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Kavárna Mezi Srnky Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Kavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi Srnky
Sázavská 19, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 07:30-20:00
So-Ne 09:30-16:00
Tel: 732 238 833

Mezi Srnky - to je kavárna nebo restaurace? Kdo ví, ale kávě i jídlům zde není naprosto co vytknout.



Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky

Kavárna Mezi Srnky - hodnocení a recenze

Roberto B.
Awesome pancakes!

Shir H.
Excellent breakfast! All day served during weekend.

Jakub G.
Very good flat white and breakfast till 4pm! Looks like sitting in someones kitchen :-)

Mikka M.
Great place for brunch with a cozy, friendly atmosphere

Michał S.
The food, the simply interior, the stuff, the atmosphere. Everything what you need to eat good breakfast :)

Alastair H.
Scrambled Eggs & Coffee were delicious 👌

Aimée Jane P.
Really pleasant breakfast, relaxed vibe and good menu.

Viktoria H.
Delicious. Fast. Kind staff

Mikka M.
Amazing brunch!

Miha F.
Pancakes with jam, maple syrup, bacon, and roasted nuts. Delicious! 💯

Maruška M.
One of the cutest cafes in Prague! The palace is very small, but cozy. Perfect for breakfast or coffee for 2 people, but not a big group. Big plus for the homemade lemonades.

Tatiana A.
The best choice for the late breakfast! Also, their cakes are wonderful

Mari S.
Nice out of the box breakfasts, big block of butter and gluten free options!

Sushi D.
Cozy little place, great for having a brakefast, brunch or just enjoying a cup of coffee.Brownies with caramel and sea salt are must have!😊

Álvaro G.
Good and original place, although a bit overpriced.

Dimosthenis M.
Very nice chilled place! Personnel gets a 10 out of 10. Very helpful and friendly! The pancakes were one of the best I’ve ever had 🥞

A K.
Lovely, refreshing lemonades, an amazing apple juice, and a fresh take on breakfast! (It’s a small cafe so be prepared to wait a little in rush hour.)

Χρήστος .
Cozy place, delicious dishes for breakfast and brunch!

Dmitry B.
Very tasty breakfast, great service, nice coffee!

Boris N.
Poor service ruined our experience. After 40 minutes of waiting found out that our order wasn't even sent to kitchen because of some system failure. Had to wait 10 extra minutes while they cooked it.

Amy N.
Cozy atmosphere (feels like you’re in someone’s kitchen). Tasty brunch of eggs, hummus and salad with beetroot dressing.

Simona K.
Amazing food and drinks!

Jitka .
The carrot cake was delicious and of course great coffee 😍

Anna K.
Almond milk cappuccino

Eva T.
Delicious warm toast with cheese, mushroom and caramelized onion! But only one type of lactose-free milk for choose..

Karolina S.
Amazing brunch place! 💕

Michalis P.
Amazing coffee and amazing food! And at good prices too! Everything I tried there was great!

Wanda N.
Great food And very lovely service ❤️

Nikča Z.
Totaly amazing daily lunch menu, cascara and value info (they have breakfast till 16)! Great costumer service. I can just reccomend it!

John C.
Great breakfast with mostly helpful options. Does get full!