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Kavárna Cacao Prague
V Celnici 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Čt 08:30-22:30
Pá 08:30-23:00
So-Ne 09:30-23:00

Cacao Prague je prvotřídní kavárna umístěna jen pár kroku od náměstí Republiky v Praze 1. Už hned po příchodu budete vědět, že právě tady si chcete vychutnat svoji pravidelnou dávku kávy. Hezké lehce dekadentní prostředí doplňují stolečky a pohodlná křesílka, ze kterých se vám už nebude chtít odejít. Personál je dle mých zkušeností velmi milý.



Kavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao Prague
Kavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao Prague
Kavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao Prague
Kavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao PragueKavárna Cacao Prague

Kavárna Cacao Prague - hodnocení a recenze

Jak káva tak i jídlo mi tu moc chutnalo. Za mě 5 hvězdiček z 5ti

Pavel J.
Oceňuji, že berou kávu z mého oblíbeného obchodu DoubleShoot. A ty jejich chlebíky s avokádem, uzeným lososem a vejcem nemají chybu ach!!! Vřele doporučuji na kávu i na něco k zakousnutí :)

John F.
Had a very nice visit here! Very friendly

James R.
Tasty food and super friendly people

Mitja G.
Delicious ice cream. Nice place to seat down and relax.

John R.
Lots of choices of cakes and sweets, food is also surprisingly good!

Jana K.
Tasty food, it is a mix of cafe/restaurant and is very good

WHY THERE: desserts. COFFEE: regular. DESSERTS: wide selection of good ones. LOCATION: mainstream (convenient). PRICES: higher average (reasonable)

Jana L.
One of the best cafes in prague in my opinion!

Katya O.
Amazed by the wide offer of healthy dishes and really yummy homemade drinks and desserts😋

Mark M.
Love cacao!

Luna G.
Food tastes surprisingly good for a cafe! We ate here multiple times during our trip.

Zdena P.
very popular place, try ice cream

Jaina F.
Cake and coffee is amazing!

Alexandra P.
Coffee, ice cream and the view :)

Layan A.
Strawberry tiramisu is amazing!

Matt T.
Love the food, glad to see a cafe also taking care of the "health" freaks

Joy W.
Cakes are very good, there are a lot of food choices which is great. Must visit in Prague

Simon D.
Such good cakes and ice cream

Tereza K.
Some of the best ice cream and cakes that I tasted in this beautiful city

Stepan H.
Best Ice Cream in prague in my opinion. Very good and definitely worth a visit if you are by.

Dominika V.
Chocolate Mixtec!!!

Martin M.
I do not think I can say anything negative about this place, food is great, staff is great, and lots of choices.

John J.
Located in one of the best locations in prague, aka right in the center across the big shopping mall. Lots of choices of healthy food as well as sweets. Just absolutely great

Jana R.
Rafaello cake was so great. Amazing place for food and coffee etc

Cem M.
try the cappucino

Bezkonkurencni acai bowl❤️

Marcos P.
Best ice cream we tried in Prague!

Sean C.
Very friendly atmosphere and nice place

Lena S.
Lots of choices for me - vegetarian... real happy!

Jack F.
Lots of choices and super friendly!

John R.
Very friendly place!Lots of choices

Tereza P.
Lovely place in the centre pf Prague, really good for breakfast

Derrick R.
Really good cakes, super impressed

Richard T.
So good breakfast and coffee! Nice place

Jane R.
Pastrami sadnwich is super good! Nice place and nice people

Pavel Z.
Glad that there is a place like this in prague, very friendly atmosphere, I always come here for breakfast

Magdalena K.
I had acai bowl and granola with yoghurt and fruit. Both quite average.

Jakub a.
Pretty sweet place with lots of choices. The waitress was really cute and friendly. Hard to find in Prague a place like this, definitely recommend it

Jan C.
Nice salad, glad we saw these reviews and came. Lots of choices of healthy food and shakes as well as good choice of cakes, was not dissapointed at all

Marg T.
Real nice place for cakes, food and coffee. Friendly staff made us feel very welcome and helped also with our map. We will come back

Mark S.
Big menu and lots of choices, place has a nice atmosphere and the manager is super nice. Always remembers us when we come. Definitely recommend it

Jan K.
Tasty food and very friendly staff!

Dillan r.
Food tasted real nice, had to take a picture for you guys. worth a visit

Jan N.
Other than them being super friendly.... the food tasted amazing

Richard C.
we had absolutely great food here, and the staff was very friendly. Very happy we found this place

John W.
Staff super friendly, and coffee is good. For being in center, prices are great.

Peta K.
Staff is very friendly, glad we found this place. IT is right in the center!

