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James Dean americká restaurace
V kolkovně 1, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-04:00
So-Ne 09:00-04:00

James Dean Restaurant je originální americká restaurace ve středu Prahy.


James Dean americká restaurace - hodnocení a recenze

Samir R.
Classic Cheeseburger and Beer

Aljoša T.
Avoid this place. Drinks are very bad and the stuff are...well...smelly...

Sercan .
Cocktails are excellent. Burgers 🍔 are nice. But The best thing is atmosphere, you shouldn’t leave from Prague without coming here...

WHY THERE: authentic diner, burgers, milkshakes, cocktails etc. DISHES&DRINKS: kinda lovely. LOCATION: mainstream (relatively convenient). PRICES: higher average (reasonable)

Ula J.
Beautiful indoors, cool aprons, smoking area and mysterious underground

Al V.
Diner ambiance, Americans may like it for free coffee refills, had breakfast here & it was pretty good, service not that warm.

Phuong Trang N.
I had the Club sandwich and the portion was so big, I had to take the most of it home, but it was good though. Nice staff. Love the interior!

Lisa R.
Very tasty, american food :-)

Norah O.
The breakfast 🍳 was vey delicious 🤤👍🏼

Ceren S.
Very rude bodyguards, overrated cocktails and careless staff.There are many other good bars to go in Prague, dont prefer this one.

Ali Korhan
Margarita is great ! The downstairs is a club to have amazing fun

David S.
Nice bar with great drinks. Try Porshe Spyder 550, really refreshing drink. Only downside is pretty loud music.

Alexandra T.
Very nice brunch on a Sunday morning. A little bit expensive but the location is worth a visit.

Can B.
You should go there. Good musics, good ambience.

Tae K.
Wi-Fi is a joke. Go to Harleys one block away.

Bianca ..
The club is crowded, smokey with old music which at some point is being repeated and with dancers that looked bored and I don't blame them with that type of music... Food upstairs is good but pricey

Adam .
That was a really nice!! But it was expensive!

Great place for a weekend brunch too! Not just a discobar 😉 breakfast are great 👍🏻

Hana K.
The most beautiful place in Prague! You have to try their milkshakes - top ❤️

Sigrid P.
Try the veggie burger.

Dóri K.
Great, unique atmosphere with delicious food! Try the lemonade with raspberry

raymound g.
Decoration and music

Yashar J.
Nice atmosphere, lovely staff, delicious food.

Emre I.
Delicious American breakfast with very cold waitress.

Stephen G.
Great service and if you are looking for a proper American breakfast they have it.

Lidia Y.
Great Texas burger and homemade fries are delicious! One of the favorite places in Prague;)

Faisal A.
Rost beef sandwich, wings, and burgers!

Jitka B.
Little to much posh, expensive Drinks, lot of bars are better, but it's really famous

Nela Z.
Trendy bar/club with good american style food and amazing milkshakes. Crowded and touristy.

Tugba S.
The best bar to have fun in Prague! Love cocktails and staff

Dominic S.
Lively club downstairs. They serve huge shots in here too!

Hurisel K.
Restaurant& bar, very crowded and full of joy

Great place to visit. 👍🏼

Martin M.
There's usually more guys than girls inside. I personally try to avoid.

Pavel Z.
Really good burgers with huge 200g meat loafs. Nice American interior with '50s memorablia worth checking out. Hard to find free seats though...Male toilet is definitely 'must-see' ;-))

Totes H.
This club is an immersion in the American 1950s. The upper floor is an American bar, downstairs there is a dance room. The interiors are really well designed and the personnel wears retro clothes.

Ella C.
great music and a great mojito. also try the french apple martini - practically apple juice by the taste but gets you very tipsy!

Went here for a late night. Very crowded but nice. Might be better during day time. Almost naked dancers in a cage.

Loved the fifties atmosphere. Everything is authentic.

Free wifi, great burgers.

Carolina V.
Definitely it isn't cheap but the meals are well served and delicious so I consider prices are worth it

Adil V.
American style club & restaurant in the middle of city center and definitely try James Dean cocktail..!

Ales B.
Drinks girls

Quite big nightclub downstairs. It can get very crowded and smokey. Music played is retro. Dancefloor is packed w/ men visitors aged 40+ who are desperately trying to find their partners for the night

Aleksander P.
Nice club - good music and solid prices

Burcu S.
Foods are delicious. Portions big. Music is very good. Good for dinner and drink.

Dominika H.
There are more men on the dance floor than women! Fun place :)

Hazan A.
Good cocktails. Cool decoration.

johnny k.
they fucking wont let me wear snapback in the bar!!!! and girls can... fuck them

Elena V.
Not what I expected, the bartender was practically kicking us out. Very rude.

Dila A.
grumpy waitress but nice atmosphere, try the burgers!

