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Kavárna Café Louvre
Národní 22, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-23:30
So-Ne 09:00-23:30
Tel: 724 054 055
224 930 949
Jídelníček restaurace

Café Louvre je luxusní kavárna v centru Prahy, kde dělají excelentní kávu a stejně tak i výborné jídla. Café Louvre je výbornou destinací na rande, obchodní schůzku nebo jen tak na snídani, oběd, večeři, brunch, či jen na šálek kávy. Café Louvre leží jen pár kroků u východu metra Národní Třída - vstup do kavárny nelze minout.

Rezervace stolu v kavárně Café Louvre lze provést telefonicky nebo online na webu kavárny.



Kavárna Café LouvreKavárna Café LouvreKavárna Café Louvre
Kavárna Café LouvreKavárna Café LouvreKavárna Café Louvre

Kavárna Café Louvre - hodnocení a recenze

Pořád plno, doporučuji rezervaci :)

Aalyah O.
Chees cake

Elisabeth H.
Hot chocolate 👌🏼

Marianna P.
The place is nice. Traditional cheap food. BUT I think is a place for breakfast, coffee and cakes . Not so food. Definitely should go though. Don't try their red wine was awful.

P T.
Cannot shake the old socialist feeling. It is not the interior, probably the waiters. Getting better though.

Nicole J.
The waitress was really rude, I never had this experience before. The food wasn't that great after all.

Ája H.
A very fancy place. They serve delicious breakfasts :)

Sannidhi .
Hot chocolate. With rum on a cold day 😀

WHY THERE: Austrian style cafe, desserts, coffee. COFFEE: regular. DISHES&DESSERTS: lovely Austrian specialties. LOCATION: mainstream (convenient). PRICES: average (reasonable)

Jiří S.
Great food and deserts!

Njood Z.
Such a wonderful place and staff. The food was great. Loved it and I'd recommend it.

Basheera A.
They say it's a must visit cafe in Prague. I liked it but I wouldn't say it's a must ! Don't miss it if you were around. ( like the Czech Goulash)

Grys T.
Finelly I found the winner. The BEST chocolate cake I've ever eat. Just perfect.

Mohammad A.
A wonderful Vintage decoration. Ricotta Cake is a good choice for those who don't want something too sweet. Service was great, which is a rare thing in Prague. It's definitely a must gobin Prague.

Utku A.
Lamb sirloin & house wine.. good for a fast dinner..

Maria W.
Though very crowded and in the center the food here is of great quality for a very good price!

draco _.
AWFUL service. Crowded. Noisy. AVOID!!!

George K.
Good food and deserts

Bastian G.
The strawberry waffle is great, the pancakes are not so great in comparison.

Audrey H.
Great service and really good hot chocolate. Friendly staff too. Had a small complete breakfast to kick start the day.

Eve V.
Nice place. Our orders were delicious but the service is unacceptable. We waited for 20 minutes until we order, people who came after us ordered first and all the staff was extremely rude!!!

Danielle T.
I really enjoy the Goulash for dinner. The pate with the Parisian breakfast is also very good.

Abhi A.
Awesome place for breakfast or brunch. Make a reservation!

Ali L.
Literally the worst service in the world! We saw 3 tables complain while waiting to be served. On the plus side, you could just dine and dash because they never come back to take the cheque!!

Zorka B.
Gluten free bread and cakes (for breakfast etc.)

Martina Lilli T.
Very classy restaurant. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu.

Olga F.
Kafka themed cafe.

Luís R.
Espresso was good and it came with a small glass of sparkling water. A bit chaotic around lunch time, but good service.

Jiří S.
louvre! go there, it's a must!

Tereza O.
Very nice interior with poor service. I had to wait 15 minutes to order and ask 3 times to pay. Customer approach should be improved!

Conni S.
Goulash is alright. Goats cheese was disappointing

Sabrina L.
The food quality is average. Nice interior design. The service here was poor. The staff was very rude when he knew that we wanna pay separately. I would not recommend tourists to visit this cafe.

Gisela C.
Czech food, cakes and coffee

Tina K.
The envirnment is cousy, waiters are caring. The only thing I did not like was sound polution caused by people talking.

Dana L.
Hot chocolate. Please please get the Louvre Hot Chocolate

Pinar O.
Best breakfast we had in Prague! Very good service, full of history and perfect breads. Must visit before you leave the city. :)

zora s.
One of my most favorite places. Never disappoints.

Maria C.
Pastel sacher, blueberry cake and great cappuccino

Özge G.
This place reminds me Cafe d Flore located in Paris❤️. It's sophisticated ambiance.I didn't like the homemade pancakes but mushroom omelette was perfect

They serve the best Hot Chocolate .. you won't be disappointed 👌🏻

Pe G.
Good cake & coffee but try the international breakfast (French, Norwegian etc)

Jana A. Kri
This place is a guarantee of quality food (and their desserts are especially heavenly) in absolutely breathtaking atmosphere where Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein used to dine! Truly an experience!

Kwstas® R.
Great place for coffee and breakfast! Historic and vintage place! Good service and great stuff to enjoy there!

Nikita K.
Great ambience! It seems nothing has changed since Hemingway visits...

Dont take the Pancake. This Gas nothing to do with pancake at all

Nikos K.
Nice place, good food, excellent service!

Lyubov D.
Dessert, hot chocolate

Delicious coffee and strudels!!! The service was excellent. Amazing atmosphere, the place is sins 1902 ! Definitely worth the visit..

i didn't like their gluten-free apple cake but orange juice & espresso were ok

Beck Tuna K.
Best breakfast place in Prague

Trendy,but bit expensive.

Roy C.
Go where the greats went.

Alex C.
Awesome Place, nice drinks and sweets, great atmosphere

Li S.
The food was nice , however was a bit pricy for me . You can have the same taste at havelska koruna restaurant which sell traditional Czech food as well

Yingjia T.
Food is okay ! Have my first beef goulash here

Mariel C.
If you are Mexican, this is the Sanborn's for the praguers. The place to have long coffees and breakfasts. It's just a classic in Prague.

Wu J.
I visited Cafe Louvre several times because it is close to school. The environment is nice but i have to say some of the staff treat Asian customer with little patience and respect

Emel I.
Used to be my favorite place, but it became way too crowdy...gone the times,when you could read a book or newspaper and enjoy coffee...

Žaneta P.
Lovely place with delicious breakfast menu!

Christine H.
Cheap cafe food in historical space. Can be a wait. At top of 3 flights inside building. 🍞☕️

Yen L.
You will like to consider... The manager here seriously bad attitude, rude and uneducated. Kinda surprise with the good review, maybe only for the waiters here.

Thiago Y.
brunch and café

Pavol T.
prices are reasonable and the food is really good :) really love to coming back to louvre

Gonzalo A.
Cold cucumber soup was great!

Zdeněk K.
Not bad but I was prepared for more

Karin G.
Even when it's busy, you do not ned to wait long for a table.

Latifa M.
Turkey schnitzel and the chicken breast! Hot chocolate is yum!

Kaan E.
Amazing cafe with amazing menu and history, definitely a must-see in Prague

saba p.
great place for breakfast . sample the atmosphere of the old prague, order the czech breakfast.

