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Noi restaurant
Újezd 19, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Tel: 257 311 411


Noi restaurant - hodnocení a recenze

P T.
Great atmosphere, trendy and fun. Food is fusion, creative. Bring a date.

Vasek V.
The best Thai food and staff!

Azeem S.
Great seafood.

Al V.
Great tasting Thai food! Only Heineken beer. Nice ambiance.

Yuttana .
After you walk down from petrin tower turn left to delicious thai food ,recovery your energy !!

Laurence L.
Very good food ! Friendly staff & fast service 👍🏽👌🏽

Vincent Van H.
Good quality Thai food...

Eda S.
unfortunately the staff serving food at lunch are quiet bad, they seem to be in a hurry and they don't even wanna take your order. the lady got upset when i asked for a menu.

Asked for sparkling water, got still. Asked for removing pork from a dish, did not happen. Asked for a dish that was supposed to be very spicy, it was more comments.

Baru S.
Nice restaurant with tasty food, higher prices. The Best satay!

Michelle A.
Nice place with great Thai food, definitely worth to visit, reservation needed, usually fully booked during dinner time..

Eating D.
The service was quite slow but having said so it was dinner time and we were a big group. The food was definitely tasty 😋

Sonya K.
Horrible service and food, Tom Yum tastes like soup from the cheapest thai bistro. Too long time spent to get the bill.

Jana B.
Good thai cuisine, had the giant menu for two which contain several different meals and all of these were great!

D K.
Very tasty Thai food!! Enjoyed everything we ordered.

Antonia M.
Good Thai food

Daniel L.
We had a great time in Noi. Pros: tasty food, nice staff, awesome atmosphere. Cons: music was too loud.

Mārtiņš .
Wifi password: noi12345

Stanislav .
Very good curry.

Tereza S.
Nice place, great lunch menu. Good for dates or businness lunches or dinners.

Bianca F.

seb L.
Love the food and the lighting.

Dennis A. V.
The massaman curry I ordered was not bad, but nothing exceptional either.

Yagmur A.
The duck was really spicy but delicious. Really enjoyed everything.

Cavit K.
Not the best destinatiın for tourists.

Viktor S.
Matssaman curry

Sorina C.
Great value for lunch menu!

Michał S.
Just delicious and very stylish place.

Neko L.
morsky vlk very good :)

Karina A.
Took quite some time since it was dinnertime, but the food was worth it! Fried rice was yummy, and the top choices for the chicken and beef menu were great.

Vidya D.
Great Thai food ❤️😍 Please try the fried rice and the chicken dish

Larisa B.
Nice atmosphere, great food

Catalin Ionut F.
The foodie just amazing. Especially if you wish to have spicy Thai food. Staff is friendly and the location is quite nice.

Pha kra prao very good.Mussa man nong kai tasty.

Jakub .
Atmosphere at Noi is great. Food is delicious and staff is very friendly.

Jana K.
Great food but poor service

Jack L.
The soup is quite salty, but the atmosphere and music are so good.

Tomas N.
Great staff, great food, very nice home made lemonades

Lenka J.
A big fan of that meal, authentic and delicious, good valu for money

Jana S.
What? I never left tip here? THE Thai place. Great ambience, great food, big portions! Favorite thai restaurant with Modry zub.

Marie W.
The best thaï in Prague, enjeu the terrasse !

Eliška K.
Best thai food in town. Try beef with oyster sauce, really amazing! Unique atmosphere. Absolutely worth it.

Mirex P.
staff not too caring, and it took long for the food to arrive. poor service, but the food was good.

Miroslav J.
Try noodles w/ chicken and spicy jalapenos, really tasty. Strawberry daiquiry is excellent as well. Atmospheric. Staff is pleasant

Julia M.
Kra pow with ground chicken.

David D.
Book well before or be there early. Empingao curry and miced spicy with your choice of meat. They got chef from thailand!

Not really the authentic typical Thai, more on the European style.... but still very good and tasty. And truly pleasant and sweet staff. We enjoyed.

suzy q.
Not Thai. It's Asian-fusion-contemporary of some sort, still delicious but not remotely authentic Thai. The pad thai was completely off and the starter rolls were a mess to eat, too big. Curry was ok.

Jan K.
Ignore the price and let your Thai food desires get some satisfaction!

Polly S.
Deliscious thai food.

Yve N.
Most delicious and sophisticated with an excellent service. So charming and you must drink Bohemian Brut here in this athmosphere ;-)

Yve N.
Most beautiful inside and a nice garden.

Martyn H.
The ice tea here is amazing!

Stepan C.
Best Thai in Prague

Patrick M.
Great food and good environment.

Tadeáš K.
Great food. Probably best thai food in town. Bit noisy.

Best thai restaurant in Prague!