Michaela H.
Perfect Acai and smothies!

Yuri S.
People are so friendly here, the cakes and coffee are TOP!

Tomas C.
Personal rating: 85%

Mariya D.
It is so good that there are items for vegetarians in the menu! You can also find light food (fitness menu). There a lot of people, but the atmosphere is cozy. Strongly recommend!

Tomas N.
Nice staff but weird atmosphere, average quality of cakes for high prices. Smoothies quite OK

Nice environment. Icecream is average but their hot chocolate is just great!

John N.
amazing place for breakfasts, cakes and desserts just 100m from the Palladium shopping mall. we took as well a very nice matcha smoothie and acai bowl for the breakfast and enjoyed it very much.

Nikča A.
Pecan cheesecake is awesome!

Barbora N.
Everything was fine but I think there are many other better spots in Prague.

Anoud A.
Hot chocolate is really really good 👅

Lidia Y.
Fresh strawberry juice - it's a dream, isn't it?! You can order almost any fresh, mix or smoothy you want, and there are gluten free desserts.

Lidia Y.
Awesome fresh juices and smoothies, you can take to go anything you want;) Personnel is polite and attentive and ready to help with choice. Love this place❤️

Babo B.
I like the homemade lemonade and the veggie sandwich :-)

What's good here? Seriously, u have to try their raspberry chocolate cake. No doubts. 😁

Pretty but not tasty. We had a milk shake, lemonades, gluten free cake and an ice-cream with cream and fruit. Shakes were too sour, ice cream with too little fruit, and generally tasteless.

Michal H.
Vynikajúca cukráreň, skvelé zmrzliny.

O D.
Big portions, all shakes/smoothies are healthy and fresh. Prices are average. Nicoise salad I do recommend! For desert ice cream 👌🏽👌🏽In the evening it's better to make a reservation.

Kieu T.
Worst service ever!! Never go there!

Vrti E.
Pretty good selection of cakes. Some of them are really good, some of them not so much. Try the yogurt-blackberry cake

Martin K.
Some drinks little but overpriced. Cool garden, staff ok.

Lan N.
Broke 4 lyf now and it's not even THAT good 😔

Veronika V.
Awesome place, comfort seats. Tasty chocolate. Chocolate with nutella is BEST!

Lada .
Amazing ice cream, but the coffee is mediocre

Karolina K.
In the city centre, trendy, smiling waitress. The cakes look delicious.

Lenora R.
My favourite spot in Prague. Ice creams, desserts, coffee, hot chocolate, salads and sandwiches - love it all.

Jakub H.
Delicious food, very nice service and the best ice cream and cakes :-)

Tinni T.
One of the best chocolate ice cream in Prague!

Martina J.
Nice place, tasty cakes and good vegetarian sandwich :)

Filip F.
The best ice cream in Prague! Creamy, homemade, big scoops. Moreover, great hot chocolates and cakes. Recommending you to go there, for sure:)

Great hot chocolates and unique cake tastes, amazing homemade ice cream

Martin H.
breakfast was great - egs and ham , exclusive food and fresh

Elena V.
Mediocre ice cream and cakes

Şe P.
Healthy smoothies

Elisaveta K.
Lemon and mojito ice cream:)))

Katarina R.
Acai with granola -perfect breakfast! Wide range of smoothies and nice salades:-) pretty nice service too

Petr N.
the best ice cream in Prague. salty peanut ice cream, which is really unique

Kate S.
Top place for breakfast and coffee.

Martina H.
Matcha tea latte a zmrzliny s prichuti slanych arasidu! Velka dobrota :)

Pirkka L.
Very nice terrace and sangria. Seems to offer healthy drinks too

Kate S.
Tasty ice cream, yes. I love it!

Cacao P.
try our new speciality #matcha #icecream at #cacaopraha

Kate S.
Ice tea with mango is delicious.

Kate S.
Coffee and tea and smoothie and fresh

Port L.
Don't bother with anything else. Get the rafaello cake!

Stylish and creative. Very cozy place.

Martina V.
Good for fresh juice with superfoods, ice-cream. Don't go for eggs as a breakfast.

Katerina P.
Don't hesitate to try the ice-cream cups! It's absolutely brilliant, but for them it's better to order only coffee as one cup is a quite stodgy dessert.

Jiří .
Average and pricey for what you get.

Amazing, food, atmosphere and location! I recommend this place to all my friends traveling from outside Prague to visit. The owners are also amazing.

Amazing coffee, delicious wellness smoothies with superfoods, big variety of tasty cakes and ice-creams. Perfect place for a date!

