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Perlová 10, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Tel: 777 753 077


NEB.O - hodnocení a recenze

jan pravda
Bad priorities and bad interpretation of "customers first policy" (in czech "muj zakaznik muj pan"). Do not take reservation over the phone but there is a table which says reservation. When asked how is this possible they tell you, "it is for the manager". Classic case of Czech clientelism. Apparently manager more important that a 4 member family waiting for a table. We left and when going by later, table still empty. Will not got there again as long as this bs remains.

A stravenky berou Katko :)

Vrele a od srdce doporucuji. Moc prijemne misto, mili lide a dobre jidlo.

Mohu se zeptat, berou v NEB.O stravenky??:)

Michal M.
Duck Udon Noodles & Chicken Pad Thai will make you happy.

Stephen M.
Mango Keo drink

Martin C.
ugly service :(

Peter S.
The waitress asked for 10% tip. She didnt realized, that we have been unsatisfied with the service. Food was ok, but we will not come back due the service.

I have to say, these people know what they are doing. They cook more Asian dishes by using the best ingredients. Our dinner was very pleasant and we would love to go back.

Milutin K.
Broken plate + coconut "soup" with basically nothing in it (two shrimps and a piece of raw tomato). 💔

Chernogorov V.
Amazing soups!!!! From my point of view Soto Auam is something incredible!!!

Jiri V.
Great spot, if you're in center of Prague and you want to fast but great Asian food try Neb.o. Especially Udon sop with shrimps is great.

Jana A. Kri
One of the first fusion restaurants that opened before Vietnamese bistros became so popular. It's fancier than those and food is always top-notch,especially fresh rolls and pad thai.Reservation needed

Krasnicky J.
Fresh and healthy meal, I recommend visit It!

Baru S.
Food was ok, but nothing extra special and a bit more expensive. Service was unattentive and slow..

Petr L.
Slow service

Filip S.
Very tasty pad thai with shrimps!

Rita L.
Pho! Pretty good

Vojtech C.
Fancy Asian restaurant full of trendy young people. Why not.

Tadeáš K.
Fantastic Pad Thai with prawns. And their soups are also great!

Lenka J.
Well recommended traditional asian meal.. However better to take away since the staff is not friendly, rathet slow an often make mistakes with your order!

Dylan S.
Great for a quick quiet meal or date. Seems to attract an interesting mix of locals, scholars/travelers, and expats. Pad Thai could use more sauce but is otherwise good.

Nikolay R.
Tasty food, great service

T J.
Padthai si good option, they serve with 5 shrimps

T J.
Padthai with shrimps

The Portable P.
Had horrible service from the waitress with blue eyes and orange new balances today - really miserable young lady. Won't be back because of her.

Vencoa P.
Food was GOOD but service is tragic.

Martina Lilli T.
Tasty soups and I loves the green pancakes! Definitely worth visiting.

İdris H.
Calamari and rolls are tasty. Soups are enough to fill you up, even small size:) I liked beef and rice a lot. Not a pricy restaurant.

Vova N.
Good food, but a bit expansive for such food.

Przemek S.
Pad thai i zupy

Phuong L.
Modern place in the centre of Prague. Really good pho and udon. Try the matcha icecream!

Laura C.
Soups are absolutely delicious! They also have a take away option...

Dani E.
Highly recommend the pho and udon

Mike K.
Soups and everything else...

Tinni T.
Great food - recommending their Pad Thai and pho for sure!☺️ and if you're lucky enough, the service is nice as well!

Tomáš B.
Nice place with great choice of food for great price.

Miranda N.
Great food, service not so much

Chee Wai W.
definitely not Thai - more Vietnamese Fusion. however the taste is really great - especially the Udon Thit Bo and if you can handle spicy - must add chili sauce!!

Wake up babe
Mnamozne phad thai a inspirativny interier! ✌

Marco A.
Great place to try viet food.We'll come back next time in Praha. :)

Marco A.
Great place to try viet food.We'll come back next time in Praha. :)

Ty T.
Heavenly beef pad Thai 😍

The small soup is not small but medium/large. Not complaining because it was delicious. Gluten free and vegan options. Great price/quality ratio.

Luc B.
Good for a quick meal, really delicious noodles and very nice service. Strongly recommended!

Andrew W.
We had the beef and the chicken pho. They were delicious!

Paukk M.
Order anything except Udon. Avoid Udon at all costs. It's just overpriced soup-water with shrimps tasting like 2 day carcass. This restaurant can't do sea food, obviously.

Miles N.
Good for a quick meal! Great service! Must try: Pho Bo, Tom Yam soup, calamari and of course, their Pad Thai! 😍👍🏼

Raph H.
All the food we ordered was really good! Tom yum and the pho bo was excellent! Pad Thai was also very tasty!

