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Kavárna Mezi Srnky
Sázavská 19, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 07:30-20:00
So-Ne 09:30-16:00
Tel: 732 238 833

Mezi Srnky - to je kavárna nebo restaurace? Kdo ví, ale kávě i jídlům zde není naprosto co vytknout.



Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky
Kavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi SrnkyKavárna Mezi Srnky

Kavárna Mezi Srnky - hodnocení a recenze

Amy N.
Cozy atmosphere (feels like you’re in someone’s kitchen). Tasty brunch of eggs, hummus and salad with beetroot dressing.

Anna K.
Almond milk cappuccino

Eva T.
Delicious warm toast with cheese, mushroom and caramelized onion! But only one type of lactose-free milk for choose..

Karolina S.
Amazing brunch place! 💕

Michalis P.
Amazing coffee and amazing food! And at good prices too! Everything I tried there was great!

Wanda N.
Great food And very lovely service ❤️

Nikča Z.
Totaly amazing daily lunch menu, cascara and value info (they have breakfast till 16)! Great costumer service. I can just reccomend it!

John C.
Great breakfast with mostly helpful options. Does get full!

Yulia S.
Great home-type food

Andrew P.
Sorry, this is without question superior to the other breakfast places listed. Never mind, let everyone go to savoy and think its good. We’ll keep this gem to ourselves. ;) perfect place

iKat k.
Super lovely breakfast place! Their pancakes are to wake up for – serious noms :)

Lyndsy Q.
The pancakes are amazing! Sweet but healthy, and not expensive. It's a little crowded during weekend. The staff are super friendly here as well!!

Katka K.
Excellent brunch!

Marianna R.
Americano is excellent. There are only few meals on the menu-all can be made vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or with meat. Only 16 seats plus two at the bar. WiFi: kombucha. Prices ok. Service fast.

Misha K.
We loved our breakfast here! Very friendly personnel, and they speak English freely. Cool atmosphere. The food was incredible: portions of size which is just right, beautifully served. Great coffee.

Eugen K.
Nice concept. Get to know strangers, sit directly in the kitchen.

Mafalda G.
The breakfast was amazing - The bowl, sandwich and the cherry on top the amazing pancakes ! You really must try it ! Don't think twice😍😍 the service was a great as the rest !

Pavel S.
Awsome breakfast and realy good coffee.

WHY THERE: coffee, interior, brunch. COFFEE: good. DESSERTS: not so many/much. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high average (unreasonable)

Шурочка .
Tiny place with delicious brunches whole day, highly recommend 💕

Kate H.
Outstanding breakfast, service and drinks. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options are delicious.

Margot M.
Incredible breakfast, super cozy, and outdoor seating. I'd go here every day if I could.

Biljana L.
Good quality tasty breakfast, good creative lemonade but really bad service and bad espresso!

Nick C.
Best breakfast in my life :)

Really beautiful small cozy place.. Only downside is that theres only one thing to eat after

Jakub M.
One of the best breakfast in town

Dalia z.
Black​ current lemonade was fine, not sweet. Pancakes looked good, however the taste reminded me of black bread and they were too dry. Therefore could have been more bacon. IMO way too pricey.

Cemal K.
Goes with the new less is more hype. Looks like a small flat converted to a cafe (well it possibly is). Everybody speaks fluent English and service is smooth. A bit overpriced for the portion sizes.

Petar V.
Mediterranean breakfast is a must

Victor N.
Very healthy and tasty food and the crew is lovely