Jana B.
The restaurant area is average but the bar downstairs is much way better.

Daniela B.
Good cocktails and fun atmosphere downstairs. Dancing to old classics! Loved it!

Sophie S.
Best club sandwich in town!

Vasek S.
You have to take off your hat cap when entering. If not the bouncer will throw you away. What the hell. I´m not at the theatre or opera to do this!!!

Marcello M.
Food is so so, but it's worth going once for the atmosphere. At night it becomes one of the coolest clubs (and crowded)..

Laura O.
Breakfast (Big American)

Tomáš K.
Perfect waffles, delicious shake and outstanding watermalon sorbet... And that stylish indoor atmosphere... Perfect place...

Emre O.
Best American style restaurant in the city. You can try everything especially burgers and sandwiches.

Viktor K.
Music club in lower level is a cool place for Saturday party. Try Rose lemonade.

May .
Being an all-time fan of legendary James Dean I had to look up this venue. 50s themed all around, I'm a sucker for anything retro so the ambience of this late night hot spot was like a dream to me!!

Luc V.
Amazing milkshake during the day, great oldies music during the night

Cécile S.
Good place for waffles and macaroni&cheese. American restaurant with very good service !

David T.
Party sucked big time. #OTOH If you fancy overweight British girls with #STDs you will love it.

luxury place//food for men// nice girls//

Ebru .
Dance music dance music 👏🎉🎊

Tinni T.
The prices are a bit high but the burgers are not bad🍔 try pancakes with maple sirup though, they are delicious💁

Cenk B.
Different consept

Miriam S.
Finally, a place where you can have fun , but mostly good to eat !!!

Salad w/ goat cheese 👌

These milkshakes are must!

Dimitris P.
Food and cocktails are amazing...A must place to be at Prague...

Pavel N.
Lot of noise, lot of people... but you know -also a lot of drinks :-D Btw drink whiskey there ;)

Buket A.
really nice retro-american pub in prague!

Taygun T.
Retro american style diner. Definitely great place for cocktails. Try James Dean or Marilyn Monroe!

Natalie B.
The best place to relax, drink and fun:-) place for everyone!

Good for night life;)

Sean S.
Old school vibe and great dancers!

christopher B.
absolutely amazing place in centre of Prague! Food for big guys:-) and very nice staff:-)

Milly P.
Super cool interior! Good service. Food is OK but pricey.

Miriam S.
My favourite place in Prague! Food#aperrol#cheesecake is my passion:-)

Nina F.
The most beautiful design and the best ribs has James Dean Prague! Here are the best parties:-D

Martin J.
We celebrated New Year's here! Food#service#fireworks#party#luxury!

Martin J.
We were satisfied with everything . I was a thrilling of all. The food , service , atmosphere amazing. We look forward to New Year´s Eve in JD:-)

Tereza S.
Service sucks, average food, there are always quees to get in - it doesn't worth it...

Adam P.
Nice American style diner if you fancy something other than Czech food.

Marcus U.
Whatever you order will be fantastic! I can promise you.

Selen G.
Texas Burger is so good and the atmosphere is amazing.

Honza L.
Great restaurant! and luxury party:-DD

Tony W.
Christmas work party was very successful. We were very satisfied with food! Excellent wine! I had a grilled halibut much I liked it . I have to take my girlfriend here:-) The atmosphere was nice.

Jan C.
Shitty american food hyped up by tourists

Jessie J.
Best burgers and ribs in town!On of the best dining in PRague!!!

Stefanie B.
Lovely place with an american atmosphere. I completely falling in love with it.... When my international friends ask me what to visit in Prague, I every time recommend James Dean! Enjoy my friends.

Ben R.
Fantastic place, brings you right back to 1955. The food is great and the service is good. You must come here. I always like coming back !

Anna S.
Authentic american diner! Service even wears typical dresses :)

Barborka V.
The BEST parties, the BEST music!

Good breakfasts and other food, but service was horrible last time.

Maria T.
Fantastic place, brings you right back to 1955. The food is great and the service is good. You must come here. I always like coming back !

Filip B.
perfect burgers, atmosphere but i little bit pricey

Marta K.
Lovely place with an american atmosphere. I completely falling in love with it.... When my international friends ask me what to visit in Prague, I every time recommend James Dean! Enjoy my friends.

Janek K.
The music downstairs is great but I didn't like the fact that they wanted more and more for the same beer. We started with 50 then 65 and 70.

Jirka M.
Burgers are just great, good fit nightlife too!

Mike K.
Free wifi, the burger doesn't have anything to do with us burger and is expensive like in NY.

Veronica L.
My favorite bar! Nice food, cocktails, atmosphere, interior and bartenders

Martin K.
Best burgers in town, and if you prefer ribs, don't worry, they are delicious, everything is just a real joy, the only drawback is that the place is overcrowded at the weekends otherwise the best!