Hana V.
Breakfasts, interior 😍

Utkarsh S.
Average place and slow service. Only famous because Kafka and Einstein used to come here.

Dan R.
Amazing, authentic interwar atmosphere with professional service. Newspapers, chess, pencils and paper for jotting down ideas, pool tables. Smoking and non-smoking sections not physically separated.

Aysegul Y.
Quick service, delicious food, good prices. Definitely recomended!

Daniel K.
You can also play pool in this establishment.

Slávek R.
Good place, good coffee

Renata Z.
Great hot chocolate, eggs in the glass, nice service

Emina O.
Amazing food and fantastic breakfast. I recommend The Club sandwich for a light breakfast.

Sam K.
The best fried turkey chops 😍

Zoltán C.
Great place for breakfast! Try the Nordic Breakfast with sparkling wine, herb pancakes, smoked salmon and a side of sour cream and shallots.

Wahaj M.
The place is eternally packed but it deserves so. The historic interior leaves you in aw. The price range is acceptable considering the top-notch service and quality.

Jiri V.
One of oldest coffee in Prague. Incredible belle epoch interior. Good food especially breakfast.

Tony P.
Nice atmosphere. Helpful and nice staff. The food is tasty and has good quality and good price. You cannot be wrong taking your friends here.

Mai N.
My vegan salad with bulgur and tempeh was really poor. There was nothing but lettuce, bulgur and little pieces of carrot and tempeh.

Sara N.
Sensational pancakes.

David N.
Strawberries and cream. Cafe au Lait.

Dominic S.
Great breakfast. Fruit salad was very fresh. Quick, and friendly waiting staff

Awesome place for having brunch and lunch or drinking coffee / wine. You can literally spend the whole day here.

Katya D.
Good prices, but you will not assuage your hunger with one dish

Katya D.
Small prices, beautiful restaurant and very tasty cakes

Colin L.
Louvre hot chocolate too rich for my taste. Goat cheese au gratin is delicious

Burak A.
Great breakfast and deserts (=

Michalis P.
Biggest star is the apple strudel. Then the food is also very good. Coffee is average. But the atmosphere and the prices are what will make you go back again and again.

Rafa G.
Bad time management, bad quality of products, A JOKE

Pavla C.
I really don't get why people are so excited about this place. It is just for tourists (=one-time-visitors). The coffee is not good, breakfast is nothing special either. Never ever again.

Dig D.
Very good beef steak!

Marek M.
Nice place with good breakfast menu. However, service is not on highest level and beverages are little too pricey.

Burak .
Every thing

Kalliope .
Great place for breakfast! Try pancakes! ! Nice atmosphere! Cheap prices! I really enjoy it!!!

Lubomir Z.
Awesome service. On the other hand, to charge full espresso price for an extra shot is a trick that I don't like.

Ricardo K.
We waited for 10 minutes for someone to come. We just wanted some coffee before going to the theatre so had not much time. Nobody even asked us to wait. We left as unseen as when we arrived.

Karolina K.
Very nice place! It has special atmosphere of the old times. Similar to Slavia.

Yulia Y.
Good breakfasts! Wonderful desserts! Excellent service. Beautiful interior. There are smoking and non smoking room. In the back room is billiard.

Tomos R.
Great hot chocolate and desserts ☕🍰

Good food,an the best hot chocolate☕

Vest hot chocolate☕

Steve H.
Czech Traditional Gulas tastes the best!!

Jan B.
Great food. Really good place!

Giorgio T.
Been here for lunch. It was just OK for the price. Nothing special really. Cool thing about this place is billiard.

Nilay D.
Beef goulash is fantastic and cheap of course. Try dark beer.

Charlotte S.
Really beautiful venue with well dressed and attentive waiters! Very busy. Food was tasty, especially the ferrero rocher milkshake.

Adrian A.
Delicious quiche in a stunning dining room, very attentive staff

Eva Z.
The acoustics gets worse during the lunch time, but the food is amazing, with vegan/vegetarian options and the overall design of the place make it a lovely place for meeting with dear friends of mine.

Simge K.
French breakfast was successful and we paid 10 euros per person.

Jonas N.
Good food and service. I do not like this place for some unknown reason. Maybe it's the crowd.

Dmitry P.
Great goulash. Give it a try.

Tamás M.
Czech bun in vanilla sauce!

~ ~.
Everything is very good, great service

Damianos A.
Nice place for a good, cheap dinner

Choo H.
Nice hot chocolate

Lenka A.
Too crowded, slow service, waiting too long for lunch. Full of tourist, posh and snob locals. Food average.

Meera T.
Food is great!

Matěj K.
Beautiful interior, friendly staff and delicious breakfast. Very crowded place.

Yigit A.
Historic and cozy place with moderate menu. Pumpkin soup is delicious!

Spiros A.
Great coffee, awesome cakes, quick service, great prices. What else?

Filip L.
All together great place to have a lunch or a dinner

Aleksandra .
Fenomenalno mesto! Franc Kafka je cesto dolazio kako mestani kazu.Najbolji cheese cake koji sam jela u zivotu. :)

Florin D.
Do not underestimate the five o'clock menu, we had trouble finishing it in two!

Diana Bear G.
Have a cake back to the 20s Gorgeous

Ilma K.
The waiter was really rude, but despite that this place is dreamy with perfect interior. It is affordable, cakes are phenomenal and home made potato gnocchi with salmon are delicious.

Jan S.
I like all

Mathilda P.
One of my favorite places in prague ❤️👌🏻 u cant hate this place

Naz C.
I think this place is a bit overrated because of kafka. There is not one single meal/dish for vegans. its really crowded and the coffee is so avg 😑

Ege .
There is a best price and taste at lunch. I recommended lunch dish and desserts

Lou M.
A truly beautiful and historic cafe in Prague.

Food and service was ok, but kitchen was too slow.

Ayşe Pınar D.
Definitely the best atmosphere and breakfast in Prague!

Anil G.
Great breakfast options and reasonable prices....try chocolate cake for dessert

Matus H.

Joshua Z.
Kind of a tourist attraction, fun once though.

Super grate historic place with so delicious food! Price is good for everything.

cana u.
Chic restaurant with old prague style. Delicious foods with reasonable prices. Goulash and duck were awesome! Dont confuse this place with others.

Balint Nemes P.
The worst place I have been. No comment

Gaby V.
French Breakfast👏🏼

Ryszard S.
Great club sandwich! The ginger lemonade is unsweetened and it's up to you how much sugar you add to it.

Vassilis N.
Try the Louvre cappucino and definetely the Louvre cheesecake or ricotta!! Both delicious and fresh fresh fresh!!!

Kristina r.
Finally, truly good espresso in Prague. If you prefer drinking real espresso, you should definitely come here. Louvre cheesecake with peaches was on the cheesy side, but it was still good.

Omer K.
Hot chocolate

Miles N.
Must try: anything!!! Great ambiance and great service!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Ines K.
Perfect place for coffee or lunch. Everything is so tasty and prices are low.

Timothy Y.
Delicious breakfast, great atmosphere.

Евгения .
Last orders at 10 p.m., last drinks sold at 11.

