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La Casa Argentina
Dlouhá 35, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Út-So 12:00-02:00
Ne-Po 12:00-24:00
Tel: 222 311 512
602 360 060


La Casa Argentina - hodnocení a recenze

Natalia V.
very good quality food! they have ipad menus so there are clear images and description of every meal. the place is decorated very nicely. its a good place for large groups of people or even just two.

Erhan K.
You can eat a really good meat here, watch the dance show and enjoy the cocktail.

Dirk H.
I enjoyed the tuna steak!

Andrey V.
Once a great place, became hugely overpriced tourist trap. Place to avoid.

Eli Eduard K.
Fair steak,too expencive, even for water took 170kc

Denis L.
Rib eye in prague with friends and family

Roberto K.
Now we are talking! Some of the best places i've ever visited in prague! Prices are little bit high but the quality is extraordinary! I highly reccomend this for dinner for a couple! Its god damn good

Burcu T.
Decoration? fake music?pop music and after that it was club music. And the meat? you can have it at any steak is more expensive because it's a tourist place, nothing more

Michaela H.
Great music, super service, delicious meals :))

Bill M.
Excellent Meal, great service and a very "Funky" Place to dine.

Dmitry K.
Too noisy. Filet mignon have a taste of corpse

Ilija R.
Best steaks in town.

Dawid L.
Argentinean beef is worth a shoot!

Fatemeh S.
Great Steak (rib eye), nice coctails, interesting speciall offers (2 rums and one pack of mini cigar) and even delicious side dishes. It is not cheap but defienetly worth expending money on.

Fatemeh S.
Steak, coctails, cigar

GreGory I.
Literally 15minutes to take the order... Lousy service

İdris H.
Deer and goulash was delicious but i can not say the same for rib eye.

Yana M.
Cocktails are very nice. Performances of the Music band and Brazilian dancers are Fantastic!!!🍹💃🏻

Emre B.
et yemekleri güzel fiyatlar yüksek servis başarılı erkekler tuvalete bir uğrayın derim its a good place to eat but prices are a bit high and guys you might see Toilette

Tadeáš K.
Fantastic prawns. Fantastic steaks. Yes - be prepared to pay a lot of money.

Eva L.
Ribeye was great!

Leca M.
The pork tenderloin I had was the best ever.

Nikos P.
Stakes everywhere!!! Really nice place, approx. 30-40€ per person, totally worth it!

fucking amazing .
Food:big serving dishes. If u r girl I recommend take meat one for two,because meat is here really satisfying! A lot of guests,music. Really Argentinian interior .recommend ✔️

Cornel V.
Great meat!

Zviad T.
Delicious steaks, live music, nice staff. Very exspensive.

GreGory I.
Very decent shrimp starters and steak salad! Not expensive! Kitchen open till 01:00am!!

Abdullah A.
You must have the rib eye stake, they brought it from heaven ❤️

Valeriya P.
Despite reviews and our expectations... Ribeye and File mignon were soft but tasteless....

Evgenia 🌸 M.
the meat is tasteless, not as good as you expect!!!!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿only starters are worth trying👌

Robča P.
Very average food for very above average prices. Poor service, almost funny. Just keep away, lots of much better places around.

Emre O.
Fucking expensive but worth it. They don't have classic menu, they only have iPad :)

Stanislav K.
Great steaks but not that great as one could expect for the price.

Nihat Sinan E.
Live music, red, nice bar

Alexandra B.
Great meat, great wine, great interior, great everything :)

Great deer steak!

Maryliza D.
Best steaks

Jana S.
Perfect meat, amazing interior. Veery expensive drinks

Richard M.
Awesome steak and high quality rum

Suleiman S.
The best steak in Prague. Descent cocktails.

Milad C.
Filet mignon was great

Paul G.
awesome restaurant!!

Michael P.
Best toilets in Prague!

Lucie K.
la casa argentina in Prague, very poor quality of steaks, not worth the price. service slow and very arrogant, plus ask for a tip which was shocking for us. never again!!!!!!!

Petr K.
Try Omaha filet mignon. Superb.

Aslı A.
Waıters are way too rude

Shifa I.
Fish of the day was amazing!

Konstantinos C.
After 5 days eating for lunch an dinner in different restaurants, this is a place I believe it worth a visit... Good service, beautiful place, and very good food.

outrageously expensive, but spectacularly good!