Oliver K.
Love to lunch here.Excellent food at good prices. Have never had anything that disappointed me and I have tried many variants of Menu. I adore James Dean PRague!!!

Lada H.
Excellent service&food&location: I do not normally write review for restaurant that I visited but I felt compel to write for this incredible restaurant. I was extremely happy with the place.

Brian P.
Great blueberry milkshake!

Jakub D.
Great cocktail bar, I like the atmosphere here. Prices are a bit higher but still it's worth to visit this bar.

Kristyna S.
Jack Daniels, hot dog

Eliška K.
Top style!

Una G.
Love this place! Food is ok, prices are ok, service a bit slow. But place looks so 1950s and it's great for groups of friends to hang and grabe a bite

Kamil J.
The best american food in Prague !!!!! I would like recommend this restaurant. I was very satisfied with food/drink and also the waitress was professional. The style of restaurant&club is very cool!

Martin V.
Big thanks to James Dean Prague!!! We were on dinner with my girlfriend and I can say only ... excellent !!! Very nice atmosphere, service ..I am looking forward to my next visit:-)

Jessica C.
Really fun bar!

Markéta .
Super mojito💕

Mannie F.
80s music and wifi

Prostě F.
Loved it! Apart from the prices (which are understandable) I enjoyed everything – the burgers, the atmposhere and design, the service.

Doğan A.
Good music sexy girls that s all ;)

Martin B.
I Had burger with fries and it was very good. I recommend texas burger! Beer is little bit expensive ( 0,33l 60CZK)

Chicken wings are definitely the best in Prague...

Jindra B.
The burger is a little overpriced as a lot of things in there. But it's still the best choice for lovers of 50s and 60s.

Pili C.
Really great atmosphere! Get some dancing to oldies music! 🎶

Tim A.
Must see: men's room

Andie A.
Supr burgery a pork ribs <3 a domaci malinovej caj!

Khrystyna G.
The best party :-* !!!

Nikita S.
Come here for breakfast and unlimited coffee (served until 12:00).

Pavol J.
Burgers and waitresses! ;-)

Marek L.
Perfect jalapenos wrap

Martin S.
Great nightlife in work week :)

Vegan Patrick
Fantastic place!!!!!!!

Peter P.
Shakes are fcking awesome...try the strawberry flavor.

Thanh Van .
just love their spaghetti 🍤 and pancakes are the must have

Areej 2014
Chili burger is so good

Mahmut K.
Place is always full. kind hospitality and good prices

Binh M.
Nice interior and goood music:) service wasn't very nice..ovepriced - not worth the money:)

David S.
Try the Chili Bacon Burger with an egg. Delicious.

Nikita L.
They take 20 crowns to store a backpack. Why? Fuck I know.

Mark B.
Overcrowded dance floor downstairs with male/female ratio like 10:1. The bartender ripped me off for cocktails but it was too noisy and crowded to complain. My friends like it here, but not my fave.

Irem Dilara
Great Burger ! Be careful with the Texas Burger, it is HOTT ! :)

Orsi B.
really nice athmosphere, nice place to pass by and try their waffles they're super delicious!

Clean and qualified place. You can drink hpt black tea at approx. 55 Kronas. Prices is good

Nikos M.
I love this city.

Amazing place, great design :)try milkshakes for sure

Ondrej S.
The staff in the club all behave like organised crime group members. Prices skyrocket after they discover you're not local.Total ripoff. Never again

Martin N.
As soon as you speak English to the bar staff in the club, don't expect to be treated fair, the price will suddenly go up :( this is sad...

Cris C.
Awesome chicken wrap!

Jean F.
Dont waste your time here.

Flávia T.
Dress code, really? To eat a hamburger? Awful atmosphere.

Mia T.
So good!! perfect food !

Juraj K.
The best burger, great service!

Stijn S.
Awesome staff, this is just the place to be! #beermuseumsucks #gojamesdean

Rolf S.
Sweetest 😍

Claudius J.
Service IS slow and operations are very uncoordinated. A bit of a mess really. 😕

Marcel B.
Never again, ever! Try to borrow a chair from a bar to your table (which no one was using, btw). You will be forced to return it in seconds! + The most horrible service I have seen for a long time!!

Michal Z.
The best Texas Burger in Prague

For me, the have fun. I'll be there in the near future:)))))

Symon W.
Didn't venture into the Ladies, however look what's waiting for you in the Gents :) my tip is take a leak.......

Lisa J.
Terrible weekend. Bartender unexpectedly pushed me from the bar stool to make more place for his just arrived Czech friends and then severely beaten my husband, because he was trying to stop him.