Liza A.
Very delicious hot chocolate and salad with vegetables. Very nice service

Diana K.
Pumpkin soup is amazing. Great service

Elina R.
Terrible place. Scrambled eggs were presented like slop on a small plate. Really poor quality. Bread rolls that are 12% of your final bill taste like as tesco ones. No wifi. Try Monolok or Cafe Savoy

Rustem M.
For those, who does not want much sweet in their dessert I recommend waffles with strawberries and hot chocolate with rum.

Ngawang C.
Like the sandwich

Nela Z.
If you want to visit a traditional Prague cafe, don't miss this one. A perfect place for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. It's not possible to book a table during the lunch time!

Perfect breakfast. Was the best part of my day, and I spent my day in the rest of Prague. That says something. melt-in-your-mouth-salmon-something

Florin D.
Don't miss the turtle scrum on the way out :)

Florin D.
Come here for the ultimate belle epoque cafe in Prague. Honest prices and prompt service. Large chocolate cake is a must. Huge variety of home made drinks!

George V.
Try the 5 o'clock tea for two. Served only 4-6 pm!

Melina B.
Delicious food and very fresh sweets, good prices and friendly atmosphere!

Natalia M. H.
It's unbelievable that when you order a salad they charge you extra for the condiments (oil & vinegar)! #fail

Pwlina R.
The atmosphere is great and the prices are very satisfying!

Tinni T.
Nice place with great atmosphere and one of the greatest pancakes i've ever had❤️

Scott S.
World renowned. Get the pancakes. 'Nuff said.

Razvan 🇷🇴
It's ok for a coffe, but i had better.

Nacho S.
It has become too popular, so prices have grown proportionally. Still a good option to enjoy a drink in a charming place while you see trams go by.

Babo B.
Very attractive place! Moreover one can have a small lunch there for reasonable price and good coffee

Anna-Maria H.
Back in time! So nice!

George P.
Great brunch in Prague, one of my fav's

Adèle F.
Very touristic place but Nice anyways! Great hot chocolat with ice cream!

Jesse M. H.
Quite expensive but worth the great cafés and chocolate. Also the cakes are absolutely excellent. Very fancy service, though it's often crowded.

Ngoc Tram V.
Best waffles!

Ceren K.
Founded in 1902,we wanted to see it because of its fame for being frequented by Kafka and Einstein.The food we had was delicious.My favorite Czech food, Goulash, was fantastic; maybe the best in town.

Beste Emre G.
Hot chocolate ve pasta denemeli:-)

Ladislav N.

Martina J.
Very stylish Café. I was really satisfied. Friendly service and tasty cuisine. But this place is so noisy. I like cozy and small Cafés many more.

Дмитрий .
The high rating of this place is well deserved. I've tried the beef roast with a sour cream and it was one of the best meat dishes I've tried

Mert T.
Try pancakes! Absolutely amazing. Prices are good and staff is very helpful.

Ana C.
Beautiful. Great place for biliard or thick hot chocolate mmm. Also get the crepes while you're there, in my opinion they don't make them better anywhere else)

Nastya K.
Everything was so slow! It took them ten minutes to take an order. They served salads and did not bring us forks. And finally wine... Crap. Sorry 👎

Shirin K.
Nice place!

Simone P.
My fav breakfast in Praha, delicious cakes... :)))

Hereza T.
Great breakfasts but also other meals. Non smoking and also smoking area inside. Try wiener snitzel with potato salad or something from the daily menu. Professional service.

Vojta T.
Stylish cafe with great food and service!! No wifi talk to each other :)

Manolis B.
Tiramisu is good enough..

Pei Nee W.
Good food with quick service. Like it!

Jana B.
Pumpkin cream soup🍵 Definitely worth a try

Deniz D.
Great atmosphere. Prices are reasonable considering the quality. They have English menu as well.

Adam P.
Amazing breakfast menu! Can get very busy in the morning so make sure you get there in good time. Definitely get a croissant, you won't be disappointed!

Bas B.
Nice setting for a tasty cocktail.

instagram: k.
Please try waffle with strawberry sauce & cream.. better than orgasm :)

instagram: k.
This is the first time I've eaten a "Gulash" with fork 'n knife, it's so delicious though👍

Victoria S.
Cool cafe with reasonable prices, which is only breakfast! Delicious!

Mario W.
Had a very tasty Chateaubriand, a red wine and a desert .... very delicious ... just for 20 Euro !

Katerina S.
Mohli by resit trochu jiny veci nez tohle

Mai Anh N.
Great place for breakfasts! 👍

Juwana J.
Good place for an informal meeting.

Juwana J.
Try your hand at the pool tables at the back and to the right of the smoking section.

Juwana J.
Charming interior and above standard menu with daily specials from a reliable kitchen make it a Prague institution.

Juwana J.
Deliciously rich and creamy (almost pudding like) hot chocolate!

Eleonora M.
The best choice for breakfast in Prague. Delicious food, excellent atmosphere. Try turkish coffee - it's amazing.

Anna M.
The beef goulash is delicious, and the hot chocolate is a meal on its own

Juanvi J.
Good stop for tasty cakes and elegant decor

Stephen T.
Hot chocolate is great. Try the traditional food

Maik B.
Stylish Café and Restaurant. Food and desserts are delicious

George S.
Coffee cakes

Jana B.
Classy coffee shop in the middle of Prg. Bit touristy but still good though. I like their Julius Meinl coffee and desserts as well. Their noon menu wasn't anything hilarious. Interior is so cool!

Ben G.
Great duck and potato pancakes

Jan K.
Breakfast? Breakfast!

Stan R.

Nastia I.
Nice interior, the atmosphere is an improved Cafe Slavia. The breakfast was okay, nothing special.

One of the best cafe i went in prague during my last winter holiday. Ambience is good and lovely! I love their strawberry waffle 😍

Massimo P.
Traditional cafe, perfect for breakfast and brunch. Prices are little bit expensive

Patrícia F.
Great cakes!!

Jindra B.
Great room with billiards. Amazing atmosphere!

Andrea W.
Good food for good value. Nice interior, helpful stuff but sometimes during lunch break, the restaurant is full and the service is a bit slowly, a bit of waiting ...

Michelle G.
Stylish place, nice cappuccino

Janina C.
The macrobiotic cake was alright but I don't believe there was no sugar as it was too sweet.

Stanislav B.
Price/quality (incl. overall atmosphere) ration

Vasilis P.
Coffee and waffles. Very good prices.

Jan S.
They have REAL Turkish coffee here!

marek s.
Very nice deco, but the smoking area is a bit big for my taste.

Jasmen Y.
French breakfast is greaaat!!

Marek B.
Great atmosphere and quality for reasonable prices. Try ''smotanova torta'', definitely recommended.

Jakub M.

Quentin L.
Great design, good food & cool atmosphere !

Hana J.
Great borsch soup, absolutely delicious!

Onion soup & chicken steak, okay. Tasteless ginger lemonade & fresh fruit tea. Ginger tea made from whole, not grated, pieces of ginger! And we waited almost an hour to get the lunch. Can't recommend.

Stavroula K.
Pick your breakfast and your paper and relax.

Ricardo R.
best ice cream in Prague and definitely one of the best outside Italy.

Mert G.
great cappuccino

A bit noisy. Keep in mind that YOU have to choose where you want to seat. No waiters'll assist you. Beside that food is great!

