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Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Římská 35, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 11:00-22:00
So-Ne 10:00-22:00

Momoichi Coffetearia je kavárna a restaurace, která propadla japonské gastronomii a japonskému stylu života. Zde si lidé chodí užít naplno přítomný okamžik a pití kávy má zde spíše společenský charakter, stejně jak tomu bylo kdysi. Přijďte zažít tu atmosféru a okusit něco z japonské gastronomie do Momoichi Coffetearia v Praze 2 na Vinohradech.



Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia
Kavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi CoffeteariaKavárna Momoichi Coffetearia

Kavárna Momoichi Coffetearia - hodnocení a recenze

Jedna z mála restaurací, kde si můžete v Praze zajít na opravdová japonská jídla

David D.
Very nicely decorated, great variety of japanese desserts and drinks. Presentation of drinks was very creative, nice for small groups and dates.

Lyndsy Q.
Love the interior!!! Also the food was very authentic and delicious<3

Iveta K.
Cozy atmosphere and great summer vegetarian curry

Filip D.
Beautiful place! Cool events. Interesting coffee and teas. You can't leave without having the omelet!!! Totoro!!!

Jana H.
Really lovely and cozy place. Great coffee and tea plus delicious food. The staff was very kind as well!

WHY THERE: interior, style, coffee, brunch, desserts. COFFEE: appropriate. DESSERTS: interesting. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high (unreasonable)

A 2017
They have the best gluten free chocolate cake

Andrea A.
I adore this place. Great tea, coffee, matcha everything. The Japanese inspired breakfast is fantastic. My favourite cafe in Prague.

Phil T.
Very cute totoro cafe !!

Michal M.
Great place. Who loves anime will be stunned.

Cemal K.
Really quirky cafe with super nice food and coffees. Try anything really.

Peeetrs H.
There was a 1st Anniversary celebration in Japanese style when we was there. So it was very crowded and it took a long time to get a coffee but staff was nice and coffee was great at the end :-).

Elina M.
Don't miss this place! It's a real Japanese coffetearia/restaurant(?). I don't think, that you'll find somewhere else this atmosphere, unusual tea,deserts&food or Totoro as a companion!

Sarah S.
Such a kawaii yet zen place💕amazing atmosphere, lovely staff, beautiful interier & delicious matcha. What more can you ask for?

Lucy F.
Spacious place with helpful stuff, very good tea and coffee, tasty food. A bit expensive though. Okonomiyaki and special offer Fried Momos were wonderful.

Julia O.
Superb place! On the expensive side but worth it. There are all types of tea lattes & even a red cappuccino made of roiboos tea. If you're a flat white lover I highly recommend trying their Nel 50!

Jana M.
Very cool, not my type of coffee shop but still nice.

Barbora H.
Simply the best egg benedict special with salmon and hokaido style bread!

Luci ⛰

Kim N.
Expensive, small, crowded. Matcha pancakes were terrible, didn't taste any matcha. Milk bread was literally just toast, some marmalade and butter. Milk tea, matcha latte were very average. Never again

Emel I.
This place is simply magic! I am glad we have it in the city. Coffee👍🏼 ice tea 👍🏼 food 👍🏼

Martin P.
The Japanese omelette is great. Totally recommended.

Valentina S.
They messed up our bill and insisted we pay cash. They explained how to solve the situation but did not offer any good solution, nor compensation. They should improve the customer care. Nice place.

Bianca ..
Though the name might make you think of Japanese cuisine they have a variety of food for everybody's taste ( vegetarians included) make sure to try one of their teas they really are high quality.

Hana K.
Great place with matcha desserts 👌🏼 cool interior, nice and heplfull staff. Huge range of teas and other drinks 😌

Karin M.
Cute place. The matcha coffee was nice, cakes too. Go there if you're looking for a stylish place in prague.

Lebanese breakfast all the way ✊🏽

Jana A. Kri
The most unique concept of a coffeeshop - very clean, minimalistic, Japanese style. Delicious coffee (ask for a recommendation) and cakes, amazing selection of teas and local specialities.

Ondřej L.
Their coffee is quite good, the food is a hit-or-miss unfortunately.

Vít P.
Amazing hummus.

Try red cappuccino and matcha kinako pancakes!! 👌💓🙌

Andie E.
Great place. Tea cappuccino is something new. Matcha croissant is greenish but tastes like a typical croissant. You can also experience Japanese toilets :–) #

Ali M.
Adorable spot

Sorina C.
Very nice staff today!

Ewa .
Good coffee and beautiful pastries Japanese style- light and delicious !

Stunning place, really nice staff. You can feel like in Japan. They even have the Japanese toilet! Can't wait to try their food

Interesting place with Japanese touch. Onigiri is great, so is the Geisha coffee.

The Z.
Disappointing; Udon soup really wasn't udon, our order was messed up, got one dish right away and had to wait for the other one for like 20 minutes, and they weren't that good. Won't be coming back.

Ondřej T.
This is really a cool place. Great combination of japanese and Nesr East oriental flavours together with amazing selection of teas and coffees. Always full but worth the wait!

Hana V.
Interior, food!

Ivona H.
Go for Geisha coffee!

Nóra F.
Authentic teas and steampunk coffees, minimalist design atmosphere.

Roman P.
Fantastic place in Japaneese style! Try everything...matcha tea latte - the best in Prague, real authentic Ebi Okonomiyaki, matcha cheese cake or traditionaly onigiri.

Lou M.
Love this place. The coffee was superb & the ice tea refreshing. The interior is modern & fresh, & although we didn't eat, the menu looks like an interesting selection of light meals! We'll be back!

Martina Lilli T.
Very unique café with beautiful and minimalistic interior. Try Mezze plate!