Tobias W.
Typical prague bar with great music and late opening hours

Mahmut .
Awesome club but not in on monday maybe ;)

Like A Local Guide
Typical American bar with the walls covered in dollar bank notes, 70’s ketchup and mustard bottles, pieces of cars used as decorations. Be prepared to queue up as this place is wildly popular.

Mia D. ✌🏽
Super!!! Interior : !! Food : !!

Nisha M.
Cool Place..Good Music.

Andrei N.
Good music but what a failure of a place. Service and food was a joke. And the smoke...

Ersin A.
try voodoo, (bacardi+malibu+creme banana+orange juice+fresh banana+ice) , it's like frappe with alcohol

Viktor K.
Cheeseburger: 6-7/10, duck salad : 9/10!! Great!

Peach M.
some joker on here said they had the best milkshake. It was seriously NO Icecream and basically just chocolate milk with whipcream and a cherry. Probably the worst milkshake i've ever had!

Caio A.
Soo good for tourists in Praha!

Awsome ambient to dance with rock pop music, drink or meet people.

Elvan K.
If you enjoy listening retro music, this place is for you. On top, there was a bar but in the down side there was a disco and it was very crowded. You can like it..

Kenneth M.
Perfect place to eat and have lots of drinks! Hot employees as well!

If you are looking for a good night club in the middle of working week - this place! :) Also really nice sandwich :) But some of security guys... strange :-\

Robert S.
Vybornej burgr davam 1

Ferhat C.
It's not as good as i expected, waiters are so rude and security acts like mafia! Not recommended!

Tomáš K.
Top!!! Sex, dean and rock'n'roll!!!!

Mary B.
rock-n-roll lives!

In Your Pocket
Whether you have a cause or not, you can hit James Dean for an evening of drinks and a dose of American.

Veronica L.
The Real American Burgers! You just simply have to order Bacon Egg Burger, it's simply delicious!

Iva .
Great great great!!!!

Olga S.
Hot dog.. u must have..

Willy A.
The white chocolate milkshake is the best milkshake I've ever had in my life.

Zuza S.
great music!but the blond dencer moves like piece of wood!

Katya C.
Try the Espresso Martini ;)

Gun@y☯️F@ruk .
Musiv is the best!

Adéla B.
For people who still live in 80's/90's.

Robert G.
I was excited to have a nice burger. It wasn't great but it the fries were good and it felt a little like home.

Anna L.
The night club has pretty good cocktails but most times it's crowded and the music is a bit shitty.

Matteo A.
Really good good food:)

Antonín V.
The service=nightmare!!!

Cecília S.
Normal service, great chicken burger, great fries. There's no non smoking area.

American Diner in Prag? Try it. You will have fun.

Dont go here if you dont like smoking

síma s.
hipstr mrdka

Denis M.
Ask for whiskey sour cocktail

Krasne servirky :)

Sharone C.
The women servers are awful but the boy bartenders are cute and they smile!

Pavel .
Krevetky. Awesome.

Paulína M.
Best known for their arrogant, rude and racist security.

TrendyvPrague venue, but the atmosphere changed. Music before: mostly rock'n'roll. Now: 80,90's. Not the old James Dean anymore. Such a shame...

Cody C.
Get the Texas burger! Free WiFi

Antonio B.
Radek you the man

Kateřina V.
Food is not comparable with any American restaurant in Prague, neither with TGI's Fridays.. very heavy and absolutely normal. It doesn't correspond with price! Such a shame..

J T.
Decent burgers.

Konstantinos P.
Amazing theme, super interior design, the waitresses are 100% definitely Bots!!! Try not to give them extra requests, they won't respond!!!

Dan K.
new menu caprese sandwich and chicken burger is top choice

Quentin L.
Crowded place but amazing atmosphere.

İlker .
My favourite place in Prague 

Hanka F.
Domácí hranolky a vanilková cola!

Naty K.
najlepsia hudba!!

Kuba V.
This venue sucks! We got wrong drinks, got charged 20% more... Total rip off! Just go anywhere else but here...

Intefix L.
It's 1955 again

Nicolas S.
Cocktail and burgers are wonderful! I recommend whisky sour, the american lemonade with a bacon cheddar burger :) Staff is friendly !

Chris B.
Fantastic place, brings you right back to 1955. The food is great and the service is good. You must come here. If I come back to Prague, I will most definitely eat here again!!! Wifi code: dean1955

Pavel .
Chicken burger + coleslaw

Hannah B.
My burger was undercooked... I felt like I was eating a medium rare steak on bread. Get the club sandwich and onion rings!

Too crowded so got seated by the bar. The service's not as bad as witnessed below. The cheeseburger's nothing special, nor is the coleslaw. The only + were the interior and the music.

Jakub S.
For me the best burger (Dean's choice) in town so far. So good. We didn't experience the bad service either.

Amazing place, with very good music in the heart of Prague!!!Very good and fast service!!!

