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Lemon Leaf
Myslíkova 14, Praha 2
Otevírací doba
Tel: 224 919 056


Lemon Leaf - hodnocení a recenze

Katka K.
GANG BOOM BIA JAY. Delicious. Unfortunately chef forget add fried tofu that was mentioned in menu. So I was quiet disappointed but hungry...

Adam K.
Spinach soup with pine nuts was amazing, matsaman curry with vegetables rather average, could be more spicy. Great rice.

This place never disappoints :) Yummy food, great drinks and atmosphere.

Ariel H.
Affordable set lunches. Average food. Good vegetarian options.

Anna K.
This place serve really good food. We have been there several times and always got good service and food.

Jakub T.
Gret Asian restaurant with authenzic food:-)

Riccardo Z.
Salad and rice

Spyros V.
Nice tastes, good service. Makes you want to come again.

Good place for thai good. Really good pricea for lunch menu and nice degustation menu during weekend

nicola f.
Nice restaurant with nice Asian food (not all original receipt but really tasty). Good place for meetings or romantic lunch and dinner.

Emily A.
Delicious, authentic. Get a curry and okurková limonada!

Kornélie .
Great place even better meal than I have tried in Thailand!as appetizer you must try shrimps wrapped in almonds! The sauce is really tasty! Phad thai was great as well!

Martin P.
Try the baked chicken breast with lime sauce, or vegetarian yellow curry. Make sure to have a reservation as usually it is full.

Tom ka, red curry

Always great Thai food, probably the best in Prague.

Daniel E.
Great Pad Thai!

Adéllie K.
Delicious thai food! And try chocolate cake👌🏼

Yellow curry and pad Thai are both delicious!

Adrian A.
Tasty food, served nice and quickly by friendly staff. Great lunch option

Dani E.
Nice thai, food could be more spicy.

Rain A.
Excellent service. Great food. Large choise. High prices. Lunchspecials are a Deal

Matxalen S.
Salmon soup TOP

Nacho S.
One of the greatest Thai places in Prague. Really good prices for such delicious, one of a kind creations.

Service was extremely fast but this means only one thing - meals were pre prepared and not very fresh.

WiFi password changed. It is now lemon12345

Ausra G.
Wifi: lemon12345

Katka H.
delicious curry, even for vegans)

Authentic Thai food, friendly staff, free dessert. What more do you need?

Spring roll was nice. Green curry - so so. Service - there were only one table occupied, n the waitress offered me the darkest spot with huge luggage of a person sitting next. Come on..

Philippe N.
Salmon soup, must have <3

Arturo L.
Awful service, they took hour and a half to serve my table, and when they finally did it one plate was wrong and the waitress was super pissed off!! Worst place I'll n lever come back!!

Daniel B.
Delicious food.

Lunch menus are worth it, atmosphere is lacking in the evenings

Simon ..
Spicy Spicy Spicy Red Curry but super taste. Always busy lunchtime with the office people. Best to book in advance

Pad Thai highly recommended. Spring rolls delicious

Petr H.
Very good spicy thai food !

Anna P.
Delicious curry, fair prices and an atmosphere perfectly suitable for couples ;) recommend

Jiri D.
Amazing red and yellow curry dishes ranging from mild to spicy, yet very delicious. Try the one with cashew nuts and tiger prawns!

Jakub R.
Try the indonesian curry with cardamom!

Jane P.
fresh mint tea

Jan K.
All thai things

Petr M.
Not bad Thai restaurant, but the quality deteriorated over the years.

Polly S.
Good thai food.

Angelina d.
Very tasty Thai food and affordable lunch menu

Hana K.
Pad Thai na jednicku.

Manos K.
Great food at reasonable prices

Honza F.
I don't always go to Lemon Leaf. But when I do, I always order a dish of curry. Yellow, red or green - it doesn't matter; they are all great! Love it there!

Average asian food, quite rude staff including manager who closes shop 11pm sharp. No respect for paying customers. Choose a different place instead.

Matt W.
Wifi: soupsoup

Willem I.
Try the weekly specials usually interesting and not expensive.

Matthew G.
Great food, great service, very child friendly :)

Petr K.

Jan K.
Great restaurant

thomas j.
Well, nothing special. Not a design place, thai food good but not exceptional. Would like to see more thai drinks and less of wines and beers on menu. Doesnt feel like in thai place...

Petra C.
Vyborna syrova polevka.

Cristina F.
I reccomend it! Try one of the summer menu main courses... Nice atmosphere and kind staff!