Ozgecan S.
Good thai food, over the expectations! Soups are great!

Michal S.
The best thai food I have ever had in Prague.

Very close to original...khao pad & pla lard prik are very nice...don't miss Noi ice cream for dessert!

Hana S.
Wifi pasword: noi12345

Food is pretty good but the staff is quite poor, especially the blond one.. used to be much better

Raphael D.
Good ambiance... Food could be much better!

Andrea Z.
Very nice location, smooth light, background music mixed by the dj, candle on the table, superfine food and friendly staff...what else??

Shivani R.
They can make a lot of dishes vegetarian by substituting the meat with Tofu which is great!

Kaniya C.
food is a little bit too salty for Thai people like us ;(

Marek H.
Soups rather poor, staff not really attentive or friendly

Marc W.
Best Thai food I have eaten in Prague...TOPS!

Magda K.
It used to be the best Thai place in Prague. I haven't been there for quite a while but will come back soon. Nice service and atmosphere!

Júlia N.
Incredible atmosphere, super (!) friendly staff, nice music, good food. No reason not to come!!!

Phil S.
most awesome staff! couldnt ask for more on a night out with my girl ! you haven't been to prague if you didn't check this place out. totally go for it.

Renata P.
výborný thai :)

Arij-Pieter O.
Great place and the only place you will be served real Thai dishes!

Thomas S.
Amazing Thai food. Very authentic.

Anouk R.
Good Thai food, lovely place, discrete 'take-away' doggy bag offered. We recommend this place!

Jason N.
'NOI' is a hit-or-miss (more miss). Food can be flavorful and delightful one day, and then another day it's dry and bland. / Food: B+ / Atmosphere: A- / Service: C+ /

Nastya V.
Try pancake with strawberry, bananas and homemade chocolate (:

Lukas D.
Vyborny mrkvovy dortik ;)

Try Elderberry lemonade. Refreshing and delicious.

Kang Khew Wan Koong. Very tasty.

Jacob B.
Wifi password: noi12345

Probably the best Thai Restaurant of the city. Cool and fusion atmosphere

Kathrin W.
Authentic phad thai! Good, but you should to be VERY hungry ;D

Derek M.
Still remains one of my favourites. Friendly staff, great food! Try kang mussa man nong neur or duck fillet green curry.

Paejazz T.
we've tried Massaman Kai and Kaprao Moo Sub. it's really authentic.

Paejazz T.
try spicy beef salad as a starter. but tell chef not to put too much chilli.

Nice place with good thai food

Honzík V.
Chicken with ginger very nice !

Richard H.
Neur Phad Nam Hoi.

Jiří M.
Kuchyně i obsluha ok, ale bývalo to lepší. Hlavně poměr cena-výkon. Co je ale zvláštní, je neskutečný hluk. I u Fleků je tiššeji...

Příjemné prostředí, dobra kuchyně

Suchela A.
รสชาติเีมาก. กระเพราะหมู. ผัดไทยกุ้งสด. แกงเขียวหวานทำใจนิดๆค่ะ. รสขาติฝรั่ง. แต่ขอพริกนำ้ปลาแล้ว. ช่วยได้เยอะค่ะ#tram 22 ผ่านค่ะ. ใกล้ lassertown

Артур .
Великолепная кухня, адекватные цены, отличное обслуживание. Есть уютная летняя терраса во внутреннем дворе. Ах да, еще есть пиво Singha!

Яра .
Оочень вкусная еда и хорошая атмосфера

Яра .
Прекрасное место с вкусной едоки чудесной атмосферой. Определено стоит посетить.

Kristina V.
Jídlo božský, porce velký a těch peněz za to utracených vám líto nebude. Obsluha skvělá, baterky na čtení jídelního lístku pobavily. Ještě vyřešit odvětrávání cigaretového kouře a umýt pořádně wc! 😉

Ingrid K.
Obsluha neosobni, spis pusobila neochotne, odmitli nam dat vodu z kohoutku k jidlu, jidlo nebylo spatne, ale spis standard. Prostredi prijemne, ale celkove nic moc :0(.

Vojta M.
Skvělá restaurace, i když na Modrý zub určitě nemá. Hudba hrála šíleně nahlas, což kazilo celkový dojem. Jídlo dobré.

obsluha pořád pomalá, ale když přijde k vašemu stolu, tak je najednou strašně rychlá. 40 min čekání na hlavní chod - dva lidi jsme si dali to stejné (nepálivé) jídlo a bylo nám po něm strašně

Šimon K.
Supr obědový menu. Na tuhle lokalitu levný menu i s domací limonádou. Vrátim se...

Anna R.
Очень вкусная тайская кухня, интерьер особенно красив вечером, блинчики на десерт и чай из свежей мяты и имбиря

Marie V.
Vynikající thajské menu! Milá obsluha a nápadité potemnělé prostředí vytváří příjemnou večerní atmosféru.

