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Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Římská 35, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 11:00-22:00
So-Ne 10:00-22:00

Momoichi Coffetearia je kavárna a restaurace, která propadla japonské gastronomii a japonskému stylu života. Zde si lidé chodí užít naplno přítomný okamžik a pití kávy má zde spíše společenský charakter, stejně jak tomu bylo kdysi. Přijďte zažít tu atmosféru a okusit něco z japonské gastronomie do Momoichi Coffetearia v Praze 2 na Vinohradech.



Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia

Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia - hodnocení a recenze

Jedna z mála restaurací, kde si můžete v Praze zajít na opravdová japonská jídla

Michal B.
Best cafe in Prague! And their food is just amazing ❤️ I would like to try everything from the menu!

Zigí K.
Great coffee. Try yaki gyoza and okonomiyaki.

Denise S.
Some vegetarian options. Hummus was very good and also the homemade kombucha. They accept cards and speak English.

Marie F.
Food was good, the coffee normal.

Rauten H.
Okonomiyaji - traditional Japanese omelette with bacon, cheese, mayo and dried bonito flakes - is delicious!

Adela K.
I used to love this place. But the quality and quantitive went down and the prices got up.... Such a shame

Jiri R.
Amazing okonomiaki!

Maruška M.
Amazing Japanese place in Prague. Their homemade lemonades are very tasty, not speaking about their desserts and matcha drinks. A little bit more expensive than the other places, but totally great.

Steve R.
Worst part of the meal was the chicken meat in the yellow curry which looked like random parts that i might expect in a jidelna. The lahksa was also bland and the shrimps of average quality.

Jakub H.
Delicious coffee, minimalist design, pleasant atmosphere.

Rodrиго .
Nice Japanese-oriented concept, which fails in practice. Ordered 3 dishes, all of them were very salty. Matcha latte can be improved. Nice place to publish on Instagram but don’t come for the food.

Martin P.
Absolutely incredible okonomiyaki. I stop by for it whenever I am around. Even if I am not ;)

Míša S.
Stylish cafeteria with a great food and coffee. Highly recommended. Only one thing to improve is slow service.

Diana N.
Healthy, creative and very tasty meals!

Lucie I.
Nice “minimal” place. Nice people. Nice food, but really small portion for a lot of money. Perfect Hummus and Crab. Resume: expensive fast food

Tomáš M.
The food was delicious - try soft shell crab slider, it was amazing!

Martin J.
Good coffe and desserts in Asia style.

Baru S.
Desserts are awesome as well as special drinks.. very nice place if you want ro try something new and different. Highly recommend!

Denisa L.
Their okonomiyaki is my soulmate

Definitely try steampunk coffee. I had KONO and it had much fuller taste than any other filter I have ever tasted.

Very good coffee! I’ve tried also the Matcha croissant with home made jam - delicious! Staff very friendly and accommodating.

Elily H.
Tasty food, quality tea, true Japanese toilet, friendly service. The only disadvantage was loud sound, which is essential in such buildings.

Jasmine B.
Great food, loved the Japanese omelett! Hummus and curry was really nice too. Cute interior and nice cakes. A bit pricy for what you get, but fun experience.

Laura C.
Minimalist interior, with great coffee options as well as sakes to taste. Dim sums were delicious!

David D.
Very nicely decorated, great variety of japanese desserts and drinks. Presentation of drinks was very creative, nice for small groups and dates.

Lyndsy Q.
Love the interior!!! Also the food was very authentic and delicious<3

Iveta K.
Cozy atmosphere and great summer vegetarian curry

Filip D.
Beautiful place! Cool events. Interesting coffee and teas. You can't leave without having the omelet!!! Totoro!!!

Jana H.
Really lovely and cozy place. Great coffee and tea plus delicious food. The staff was very kind as well!

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: interior, style, coffee, brunch, desserts. COFFEE: appropriate. DESSERTS: interesting. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high (unreasonable)