Petr N.
Dokonalé zákusky a zmrzliny

Sarah M.
Amazing raw chocolate orange cake. Good selection of fresh juices and hot chocolates.

Jakub .
Great place, really friendly waitresess. Good food and great coffe.

Milos H.
great cake

Je N.
I want to highly recomended to visit this Coffee shop, because the desserts are awesome!

Nadas cake at #cacaopraha

Michael P.
Great teas - genmaicha with roasted rice is amazing

Michael P.
Perfektni genmaicha s prazenou ryzi

Caramel pecan cheesecake - a new cake in the menu at #cacaopraha

Olena K.
orange raw cake & brownies were the best! Usually raw cakes aren't tasty, which is not the case here. Try hot chocolate smoothie- is amazing. Muffin ice cream- creamy, chocolate, warm desert.Loved it!

Sanja B.
Capuchino Geometria coming soon 👌

There are sandwiches and salads in menu, main courses & soups are available only during lunch time.

josef l.
Daily menu - homemade potato gnocchi with salmon

josef l.
Daily menu with many specialities you can get only here , amazing ice cream and homemade desserts. Close to Palladium and nice central location close to historical marvels of Prague

milan u.
Great daily menus and desserts

Vero B.
Natural and bio food! Awesome and delicious!

Suvi S.
Nice terrace with music

Cacao P.
Try salty peanut ice cream

Great cheesecake ice cream

Lukas T.
Worth a try, good iced coffee and ice cream (homemade one). Great location in the city center

Valeria S.
No service two times:(

Emel I.
Places where is used to go (was then Corso cafe). Now the design,name changed but still nice place to chill out after shopping :)))

Thanh Van .
excellent for ice cream and smoothies

Honza J.
Wifi: cacaopraha

Arnold A.
Music, drinks and the view over Namesti Republyki

Patrick M.
They have delicious deserts, even tho the toilet stinks :)

Florin D.
Probably the best ice-cream in Prague

Štěpán K.
For sure one of the best ice creams in Prague. Raffaelo and dark chocolate with raspberries are great!!!

Lenka G.
Best ice-cream in Prague! :-)

try the blueberry ice cream, our big speciality

Сacao Prague
Jak se odmenit po praci ci skole? Co takhle nasi #novinka a to #lowcarb neboli dortem bez cukru? #cacaoprague

Сacao Prague
Premyslite kam na snidani? Prijdte do cacaa ochutnat nase podzimni novinky. Postupne je pridavame a budou dalsi a dalsi 😊 Dobre rano preje #cacaoprague

Amál M.
Nejlepší club sandwiche!! Pečené brambory chutnají jako bramborové spirály z trhů😊 Bagel s lososem taky moc dobrý, to samé raffaello dort. Také doporučuji zmrzlinu kinder maxi king s kouskami❤️

Сacao Prague
Chybi vam energie? Zkuste Mango bowl plnou superfoods. Osvezi vas a doslova nakope 👌 #cacaoprague

Před týdnem jsem byla v Lublani a Portoroži ve stejné kavárně a musím říct, že zmrzlina tam byla mnohem větší za stejné peníze. Nevím, kde nastala chyba 😞 Ale chuťově je perfektní 👌🏼

Asma M.
Super cocktail à petit prix !

Lenka D.
Top zákusky a skvělé domácí limonády 😊

Léa H.
Un brunch très sympa, à des prix défiants toute concurrence !

Сacao Prague
Uz jste zkouseli nas Avokadovy chleb? Mame vege variantu se zrnickovym chlebem, avokadem, rajcetem a rukolou. Nebo jeste s uzenym lososem a posirovanym vejcem. Urcite zkuste 😊 #cacaoprague

Мария .
Очень шумно и очень дорого, но в принципе что вы хотели от туристического центра города

Сacao Prague
Speciální podzimní detoxikační akce- dejte si 2 čerstvé džusy a 3. dostanete zdarma. všechny džusy Vám rádi zabalíme s sebouAutumn detox specials : buy 2 fresh juices and get 3rd for free

Cacao P.
Speciální podzimní detoxikační akce v #cacaopraha - dejte si 2 čerstvé džusy a 3. dostanete zdarma. všechny džusy Vám rádi zabalíme s sebou

Seán C.
מקום יחידי לארוחת בוקר קרוב לישראלים שתמצאו כאן, אם אתם פה תלכו על הבייגל פסטו ומוצרלה, יש כאן שירות טוב מאוד ושתייה טעימה

Kate S.
Nejlepsi zmrzlina v Praze!

Tereza R.
Skvělá zmrzlina a smoothies! Dobra volba, pokud se pohybujete kolem Náměstí republiky!