Goran S.
THE BEST steak restaurant in Prague. Exclusive entherier, iPAD menu, exclusive food. Be ready to spend a little more than usual, but you'll get a super tasty extra big steak.

Borislav B.
Just pricy... Nothing special

Christina C.
Beautiful place... )))recommended

K H.
If you eat in the back there are really cute little monkeys! All the way in the back there are parrots! Totally cool. Better than a zoo!

Try Seitan - it's definitely the best vegetarian meal I've ever had. You can also choco-kill-self with the awesome Truffles :) LOVE IT HERE !

Daniel G.
Excellent lunch offer and found out that if you go before 18:00 you have a 20% discount. Worth considering if you do not want to see the shows.

Patrick C.
A wonderful restaurant, well worth a visit.. the food and drink was great.. The restaurant itself was living with live music.. and great decor

Linn T.
Superb food !!! Will come again!!

Very good carpaccio and filet mignon , for desert fried pineapple ! Super ! But everything it tasty here . I recommend .

Antti V.
The best and meatiest ribs ever.

Honza K.
Their motto:"We love Vegetarians, more meet for us!" Can't argue with it!

Gabriel S.
Amazing live music on the weekends. Try the Argentinian Carpaccio

Sergey B.
Perfect place)

Gun@y☯️F@ruk .
Try red wine; graffigna malbec 2008

Gun@y☯️F@ruk .
Steak is the best...

• Grilled Scampi for starter (on bruschetta) • Filet Mignon (plus corn and pepper sauce as well as guacamole sauce • finish with Grilled Pineapple on vanilla ice :-) (1600Kz = 70€) incl 2 gin tonic

Diplomatico Rum
Don't miss the amazing pairing with Diplomático Rum and XC Chocoflower Chocolate. It makes a fantastic harmony of flavors highly recommended as a Poussé Café

Onur A.
Definitely the best steakhouse in Prague...ribeye ROCKS!!!

J a c h u F.
Get your cocktails from any bartender except from Lukaš, he prepared the worst piña colada ever!

Lime&Tonic (Prague)
Try the 3-Course Steak Menu & this great offer (945 CZK pp)-

Jakub S.
Probably the best steakhouse in Prague.

Anna W.
Try the Biftek Ze Svickove Aberdeen Angus

Foued K.
Vert good steak house restaurant in Prague + tango show and nice athmosphere. Bif restaurant + bars. I like it

Thanos T.
Some waiters are really rude.but not everyone

You want a zoo go to a zoo. This place has great animals on display but horrendous service. Rude beyond the expected. service so slow you may as well go to Argentina and ride that cow

Mucahid Z.
Of course steaks

Banu B.
Super steak in Prague plus Milan Baros Gotcha!

Ray L.
Go upstairs to check out the mini monkeys

Tarun C.
Expect to wait an hour for hour steak!!

Michal .
White Vanilla Russian je famozni!

Honzík P.
Rump steak, pepper sauce and fries -> the best choice

Tomas V.
One of the best steak restaurant in Prague.

stephanie f.
Great Cesar salad

Antonio S.
Nice place, great meat but overpriced for Praha! 3 ppl 150 euro.. (1 dish each and 1 cheap wine)

Fantasticky rumpsteak :)

Shahram D.
Best Steak in Town, nice place with good live music and friendly service!

Jorge V.
Krmeni piranu!

Tomas O.
Super rib eye steak...:-)

Alina B.
Очень вкусное мясо!!!!!

Alina B.
Отличное место!!!!!

Tugba .
Prag da gıdılebılecek en keyıflı restoranlardan bırı:-)) canlı muzık ve danscılar muhtesem :-)

Nur A.
Süper servis. Süper etler ve her şey uğrayın bence

Kapinin onunden dahi gecmeyin. Asiri pahali bir yer, garsonlar ilgisiz, etler kotu

Mert T.
Gereksiz pahalı bir yer, etin yanında sosu bile parayla satıyor. Yemekler de vasat.

Veronika D.
Отличное ,дорогое место. Идеально приготовленная еда , вкусные напитки. Всем советую !

sahver k.
Yemekler muhtesem... canli muzik ve dans muhtesem.bayilacaksiniz 😊😊😊

Karolina K.
Hezke živé misto :)

Отличная кухня. Очень атмосферно

Elaine C.
Garçons muito gentis, comida boa, mas da preferência para fumantes que ficam na entrada do restaurante 😱

Olga I.
Отменные стейки и гарниры к ним

Naida L.
Порции огромные. Интерьер шикарный. Обслуга приятная

Yakup .
Steak house👍👍👍

Денис .
Это супер заведение. Попросите осмотреть ВСЕ залы прежде чем выбрать столик. Все разные и все прекрасны. Кухня супер. Стейки просто тают !!!

