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Kavárna Pražírna Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Kavárna Pražírna
Kavárna Pražírna
Lublaňská 50, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:30-22:00
So 12:00-20:00
Ne zavřeno
Tel: 720 385 622

Pražírna je výborná kavárna na Praze 2, kde vsází na čerstvě praženou kávu ze všech koutů světa. Vždy nabízí také něco k snědku - čerstvé snídaně, výborné polévky, zapečené panini nebo třeba i klasické domácí utopence a výborné domácí dezerty.

Kavárnu Pražírna nemůžete minout - je umístěna vzdálena pouze 50 metrů od zastávky metra I. P. Pavlova.



Kavárna PražírnaKavárna PražírnaKavárna Pražírna
Kavárna PražírnaKavárna PražírnaKavárna Pražírna
Kavárna PražírnaKavárna PražírnaKavárna Pražírna
Kavárna PražírnaKavárna PražírnaKavárna Pražírna

Kavárna Pražírna - hodnocení a recenze

Paja a Kamca
Vyborna kava, hezke prostredi a moc dobre jidlo. Davali jsme si jejich domaci chleba s humusem a grilovanou zeleninou a oblozeny krosant. Za nas muzeme vrele doporucit :)

Andrew C.
Wi-Fi password: ladycarneval

Andrew C.
Coffee is amazing!! Awesome little underground cafe. Great place to read a book or get some work done!

Bedřich S.
Cozy cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. They prepare good coffee from their locally roasted coffee. In the summer, there is a relatively pleasant cool environment redeemed by a weak phone signal.

Karina C.
Excellent coffee 👌🏻 you can buy their own beans as well. The most delicious coconut balls. Cafe workers are amazing ❤️✊🏻

Josef S.
Amazing coffee (tried filter grep). Great service.

Lord Shedy
The password is ladycarneval.

Peter K.
Really, one of the best places to have a coffee in Prague

Jana P.
Good soup, good coffee, cosy atmosphere

Denise S.
Nice coffee, quiet place

Kristina V.
Dont get turn off by the “pub-like” entrance. You’ll find nice basement cafe, good for specialty coffee near I.P.Pavlova. Relaxed atmosphere to hang out. Great service.

Michal M.
My favourite cafe in Prague!

M. B.
Great coffee, cool staff, they also accept cards.

Great place to work, with excellent filter coffee, reliable WiFi and plugs for laptop charging.

Neel H.
Good pour over

Jana M.
My favourite place for quick lunch and coffe. Very cosy, in the morning even good for work.

Mark P.
Love the strong flat whites here. You can taste the flavorful espresso which isn't overpowered by the milk 👌

Miroslav N.
Very nice place and very good coffee & beer :)

Michal M.
Try flat white.

Martin H.
Coffee and stuffed croissant.

Lucie P.
Really good coffee here (make sure to buy also some beans). If in summer, you must try their wonderfull and super-quiet backyard!

Michal A.
coffee place where you can get great coffee from their own rostery plus on top they sell beans too

Andrew P.
Every time I go the staff is not very friendly. No decaf option. Otherwise as all say, coffee good. Food options nice too. Cozy indeed.

This place has amazing coffee, and the best lemon cake in Prague. They have daily soup, very tasty. Staff always friendly. Cozy interior. Gets pretty busy in the late afternoon.

Nikča Z.
Nice place to hang out with friends, book or just for learning. Very cozy atmosphere with friendly workers.

Nikča Z.
Nice place to hang out with friends, book or for learning with cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee and beans to buy. Friendly and nice workers.

Esma C.
Great coffee and cheesecake, lovely building ❤️

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: coffee, interior. COFFEE: good one. DISHES&DESSERTS: pretty casual. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: higher average (unreasonable)

Nina M.
Coffee & food

Jan P.
Good place for coffee.

Hana K.
Oh, this place smells so goooood! 🤤 Staff is really great, unfortunately I can't recommend their toasts (I just didn't like the ham inside). But I would like to try their sandwitch or pie one day 🙂