Silvie C.
The popular pancake is far from desirable-strawberry stew is way to sour and doesn't really go with yogurt sauce. Still it's a good place to do brunch with its history and environment.

Jessica G.
Nice place, excellent staff, great cappuccino and good price

Fatih S.
i didn't like ginger lemonade. but the Louvre Cake was good. smoking is free in a part of the cafe. And very cute design.

Ctibor J.
Hat tip: they appreciate the feedback you give them on those little leaflets (each table has them). I've just been offered a 200 CZK voucher for reporting a rude waitress.

Danny D.
Super, try the lamb and my wife loved the waiter

Valentin G.
Don't take carrot cake it's awful.

Valentin G.
Overhyped, overpriced place with small portions, tasteless food and mediocre coffee. Don't know what everyone's so excited about...

Kouzlo O.
Norweigean breakfast with sparkling wine is the best!!!

Dinara A.
Interesting pancakes, never tried them like this

Great brunch spot! The vegan-friendly carrot cake is DELICIOUS!

Lucie G.

Julian K.
Ask for the table where Einstein used to seat!

Veronica L.
Never had a better breakfast. Number one, amazing sphere

Lucie Z.
really great place. nice staff, beautiful interior and delicious food! ♥ visit this cafe and you will see.

Antonin D.
Their beef steak is nice.

Bouchra B.
Beautiful local. Friendly service. No lift, but a very big variety of choco drinks, just like an explosion of chocolate in the mouth! Miam. Dont miss the art expositions and the jazz club downstairs

Denisa S.
Perfect, perfect, perfect! :o)

Antonín M.
Great place, good food, such a shame that they don't have wi-fi, so I can't come more often to do some work here.

Ctibor J.
The gold standard for a breakfast or a brunch in Prague. Other places can be more hipsta, but Louvre will fill your stomach with good food day after day. And for a great price, too.

Smazene kruti rizecky s bramborovym salatem- TOP

Hùng P.
Top classen... 👍

Hùng P.
Top classen

mihai b.
Very nice place and excellent food

Ruslan B.
Don't hesitate to ask the waiter to come. Had very minor communication issues. But otherwise the place is perfect, highly recommend to visit.

Kostas M.
Great apple cake & cappuccino. Highly recommended!

Nico L.
Amazing place and chocolate! No Wi-Fi, enjoy your companion or read a good book.

Sophia K.
Get the Salmon for a main not order the organic spaghetti with mashrooms and baycon.

Social N.
Great place for brunch before heading out to see Prague. The food is very well priced and the atmosphere is beautiful. All of the hot drinks are worth trying!

Jahnacie ragu a home-made knedlik, amen 👌👌👌

Charles B.
My favorite cafe in Prague. Try to sit by the window, and leave room for dessert.

Kübra A.
Nice atmosphere, friendly service :)

Very nice classic coffee place. Turkish coffee is something! :)

Like A Local Guide
Cafe Louvre was fist opened in 1902 and is one of Prague’s oldest and most famous cafés. Opening its doors at 8am on weekdays (9am on weekends), itäs ideal for early birds.

Lenka K.
I love to have my breakfast here, perfect start of a day!

Mauricio D.
Excellent food, very reasonably priced!

Went there on a saturday afternoon and it was so crowded! It certainly wasn't the quiet café i was hoping to do some writings in. But the history and the parisian atmosphere made it worth a visit.

Ali M.
Amazing Svickova, best dish I tried in Czech Republic!

Giorgia D.
Great variety of well prepared, presented and mostly healthy dishes. And very reasonably priced.  Charming old interiors and incredible history, Einstein and Kafka among others were regulars there!

Nela H.
Nejhorsi ledove caje:/!

Nasnl ..
Try the non-alcoholic plum beer. Sometimes you need a break after a few days in Prague

Steve R.
Not crazy about the breakfast menu. Needs updating. Nice atmosphere for a coffee

Denisa F.
Strawberry days!

Sveta S.
Been there twice, loved the first time, had different vibes the second time... The wine glass in the gift shop was beautiful both times though, shall probably buy it next time I visit.

A Y.
Great choice of breakfasts!also try a home-made limonade :)

Gabriela K.
Snidanova klasika...

Olga V.
+ low prices, delicious food, beautiful design, nice staff. - crowdy.

Joseph N.
Fun Fact: Franz Kafka enjoyed fortnightly meetings at this cafe.

Mr. M.
Cheapest place to have the tradicional Czech Food! To drink: Bernard beer! Cheers!

Ondřej L.
It's a trap! Terrible coffee & waiters who just don't care. (Go to Café Lounge, Café Savoy or Bella Vida.)

Petr K.
Kruti rizecky s bramborovym salatem.....hmmmmmmm :)

Alexandra T.
Best place ever!

Eléonore P.
Excellent breakfast!

Florian R.
Very nice interior, good quality brunch. But nothing that will rock your world. Challenge: try to get the waiters to say more than one word at a time.

Kateřina N.
I like this place because of the's furnished in old style and waiters have nice might look posh for someone... worth to visit at least to see the interior :) + good food

Great place! A lot of different breakfast menu. The best Ceazer salad in Prague)) very tasty food and very beautiful and old cafe!

Carlos P.
Loud, smokers everywhere, overcrowded, and rude service. The food is fine though.

Reinhard V.
Don't order the hot chocolate, it's more like chocolate sauce! :(

Jan-Nicolas H.
Good Espresso.

Sandra C.
Best hot chocolate and great capuccino!!!!

Vanessa R.
We had hot chocolate and croissant with cheese for breakfast, it was good. Hot chocolate was fairly thick and sweet but it was nice. Good service and a nice ambience.

Pedro G.
Good lunch menu

Roman G.
Usually overcrowded

Nikoletta H.
Absolutely amazing breakfast at very reasonable prices: breakfast menus from 49 to 149 CZK, omlettes for 55 CZK, café latte for 48 CZK. The staff is exceptionally nice compared to Prague standards :)

Laura S.
Try the Chicken Breast; but the food is all around good!

Jiri K.
If you wanna have breakfast or brunch in style, this is place to be! Friendly staff, not expensive

Prague G.
The Café Louvre, opened in 1902, always belonged to the first rank of Prague’s cafés. Today, you can still ascend the spacious staircase with its walls clad in marble to the café on the first floor.

There are few cafés in Prague which are as seeped in tradition as this establishment. Try the Confit Duck Leg. And for something more active head to the large room with traditional pool tables.

Rado M.
Dont have the tiramisu, mine was all watery and not tasty at all. Coffee was ok though.

Nina N.
Velky hraskovy krem s matou,bramborovy nok se smetanou a slaninou - delicious!

Jacob B.
Definitely the best place for breakfast in all of Prague. As a bonus you get to eat it in a stool where Kafka or Einstein might have sat.

Scott S.
Fantastic pancakes with raspberry sauce and sour cream. More of a dessert than grandmom's pancakes. I'm coming back.

Stepan T.
Best breakfast spot in the city center, for which, prices are very reasonable. Great 1920's interior, amazing friendly service, delicious scrambled eggs.Also daily lunch menu for around 120 CZK

Tamarka V.
beautiful place, excellent food and services. I can highly recommend

Hereza T.
My favourite "breakfast" place, especially yummy croissants ;) Good prices.

