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U Fleků Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > U Fleků
Restaurace Praha
Křemencova 11. Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 10:00-23:00
Tel: 224 934 019
602 660 290


U Fleků - hodnocení a recenze

Jan S.
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Memi O.
The beer is good but the waiters are so rude.

A D.
Beer was great, but the waitress was so rude he was very disrespectful.

Igor P.
Atmosphere of old tavern with long benches and tables. Various pork set, one one type of dark beer, nothing of fish.

Gulcin H.
Gulash and its drinks were average. The man who served bear was not gentle. But ambiance was lovely and musician was so cheerful and sweet...

Gulsin H.
An absolute tourist rip-off. Small portions, mediocre food. Shots seem to be offered but no! They are at least 3 euros each. Don’t ever step in!

This place is extremely touristy, they push you pricey shots every 15 mins, but here you can try the unique beer. Come for short stopover.

Julian S.
Pork yummmm

Zsuzsa F.
Prágai Mátyás pince.

Marco Aurelio H.
Nice place, recommended by Check people. Good music. The food large but not that good

Y B.
Horribly rude service,no variety of drinks or beer (just black beer and house wine).Many things in the menu were not available.Overpriced for its quality of food and service.They ruined our evening.

An Z.
Don’t take a shot offered by a waiter. It’s not free but actually overpriced. The same becherovka can be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

An Z.
Atmosphere, music, historic interior

SpinyFox S.
Say ‘Ne’ if you don’t want shots

SpinyFox S.
Say ‘Ne’ if you don’t want shots

Brian D.
The Sausage and bread is solid German/Czech food. The beer just keeps coming, but how can you complain at $3 per pint! Czech’s have been brewing it since 993a.d.!!!

hakan o.
Overpriced tourist trap. Avoid or just have a beer.

Funda A.
The worst place I have ever been in Europe. They are charging you more than the listed prices.

Gizem .
Great atmposphere.

Jakub L.
Nice atmosphere, very crowded and good service. However, certainly overpriced for what it is.

Kris M.
Tasty black beer, definite stop

Istvan D.
Nothing likable...a bad taste tourist catcher. Bad food!

Istvan D.
Lol, this is a tourist catch

İpek Y.
Good food with average beer. Authentic place to dine

Let's call it a lively, touristy place. Expect waiting times during dinner hours, shared tables and efficient service. Shots are not free, even though it's sometimes made to look like that. Good food.

Dwi R.
Good food with traditional ambience...... Very nice...👍👍👍

Didi J.
Unfortunately it’s a bit touristic place and they make you feel you are a tourist 🙈

SmS K.
A must-see place in Prague which reflects Czech culture & cuisine

Ido S.
First the waiter brings you the BEST beer in Prague, afterwards they ask you if you want to drink. The pork knuckle was excellent. Don’t miss the honey or becherovka shots the waiters offering.

Liam P.
Avoid. Seriously. Overpriced tourist trap. Just one very expensive, atypical beer, served in small measures. Surly, rude, un-cooperative staff.