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Dock House Praha

Praha > Praha 4 > Dock House
Dock House
Michelská 59, Praha 4
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 11:00-23:00
So 12:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-17:00
Tel: 261 211 590


Dock House - hodnocení a recenze

Dana R.
All steak’s great!

Michal M.
Realy good stakes

Andrej N.
Good place, service, tasty food, good for lunches.

Týnka D.
Great steak, wine and very friendly stuff. Unfortunately there is expensive.

Tomas H.
Great burgers, famous steaks and perfect service are good reasons why I definitly recommend this place. Go there take seat and you will see.

Rolando M.
Worst steak I've ever had in my life

Artur K.
Really good food, nice interior but service is extremely slow sometimes, it can ruin good lunch if you're not serving at the same time...

Waited for quite long time for the meal and tables are too close to each other

Not recommed for pregnant women! Bad experience, ordered well done steak, but it wasnt at all even ask they to redo it.

Lukas P.
Tvl, dneska fail... Medium rib eye napul podesev, napul rare. Prace chvatna, hovno platna.

Christian K.
Great steak... if you don't mind waiting over an hour watching others that arrived after you, get served before you...

Joanna .
Very good quality! ❤️

Andrew P.
Veal is delicious. Completely non smoking. They have decaf coffee too. Love this place.

Andrew P.
One of my favorites. Off the beaten path. Excellent service. Very local. More expensive but worth it. Meat and burger good. Outdoor patio seating.

Honza K.
Loved DockHouse until they closed and re-opened recently. The service is worse, higher prices for smaller meals, no couvert anymore, steaks were not medium rare as wanted. The menu is also worse.

Fanda N.
Overated place. The steaks are closer to ordinary, but the price is not. Also, for a steak house, very limited choice of meet.

Fanda N.
I have found those steaks more like average, especially for that price. Also, for a steakhouse, they dont have too much to can almost forget about anything else than boring fillet mingnon.

Tomas R.
Recently elevated price, quality went down. Won't be coming back anytime soon....

Zviad T.
Best steaks in Prague, very friendly staff.

Tomas N.
Too expensive for their quality

Michal S.
Burgers are amazing!

Catalin Ionut F.
Good food, but daily menu items go fast. If you order from the normal menu it is expensive and it takes up to 1h to get it.

Nice Steakhouse

Ondrej S.
Really abominable pasta for lunch!! Bad Value for €€€

Alena P.
Great steaks and the staff is very friendly. Perfect place for business lunch!

No smoking place.

Raul L.
Great service, superb steaks and good lunch menu.

Zdeněk N.
Steaks are excellent, nice stuff.

Ondrej S.
Best Beef Burger with cheddar in town

Tomas K.
Great atmosphere, simple design, great food...