Ryan E.
Good food, good service, great atmosphere.

Gabriela K.
Prijdte sem,kdo nemuze spat......budeme chlastat!!!!!

Ali S.
nice place, not great though. downstairs is a dance hall with literally no air!

marek b.
Dean ´s burger is really big!

Vivi H.
Cool concept, but rude, boorish doormen and slow service. Dont go there!

Continued: After 25min we asked where our drinks were - told us we shouldn't have moved and served the watered down ones. Can't recommend!

After waiting a long time for placing an order we moved 2 meters from the bar to a table (see pic). "Of course" this canceled our order..

Andrea L.
I didn't believe that the service could be so bad. But it is. Delicious meals and cool place though.

Samuele P.
Nice meat, Rib Eye steak is nice. Service a bit slow but not too bad for a Friday night. Peak days book a table, is very crowded!

Vera P.
awful food, terrible service.

Michel V.
Wifi: dean1955

Dan K.
New delicious menu

Martin K.
Good music! Super atmosfer..!

Veronika C.
Fantastic pancakes! Our server "Betty" was nice, quick and willing (she managed a breakfast after 12). "jukebox" music made me happy ;)

B Z.
Slow to take your order but delicious hot, fluffy pancakes with blueberry sauce :)

Vanilková cola :)

Dušan .
Service was ok, food was delicious. Will visit again

Anton E.
We were seated as soon as we arrived and they took our orders with in minutes. The food arrived 15 minutes later. Great! We really needed a place like this in Prague.

Kristina C.
The bartender refused to take our order... The waitresses do not know what service is. Though, it's a cool place with great music.

Dan K.
top cuisine

Marek J.
I make better burgers at home.... Fail

Irena 🎀
And super delicious fries!!!!

Irena 🎀
The most delicious burger EVER!!

Great limonade and milk shakes. Cool designed place, but service could be better.

Lada 🐰
Nice place, horrible service. The waitresses are not able to take orders correctly, although the pub is empty. The prices are good, but if you are looking for a nice atmosphere, go elsewhere.

Pavel P.
Waited 15min in a non-crowded place, no service. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Al K.
The burger sucked. It's got a lot pork in it. Bohemia Bagel across the street is better.

Awesome staff and bartenders, great fun and decor. They played the same songs sometimes, but that's only coz I stayed till 5am;)

Sercan .
Burger 🍔

Атмосферный бар. Очень много народу, туристов. Обслуживание хорошее, на нижнем этаже танцы и очень много людей. В туалеты очереди и гардероб платный.

Hakan A.
Ortam güzel servis hızlı fiyatlar uygun...

Prag'da gidebileceğiniz en iyi hece klüplerinden..

Martin .
Trošku posh bar, obsluha občas nepříjemná. Party ve spodní části jsou v pohodě, drinky dobré :)

Berk A.
Çok şekil, al içerden içeceği otur kapısında.

Çok fazla turistik barmenlerin var garsonların şovları ile ön plana çıkıyor müzik kötü ortam güzel. Görmeden ayrılmayın tabi

Burak .
Yaş 20-23 arasıysa gel kardeşim eğlenirsin, beklentiyi yükseltme ama.. :)) Alt kata in zaten olay orada...

sahver k.
Yemekler fena degil fakat konsept cok hos garsonlar cok guzel 😊

Aslı P.
Pragdayken gittiğim barlar arasından en iyi bari :) hele bir james dean hayranıysanız ...

'Marcos V.
Estiloso, montado com cara de James Dean mesmo, tem dançarinas o q descarateriza mas no geral da pra tonar altas cervejas

Petr H.
Hezká restaurace ve stylu amerického bistra. Měli jsme BBQ burger a chobotnici a obojí bylo super. Škoda té obsluhy, která je ukrutně pomalá. Pokud máte hlad, jděte raději jinam.

Hüseyin A.
Açıkcası abartıldığı kadar iyi bir yer değil. Biz de ki sıradan bir Clup havasında. Giriş ücreti yok. Selfie servis. Alt kat kalabalık ama eğlenebilene güzel

Marc-Edouard C.
Ambiance dinner des années 50 et tres bons burgers

Pinar A.
Bayan bayana gittik hiç birşy içemeden çıktık alt kat çok dar basık ve rahatsız edici çok insan var

Güven K.
Vakit geçirmek icin harika fiyatlar Prag geneli gibi cok ucuz

Bora B.
On numara mekan kokteyller çok başarılı fiyatlar makul...Hemingway special (158kc) Absolut freeze (135kc) önerilir...

Aytug A.
Garson kizlar :)

Andělka B.
Nějaké příjemné nebo uctivé zacházení ze strany obsluhy tu nečekejte. Je to tu ale povedeně americké a mají velký výběr alkoholů. Chipsy zdarma./ The service is really bad. But a lot of drinks.