Jergus S.
Food is a little overpriced for what it is but tasty.

Marketa P.
Excellent pad thai and ginger ice tea. Reasonable prices

Zuzana F.
Their soups are amazing!

Thea K.
Stylish interior and great Pad Thai!

Nadia T.
My second home... udon maniac!

Boris M.
A great choice in case you are craving Vietnamese or Thai food.

Carolina S.
Pad Thai and seafood, good for informal lunch and dinner

The best Soto Ayam soup 👍

Michal O.
It was so good!! Really nice place and of course food and nice staff

Was a bit disappointed with pad thai, noi's are better imho.

Miquel C.
I enjoyed and not expensive!!!!

Alain V.
If you like Neb.o in Prague you'll love Yaki one and two in Brussels

Honza F.
Food is OK, but not extraordinary. If you are craving something spicy and more authentic, try Zebra Asian Noodle Bar - it's better quality for a comparable price. Great raspberry lemonade, though.

Jana B.
PadThai is soo tasty. Love the interior and also service is good. We also tried some of their salads and it was good as well. Grab anything, you can't get wrong!

Jan K.
Phad thai and others

Lenka V.
Amazing pad thai. Simple, nice and superman painting on the wall. Recommended.

Denis K.
Super Kureci Pad Thai velice chutny!

Joe W.
Lovely restaurant and reasonably priced! We had a Pho and Pad Thai, both were good and not too salty. Ingredients tasted very fresh especially shrimps in the Pad Thai, highly recommended!

Thanh Van .
pricey pho bo, not worth it

Constance C.
Try their Star-Anise Lemonande.

Alan E.
Star Anise lemonade

Marko J.
nice packaging, lovely service and tasty food 4 European ppl.

Filip C.
We love the soups in here, especially Tom Kha Kai. Also, the noodles are amazing. Our favorite Asian restaurant in Prague, with very reasonable prices too.

Martina Z.
Great two course lunch menu!

Barborka K.
Fast service, delicious pho bo and refreshing home made ice tea! 10/10

Jason N.
Let's be honest – it's just very ordinary Viet/Thai food is served on modern plates in a minimal modern restaurant interior. And that's why I love it!! / food: B+ / vibes: A- / service: B+

Silvie C.
Either locals don't know what real Pho tastes like or this restaurant is paying a lot for the publicity campaign. One thing though, they have the cutest, most friendly and helpful waiter.

Van Ngoc T.
Posh and westernized. Pho was bland.

Honza N.
It ain't real asian food, not even close to it. Non spicy, without herbs they're supposed to use according to recipe. In fact one of the worst Pho bo and Tom kha kai I've ever eaten.

Clea R.
Lovely fresh food and the red duck curry was a modern take with slices of roasted duck rather than having the meat mixed into the curry. Friendly service too

Emel I.
Simply amazing!!!! Lemonade,pad thai, water with cucumber...interior simple and nice,only thing...pity they have problems with paying by card. Should change the online provider.

Martina S.
Really good Thai, although with varying degrees of freshness (sometimes the rice can be a bit dry, etc.). But it's still my favourite Thai place in Prague. Healthy and not super expensive.

Simon P.
TIT - BO, tip sefkuchare!

Marek S.
Pad Thai hovadzie - fantasticke!!

Delicious pad thai and great service. Also the interior is clean and nice. I am definitely coming back!

Jarda V.
Super Pad Thai at Mr. PolySpock's

Katka U.
one of the best pad thai in Prague!

Allan J.
Great food, free wifi. Try these:

Marek B.
Trocha hipsterské miesto, no jedlo majú výborné!

Great restaurantThis place is great. They serve very nice thai and vietnamese food.Portions are very big but they are delicious. Prices are very reasonable. Worth to visit.

Jirka S.
i've never had better asian food

Chris M.
Very nice Asian! Finally a modern one. Minimalistic look and feel. Udon thit bo rules! I recommend

Oktay o.
OK. The pad thai is pretty good. (It's milder than in Bangkok)

Claudio S.
Stay away from a thai restaurant that also serves mojitos. Seriously. Food okaish -- forcefully posh.

Lucie P.
Udon noodle are amazing

I love it here! Advice to newbies: 'big' Pho soup is truly big! Excellent food

Matthijs W.
Starters are bland. Soups are great, but ask for the chilly paste to give it a little spunk.

Excellent pad thai, delicious drinks!

Honza K.
Vynikajici Pho Bo!

So far the best pho-bo of all the many I've had in Prague. Great place, great cuisine.

Nikoletta H.
Pad Thai and homemade lemonade. Just perfect.

Anton E.
Good food and fast service!