Selcan Y.
Corbadan tatlıya her şey çok lezzetli. Özellikle etlerini tavsiye ediyorum.

Lale L.
Aperatif olarak Arjantin kokteyli denedik resimdeki. Şarap en ucuz seçtik tadı vasattı. onun dışında ara sıcaklar ve etler gayet lezzettliydi. Müzik de geceyi ayrı bir tat kattı..

Fatih G.
Herşeyi ile mükemmel. 3 farklı et yedik 3 üde 10 üzerinden 10.Yanında gelen soslar tatlılar şahane. Saat 20 den itibaren canlı müzik ve küçük tango gösterileri var. Türk damak zevki ile tam örtüşüyor

Ayşe Gül D.
Eğer buralara kadar geldiyseniz mutlaka bu restoranı denemelisiniz mukemmel etleri var 😀 Nusreti özleyenler denemeli

Asli O.
Prag'taki en iyi steakhouse. Wifi: espresso

Deniz A.
Rebeye steak iyiydi. Ortam güzel içerise amazon ormanları efekti yaratmışlar:)

Marusya B.
Нет. Это не стейк… это пища богов! Идеальный Рибай. И-де-аль-ный! Интерьер, музыка, сервис. Радуется не только желудок, но и орган, отвечающий за эстетику)))

Marusya B.
Нет, это не стэйк… это пища богов! Идеальный Рибай медиум рэд. И-де-аль-ный.

Inés R.
Jidlo dobry a prostredi dobre. Ale jakmile se restaurace vice zaplni, obsluha absolutne nestiha, nosi spatny objednavky, nemaj dostatek menu... Celkovy dojem 5 z deseti.

Veronika B.
Delikatesa!! ❤️

Евгения .
Ресторан высокого уровня.Все вкусно и дорого.Живая музыка в стиле латины с 19 вечера.Интересный интерьер.

Firat E.
Çok güzel ve nezih.

Firat E.
Çok güzel ve nezih bir ortam.

Veronica✨🌍🎉 V.
Вкусно очень!

Dmitry N.
Очень большой выбор стейков. И они вкусные!

Nazlı .
Seciminizi begenip begenmediginizle cok ilgililer ortam hareketli ve loş. Ribeye steak yemenizi tavsiye ederim özellikle kendi zevkinize gore sos seçebiliyor olmanız guzel.

Deniz T.
Eğer et yemek istiyorsanız Prag ta gidebileceğiniz 2 restorandan biri.Ortam güzel fiyatlar kişi başı 400gr et yer ve şarap alırsanız 70-80€ civarında.alt kata inen merdivenler piyano sesi çıkarıyor.

Anarkin S.
Et abi.....

Luis F.
Muito bom, mas caro!

Karel P.
Jídlo výborné, ceny vyšší.

Mihail O.
Стейки готовят в прямом эфире на телевизоре.WiFi: espresso

Olia B.
Мясо невероятно вкусное, порции очень большие. Обстановка классная

Ronaldo X.
Muito caro e não é lá essas coisas

Tolga T.
Lezzetli bir yemek ve inanılmaz güzel bir müzik, kesinlikle gelinmeli pişman olmazsınız...

Petík Z.
Vyborna obsluha,misto menu ipady, skvele steaky na ohni a k tomu ziva hudba :)

Tereza S.
Krásné prostředí, výborně jídlo a starostlivá obsluha. V horním patře vas možná překvapí tanečním vystoupením v rytmu salsy nebo tanga.

Елена .
Замечательный ресторан, выдержанный стиль . Вкусная кухня, огромные порции, официанты знают свое дело. Советую посетить, не разочаруетесь!

Андрей .
Понравилось все!👍

Murat E.
Bu kadar et sevmiyorum. Ya da alışamadım diyelim.

Michael P.
Krásné nekuřácké prostředí, ale co nám vadilo, byl malý výběr bílého vína.

Martin K.
Super prostředí, parádní místo pro steak&coctail. Cenově vysší kategorie.

