis: poslal bych sem 99% číšníků z ČR aby věděli jak teda si to asi představuju.

Jan M.
Velmi chutné, vynikající kvalita, zatím ochutnáno pouze expresní jídlo, ale vše poctivé a skvěle chuťově připravené. Příšte určitě na steak zase tady, chválím

Alex Q.
Das Steak (Entrecôte) war ganz nett. Es hat mich nicht umgehauen. Es war eine gute 2. Laut der Speisekarte sollte es den Fisch geben. Im Endeffekt gab es den Fisch doch nicht. Gesamtnote: 2-

Michaela .
Krasny interier, profesionalni obsluha. Delikatni sashimi, skvele steaky (zkuste jemny z maleho orechu) a starocesky trhanec - mnam!

Malu G.
Tálian delicia, as carnes são maravilhosas! De sobremesa, o filled dough é ótimo. Prove a creme urquell!