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Kavárna Můj Šálek Kávy Praha

Praha > Praha 8 > Kavárna Můj Šálek Kávy
Kavárna Můj Šálek Kávy
Křižíkova 105, Praha 8 - Karlín
Otevírací doba
Po-So 09:00-22:00
Ne 10:00-18:00

Můj Šálek Kávy je přesným prototypem, jak bych si představoval přátelskou a útulnou kavárnu v centru velkoměsta. Najdete ji v samém srdci Karlína. Kávu zde odebírají z oblíbené pražírny DoubleShot a jejich jídlo je vážně vynikající. Velký výběr jídla zde nečekejte, ale za to každý pokrm je 100% zážitek chutí a o jejich dezertech ani nemluvě. Zároveň bych chtěl zmínit, že Můj Šálek Kávy je jednou z mála kaváren, kde se budu vždy rád vracet.

Do této kavárny doporučuji vždy rezervaci.



Kavárna Můj Šálek KávyKavárna Můj Šálek KávyKavárna Můj Šálek Kávy
Kavárna Můj Šálek KávyKavárna Můj Šálek KávyKavárna Můj Šálek Kávy

Kavárna Můj Šálek Kávy - hodnocení a recenze

Pája a Kamča
Pohankové palačinky - the best !!!

Gellért M.
Nice and friendly staff, quality coffee, good design, 10/10

Gellért M.
Very good coffee and desserts, nice and friendly staff, nice design

Marianna R.
Place continues to deliver great coffee of different kinds, really a hipster coffee place to visit. Amazing desserts. One thing I am missing on the menu is more food with salads and vegetables.

Miloslav S.
Coffee, atmosphere

Martin .
Cozy place, good for relax😉

Ghala J.
Filtered coffee with Ehtiopia beans is outstanding , it has perfect acidity, and smoothness . One of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted it in my life ❤️

My favourite place for coffee. Staff is always very friendly and helpful.

Cozy hipster place, good coffee and you have to try Caferol!!

Sasha K.
Fancy place

Anna A.
Value for money but tasty breakfast, super service !

This is exactly my cup of coffeee :)

Нора .
Hipster café with art exhibitions on the walls. Coffee was good, ambient decent, service could have been better. Overall a good place to get your caffeine dose

Eugeny V.
Poached eggs with horseradish sauce is awesome)

Recep .

Marie N.
Great lemonade

Vit L.
My absolutely the best cafe and coffee in Prague for many years. Great filter coffee, best flatwhite. Nice atmosphere and attentive staff. Good seasonal food and deserts. But, getting crowded often.

Ida R.
I ordered a flat white with almond milk and when I got it, the coffee and almond milk had separated which made the coffee into a porridge kinda texture. Disgusting.

Alina M.
Wi-Fi password burundi18

أم ماجد A.
Coffee - away from tourists and with the locals. We came to know that they are one of the biggest coffee roasters in czech. Cozy place

Stela S.
Coffee, food, service

Idil P.
Great cosy place for coffee and dessert (also breakfast and lunch I guess).. Seems alot of the local come here too.. great ambiance and smiley personel :))

Moya E.
Wonderful pancakes 🥞♥️

Moya E.
Great breakfast!

iKat k.
Perfect coffee, delicious chill cherry cake and a really nice waitress! Will be back ;)

Santi F.
One of the best breakfast you can have in Prague, everything great and delicious!

Michal A.
Home of doubleshot coffee. First place with great coffee in Prague. On top of that they have great small meals and cakes. On top of that icecream from 2AD. And sugar on top? Hipstaaaa :)

Ondrej L.
Still one of my most favourite cafés in Prague.Friendly staff, great coffee, selection of tasty cakes, cookies etc.Also try breakfast or one of their lunch and later meals - it won't be a mistake.

Katherine N.
Weeks later I am still reminiscing over the unbeatable coffee drinks. Breakfast and pastry also fantastic.

Ryan C.
Eggs Benedict—not an English muffin, but the bread is delicious

Deniz T.
Not bad but overrated