Michal R.
Co se s tímhle místem stalo, kdysi tady hrávali rock´n roll a podobně dneska obyčejná vesnická diskotéka. Čistá dekadence ...

Dostat třetinku Budvaru za 80,- a držet nervy na uzdě, když po vás vedlejší stůl hází z nějakého důvodu veškerý bordel, který se jim ocitne pod rukama. Never again.

Jakub V.
Smrdí to tam jako na Palmovce u rychlého občerstvení, za né málo peněz dostanete obyčejný burger, hranolky a vodu, vše chutná po přepáleném oleji. Obsluha? Pražský krávy. Z jídla Vám bude zle. Špatný.

Pavla K.
Hned u dveří vás praští do nosu smrad přepáleného oleje...a pak už se to celý veze. Pseudo styl a pseudo jídlo, že kterýho vám bude dost pravděpodobně těžko. Sem už nikdy.

Karolina K.
Mam tu rada to prostředí :)

Öznur .
Otantik mekan.. Gecmise yolculuk kafasi.. Ama cok sıkı kurallari var sapka takilmaz gibi. Yemekler fena degil. Fiyatlari gereksiz yuksek.

Karolina C.
Podruhe v zivote jsem jedla zebra a byla uchvacena. Maso se krasne obiralo z kosti a rozplyvalo na jazyku. BBQ sendvic taky skvely. Cesnekova majoneza k hranolkam je MUST. A olizovani prstu taky :)

Abdullah O.
Geceye akalim...

Emre P.
Foto Çekin müze gibi

Emrah U.
Apaçı tipli ve mojito yapmayı bilmeyen barmenler dışında güzel bir ortam dizaynı çok hoş özellikle aşağı kattaki arabanın yan tarafı şeklinde kesilmiş bölüm hoşuma gitti

Yilmaz D.
Alt kattaki barda çok güzel 50 - 90 lara kadar muhteşem bir Arşivden müzikler çalıyor. Her yaştan insan gelip dans ediyor eğleniyor. Çok kalabalık olabiyor

aysenur a.
Resimlerde gorundugu gibi. Aralik ayi olmasina ragmen rezervasyon istiyorlar. Menu de makul

Salim H.
Barmenlerin gösterileri, bargirl lerin güzellikleri dansçı kızların zerafetleri anlatılmaz fiyatlara gelince; bira 65 czk mohito 149 czh ,votka meyvesuyu 110 czk... daha ne olsun

Roberto K.
Jeden z nejoblibenejsich baru v mojem seznamu, slibne doporucuji, jedinej problem (jestli se tomu tak da rict ) je ze je porad totalne narvano

Kata N.
Stylovy interier, prima drinky a prijemna obsluha

Bar B.
Jedla jsem zde pouze jednou. A naposled. Čekaly jsme 30 minut v poloprázdné restaurace jen aby jsme si objednaly. Jídlo- průměr za nadprůměrné ceny. Dolní klub je ale dobrý

Peter "Peterek82" T.
Atmosféra, hudba

Fuat Y.
Pragda gidelebilcek kaliteli mekanlardan biri girış ücretsiz.

Buğra S.
Barda pineklemek ve ardından geceye akmak için güzel mekan. Fiyatlar cok pahali değil. Alt katta aksiyon varsa oraya yoksa sehirdeki diğer kluplere geçilir.

Umut E.
Ucuz alkol ve kimin eli kimin cebinde olduğu belli olmayan mekan.. 😈

Nilay T.
Çok keyifli bir mekan..kesinlikle uğramalısınız😊

Yana M.
Атмосферное место с вкуснецкими гамбургерами и милкшейками ☺️

Hana M.
Chvàlím koncept, jinak nic.

Karolina C.
Nejlepsi coleslaw ve meste.Maso v Texasu skvele ochucene, s krupavou cibulkou a modrym syrem skvele kombo. Livance s boruvkama nadychane (kde je muj druhy zaludek?). Jen ta slecna s obocim neprijemna.

Аркадий .
Рок-н-ролльное кафе. Готовят медленно, но вкусно: попробуйте, например, омлет со шпинатом и луком. Официантки одеты так, будто готовы скрасить ночь посетителю.

Vojta M.
Tip n. 2: Interiér je dokonalý, včetně záchodů (hah) a detailů, jako starý automat na cigára. Samozřejmě dražší, ale co.. Je to prostě Dean.

Extrem voll, viel Rauch, gute Musik und viel Alkohol!

⚫️ tHoRpE
Gece hayati daha basarili👍😉😉

Лера .
Хорошие коктейли. Потрясающий интерьер эпохи 70ых-80ых годов, прямо как в американских фильмах.