GreGory I.
The manager is calling himself a "japanologist", yeah sure! This is not a Japanese café by any standards. And putting matcha in every meal does not make your cuisine "japanese".

GreGory I.
>> a grilled cauliflower (oh yeah that's a full course of cauliflower!), boiling pot of oats... And bread with jam!! That's it. No more food! WTF?! Matcha latte is more latte than matcha.

Pavel K.
great ambience, lovely tea (and hopefuly coffee) and perfect food

Magdalena M.
This cafetearia is amazing! I love matcha and Ghibli so this place is like heaven! And they have onigiri as well! Can I live here? お願いします!

Quite a cool place where they serve things in a way you wouldn't expect.

Blanka M.
Take a bar seat and watch the steampunk coffee machines. There are only 3 elsewhere in Europe.

Alexander L.
Don't underestimate this place as a coffee shop. It has a very good selection of Japanese food too. The coffee is also pretty good

Nela Z.
Super trendy place with amazing japanese desserts, tea and coffee. Try the cheescake! It's so different!

Zlata K.
Lovely place in ZEN Japanese style with various teas and coffees from Swedish&Japanese roasteries. Try Steampunk preparation, Thai Ice tea or Tapioca pudding:)

Hana N.
It's getting better and better with each visit. Wonderful interior, sweet staff and great cakes

Jiri C.
Espresso with tonic and jasmine on ice... fantastic! Worth trying it!

Marian R.
Very very friendly staff

Tadeáš K.
Fantastic brand new cafe concept in Prague. Yet they are in trial operation and a lit bit unexperienced, but try it before it'll be come too crowded!

Michal .
Really nice place with Japan all over it. Exciting to see the steampunk Alpha Dominche working! Matcha ceremony is also nice. And Totoro of course^^ (*^o^*)

Martin J.
Flat white tasted good, was well done, based on a light Brazilian "nutty" roast, however not that much interesting.

Martin J.
Here you can enjoy your stay from the beginning to the very end ;)

Martin J.
What I appreciate on this place the most is it demonstrates that specialty cafes in Prague don't need to be all the same. I tried NEL 50 coffee and pandan pudding, both great as well as the service.

A'kim Pavel L.
Very trendy place with excellent Asian cuisine. I love it. Crazy steam punk coffee machine at the bar. Friendly stuff and amazing stylish sweets. Must try.. 😘

A'kim Pavel L.
Very nice place with atmosphere. Friendly stuff plus crazy steam punk coffee machine at the bar. Lovely Japan deserts and yummy food. Recommended 🐺

Tatiana B.
Дорого и маленькие порции. Вкус блюд на любителя - мне не понравилось

Adam B.
Obsluha je moc mila. Ice Thai Tea skvely. Az na tu cenu hummusu za 269 Kc. To je pres caru.

Обалденное место! Вкусный кофе. И попробуйте окономяки: вкусный японский овощной омлет.

Martin .
Skvělá japonská kavárna s barevnýma lampionama. Zákusky jazyku lahodí. A mají tu high-tech záchody.

Ľubica M.
Mám závislosť na okonomiyaki :) inak super kafe a toalety:))

Andělka B.
Sedět pod lampionkama je krásný. Ale s těma cenama je to možná až moc vysoko i na Prahu. Hezký klid a japonská vůně. 🇯🇵⛩/ Very expensive, even for Prague. But nice calm japanese atmosphere and smell

Petr Z.
Boží! Vyladěné sečuánské wonton a dim sum knedlíčky...jdu o tom napsat domu :)

Jan .
Zajímavá japonská kavárna/čajovna v moderním hávu. Sedněte si k baru a pozorujte jejich fancy kávovary v akci. V závislosti na čase může vyžadovat rezervaci.

Bety B.
Příjemný poklidný místo. Wonton knedlíčky a wafu salát jsou top!

Lord Shedy
Luxusní kavárna s luxusní kávou. Japonský styl je příjemný a neobvyklý. Filtrovánou kávu připravují přímo před zákazníkem.

Hana V.
Zelná pohybující se omeleta Ebi Okonomiyaki je naprosto skvělá!!

Lucie P.
Velmi zajímavý koncept, příjemný a jednoduchý interiér, milá obsluha. K jídlu rozhodně zkuste Ebi Okonomiyaki, tradiční japonskou omeletu, a z káv NEL 50!

Kristy H.
Když na IG oznámili, že mají královnu káv Geishu (a jen omezené množství, pochopitelně), to se muselo koštnout!! Pecka!!👌🏻😍

Lukas S.
Vychodni koncept kavovo/cajoveho posezeni. Celkovy dojem velmi dobry s malymi drobnustkami k vylepseni (obcas nesourodost v myslence a provedeni designu)

Kristy H.
Neskutečně příjemný překvapení! Milá obsluha, boží filtrovaná káva (steampunk), japonský dobroty, sladký, slaný (koláče, ale denní menu). Interiér decentní a příjemný zároveň. Jo! Tady se mi líbí!😍

Ann K.
очень вкусно, уютно и приятный персонал

Barbora K.
Prozatim ve zkusebnim provozu. Mila obsluha, moc dobre jidlo, caje a domaci kolace. Celkovy koncept je neotrely a sympaticky. Fandim! 👍

Okonomiyaki 1* fakt delikatesa. Interiér minimalistickej a prostornej, moc hezký. Zkuste chai ice tea či cascaru. Jo a dojděte si na záchod, hihi ;-)

Dendule M.
Prostředí, servis, kuchyně... Každý z aspektů, co vás donutí se swm znovu a znovu vracet.

Martina H.
Super thai ice tea, skvělý na léto a to nejlepší okonomiyaki. To musíte mít 😍😋