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Kavárna Mezi Srnky
Sázavská 19, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 07:30-20:00
So-Ne 09:30-16:00
Tel: 732 238 833

Mezi Srnky - to je kavárna nebo restaurace? Kdo ví, ale kávě i jídlům zde není naprosto co vytknout.



Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky

Kavárna Mezi Srnky - hodnocení a recenze

Marianna R.
Americano is excellent. There are only few meals on the menu-all can be made vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or with meat. Only 16 seats plus two at the bar. WiFi: kombucha. Prices ok. Service fast.

Misha K.
We loved our breakfast here! Very friendly personnel, and they speak English freely. Cool atmosphere. The food was incredible: portions of size which is just right, beautifully served. Great coffee.

Eugen K.
Nice concept. Get to know strangers, sit directly in the kitchen.

Mafalda G.
The breakfast was amazing - The bowl, sandwich and the cherry on top the amazing pancakes ! You really must try it ! Don't think twice😍😍 the service was a great as the rest !

Pavel S.
Awsome breakfast and realy good coffee.

WHY THERE: coffee, interior, brunch. COFFEE: good. DESSERTS: not so many/much. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high average (unreasonable)

Шурочка .
Tiny place with delicious brunches whole day, highly recommend 💕

Kate H.
Outstanding breakfast, service and drinks. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options are delicious.

Margot M.
Incredible breakfast, super cozy, and outdoor seating. I'd go here every day if I could.

Biljana L.
Good quality tasty breakfast, good creative lemonade but really bad service and bad espresso!

Nick C.
Best breakfast in my life :)

Really beautiful small cozy place.. Only downside is that theres only one thing to eat after

Jakub M.
One of the best breakfast in town

Dalia z.
Black​ current lemonade was fine, not sweet. Pancakes looked good, however the taste reminded me of black bread and they were too dry. Therefore could have been more bacon. IMO way too pricey.

Cemal K.
Goes with the new less is more hype. Looks like a small flat converted to a cafe (well it possibly is). Everybody speaks fluent English and service is smooth. A bit overpriced for the portion sizes.

Petar V.
Mediterranean breakfast is a must

Victor N.
Very healthy and tasty food and the crew is lovely

iKat k.
Superb place for a brunch! Their pancakes are amazing and the mimosa splendid!

Maria S.
Imaginative brunch options - like these lentils with humus and avocado. Excellent coffee, too.

Thomas Z.
Beautiful small cafe with nice waitresses serving you good and stylish brunch :).

Super nice place! Wifi: kombucha

Y S.
The beluga lentils gave me horrible garlic breath, which I spent an entire day attempting to get rid of. It seemed like the most prominent ingredient was raw garlic. My bf liked his scrambled eggs.

Eduardo C.
The sign says "Come in, We're Awesome" and awesome they are. Super cozy place with super friendly staff. Innovative lunch menus, amazing brunch and smiles everywhere. Great place!

Lenka S.
Like it here everytime I return, thx girls! :)

Jaime Z.
The pancakes are the most delicious thing ever!

Veronika J.
One of my most favourites spots in Prague, the breakfast wast delicious as always!

Suélen R.
The pancakes with bacon were delicious!

Aleš Z.
Awesome breakfast but very small place, so some times you have to wait for free place

Julia O.
One of my personal favorites when it comes to brunch spots in Prague! Also, the best buckwheat pancakes in town.

Tanya A.
Big portion of very tasty pancakes :)

Daniel R.
Amazing and flavorful food

Václav B.
Coffee? Check. Cakes? Check. Soups? Check. So go and check it yourself!

Jana M.
I had a levander lemonade and rice with tuna and cucumber. Everything was delicious, nice atmosphere and staff is very polite. Will definitely visit again.

Ksana F.
Wonderful breakfasts and coffee!) But better to reserve before, during a weekend full house in the morning.

Bohdan S.
Good coffee, nice service.

Frank K.
Lovely and cozy breakfast place. Feels like you're invited at home.

Milos L.
Welcome to kitchen offering small delights served with a smile; Unique breakfasts and creamy flat white ;)

Hana K.
I was suprised by "home style" interior 😻 very nice staff, tasty coffee ☕️ have to try their brunch some day in future 🤤

Céline C.
Charming and quiet place where to go to enjoy good coffee and great cakes

Kristýna B.
Perfect brunch place!Delicious food,great coffee and pleasant environment.Livance highly recommended.