Marina K.
Perfect perfect perfect  don't miss it.

Simone P.
Very long with the Service,but nice place

Petra B.
francouzska snidane!!

Jiri S.
My best cake here is the Ricotta cake, great place to spend time in Prague with strong history and old time design...

Arianne E.
Now offering vegan snacks.

David J.
Top top

Lívance for breakfast. A must!

Di K.
Best hot chocolate in Prague:) perfect location

Awesome hot chocolate.

Vojtech K.
Northern breakfast is absolutely, perfectly & incredibely delicious!

Lada 🐰
Great place for breakfast or brunch. Macrobiotic/vegan carrot cake is my favourite one! Also, try seasonal menu.

Anna M.
Stylish restaurant with excellent food and service! A must do!

Jenelle D.
Bring the Moleskine and do some writing here, remembering Kafka and Einstein who frequented there.

Amália .
Good hot chocolate. But all getting expensive. Last time i had fried broccoli. Didnt like it too much. Too soft, not crispy. But my friend had great soup (daily offer) and good zázvorová limonáda.

Süleyman .
Harika tarihi bir ortam.

arzu .
1902 yılından beri işleyen muhteşem bir cafe,mutlaka görülmesi gereken bir yer👍🏼

Erica B.
Colazione luculliana per tutti i gusti. Per essere un caffè antico ha prezzi assolutamente modici.

Shunitsu M.
「カフェ ルーブル」cafe Louvre 国民劇場の近くにある1902年創業のカフェ。チェコの作家のフランツ・カフカや、あのアインシュタインも通ったという歴史あるカフェ。

dřív jsem sem občas zašla, ale poslední dobou tu vaří z hoven.. plesnivý knedlíky a umírat otravou jídlem po steaku z lososa já fakt asi nepotřebuju

Al gran capuchino louvre es muy rico y la torta louvre también. Recomiendo esta exquisita combinación

Dan W.
Naprosto boží domácí wafle!!!

Идеальное место, просто идеальное ✨ сервис, атмосфера, еда, всё на высоте.

Dmitriy I.
Одно из лучших кафе в городе. Разумные цены, вежливые и внимательные официанты, роскошный интерьер. Каждый раз бываю здесь, кошда в Праге.

Elle D.
Relativ schick, Preise etwas teurer, dafür lecker und sehr viel Platz.

Natali K.
9,1 рейтинг вы серьёзно? 6 с большой натяжкой. Совершенно посредственные десерты. Штрудель вообще хуже некуда. Переполненный, галдящий зал с умученными официантами. Курящий зал, вообще отстой.

Onur K.
1902 yılından beri işleyen muhteşem bir cafe, tatlıları olağanüstü, türk kahvesi de var, hatta garson kafasına fes takıp servis ediyor, mutlaka görülmesi gereken bir yer.

Alina C.
Штрудель очень вкусный и латте! Очень красиво приподносят это 😉

Jitka B.
Úžasné místo, kam si zajít na pozdní snidani nebo českou klasiku. Číšníci mají stejnokroj a místo působí dojmem jak za první republiky. Trosku mi vadí to rozdělení na kurackou a nekurackou část...

Kristy H.
Místo, které má úroveň, styl a svou historii. Ráda sem chodím na jednoduché a vždy chutné obědy. Nicméně ještě hezčí to tu bude až se zde nebude kouřit vůbec nikde.

Kseniya S.
Красиво, значимо, вкусно. Стоит переждать на входе очередь, не пожалеете.

Martin .
Kavárna vídeňského typu. Skvělá obsluha, káva i jídlo. Občas tu bývá zakouřeno, i když tu je tu kuřácká zóna.

Marouen M.
Cadre très agréable.

Veronika J.
Káva, obsluha, jídlo

Veronika J.
Vynikající káva, profesionální obsluha. Krůtí řízečky s vídeňským bramborovým salátem byly výborné! Ráda přijdu zase.

Hanny M.
Dobry, pomerne levny obedovy menu, prijemna obsluha, nadhernej interier.

Veronique R.
Assez parfait quand les resto végétariens sont pleins et que vous n'en pouvez plus des saucisses, des goulash et autres crises cardiaques. Salade bulghur et tempeh!

Blanka W.
Nádherná atmosféra, milá obsluha, vše co si objednáte je vynikající.

Nila F.
Tatlıları nefis 👍🏻👍🏻

Tomáš H.
Narváno prakticky jakoukoliv denní dobu, ale nijak to neškodí: je to díky tomu místo plný života s bohatou historií, příjemným servisem a jídlem, které rozhodně neurazí. Dezerty maj fantastický!

Евгений .
Вкусные завтраки, приятные залы, внимательные официанты. Всем советую!

Hana V.
Nadýchané palačinky byly super!

Dmitriy I.
Отличное место. В Москве было бы очень дорого, здесь цены ниже туристического центра. Кофе и яблочный штрудель реклмендую!

Tomáš P.
Kafe dobry, ceny taky dobry. Ale zahradka vypada strasne a na rozdil od vnitrniho hezkeho prostoru a ochotneho personalu, venku vse dost neumerne trva.

Marina R.
Вкусный завтрок по французки. Вкусный капучино и фруктовый салат. Десерты не очень

Andrea Z.
La sopa de Beer Broth está muy bien y es ligera, así que queda perfecto si vienes con poca hambre. El sitio es muy lindo y auténtico.

D .
Doporučuju svíčkovou. Cena odpovídá kvalitě a to je dobře! Kvalitní servis a příjemný prostředí.

Helena S.
Příjemná obsluha, jídlo dobré 😊. Kozí sýr chuťově sladěný, od ledového čaje jsem čekala víc. Když nevíte kam, Café Louvre to jistí, ovšem když najdete místo k sezení. Najdete zde i obědové menu ➕🍛.

مطعم وكافيه يعود تاريخه لعامً١٩٠٢ وهو مبنى جميل وفخم ويقدم حلويات وأطباق رائعة ويستحق الزيارة

Soo Young A.
입구 왼쪽방은 덥기만 덥고 제대로 된 서빙을 받기 어렵습니다. 커피는 안 마셔봤지만 음식은 명성에 비해 떨어지는듯.

Karolina C.
Gurmansky talir s uzeninama je prima chutovka k vinu. Jen me trosku mrzel protivny neochotny cisnik a asi nikdy si nezvyknu na uctovani kohoutkove vody.

Radka V.
Letní terasa je skvělá! :-)

Authentic 👍🏼

Radka V.
Ledové capuccino na zahrádce je parádní!

Марат .
Самое переоцененное кафе в Праге. Завтрак никакой, кофе средний, десерт выносят ДО основного блюда, официантку как будто силой работать заставляют. Недорого и невкусно.

Sibel .
Mekan, kahvaltıları çok güzel. Farklı çeşitlerde kahvaltı seçenekleri denenebilir ama "home made pancake" daha ince yapılsa daha lezzetli olabilirdi. Görüntüsü iyiydi, ama lezzet o kadar iyi değildi.

