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Kavárna Pod Lipami Praha

Praha > Praha 7 > Kavárna Pod Lipami
Kavárna Pod Lipami
Čechova 1 Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:30-22:00
So-Ne 11:00-22:00

Kavárna Pod Lipami je příjemná kavárna, která také nabízí výstavní prostor pro umění. Snaží se o propojení umění nad výborným šálkem kávy. Samozřejmě ke kávě si můžete vybírat z nabídky domácích dezertů nebo výborných jídel. V letních měsících jistě také rádi využijete sezení na pěkné venkovní zahrádce.



Kavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod Lipami
Kavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod Lipami
Kavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod Lipami
Kavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod LipamiKavárna Pod Lipami

Kavárna Pod Lipami - hodnocení a recenze

Milica I.
Really cute and cozy cafe with amazing daily soups and lunches

Milica I.
Really cute cafe with amazing daily soups and lunches.

Hana K.
Delicious coffee, great outside seating. Hipster place for local people 🙂

Lucie H.
Really cute place at Letná with amazing coffee!!

Eli S.
Incredibly pleasant service even though it was full, great wine and coffee. Its also super nice sitting outside in the "garden". :) I reccomend 200%.)

They have club mate

Seriously, the Nakladany Hermelin here is fantastic

Stela S.
Cozy, interesting place. But the coffee is not the best I had.

Dog friendly place.

Little hidden gem in Prague 7.

Jakub B.
Awesome hummus.

Vladan S.
Charming but too much hipster place. Coffee is just bad.

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: coffee, cakes, pastry, minimalistic interior. COFFEE: great one. DESSERTS: nice nice. LOCATION: outta mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high average (reasonable)

Tina B.
if you can avoid it, do it. it is so dirty that I was scared I will get food poisoning or some kind of an infection. the worse place I have been to in Prague

Viktor K.
Humus mediocre, service slow... amazed how this place actually survives...

Michaela S.
Cute little coffee spot,had a lovely flat white. The service didn't really live up to the expectations and the interior is a little basic also but overall not an unpleant experience.

Alina B.
czech bio cider was good, ordering takes a bit more time. Noway there with the credit cards

Jana A. Kri
Magical coffeeshop hidden in the relaxed and chill area of Letna. A perfect place to breath in the local atmosphere. Coffee was great, as well as desserts. Perfect for work or a long afternoon.

Andie E.
Nice flat white, great cakes. Cappuccino is a little bit more bitter than it should be.

Great carrot cake and latte (mama coffee)

Roland S.
Nice place to have good coffee in lovely place

Raian R.
It is an authentic place with outdoor garden perfect for some book reading or just taking things slow. Wifi: espresso

Ľubica M.
If you want to enjoy a good cappuccino in one of the most beautiful streets in Prague, take a seat in Kavarna pod lipami's cosy garden.

Dan R.
Cute garden, very friendly staff. Good for working or catching up. Not much food apart from some cakes and hummus on a lucky day

Cristina B.
Delicious coffee and cozy atmosphere 😍

Semion B.
Nice small garden to have a coffe.

Probably the nicest place in Prague. Great service, outdoor sitting and delicious coffee.

Martin J.
Lovely outside sitting here smelling by Yasmine. Good flat-white considering they use mamacoffee beans. They do nice cakes and kiches, but no breakfast or brunches. Service was very friendly. :)

Vojta T.
Beautiful care, very good coffee (mama coffee) cozy with nice garden

Vojta T.
Beautiful cafe. Very cozy. Very good coffee (mama coffee) very nice garden :)