Yeşil Peynirli salatayı deneyin muhteşem

Petr S.
Nahodou super misto, i kdyz casto preplnene. Ma to uroven, atmosferu, nonstop provoz potesi, klub dole je sice mensi, ale hraji dobre. Pres den se tu velmi slusne najite, i kdyz za vetsi peniz. (y)

Matěj S.
Když jsem tu večer byl na oslavě, tak jsem měl pořád za prdelí dementa s holou hlavou (sekuriťáka). Dokonce i u stolu.

Patrik M.
Burger a jahodový milkshake za pět. A ve velkém stylu.

Adéla J.
Byly jsme v pátek, bylo narváno, ale obsluha moc milá a jídlo jsme i tak dostaly hodně rychle :) akorát ty ceny no..

Marina M.
Выбирайте другой ресторан американской кухни! Бургеры подавали без картошки и дико были кислые от уксуса!! Даже не потрудились коктейли украсить, хотя соседнему столу украсили! Пиво дорого и лишь 0.33

Hemburgr a freč frájs.

Jakub F.
Vcelku dobrý podnik, ale opravdu je zde hodně cizinců.

Александр .
Насколько крутые коктейли, настолько же не вкусный суп. Хлеб не свежий. В целом не стоит.

Kenya C.
Ottimo posto!!!lo recomiendo quien desea venir a Praga

Hilal E.
Keyifli bir mekan,ünlü yerlerindenmiş....

Patrik K.
I love it Here ❤️

Michael P.
Strasne dobry burger!akorat bluecheese dip nam moc nechutil..jinak 1 s hvězdičkou

Michal R.
Orinalni interiér klasického amerického dinneru z padesátých let, doprovázen tím nejlepším rock'n'rollem. Večer se otvírá diskotéka, která se díky bohu drží již zmiňovaného žánru.

Burak Z.
Burada ickiler ucuz eglence bol mukemmel iyi eglenceler ☺️

Radka V.
Co takhle rebel bez příčiny James Dean ležérně se pohupující ve vašich uších?

Adéla J.
Jidlo dobrý, ale nic moc extra. Obsluha většinou strašná a slečny čišnice mají tak krátké sukýnky, že je jim mnohdy vidět až bůh ví kam :D

Los Studentos
místo, kde nikdy nebudete sami...

bylo mi řečeno, že rezervace na bar o víkendech nepřijímají - když jsme přišli, rezervace byly na baru položené. obsluha mi to vysvětlila tak, že "to je pro známé". už nikdy víc

Rudolf Gusto B.
Chcú 20kc len za to ze clovek má batoh na chrbte? Fuck you assholes! Keď nemáte chuť páliť peniaze doma v peci, podte sem!.

Bülent .
Muhabbet iyi

Namyslena obsluha, steak za 400,ktery by i Lada Hruska udelal lepe. Sem uz nikdy

M Z.
Krásné záchody a to je všechno :(

. ..
Alternatif rock seviyosanız eglenirsiniz mekan güzel kıyafetinize dikkat edin

Yaroslav K.
Выполненное в американском стиле заведение

Anna V.
Vsechny burgery delaj medium, pokud ho chcete well done, musite si rict:)

Дадашеф .
Финскую водку

Niyara I.
Сам коктейль джеймс Дин не очень понравился

Pepa V.
90% chlapů, krade se tam, a hudba odpovídá Evropě 2. # negativ

Ksenia M.
"Фирменные коктейли" честно говоря 😕😕😕 зал полу-пустой а официантку не дождешься

Eliška S.
Opět neskutečně příjemná obsluha...

Alexandr M.
Вкусная еда, очень хорошая атмосфера, вкусные коктейли

Eliška S.
Neskutečně příjemný personál...

Artem N.
Амереканизированноне кафе. В целом приемлемые цены. Пиво в основном бутылочное, но есть вкусное темное (мастер).

Tereza R.
Krůtí burger byl výborný. Obsluha milá, ale pomalejší. Super design a atmosféra.

Nejlepší retro!!!

Martin K.
Namyslene servirky, ktore ani po 15 min. Nas nedokazali obsluzit.. Fail failov. nASRAT!!!

Alex D.
Cizinci, kurvy, obcas nejaka "celebrita". Celkove ale spis to lepsi v Praze. Mne se tu libi, i kdyz obsluha by mohla byt lepsi.

Çok sağlam mekan, garson kızlar best model of Çek cum. Şahsen saygı duydum ;)

Tomáš B.
Rozlučka se svobodou? Zapomeňte. Manager zakáže vše, je to jak střední škola, i přes reklamní videa. Český přístup...

Sarka B.
Burger s mozzarelou. Výborné masicko. Obsluha velmi mila a ochotná:)

Lucka Volakova
Venku 35 stupnu, a oni tam nedovolej cloveku byt v naprosto normalnim tilku - ze to pry neni takhle vecer vhodne. At si tedy trhnou nohou, kdyz chteji byt tak duleziti. Prisli o trzbu 5ti lidi..

