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U Fleků Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > U Fleků
Restaurace Praha
Křemencova 11. Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 10:00-23:00
Tel: 224 934 019
602 660 290


U Fleků - hodnocení a recenze

Kris M.
Tasty black beer, definite stop

Istvan D.
Nothing likable...a bad taste tourist catcher. Bad food!

Istvan D.
Lol, this is a tourist catch

İpek Y.
Good food with average beer. Authentic place to dine

Let's call it a lively, touristy place. Expect waiting times during dinner hours, shared tables and efficient service. Shots are not free, even though it's sometimes made to look like that. Good food.

Dwi R.
Good food with traditional ambience...... Very nice...👍👍👍

Didi J.
Unfortunately it’s a bit touristic place and they make you feel you are a tourist 🙈

SmS K.
A must-see place in Prague which reflects Czech culture & cuisine

Ido S.
First the waiter brings you the BEST beer in Prague, afterwards they ask you if you want to drink. The pork knuckle was excellent. Don’t miss the honey or becherovka shots the waiters offering.

Liam P.
Avoid. Seriously. Overpriced tourist trap. Just one very expensive, atypical beer, served in small measures. Surly, rude, un-cooperative staff.

Al V.
Traditional Czech, beer hall environment, food is mediocre, only one type of beer (Porter) but it was very fresh & good.

Roman K.
Perfect place where you feel like in an old brewery pub with excellent accordionists. Great black beer with mead. Really tasty food and great staff.

Fernando M.
Black beer and pork

Nina E.
Beer and food is excellent, but the service is unfriendly..

Jamie S.
A bit touristy, but good food and good beer. Atmospheric to a tee. Just beware that the "aperitifs" are paid for, but they don't say this…

Honza R.
Despite relatively high prices, the homemade beer was very good and food (i had beer cheese) was also very tasty. Very friendly atmosphere.

Radina D.
Try the "Medovina" drink as a desset!!!! You won't regret!!! THE BEST DRINK you've tried...for sure! ❤❤❤

Pilar Monserrat P.
pork is wonderful!!

Bogo S.
Aweful place. Bad food, too loud, too expensive.

Denisa R.
Great beer, perfect atmosphere ☺👍🏻

Very good beer and food! Maybe a bit overrated and touristy.

Michelle A.
Traditional place with nice atmosphere. Beers and shots are served continuously and the food is very good...

Jason 6.
Oldest bar in Prague?

Jana A. Kri
It's such a tourist trap, but it's so worth it. Truly Czech, truly atmospheric, especially recommended in summer, when the backyard is open and an accordion man is playing by your table.

Mariya D.
Atmosphere of real beerhouse! Noisily and funny. There is only one sort of beer. You will be proposed to try honey beer before your order and it will be included to your bill. No wi-fi :)

Tarlan H.
There is only one variant of beer. It is very old and classic dark Czech beer. This place has it's own magic. Must visit.

Roman L.
Great atmosphere, excellent dark beer. They will offer you mead or becherovka starter immediately you will take the seat. Be aware it is not a freebie :)

Endre N.
Dark beer rocks.

Natalia M.
Food is OK but too expensive for what it is.

John L.
Very good beer, very bad service. We tried to get another beer for 30mins before giving up. Not a full 0.4L either.