Hana K.
Snad nejmilejší obsuha v Praze 👌🏼 I při první návštěvě se nemusíte bát menu, vybere si každý, prakticky s ničím se nedá šlápnout vedle 😊

Juliana A.
Milá a vstřícná obsluha, ok ceny na to že kavárna je v centru Prahy. Mají výbornou zmrzlinu, ke které mužete doobjednat třeba lískové nebo vlašské ořechy (porce jsou velké), mají take super dorty.

Serkan C.
Kalabalık grup gitmeyin, garsonlar ilgisiz ve saygısız. Sandelyeyi oynatmayın gibi saçma sapan uyarılar yapıyolar. Rezalet..

Евгения .
Вкусное мороженое,большой выбор.И много других разных вкусняшек👍🏻

Yana M.
Вкусное мороженое и очень большая порция за такие деньги!

Jan M.
Vše vynikající na velmi vysoké úrovni kvality, s něčím tak výborným jsem se málokde setkal, super smoothie, pistáciová a fíková zmrzlina je delikátní, rovněž tiramisu a čokoládový dort s malinami.

Kate S.
Acai s granolou je nejlepsi.

Daniel T.
Čokoládový dort a zmrzlina. Ceny jsou fakt přiměřené

Kate S.
Pekanovy dort byl opravdu vytecny. A kavu maji perfektni. Lepsi jsem siroko daleko nepila.

Kate S.
Novinka v podani cokolady a jahod je naprosto dokonala a svezi!

David K.
Příjmná hudba, dobré snídaně, fajn káva a interiér má taky něco do sebe. Ještě se vrátím.

Katerina B.
Prijemne misto, velmi sympaticka a ochotna obsluha, kava a zmrzlina vynikajici (pozor, je to naloz!), dalsi dobroty urcite pujdeme jeste ochutnat :)

Objednejte si zde zmrzlinu a budete mile překvapeni. 2 kopečky zde znamenají vlastně 4 :)

Nihan .
Sacher 10 numara

Velký výběr, výborné nápoje. Milá obsluha mi moc zpříjemnila den. :)

Olexandr K.
Отличная атмосфера, вкусный кофе и бесподобные десерты!!! Всем советую!

Katerina V.
Kašlat na menu, dlooouhý. Interakce u pultíku se zmrzkou dá nejvíc! Mango sorbet rulezzz. Personál milý, atmosféra příjemná a je to v centru - centru.

Kateřina .
hrozne mila obsluha, prijatelne ceny na centrum Prahy. Doporucuji!))

Anastasia M.
Уютная атмосфера, вкусный кофе и широкий выбор десертов)

Ida M.
Nejlepší dezerty v Praze, skvělá káva a saláty. Doporučuji !

Michal R.
Moc příjemné prostředí, hlavně na večer skvělá atmosféra. Výtečná káva, milá obsluha přijatelné ceny na centrum Prahy. Doporučuji !

Jevgenija H.
V nabidce maji doubleshot a nejakou italskou kavu, neni spatna. Pokud chcete doubleshot je potreba na to obsluhu upozornit

Ekaterina G.
Lime Detox - nejlepsi piti v nedeli pro lidi, ktere meli tezke weekend) doporucuji Vam to)

Honza F.
Specialisté na zmrzlinu a dezerty. Doporučuji kopeček vanilkové a kopeček Twix. Dekadentní, až to mlátí dveřmi!

David N.
Výborné zmrzliny (ale dejte si poloviční porce, jinak vás tři kopečky zničí), chutné a zajímavé smoothies. Akorát pozor na kávu, řekněte si, že chcete od Doubleshotu, jejich vlastní je hrozná.

Ekaterina G.
Обязательно попробуйте Raw Dort chocolate ❤️

Domácí hovězí hamburger se slaninkou z obědového menu, 90 Kč. Hranolky studené, což asi nebyl záměr, jinak dobré jídlo.

Jan K.
Salat s marinovanym lososem, cherry rajcatky a pomerancem..

Sofia E.
Очень полюбилось это кафе. Демократичные цены, вкуснейшее мороженное, интересные смузи. Приветливые, хотя и не очень профессиональные, официанты. Уютная атмосфера располагает к отдыху и общению.

Katya C.
Музыка здесь просто... На 10 баллов из 5)/Music here is just wondeful! And atmosphere of resort 🌊🙈😏

Andrea A.
strasny,zmatena a pomala obsluha.chybi mi tu byvale corso cafe :/ nebrat!

Terezka B.
Hezký prostor, velmi milá obsluha, ale proboha PROČ? čítá nabídka nápojů 17 stran???

Sanja B.
Идеальное время для посещения - 16.00! Солнце светит) Бразильский кофе , торт с фисташками!