Taki L.
Excelent food, friendly staff... I would recommend Tom Ka Kai for sure. It was pleasure :)

Bretislav H.
Worse than Noi Thai restaurant at Ujezd. That's for sure

Martina S.
Pretty cool spot for lunch - they've got really good and cheap lunch menus and the service is always pleasant. And lunch menus are quite varied - it's not all about Thai food here!

Jacob E.
There are better and cheaper places with thai cuisine in Prague.

Vincent T.
Food is a lot spicier than you think it would be, but it's very good! Also service is really slow. Took us 45+ mins to get our food.

Libor S.
I always go for spicy "Kang Phed", Red Curry with coconut milk, bamboo sprouts and sweet basil.

Ksenia A.
Pumpkin soup is really great - spicy and warming. Mmm

Chicken breasts marinated in oranges, baked with pistachio nuts and mild orange sauce...yummy sweet chicken, you can have it as dessert ;)

Libor K.
Výborná domácí zázvorovka!

Sam C.

Tommy M.
83- RED CURRIED BEEF WITH GARLIC AND GALANGAL-really good. Also the other friend´s meals were tasty. I did like best CHICKEN SOUP WITH COCONUT MILK. Polite and nice service, but a little imaptient.

Jana M.
Great red curry. Desserts are so-so.

Oleg T.
Wifi password: currycurry !!!

Oleg T.
Take away: -20% for all meals

Rado M.
Looks fancy but isnt. Food is average if not slightly below average.

Bibi L.
Perfect restaurant!!Love it!!And waiters are so nice and polite all the time!! I can really reccomend this place to everyone! :-)

Silvester V.
Great Pad Thai - very authentic taste. Also good & friendly service.

Lance T.
Tom ka with prawns and Phad Tai are pretty good

Jan K.
Perfect original thai restaurant with pleasant modern atmosphere. most delicious soup TOM YAM KAI.

Sarah B.
Kuai Tiaw Neua is yummmmiiie, beef stock with meatballs and noodle, nice portion;-))

Juuso S.
Try thai chicken with fresh ginger.

Lada 🐰
Nice daily menu. Get soup and choose one from 3 courses. Also, check a weekend offer (12.00 - 15.00). I would change the service, though. For me a bit too much rude and impolite.

Artem P.
A wicked tasty blend of Thai, French and fusion. Awesome Tom Yams soups of great original taste. Also nicely decorated. And good music.

Katerina P.
salmon soup is very nice, while red prawn curry lacks flavor

Alberto R.
Ristorante molto accogliente e cucina thailandese fantastica! Da provare assolutamente! Antipasto e due secondi piu birre 25 euro!!!

Владимир .
если честно то два момента которые не позволяют сказать вау было круто . 1 слишко плотно заставленный зал . 2 кухня вроде бы азия но скорее под азию , не те ингредиенты не та подача , остальное - норм

Как специалист по pad thai с мировым именем сообщаю: опизденительный падтай с креветками.

Martin M.
Tourist trap. Stejné "Thajsko" vám uvaří každý rychlo čínský Vietnamec za poloviční cenu

Macy P.
Rozmanite obedove menu a k menu navic na pozadani karafa s vodou zdarma!

Marga V.
Se demoraron HORAS.

Gürbüz G.
Dana etli veya karidesli noodle 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Lucka H.
Hezké prostředí a jídlo ok. Ale v Praze je celá řada lepších a autentických míst kam na thajskou kuchyni. Navíc mango lassi z džusu je opravdu průšvih.

Martin O.
Správně připravená a podávaná káva. Milá obsluha.

Petra V.
Mango lassi tu dělají z džusu, bez manga. Nemá to ani barvu, ani chuť. To fakt nechcete.

Tereza S.
Velmi dobra thaiska kuchyně vyzkouseno zelené curry. Nebylo tak pálivé jak uvedeno v jídelním lístků. Okurkova limonáda nic moc je preslazena a trochu chemická. Hlučnější restaurace.

Veru S.
Jungle curry - delikatesa. Rychla prijemna obsluha

Anja P.
Одно из любимых мест в Праге. Вкусная аутентичная еда, небольшая винная карта, есть коктейли. Зеленый карри острый как в Тае. Порции средние, красивая подача. Креветки в миндале обязательны! :-)

Aline Z.
Ходим сюда уже много лет, вкусно всегда. Пробовать креветки обжаренные в миндале

Giovanni F.
Nejlepsi vsechno

Jakub K.
Moc prijemne prostredi, skvela kuchyne (doporucuji zejmena jejich degustacni meni), obsluha velmi mila!