Ecem U.
Yemek kısmı çok küçük ancak keyifli. Biz şansa yer bulduk, rezervasyon gerekebilir. Gulaşları çok başarılı. Arkadaşım chicken breast yedi ve çok sıradan bulduğunu söyledi. Fiyatlar gerçekten uygun!

Anna S.
Skvělá jídla v překrásných prostorech!

Maceška D.
Nadhera, sice cenove jinde, ale krasny prostredi, super kulecnik a kaficko. Pripadal jsem si jak pan kdyz jsem tam byl. Fakt za jedna vsechno

Svetlana S.
Jestli mate radi soukromi, rozhodne ne. Atmosfera je supr, ale mezi stolky mate tak malo mista, ze lip slysite souseda za jinym stolkem, nez kamarada. Ale misto rozhodne stoji alespon za navstevu.

Mikhail S.
Старейшее и недорогое кафе, открытое в 1902 году, гостями здесь бывали Франц Кафка и Альберт Энштейн! Обязательно попробуйте вкуснейший гуляш, тыквенный крем суп и цезарь :)
O melhor café da cidade, não deixe de visitar. O forte são as sobremesas e doces, todos maravilhosos!

Reginaldo A.
Ambiente espetacular, cardápio variado e faz uma referencia ao grande museu em Paris. Melhor cafeteria que fui!

František H.
Prvorepublikový styl s občasným ranním překvapením.

Turgut A.
Orta pişmiş et ve patates kızartması denemelisiniz

Martina R.
Obcas je to tam dost na tesno, ale obsluha a prostredi jsou naprosto perfekni. Kdo nebyl v Cafe Louvre jako by nezil. :-)

Vojta B.
Kavárna s bohatou historií a parádní atmosférou. Dobrá káva, dobrý Sacher, výborný štrůdl. Dej check-in a postav se po bok A. Einsteina.

Karolina K.
The best tomato and pumpkin Soup! Really good food@and coffee! Vyborne polévky jako rajcatova a dynova! :)) příjemná obsluha. Mam to ru rada :)

Yulia Y.
Хорошие завтраки! Чудесные десерты! Отличное обслуживание. Красивый интерьер. Есть курящий и некурящий зал. В заднем помещении можно поиграть в бильярд.

Maria K.
Адекватные цены,приятная атмосфера,можно курить!очень вкусный чизкейк!

Айнштайн любил тут пообщаться с Кафкой.

Jitka B.
Čokoláda i nadále lahodná, paní šatnářka nejlaskavější, ale pokud nechcete hlučet a překřikovat, jděte jinam. Pracovat, přemýšlet, číst? Zapomeňte.

Michaela .
Vyborne brunche, krasny vyhled do centra a velmi slusna obsluha.

Elena R.
Místo je fajn, obsluha též jen ta káva nás hodně zklamala, zákusky taky není to nic zvláštního.

Martin O.
Krásný interiér, káva průměrná, dezerty obzvlášť vafle výborné, limonády nemají chybu. Obsluha by se mohla trochu více zajímat o stůl který obsluhuje, strašně spěchá ale ani se nedivím... pořád plno.

Petr S.
Dobré polední menu. Obsluha pomalejší. Pěkný interiér.

Michal R.
Perfektní servis, epesní profesionální obsluha, krasné prostředí. Doporučuji všem ! Bohužel někdy trochu hlučno.

Место роскоши и блеска с безукоризненными официантами, прекрасный вид на улицу. Сюда за атмосферой богемы.

Владимир .
Горячий шоколад "Лувр" бесподобен!!!

Sandra P.
Doporučuji cerstve vafle s jahodami! Gurmansky zazitek..

Julian J.
Excellent restaurant, chic et pas très cher. Un cadre très agréable avec une ambiance très "début du XX° siècle". Les plats sont bons et le service agréable. Parfait pour les couples !

Sára P.
Neznám lepší začátek dne, než zajít si sem hned časně po otvíračce na snídani. Pokud vám nevyhovuje pečivo v košíku, nebojte se zeptat, rádi vám vymění chléb za housky či naopak (bez přirážky).

Vojta M.
Nazval bych to levnějším Savoyem. Kvalitově ale vyrovnaným. Nechodím sem nějak extra rád, ale jednou za čas - proč ne.

Mikuláš Z.
Krasne prostredi, dobra kava.

Milan M.
Byl jsem na snídani. Hodně slabé, masová záležitost pro turisty, kteří přijdou jednou za život. Jídlo nemá péči, obyčejné, mastné. Obsluha milá, ale chvílemi nestíhá. Zvolte Cafe Savoy!

Omer K.
Sıcak çikolata

Vojta M.
Z letní nabídky - Skvélý obalovaný camambert s brusinkovou tatarkou. Ledové capuccino s karamelem je strašně sladké a palačinky extra velké a dobré. Louvre je stále dobrá kavárna.

Евгения .
Очень быстро и очень дешево. Интерьер просто супер, атмосфера богемная создается)

Ortam güzeldi fakat tatlıları için ayni seyi soyleyemiyecegim sadece kahve icmek için gidilebilir yalnız türk kahveleri faciaydi

Příjemné prostředí, ale věčně narváno a hlučno

Elisa g.
Antico cafe che serve piatti della cucina ceca e torte meravigliose. E' famoso per la cioccolata calda in inverno. I prezzi sono un po' alti, ma lo è anche la qualità.

Veronika P.
Pražská kavárenská klasika! Skvělá prvorepubliková atmosféra, ale bohužel jídlo se drží spíš kolem průměru. Na kávu a skleničku vína je to ale v centru správná volba!

Petra J.
Trošku posh, převážně pro turisty, ale malá whiskey za 33Kč a vůbec, má to tu atmosféru. Lepší než kavárna Slavie.

Anna L.
Очень хорошее обслуживание! И, могу сказать по собственному опыту, официанты ничем не уступают своим коллегам из Мишленовских ресторанов. Потрясающе вкусный цыпленок! И шоколад с мороженым! Thumbs up

Burada kahve içmeden tatlıları yemeden asla dönmeyin. Özellikle tiramisu süper

Vova N.
Завтраки, кофе и сладенькое, атмосфера.

Výborné domácí lívance!

Petr B.
Skvělí místo :) vynikající značka kafe :)

Jan M.
Velmi příjemné prostředí a skoro vždy narváno, přehledné menu za velmi rozumné ceny, vždy zde dostanu velmi chutné jídlo včetně desertů. Rádi zde chodíme na oběd. Vysoká návštěvnost = dobrá kuchyně

Natalia S.
Nejkrásnější interiér a dobrá obsluha.Rozhodně nejlepší domácí toast máslem a marmeládou. Francouzký je taky super.

Guner Y.
"Grilled Lamb Sirloin" böyle güzel bir et yemedim harika...Çok güzel bir mekan, fiyatlar kaliteye göre çok uygun.

Marie V.
Místo se skvělou atmosférou a obsluhou na které se budete rádi vracet. Vymezený nekuřácký prostor 👍

Ekin G.
Kahvaltı için güzel seçim. Fiyatlar da gayet normal

Barbora C.
Místo se skvělou atmosférou, interiérem. A i to nejlevnější rozlévané víno z lístku je chutné ;):D

Yelda U.
Pasta ve Hot chocolate favorim. Özellikli ve çok kaliteli..