Tereza J.
Unfortunatelly they served me cold food :-(

Johann E.
Good Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in Prague!

Jon J.
Great Pho!

achjo co se to s tímhle místem děje? dřív bych se utloukla po mien tron bo, ale posední dobou chutná strašně.. to samé pad thai a vit cari do

Dmitry E.
Уточню: основные блюда с рисом - огромные порции. В алкогольных коктейлях алкоголя нет. Без кондиционера ад. Хороший wifi

Dmitry E.
Большие порции супа, маленькие порции основных блюд. Вкусно и аутентично. Очень душно. Мерзкий интерьер. Неоднозначно.

Léa H.
Tres bon rapport qualité prix, thé à la menthe délicieux et ananas poêlé aussi !👌🏼

Olga N.
Удон с креветкаим и Nem Cuon - волшебные! И обязательно попробуйте домашний имбирный лимонад и green tea ice cream!

Adam .
Tak tady se vyradim. Obsluha neví co nabízí, samy tomu neholdují. Nevědí co je ramen. Ceny hodně velký. Jidlo průměr. Nevim jestli zrovna doporučoval. Spis ne. Dal jsem si Udon sladkou polévku 5 z 10

Martin R.
Dával jsem si denní nabídku a velká spokojenost, jídlo mi moc chutnalo:)

Ma®ko S.
Lecker asiatische Food.

Alena A.
Отличный ресторан, всегда очень вкусно, огромные порции, в самом центре города.

Мы очень любим суп Tom Kha, тут он потрясающе вкусный!! 👍🏼👍🏼

Ann K.
Огромные порции, насыщенный вкус, стильный интерьер, вкусные напитки! очень советую🍜👍🏻

Ms. Johnson
Неплохая забегаловка

Daniel S.
Eigentlich esse ich recht ungern Asiatisch aber hier ist das Essen echt super lecker.

Jan S.
Super obsluha a super jídlo

Ella G.
Pho Bo с креветками-это чтото!остренько и сытно на пол дня точно.Дороговато,но стоит того.Главное блюдо цца 180 кр.

Dnesni zazitek-Pad thai kvalitni, obsluha extremne neprijemna a rozhodnuta se dohadovat se zakaznikem,na zachodech neporadek, na stolech uz ani neplaly svicky.Mam to tu rada,ale skoda toho pristupu...

Océane C.
Les salades sont bonnes mais cher pour ce que c'est. Le personnel n'est pas très accueillant.

Julian J.
Très bon restaurant thaïlandais, délicieux et pas cher. Le service était très rapide mais peu chaleureux. La décoration est assez sommaire, il n'y a pas d'ambiance particulière.

Боб .
Пад тай просто божественый :) вкус идентичный тайскому.

Martin M.
Slusny porce autentický Asie. Porce Udon Rau dnes dokonce i na prejedeni (193 cm muz). Pad thai taky ok. Trochu drazsi nealko, ale celkove fajn!

Veronika P.
K dokonalosti a především autentičnosti stále trochu chybí. Interiéru nelze vytknout nic, ale obsluha má k vřelosti daleko a jídlu chybí pomyslná poslední ingredience, která byasijské chutě korunovala

Jan S.
S touto restaurací jsme byli velice spokojení. Dali jsme si polévku a hlavní jídlo. Děkujeme kuchaři za vynikající jídlo. Obsluha byla rychlá a příjemná.

kam jinam na dobrý rychlý oběd v centru města?

Jane P.
Попробовала салат из папаи, ожидала вкуса изумительного салата из сасазу ресторана, но даже близко не сравниться, буду дальше искать

Marie V.
Skvělá Thajska restaurace, výhodné polední menu, příjemná obsluha. Doporučuji!

Lewis C.
Pho bo dobre kvality,servis prijemny,obsluha neutral,interier nic nerikajici a vic nez urvane jazzambiente z reproduktoru by si podnik zaslouzil slaby podkres hudby hodici se k typu jidla.

Alain V.
Sympa, bon service.

Не плохое заведение с хорошей и вкусной едой. Уютно и комфортно.

Jana L.
Mam to tu moc rada! Dobre jidlo. Pad-thai ❤️

Otřesná obsluha.

Velké zklamání!! PhoBo absolutně bez chuti, TomYam naopak ochucená limetovou šťávou tak, že už první lžíce nesnesitelně kysele pálí v krku. Arogantní servírka vrácenou polévku napočítala. NEDOPORUČUJI

Barbora R.
Donáška přes DJ. Doporučuju cokoli s krevetama, mají je opravdu super!! Pad Thai i Udon nudle jsou velmi povedené, ale míchaný zeleninový salát Rau Tron mě nejvíc zklamal :(

Anastasia P.
Ребята! На ланч все сюда!!!