Ondrej D.
Ne prosim... Neprosim se!

klub dole je nejhezci bordel v praze.

Tereza H.
Vyborne milkshaky a livance s javorovym sirupem :) navsteva se vam sice prodrazi, ale to jidlo a interier stoji za to. Skvela atmosfera.

Kasia Z.
Вкусно,но дорого,внимательно проверяйте счет!Это касается многих заведений в Праге.Часто досчитывают хлеб, который вы даже не просили.PS.Туалет в данном заведении заслуживает особого внимания)

Václav P.
Non kraul non snapback :(

Sla jsem za atmosferou a skvelou obslouho. Nic z toho se nekonalo. Totalni ignorace, nikdo nas ani nepozdravil, jen na piti jsme cekaly 15 minut. Jidlo prumerne dobre. Nikdy vic.

Michal V.
Arogantni ochranka, poustec prechody bastli bez uvazeni a lina obsluha podava teply pivo. Radsi se na pate otoc a jdi jinam!

Dominika H.
Club sendvič
Zajďete sem nejen na burgery, ale i na snídaně v americkém stylu. Mají božsky nadýchané lívance a senzační milkshaky!

Luboš Z.
Americká snídaně, vajíčkový toust, jahodová limonáda...... nemá chybu!

Waxman A.
Определенно лучший бургер в Праге !!!!:) и ванильная кола прямиком из Атоанты :)))

Marek T.
stylove prostredie, mila obdluha, skvele jedlo :)

Petr L.
Jídlo slušné, ale ta obsluha je vskutku příšerná. Slečnu servírku rozhodilo, když jsme chtěli platit zvlášť tak, že i zapomněla jak se sčítá...

Tomíš O.
Mala Plzen za 59kc..

Nikolay Y.
Никогда не понимал баров где орет музыка. Попить так пиво можно и дома в наушниках и своей музыкой. Место отстой.

Zede S.
Sem uz nejdu!! Nedovolej mi tu bejt s ksiltovkou na hlave!!!!!!! Wtf? Na co si hrajou?!

Vi L.
Vanilla Coca Cola yeeeeees :))

Johana F.
Co se týče horní části, číšnice nejsou zrovna nejrychlejší. Nedoporučuju žebra. Doporučuju Coleslav a pořádně porhlídnout lístek s pitím, maj tam hodně americkej nápojů, který jinde v ČR neseženete.

Andrea P.
Nádherné prostředí, výbornej hamburger, ale obsluha chodí s nosánkem moc nahoru. Škoda.

Lukáš M.
Pěkné prostředí, výborný milkshake, ale to maso v burgeru a gumová bulka mě moc nepřesvědčila. Když vezmu i cenu, tak nic kvůli čemu bych se vracel..

Александр .
Огромные порции, отличный вайфай. обслуживание нормальное, не знаю чего народ жалуется

Lukáš K.
Nejlepsi hot dog v tvym zivote!

Jana C.
Koktejly jsou vyrabene z cerstvych surovin (ovoce). Je to znat na chuti.

Артур .
Очень приличный препатийный бар. Интерьер, музыка, напитки - все соответствует эпохи названия. Праздное распитие на первом, пляски до упаду в цоколе. Действует фейс и дресс контроль. Вход бесплатный.

Nikola R.
Jedinečné interiéry... Ale než se dočkám obsluhy, vyrostu (při mých 162cm se mi to hodí) :-D

Cooler Club in der Nähe des Altstaedter Rings.Gute Stimmung, wenig Luft und obercoole Putzfrau.Ich war am Samstag da und rappelvoll.Tolle Maedels, aber meistens Touris.

marek b.
Strasne moc tady bohuzel rve hudba

Will K.
nechali jsme se usadit a obsluha uz je dnes lepsi:-P

Miloš .
Perfektní hudba i obsluha. Zkuste vanilla libre, je mňamózní.

Optimální místo pro pracovní snídaně, na 90% najdete prázdnou restauraci.

Mike P.

K. S.
+ vanilla coke, good prices, place- service, foods

Jan T.
Heslo na wifi: dean1955

Olesia M.
Еда хорошая! Особенно ребра и крылышки! Куриное филе и гамбургеры не особо интересные!

Olesia M.
Коктейли не плохие! Понравился порш и мерлин Монро! Вкусный домашний холодный чай!

Jiri .
Worst fail in history of mankind!! Don't even think of going there!!! Kola z plechovky a bez ledu, nic moc maso, chyby v objednavce i na uctu, neprijemna obsluha.

Lubor J.
Uzasny interier ve stylu americkeho dineru 50. let. Ovsem po 15 minutach cekani na servirku jsme to vzdali a odesli. Fail.