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La degustation - Boheme bourgeoise
Haštalská 18, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 18:00-24:00
Tel: 222 311 234


La degustation - Boheme bourgeoise - hodnocení a recenze

Govind W.
Perfect blend of flavours and top notch service. Have the wine serving, local produce that complement the food.

Fátima H.
The whole menu was excellent but this is definitely a $$$$ not as currently suggested by foursquare.

Kristinn H.
Czech traditional with Nordic feeling twist - lots of dill, root veggies, and interesting flavors. Worth it.

H & N
czech resturant, they have 2 set menu of your choice , 6 or 11 dishes. They serve food with very creative idea , good taste , good to try it once but very pricy

Nina D.
We had the 11 course menu and it was maybe a bit too much. However every single dish was perfect and the wines were spectacular. Service was impeccable.

Denise F.
It's expensive, but worth it. Try pairing with juice instead of wine,it's amazing. Food is delicious and staff marvelous. Worth every penny. Book in advance and enjoy!

tarık r.
service is best

Harkirat S.
Wine pairing is excellent

Antonia K.
Amazing food! Excellent service. Perfect wine-did pairing. Worth going! Will be back. Best bead tartar!!!!

Zdeněk K.
Very cozy place...

Jaime T.
Set menues

Egor H.
None of set dishes was tasty. Pretentious and disappointing.

Irina I.
This restaurant is not up to par with Michelin one star. It's not bad, but not as good as you would expect. They also charged $20 for three still waters for me and my friend. Crazy!

Salsa open class

İlker E.
The worst one star Michelin rest. I've ever been in Europe. Too expensive in terms of taste, quality, meal sizes for Prague and even for most of the Europe cities. Try other places, don't even think.

Luiza Q.
The best restaurant I've been so far. The way they not only cook with perfection, but truly care about the food soul is a whole new level. Choose the pairing with the degustation without hesitate.

June L.
Amazing sommelier who took his time to describe and educate the diner of local wines and beers, beautiful food as well

Jason W.
Excellent food for vegetarians.

Zdenek F.
Worth it. I felt quite comfortable there, which is always nice in an upscale place. Definitely will repeat.

Tina T.
Make sure to make reservations if they are fully booked put yourself on the waitlist, they do call back :)

Tomáš M.
Magnificent ! The best restaurant in Prague !

Anna K.
Tasting menu is freaking awesome. Try wine paring with your dinner, sommelier is quite a wizard.

Ryszard S.
Amazing, mind blowing experience. Undescribable. If you are lucky, you get a table from which you can see the kitchen work.

Natasha N.
Friendly staff, menu changes every season...

Rakhi P.
One of my top three meals ever!!! Service was impeccable. All staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Worth every penny and should experience at least once (or twice!)

Offers original dishes where quality products are enhanced by elegant sauces, emulsions, edible flowers,... Every dish is a contrast of perfectly combined flavors, colors and textures. Perfect diner!

Claus N.
Following El bulli and Noma, this restaurant reinvent Bohemian cuisine. Amazing

Denise-Kim F.
11 courses, perfect portions, texture, flavours, service... Best fine dining experience I have had in a long while!

tomas k.
Calm adult expensive not funny good food restaurant

Su Yin K.
Try the unusual fruit juice pairings if you're not into wines. The menu changes seasonally so no two experiences are the same

Martins P.
Perfect service and food

Martina Z.
Excellent food and drinks, great service. Perfect place for special occasions. Michelin star is well-deserved.

The two set menus (one six-course, one 11-course) explore the culinary heritage of the Czech lands, and change seasonally, with a selection of wines paired accordingly.

Chris E.
Ask to be seated by the kitchen. It's great fun watching the chefs in action.

Maire G.
Just do it! Amazing device and such inventive food - I was at French laundry a few weeks earlier and La Degustation was so much better. mustard ice cream, freeze dried pork cracklings -I dream of them

Blanka M.
Food and service was amazing, but the wine's paired with the Chef's menu were just average. I'd expect more for the price.

davidko b.
Great experience. We will come back soon.

Jamie W.
The most fantastic meal ever! Fantastic move and great service. A must visit!!