Magdalena M.
Small cozy place, that makes you feel like you visited somebody's kitchen. Their cakes are super delicious! "Oreo" with matcha cream is a must!

Ivona H.
Winter breakfast smoothie bowl is to die for! Also it's a great spot to get a nice lunch during the week.

Lucie P.
Small cozy place at Vinohrady with good coffee and breakfast till 16.00. You will feel like you are at someone's home ☺

Anna K.
Skvela nabidka zdraveho jidla

Raian R.
Home kitchen type of cafe. Had a flat white and it was satisfactory. Wifi: kombucha

Roma K.
Amazing brunch and breakfast! Great serving and service. Big tables are giving your feel of true local neighborhood. Coffee from Koppi roasters.

Marek S.
Food, service, coffee

Roman K.
Nice staff and good brunches!

Big and delicious breakfast,especially pancakes 😍

Florin D.
Healthy cafe competition gives way to jewels such as this place: go for eclectic kombucha and almond & white chocolate cake.

Jiri V.
Come for coffee stay for breakfast. Highly recommended!

Aleksander B.
The coffee in Prague is awful, this place is one of the few select places where it's good 😁

Carly D.
Lovely coffee and amazing pancakes!

Stanislav T.
Not many breakfast options but very tasty

Navid N.
Fantastic coffee, delicious breakfast and I haven't tried the lunch yet but the pictures speak for themselves. Staff is awesome, friendly and attentive. Definitely worth a visit.

Ondřej L.
Breakfast - served till 4 pm. Good coffee. Great tiny spot.

Lyndsy Q.
The pancakes are amazing! Sweet but healthy, and not expensive. It's a little crowded during weekend. The staff are super friendly here as well!!

Katka K.
Excellent brunch!

Sina S.
Ein super süßes Café mit sehr leckeren Essen. Die Pancakes sind der Hammer 😍 Wir kommen wieder!

David M.
Super snídaně, servis a atmosféra 😋

Ashton M.
Sehr schön und lecker schmackhaft!

Igor K.
Протрите пол грязный волосы

Tecí N.
Skvělej brunch 😍

Bren I.
Excelente atención, el café riquísimo.

Karolina C.
Zajimave menu - ochutnala jsem golden milk (mnam) a lanyzova vajicka (dvakrat mnam). Trochu me ale zarazila velikost a reseni prostoru.Rychle se zaplni a u nesirokeho stolu pro 6 nema clovek soukromi.

Martin .
Krásná hipsta kavárna. Mají skvělou kávu a výborné jídlo. Obsluha je velmi milá. Dá se tady sedět u stolečků venku.

Zuza Z.
Svěží a pestré jídlo i pití. Nedivím se, že mají pořád natřískáno.

Katerina S.
Nové věci jsou skvělé, ale přílišná invence je jako Vařil pejsek s kočičkou. Lívance s ovocem a slaninou jsou fajn, ale už tam nemusí být tymián a anglická snídaně s granolou taky neni top gurmánství.

Filip N.
Pamatujete si ze základky takovýho toho snaživýho žáka, co chce mít všechno nejlíp? Takové je to v Mezi srnky. Invence je fajn, ale fakt chcete jíst anglickou snídani z kýblu a se slaninovou granolou?

Super misto, skvele jidlo a bezkonkurencni obsluha❤ je fajn videt lidi, ktere bavi jejich prace!

Prostředí ok, obsluha milá. Anglická snídaně trochu zklamání. Vše je na sobě naskládané v misce, zelenina, vejce a párky. Avokáda maličko. Na dně musli - to mi opravdu nechutnalo a nehodí se k tomu...

Anna S.
Mila obsluha, nejlepsi brunch!

Lord Shedy
Nezvyklý koncept rozložení kavárny do jedné místnosti, výborná káva, dort průměrný, obsluha příjemná a milá.

Zuzana H.
Kurkumovo-špaldovy nápoj! Mňamka ktorá zaručene zahriala :)

Kristy H.
Dejte si tu lívance. Jsou boží! 😍