David B.
Velmi dobre curry ktere v poledním menicku za 149 s polevkou vic nez obed prima zalezitost na veceri bych volil spise NOI kvůli decentnejsimu prostredi a o fous lepsimu jídlu

Andrea B.
Skvelé pad thai a panang curry. Krevety obalovane v mandlích jsou must! Večer bývá restaurace trochu hlučnější - při rezervaci si řekněte o stůl vzadu.

ไม่ใช่อาหารไทยอ่ะค่ะ ถูกดัดแปลงไปเยอะมาก ไม่อาหย่อยเรย :(

Richard B.
Vylozene neurazilo, ale ani nepotesilo. Jidno se valy v hromade omacky. Nudle jsou ve slizu s nacichlou vuni. Cenove neodpovida kvalite. Ale vylozene pobouren nejsem :-) obsluha mila ale zmatkuje.

Jan S.
Jidlo dobre,dlouho se ceka.Menu 3 (veggie option) je uz nejaky ten rok kazdy den zelenina v kari s jinou barvou.U levnejsiho menu 1 stoji ta sama polevka o 10 Kc mene nez u drazsich menu 2,3 (20 Kc)!!

Mila obsluha, jidlo super.

vaclav s.
Pad thai s krevetami tu opravdu muzu kdykoliv a v jakemkoliv mnozstvi.

Jakub M.
Obstojné padthai, dlouhe cekani na zaplaceni...

Jiri M.
Bez rezervace se na vas divaji bezmala jako na zlocince a v poloprazdne restauraci dostanete nejhorsi misto s oduvodnenim, ze vsude jinde rezervace jsou. Nebyly.

Petr D.
Opravdu výborná thajska kuchyně. Skvěle vino. Super obsluha.

Алексей .
Том ям очень похож на тот что пробовал в тайланде. Жаль только порции не такого размера как в тае

Алексей .
Том ям очень похож на тайский. Написано что спайси, но острота так ниже среднего. В тае носпайси острее раза в четыре. Место уютное.

S. f.
Неплохие закуски, посредственные вторые блюда. Заходить второй раз не хочется.

Martin J.
Prijemne misto s mdlou obsluhou, peknym food stylingem, ale jen prumernym phad thai. Ikdyz neodchazim zklamany, tak ani tolik nadseny, abych se sem opet vratil.

jAnina m.
Kuřecím maso v pistáciích s pomerančovou omáčkou. ANO!!!

Vyborny piskotovy dort, jako dovrseni perfektni vecere naprosto dokonale!

Maa🌸 Y.
Tak to je FAIL pokud uz mate za sebou par lepsich thaiskych restauraci...tohle je bohuzel pouze "thai wannabe" :(

Negativni reakce pisou lide, kteri se "seznamili" s thajskou kuchyni behem 14ti denniho pobytu v hotelove restauraci. Lemon Leaf je JEDINA thajska restaurace v Praze s OPRAVDU autentickymi pokrmy.

Diana M.
Tom Yam polévka s krevetami byla vyborna, salát s marinovanou svíčkovou také i když překvapila menší porce. Prijemne misto ktere neurazí ale ani příliš nenadchne :-)

Jaroslav F.
Velmi dobrá velká polévka, nápaditá denní menu, skvělá lososová polévka. Obsluha vždy milá.

Daniel S.
Obsluha je standardní, často i milá. Jídlo je fajn, ale nejsem znalec thajské kuchyně. TIP: kohoutkovou dávají. (na základě několika desítek návštěv)

Oleg T.
Прекрасное место, особенно вечером! По-домашнему уютно, огромный выбор вин, оригинальная тайская еда (очень вкусная) и даже singha beer!

Lucie v.
Výborná salmon soup. Vyzkoušet. Všichni. Hned:-)

Jan V.
Thai curry z denniho menu bylo naprosto super,chut jak v Thajsku!akorat bych pridal na palivosti!

Jan B.
Tom Yum Kai je tady nutnost,umi ji naprosto skvelou.

Dan F.
Zkuste jejich bufet o vikendech. Za 240 kc docela dobra nabidka.

Michala G.
Jídlo mě mírně řečeno nenadchlo, mastný předkrm, podprůměrné pad thai. Otravný číšník. Na thajská jídla raději do Noie (o něco lepší) nebo prostě kamkoliv jinam :)

Kamila V.
Jídlo bylo naprosto skvělé, ikdyž trochu víc HOT :) Ostatne to se tu očekává :) Co nás trochu mrzelo, byl omezeny výběr vody