Jiří M.
Velmi autentická kuchyně. Zvýšili ceny, ale pořád to vzhledem k lokaci jde. Jedna z lepších thajských restaurací v Praze.

Неадаптированная тайская кухня как она есть. Вкусно. Остро. Обильно. Плюс приятная лаунж атмосфера

Violetta B.
Очень хорошее место!Суперское обслуживание,вкусная еда,классная атмосфера,люди!Очень порадовал ресторан,таких мест в Праге мало

Andrea V.
Zklamaní, polévka jeste ok ale nudle - velké kusy zeleniny, staré tofu a celkově postrádající typickou chuť- takový česky pokus o thai restauraci. Obsluha neochotná. Pro me poprvé a naposled :(

Jirka S.
Výborná kuchyně i obsluha, mohu doporučit.

Magda H.
Mlask! Jídlo i obsluha..

David B.
Interier by snesl po letech trochu opucovat ale jinak bezchybne..profi obsluha a stale VYNIKAJICI jidlo

Tomas N.
Velmi dobre jidlo, prijemna obsluha. O to vic zamrzi, ze se tu kouri. Prostor pro kuraky neni oddeleny a kour je citit vsude. Totalni degradace zazitku.

Tomáš B.
Radoby hogo fogo, pritom obsluha uplne mimo

Robert B.
Nudné jídlo...nudná obsluhA ... Předražená bída blee

wil h.
Poledni menu za příjemné ceny, vtipné je oddělení nekuřácké části :) / Lunch menu for decent prices, separation of noon smoking area is bit funny :)

Очень уютное местечко. Хорошая атмосфера. Неплохая музыка. Отличная еда. Действительно вкусно готовят. Находясь в Праге, зайдите обязательно!

Lajos S.
Naprosto výborné jídlo, skvělá atmosféra i obsluha! 1*

Princess Consuela B.
Jídlo celkem ok, ale pseudosnobský prostředí s nepříjemnou obsluhou zabije celkovej dojem. Nehledě k tomu, že jim tu všechno trvá sto let. Asi už víckrát ne, díky.

Michal A.
Muzete mit sebelepsi jidlo, ale k cemu to, kdyz mate obsluhu prijemnou jak prdel, ktera vam uz od zacatku dava najevo, jak hrozne jste tu vitani...?

Adam Z.
Damska obsluha je docela marna - pomale reakce, zapominaji, casto netaktni chovani...skoda

Lukas S.
jeden z nejlepsich podniku v praze

Přemysl H.
Jidlo dobré, ale servis nic moc. Raději si zajděte do ne tak dalekého Lemon leaf (Myslíkova ulice)

Oli P.
Těžko říct, jídlo slabý průměr, obsluha totéž. Interiér nádherný mnohem víc mě Noi oslovil jako bar než restaurace. Jídlo je odfláknuté

Igor P.
Interier bomba. Jidlo pokulhava.

Kseniya I.
Wifi - noi12345

Heslo do wi-fi je:noi12345 A jinak moc fajn thai food podnik, jehož majitel je homosexuál a to se dosti kladně podepisuje na vzhledu a atmosféře interiéru a úrovni služeb vůbec. Doporučuji k návštěvě

Jan Z.
Vynikajici thajske jidlo, na oblibena reataurace kam se vzdy rad vracim, pripoctete opravdu nadherne prostredi uvnitr i na kouzelne zahradce s pavlaci, vyjde vam skvely tip na jidlo!

Příjemné prostředí, ale na můj vkus možná až příliš hlučné.

Курят на всей территории и экономят на кондиционере. В наличии тайское пиво. Хороший антураж и вкусные закуски. Ценник приятно удивил. Стоит вернуться.

Jakub M.
Jidlo spise prumerne, chybely mu tzv. "thajsky koule", prizpusobuji to asi moc evropanum. Celkovy dojem pokazila predevsim otresna obsluha!

A N.

Marek P.
Obsluha je dneska, jako bychom jim zabili strejčka.

Veronika S.
Po vsech strankach super!! Atmosfera, z ktere se nechce odejit..

Martin F.
Velice příjemné posezení na zahrádce. :-)

Nestle K.
เผ็ดมาก แต่ก้อร่อยดี :)

Ondra P.
Nic extra, jidlo co jsme meli naprosto stejne s beznym cinskym fastfoodem.

B K.
อาหารไทยในปราก อร่อยมาก

Václav M.
Doporučuji nudle s hovězím masem ;)

Vojtěch M.
Každé pondělí tam mají docela dobré Sushi

Martin K.
Necekane vyborne. Thai jidlo je opravdu autenticke, prijemny personal, skoda ze neni cely podnik nekuracky.