Именно в этом кафе попивал кофе Эйнштейн! Хотя само по себе кафе напоминает по шуму вокзал...

Sergei F.
прекрасное место без лишнего пафоса! цены вполне демократичные. а ростбиф в тыквенном соусе с брусникой и сливками был просто бесподобен!

Aline Z.
Завтраки тут не особо вкусные. Омлет был сухой, обслуживают медленно, сок в меню с завтраками из пакета. Туристическое место, в Праге масса мест с более вкусной кухней.

Александр .
Гуляш очень хорош. Шоколадный торт — бесподобен, редко встретишь такой нежный крем! Придется немного подождать, но это того стоит.

Jan H.
Výborná klasika, ač plno obsluha kmitá. Dýňovo mrková polévka extra, kuskus standard ale celkově paráda

Barbora K.
Tak prisernej system rezervaci jsem nezazila. Kdyz chcete misto pro tri (jedna ze zucastneny je tehotna) musite slozit 300 kc zalohu a objednat stul den predem? Jezis...

Anezka M.
Velmi symapatický interiér - vysoké stropy, velká okna a tapisérie jako na zámku. Vkusné jídlo za dostupné ceny. Ideální pro brunch nebo rychlý oběd :-)

Štěpánka B.
Tady nemůžete nikdy sahnout vedle. Skvěle jsou sezónní nabídky. Miluju jejich spenatovou roladu, waldorf salát a ty deserty mnaam. A u vstupu si kupte od té mile paní ty skvělé sušenky😍

Порции щедрые. Вкусно. Вафли оч хорошо. Шоколад с ромом обычно, того восторженного оргазма, упомянутого ниже, не испытали.

Barbora K.
Ke snidani vajicka ve skle a obri kava

Martin S.
Denní menu i o víkendu až do 16 hod, přijatelné ceny, nekuřák

Александр .
Немного туристично, но в целом очень милый ресторанчик. Лучше всего десерты и тортики.

Yum C.
Mame to tu radi ale zklamali, kdyz nas posledne vyhodili s kilovym psikem v naruci.

Jiri D.
The café est. in 1902 with beautiful interior inspired by the Belle Époque used to be the cultural melting pot with Einstein, Kafka or Čapek among its visitors. Great for weekend breakfasts. 

Lucie G.
Kdyz je nacpano, coz je temer porad, neslysite vlastniho slova a navic obsluha tezce nestiha. Porce se zmensuji. Driv oblibeny podnik kvuli jidlu a moucnikum, ted uz z nej moc nadsena nejsem.

Sabina Z.
Vzdy narvano, vetsinou bohuzel turisty a nekdy pres ten hluk nejde slyset ani vlastniho slova. Obsluha ponekud drza a neprofesionalni, dezertum se ale neda odolat.

serkan a.
Kesin uğrayın.

Jane P.
одно из самых любых кафе в центре, обстановка театрального кафе и просто смешные цены для такого заведения. в кафе отсутствует подключение к интернету.

Michal T.
Obsluha nas pred zavirackou celkem hrube upozornila na konec pracovni doby a vse korunovala zvedanim zidli kolem nas a zhasnutim cele hospody i kdyz jsme jeste nemeli dopito. Dlouho se sem nevratim...

Andrey F.
хорошая еда и десерты, очень понравился горячий шоколад

Není to pomluva, kávu tu opravdu neumějí..

Prvorepubliková atmosféra, skvělý (a hlavně obrovský!) čokoládový dort, výtečné snídaně a úslužná obsluha.

Jirka K.
Čím dál tím horší.....

Petr M.
Výborné místo na pool. Dobrá horká čokoláda, americká limonáda a klub sendvič.

Buğra D.
Tercihen saat 5-6gibi gelin harika bir atmosfer sigra iciyosaniz yer bulmak belli saatlerde zor olabiliyor

Michael P.
Moc nakoureno..

Sabina U.
Jde to tu od desiti k peti, naprosto liny personal! Chodim sem jiz leta, ale obavam se, ze s timto pristupem prestanu!!

Sarah E.
Nejlepsi kavarna! Vyborny dezerty a mila obsluha. a ceny super:)

Honza F.
Z ochoty obsluhy máte stejnou radost jako vaši předkové z morové rány. Situaci naštěstí zachraňuje vynikající Sacher.

Barunka H.
Perfektní atmosféra a nejlepší horká čokoláda!

Filip V.
Skvělá restaurace v centru Prahy. Profesionální obsluha, pěkný interiér. Ideální místo na rande, obchodní schůzku i oběd v rámci poledního menu.

Ondřej S.
Kdyz se prenesete pres to, ze je tu pokazde narvano, tak si dejte horkou cokoladu. Nebudete litovat!

Nebojte se toho, že je to předražená kavárna pro turisty. Není

Nataly B.
Шикарный интерьер, потрясающая атмосфера. Очень внимательный персонал, блюда подают повара. Рекомендую заказать суп - очень интересная сервировка🍲👍😉

Giacomo K.
Trapný couvert a účtování smetany ke kávě, která je ještě nějaký mix robusty a arabicy ...příště někam jinam.

Vojtěch H.
Dejte si lívance na zahrádce. Za ten pocit byste dali poslední peníze světa...

Дмитрий .
В этом кафе сиживал сам Альберт Энштейн

Vítek G.
Skvělé místo pro dopolední hodování. Dal jsem si kovbojskou snídani + lívanečky a najedl jsem se jako král. K tomu jsem si početl denní tisk a pokochal se krásným prostředím. Vše za parádních 200 Kč!

Adam R.
Vždy profesionální obsluha a vynikající kuchyně. Podnik, který si drží profesionální úroveň.

Deniska N.
Dejte si ricottový dort. Je neuvěřitelný! :o)

Sena K.
standard european kahvalti bi ozelligi yok ama ortam fiyatlar iyi gayet. bizim kalenin falan yaninda solda sifir kalir tabi :)

síma s.
Nejlepsi a nejvrazednejsi cokoladovy dort siroko daleko. Dejte si ho napul, je nebezpecnej.

Алексей .
ОЧЕНЬ крутое место! Как будто в антракте вышел в театральное кафе. И при всей красоте, цены совсем не кусаются! Обязательно к посещению!

Aurelie V.
Les serveurs sont tops, et les gâteaux font rêver ! En plus de ça ils sont excellent !

síma s.
K snidani jedine livance s malinovym rozvarem.

Marek .
Skvělá banánová bábovka a rozpečený kozí sýr s medem a rukolou.

Jan H.
Prostě skvělý :-)

Anička K.
Mňami, degustace vín

Andrej A.
Strašný servis v kulečníkové místnosti.Číšníci pomalu nechodí a když se jich chcete zeptat, tak ignorují. Teplé a špatné pivo.Jedno z nejhorších míst, jaké jsem v poslední době navštívil.Už nikdy víc.

Georgiy G.
Лучшее место для завтрака, не пожалеете ;)
Kavárna v prvorepublikovém stylu s bohatou snídaňovou nabídkou. Vejce na tisíc způsobů, sladké pečivo, müsli, fazole a spoustu dalšího. Lívanečky s malinovou omáčkou a zakysanou smetanou jsou pecka!

