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Dish - fine burger bistro Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Dish - fine burger bistro
Dish - fine burger bistro
Římská 29, Praha 2
Otevírací doba
Po-So 11:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-22:00

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Dish - fine burger bistro - hodnocení a recenze

Petr J.
Nejlepší Burger v Praze

Abdulrahman M.
their burger is ok

I have to admit that the bun is fantastic. However, the meat is not great and the cheese is really cheap. I don’t mind paying 10€ but when I do I expect quality.

Peter F.
Kahina burger FTW! :-)

raed a.
when you want to taste real burger with lovely flavors just order “dish burger” 👍🏼

Neel H.
Burger was meh. Bistro fries, sauces, and beer were great!

Lena D.
medium burger in taste amd heavy in stomach. digestion was difficult. overrated place :(

Sara H.
Goat cheese burger and the spicy burger

Fabiano W.
Great burgers, but don’t forget to make a reservation!

Harsh J.
Burgers were top notch!

Jan M.
Nice interior, very good burgers but fries too oversalted, that’s a pitty. In total satisfaction

Phillippe K.
Really just another burgerie... Didn't find it astonishing... I guess I will go there from time to time.

Delicious cheeseburger and great tasty French fried 🍟 with great garlic sauce. You must visit it this place. Make sure to reserve a table -:)

Tanya A.
Best burgers in Prague

Great burgers cooked to perfection.

Adam K.
Really awesome burgers, they have some signature burgers and some changing every few weeks. Amazing bistro fries. Nice selection of tonics (and gin).

Kate G.
Portobello burger!

Begüm E.
Burgers are so tasty but french fries are so salty

Philip M.
Amazing burgers and good pivo 👌

David K.
The burger was like heaven on earth.

Dominik Z.
Lemonade, burger was terrible for the price and even cold

Dorotea P.
Great burgers and fries. Make a reservation, the place is pretty small

Phillippe K.
Goood Average food. Good service and atmosphere Overpriced and I think overrated as I read reactions.

WHY THERE: craft burgers, interior. DISHES: decent. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: higher average (reasonable)

Almonther A.
fried jalapeños are to die for, i have tried three different burgers all of them were fantastic one of the best burger joints i ever visit

The best burger that i ate so far.

Štěpán K.
Great burgers, horrible service.

Ricardo C.
It used to be a really cool place with nice food.. last time we were there they refused to let us in and were rude because we brought the dog with us.. nice way to lose customers.

Lucie K.
Fries with bacon and maple syrup is a must!

iKat k.
Try their fries with garlic and parsley, there're to die for! And all the burgers I've had including the super spicy one are just omg perfect! Defi recommend ;)

Natalia A.
Dish Burger was really delicious