Carsten W.
One of the best restaurants of Prague, if not Czech. The sommelier is really doing an extraordinary job, too.

Marianna P.
Good service. Interesting journey through the Czech cousin. To my Italian friends I'd like to advise to think twice and be prepared for unusual ingredients. Open you minds!!! ;)

Yulia P.
Best Michelin star restaurant in Prague !!!! It was wonderful !!!!! One of the best restaurant in Prague !!!!!!!

Vincent T.
Best restaurant in Prague, hands down. A bit pricey, but the food and service is unmatchable.

Jerry H.
Beautiful food. Slightly expensive, but worth experiencing at least once. Be prepared to stay for at least 2 hours and ask for the chef's table.

Georges P.
THE fine dining in Prague

Mihai B.
Excellent food. Worthwile to go along with their proposed wine pairing!

Mark N.
Make sure to go for the paired wines with the tasting menu. An extravagance yes, but worth it for the experience.

Lime&Tonic (Prague)
Really great restaurant, should definitely appear in the Top 10 restaurants in Prague here-

Fabio T.
Too expensive for what they offer. Too noisy and too hot as well. Thumb down sorry :-(

An intriguing dining concept introducing through tasting menus the best specialities of meat, fish and vegetable dishes based on Czech and Mediterranean recipes with a contemporary flair.

Petros B.
excellent service! great food! A must when in Prague

Always an amazing evening at Le Degustation!

Champagne T.
Excellent gourmet menu. products from organic farms & small farmers of Czech. Excellent Sommelier Kristýna Janíčková. Ask her Rosé Zero Tarlant

Thomas v.
Omg, So good.

Csehszlovák Kém
2014-ben meg kostoltam a negy fogasos menut, na, ma mar csak het fogast ehetsz vegig:)

The T.
First class mishlen restaurant👏👏👏

Ekaterina M.
Интересный чешский вариант мишлена

Lucie P.
Michelinskou hvězdu si tohle místo určitě zaslouží! My měli Dégustation du Chef a bylo to jednoduše "nebe v hubě" - dokonalé vyvážení, zajímavé kombinace! Jen 8000 Kč za večer prostě nedáte každý den.

Sofia S.
Реально вкусно и сытно! Отличное обслуживание и красивая подача. Больших денег не жалко за такой опыт!

Отвык я что-то от мишленовской кухни. А тут всё как надо. Ужин из 6 и 11 блюд. Все прекрасны )) Ммммм

Элеонора .
Мммм... Это даже не ресторан... Это целое гастрономическое шоу!!! Мишлен вполне заслуженный!!!

Val G.
labužníkovo nebe :)

Valeriya B.
Меню подают в конвертах. Только на чешском языке.Меню состоит из 2 списков.1 список -из 6 блюд.2 список -из 10.Все блюда очень странные и очень миниатюрные. Подают очень медленно.Но в целом-не плохо.

Speciální degustační menu podle aktuální sezony. Čerstvě uzený hovězí jazyk, jablka, hrachové pyré, majoránka... Pokrmy jsou interpretací noblesní kuchařské školy Marie Svobodové z konce 19. století.

Lucka H.
Speciální degustační menu podle aktuální sezony. Čerstvě uzený hovězí jazyk, jablka, hrachové pyré, majoránka... Pokrmy jsou interpretací noblesní kuchařské školy Marie Svobodové z konce 19. století.

Pavel N.
fantastická obsluha, geniální menu a luxusní interiér, to všechno má svou bohužel nemalou cenu. Doporučuji si udělat rezervaci u chief table.

Bara W.
Mňam mňam, doporučuju českou volbu se spárovanými víny..

Petr K.
Dokonalé ve všech směrech. Díky specifickému nasvícení stolů a skvělé obsluze se uvolníte a vychutnáte si naplno výborné jídlo včetně prezentace. Doporučuji navštívit toalety.

Martin K.
Určitě zkuste jejich výhodné obědové menu nebo zkrácené "menu theatre". Ideální dárek k narozeninám pro kohokoliv (recenze najdete v odkaze).

Jan C.
Prostor, kde se usadíte a strávíte několik (hodně!) hodin nad nápaditou kuchyní kombinovanou s víny. A budete se BAVIT!