Roman N.
Замечательное место - можно наконец таки нормально поесть!

Warley B.
Pessoal atencioso, tudo de primeira e o fato de Kafka ter vindo muito aqui com o amigo Max Brod.

Vivi Z.
Горячий шоколад с ромом качественно повышает настроение:)))

Dima B.
Место с хорошей историей и не очень обслуживанием и кухней.

Paolo D.
Kaffee war wirklich lecker, Das Lokal ist schön, und dass Essen sieht lecker aus.

Václav M.
velmi hezke prostredi, dobry i treba jdnon na kafe :-)

Michaela P.
Naozaj štýlové miesto! Najradšej mám letnú terasu a gnocchi s lososom! :)

Konstantin M.
Вкусно и недорого

Carolina S.
Peça o best seller e seja feliz!!

Sandra M.
Skvělé snídaně i polední menu. Přes poledne je bohužel trochu plno, je lepší přijít o něco dříve nebo naopak později. Doporučuji skandinávskou snídani s lososovými koláčky a sektem :)

Nicole .
Okouzlující atmosféra! Skvělý cappuccino a horká čokoláda :).

Adéla V.
Nadherne misto, skvele ceny a velmi dobre vari. Doporucuji

Adéla V.
Super misto za super ceny, doporucuji

dynova polevka najlepsia na svete!

Pavla H.
Pro turisty dobrý. Obsluha to má dost na háku. Do Louvru jen v nouzi.

Anna M.
Вкусное место! Горячий шоколад, в самом деле, без воды, но очень-очень! Вам понравится, если хотите почувствовать себя в начале XX века! Полное погружение! Ар-нуво, модерн и все такое)

Petr Z.
Snídaně která se muže změnit v oběd........

Simona S.
miesto s charizmou a dobrym jedlom:)))

Tor O.
Накурено. ...

Aneta P.
Skvela kava, mila obsluha, prijemne prostredi v centru Prahy.

Stepan M.
Bezva domácí zmrzlina skoro zadarmo:) Z ulice to nevypadá, ale mají i zahrádku!!

Oktay o.
Mekan güzel beyler.

Magdalena C.
úchvatná horká čokoláda, mňam

Martin K.
Krásná prvorepubliková kavárna s výbornou obsluhou a skvělou nabídkou.

Petr S.
pekna centrum prahy prijemne ceny a fajn obsluha..bohužel bez wi-fi

Jan T.
Výborná dýňová polévka, zajímavý sýrový knedlík s houbovou omáčkou, dobrá americká limonáda, božská sodovková zmrzlina a příjemná profesionální obsluha. Přijatelná cena.

Горячий шоколад с ромом - лучший в моей жизни! Потрясающий сыроедческий морковный торт.

Maji tady tak blby, slaby, modry svetlo na zachode, ze si skoro nemuzu najít toaletak. Pripomina mi to zachody na Hlavaku. Jen ty fetky tu nejsou, zatim.

Zbyněk A.
Kovbojská snídaně je výborná a máslový croissant nejlepší

Maximus C.
В зале для курящих утром получается самая аутентичная Кафке, Эйнштейну и Чапеку атмосфера

Check Czech Fashion
V této známé kavárně potkáte vždy někoho stylového.Skvělé místo na dobré jídlo a načerpání inspirace/At this popular café you always meet someone stylish.Great place to get tasty food and inspiration.

Kamila V.
Neuvěřitelné, lidé tu témeř stojí frontu, aby si po otevrení zabrali své oblíbené místo :)

Proc v tomto uchvatnem misto maji porad neochotnou a neusmivajici obsluhu?

Jakub J.
Úžasná kavárna s historií.

Petr K.
Za snídani ve dvou nám obsluha naúčtovala 22 couvertů. Asi se překlikli.

Дмитрий .
Нет меню на русском. Вкусно, не дешево.

Pokud mate chut na dobrou kavu, Louvre uplne nedoporucuji, nicmene jidlo skvele, obsluha velmi kvalitni.

Vyborny malinovy dortik, porad plno a moc mila obsluha. Sice trochu vytizena ale poradi co si dat dobreho.

Daniel B.
If you're a tourist, ask for a traditional czech breakfast (česká snídaně).

Pokud jste poblíž Café Louvre, doporučuju navštívit!!! Skvělé ceny, a to vše při skvélé kvalitě, personál úžasnej. Jedna z top restaurací a kaváren v Praze.

Jan M.
Vynikající jídlo, na kuřecích prsách jsem si moc pochutnal. Excellent food and delicious chicken breast! Very tasty

Klára S.
Louvre má svoje mouchy, ale na snídani je to jedno z nejlepšich míst v Praze. Ráno tu vládne klidná starosvětská atmosféra a čas ubíhá tak nějak jinak. :) Vyhraďte si celé dopoledne!

Anna T.
Шикарный интерьер и цены относительно не очень дорогие. Обед обойдется конечно же дешевле. Особенно вкусные там блюда "из бабушкиного меню"

Velice prijemne prostredi...

Alexandra K.
ŠOK! Pivo za 47 korun! Obsluha je cool, rekli Crashovi RESPEKT. Lol

Alexandre R.
Lugar agradável. Atendimento impar. Comida maravilhosa e preço bom. Viagem ao século passado.

Ladislav F.
Kavárna kam chodívali Čapek, Kafka nebo Einstein. Nádherné prostředí a skvělé ledové čaje.

Filip S.
Dobrý pomer cena/jedlo. Obsluha príjemná....ale nemajú WIFI !!

Macy P.
Jidlo prumer a nevyhoda je,ze k obedovemu menu si za nic! uctuji 12 kc kuver ( na stole nemaji solnicku ani peprenku)..

Jiri R.
Kavarna, kterou jsem miloval, ztratila atmosferu.

Тихон .
Очень вкусно! Много местных и к сожалению много кто курит, а где зал для некурящих никак не обозначен

Lukáš .
Zdejší atmosféra mě prostě vždycky dostane.

Po dlouhe dobe v Cafe Louvre...obsluha velmi spatna. Jidlo bylo fajn, ale radsi priste zajdem jinam.

Johana F.
Skvělá horká čokoláda a snídaňový gulášek. Když je plno, tak obsluha celkem dost nestíhá. Nejlepší místa jsou u oken, kde máte výhled na Národní.

Vera T.
Opět skvělá sezónní jídla!

Miloš .
"Když si Čech objedná espresso, většinou přineseme velký." #shame

Ondřej K.
Rád sem chodím na sezónní nabídky, ty jsou skoro vždy super. Dobrý poměr cena/výkon v okolí Národky.

Veronika C.
Zcela prumerna hromadna snidanarna, kde o sebe lidi zakopavaji a o atmosfere nemuze byt rec. Omeleta vysusena, obsluha prochazi a neregistruje hosty.. Neni proc se vracet.

Mrkvovy dort nic moc :-(

Digi M.
Velky čokoládový dort - EPIC!

Hyewon E.
디저트 뿐 아니라 메인디쉬도 맛있습니다~!!!

Заведение понравилось, все было очень вкусно! Приятно удивил счет, за два десерта, капучино, молочный коктейль и фруктовый салат отдали на наши деньги всего 450р.

Jan V.
Skvělý mrkvový dort!