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Restaurace Praha
Úvoz 46, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po zavřeno
Út-Ne 12:00-22:30
Tel: 220 513 894
604 709 379
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Malý Buddha - hodnocení a recenze

Anna K.
Perfect as always:) very fresh healthy food and authentic atmo

Natalia M.
Big portions. Chicken curry was very good and very spicy. Also, I recommended soups and vegetable springrolls for vegetarians. Beer Gambrinus isn't bad, just very plain.

Honza N.
Actually, this was the worst wannabe asian food I ever tried. They even don't give you thai or viet cuisinw, it's something I can't describe. I just know I will never eat here again.

Anna K.
Absolutely love it here everytime I come in...❤❤❤ healthy food, many vegan options & lot of tea. Perfect atmosphere..🙏💫

Kristian B.
Anything, actually. A personal favorite would be the 'Prown soup' and 'Fried rice with chicken'

Renata Z.
The best Pho Bo & romantic atmosphere

Rheinheart B.
Simply amazing food and environment. Lived in Prague for 6 months and this was by far my favorite; also the only restaurant my vegetarian friend and I could agree on.

John H.
Chicken pho is excellent

Mats A.
Good food,bad unfriendly service and very slow

urban n.
Very good menu. Affordable prices and real good taste !

Richard K.
Great Pho and everything else :-)

Unique & charming restaurant, friendly staff. The food is absolutely delicious. Ginger chicken & chicken w. Chinese mushroom highly recommended

Didrik V.
Enjoyed the vegetarian spring rolls together with rice noodles on the side. Stayed for the warm and cozy atmosphere. Many intriguing options on the menu for the adventurous.

Jakub R.
The service is very helpful, probably owns the place. Food is amazing, both vegetarian and meat. Tearoom-like environment, ambient, cosy, quiet. Fried rice is perfect.

Maybe the best veggies I've ever got. I fell in love with their ice-tea with ginger and mint. Very comfortable and intime space with beautiful decoration.

Gregor S.
Divoke sny naprosto supr :-)

Gerhard K.
Ice cream is perfect

Marek J.
Vynikajici vegetarianska polevka

Marek J.
Specialita maly budha. Vyborna

Marek T.
Very tasty food,great atmosphere and friendly staff...

Milan F.
Unique atmosphere!

Mahathma G.
Everything is good and cheap. Big tasty dishes, order just one, it's enough! Waiters are very nice, too.

Anna A.
good choice of veg food&teas

Pho and Fresh spring rolls♡

Jakub R.
Not stricly vegatarian, but the veggie spring rolls are rather genious!

Zeleny T.
Jedna se o Tibetskou kuchini s vynikajici kvalitou. Obsluha je super a k tomu vynikajici caje a atmosfera.

Marek D.
Spise prumer.. oschla ryze, voda ve dzbanku za 100 Kc

Viktor K.
I think the place is quite unique in Hradčany area for its atmosphere, great food and acceptable prices! Portions are big, "Divoke sny" and glass noodles with chicken were very good!

Lucka H.
Krásné intimní místo. Nejlepší je zadní malá místnost s polstari. Zkuste vegetariánské nesmažené závitky, jsou tak oslizlé a tak dokonalé! Tibetská tmavá rýže chutná skvěle, na rýmu zázvorový salát.

Barbara v.
Skvělá intimní atmosféra,krásný interiér,skvělá jídla