Nadir Ç.
herşey harika canlı müzik,yemek, ambiance :) biraz lüx ve ona göre pahalı

Александра .
Место отличное! Обслуживание замечательное!)) но стейк за 5тыс крон не дает покоя)))))

Katya R.

Jana D.
Nejlepší lanýže EVER!
Tahkle tady vypadá předkrm – flank steak á la roastbeef za 179 Kč. Jakchutnal Koko z pořadu Menu domů? A jak dopadla její variace na tohlejídlo? Nejen cena vás příjemně překvapí:
Koko z pořadu Menu domů zabloudila i sem.Co si dala?Za jakoucenu?A co z toho si pak sama zkusila uvařit?Její snadný recept nachobotnici za šestinu zdejší ceny zvládne každý:

Lukáš B.
jidlo vyborne ale ceny opravdu vyssi

ein must!!!!

Namık K.
Tam bir etçi, içerideki amazon ortamı hoş!

Jjjj H.
Dansçı kızlar da....

Jjjj H.
Yemekler süper dansçı kızlar

Празднуем Викусен др!!!ура!!!

Olesya K.
Вкусные стейки!

Отличный ресторан!!! Обслуживание на высшем уровне! Все очень вкусно! Классный интерьер, живая музыка, аргентинское танго! JLo на рецепшн))))) Францишек просто умница!!! Очень все круто! Советуем!!!

Jiří S.
Výborné jídlo, kvalitní a příjemná obsluha a to vše v pěkném prostředí doplněném o živou hudbu. Doporučuji!

Johana F.
Ceny jsou dost šílený. Ale jinak jeden z nejlepších steaků, co jsem v Praze jedla, doporčuju filet mignon. Obsluha fajn, jídelní lístky - iPady - Wow. Jediná výtka: mrzutá nabídka dezertů.

Aleš P.
Pro pořádnýho chlapa pořádný steak! Výborně jsem se najedl!

Петр .
Приятное заведение не на каждый день. Допого и вкусно. Интересный интеръер. Рекомендую

Jitka L.
Milá obsluha, suprová atmosféra, klavír na stropě a 2 nazí Brazilci předvádějící capoeiru. :)

Bio H.
Ну не так уж и дорого, в Москве за эти деньги в ресторане вам подадут разве что в морду :-)

Ekaterina V.
Вкусно, дорого, хотя в Московском хорошем стейкхаусе будет то же самое по цене, но не совсем то по вкусу. Берите сразу фланк.

Alexander K.
Атмосферное и классное заведение. Не дешево. Не для тех, кто едет в Прагу покушать колено.

Veronika C.
Jakkoli je zadni cast moc pekna, v te predni je nejak utulnejc a v zime i teplejc. Byt se tam kouri, kabat v satne nenacichne a zbytek je snesitelny. IPady s fotkama vypadaji fajn, steaky excelentni.

Andrea A.
jako pardoon? misto jidelniho listku dosanete iPad? ;) mazec promakany a miluju jejich filet mignon.

Filipe R.
Tô dentro...

Vyborny steaky a obsluha:)

Sonja P.
Úžasné jídlo, prostory, hudba, servis...prostě bomba!

TEAK Cerny
steak jedině zde

Franco M.
Ottimo locale

Kamil W.
Ale drogo. Fajnie ale mega drogo

Tomas T.
Podla mna najlepsi Steak v Prahe! Odporucam aj ich vynikajuce vina.

Eliška V.
Výborné jídlo, výborná živá hudba, výborné večery.

Robert H.
Prijemne prostredi a bezchybna obsluha. Doporucuji veprova zebra, jenom ty hranolky u toho me nechutnaly. Kolega mel hovezi zebra a veprovy byly lepsi. Rump-steak vyborny maso. Predkrm rapas dobry.

Nina J.
Skvělý předkrm : plátky marinované argentinské hovězí svíčkové s houbami shitaké! K tomu česnekovou bagetku :-)

Martin .
Na zadním baru najdete po půlnoci veselou barmanku :-)

Jana K.
Steaky v Praze lepší nenajdete+ příjemný personál a prostředí

David L.
No dejes de pedir el bife de chorizo de 600g

konecne poradnej podnik... Hennessy richard 0,02l za 3450,-

Fery K.
Urcite jedna z nejlepsich steakaren v Praze..spickove jidlo, prijemny a veci znaly personal..vrele doporucuji!