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Dish - fine burger bistro Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Dish - fine burger bistro
Dish - fine burger bistro
Římská 29, Praha 2
Otevírací doba
Po-So 11:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-22:00

Nejlepší burgery v Praze 2.


Dish - fine burger bistro - hodnocení a recenze

Petr J.
Nejlepší Burger v Praze

Bedřich S.
I‘ve visited dozens burger bars around the world and Dish is among the best burger places within Prague. Burgers are always delicious. Quality is the same as in their other branch.

Tomáš M.
Reviews were true - the very best burger in Prague. If you like spicy, try Sicario 2. And the “fitness” french fries 😅.

Sevgi S.
Chilli Shack !!! OMG 🤤

Michal B.
Were here again after a year and nothing changed. Still best burger in the universe! ❤️🥓🍔

Zigí K.
Delicious burgers, french fries and dips.

Bryan K.
My god this place is amazing. The burger with the fried onions, bacon, and chilis was out of control good.

Alex Z.
The most amazing burgers in Prague and other places!

Delicious and nice

Took a long time but I finally made it. The place is smaller than expected, but the service is fast and kind. There are not too many meals on the menu, which is good. And the burger? In my top 3!🍔👍

Ryan D.
We all agreed this is one of the best burgers we've ever had! Food was amazing and reasonably priced.

Mart T.
Best burger ever

Denise S.
Good burgers. Vegetarian is very tasty :) also the fries

Karime M.
These burgers are really the best! Tasty meat and bread, great fries. friendly service also.

Atahan C.
Try Dish hamburger. They have filterless beer.

Nikča Z.
Just a necessary to visit! Just chips for two are enought :D

Roy E.
Burger so good highly recommend chilli shack so yummy and meat juicy and tasty.

Rocket salad 8/10 + needs reservation

Dish burger no bacon and no bacon sauce 8/10

very nicely run burger spot; clean and simple; definitely recommended

Honza M.
Dish is my burger joint no. 2 in Prague, just behind Meat & Greet. Burgers and fries are excellent, as are beer specials. Staff is nice and kind. For me the problem is the space, which is too cramped.

Luca K.
Delicious burger! The lamb is fantastic!

Nurşin A.
Very rude people working here! They don't want to serve. Don't bother to come here.

Simply Jay
Visited this place again after like 4 years and they’re still awesome ! Excellent burgers & beverages. Friendly staff. See you next time !

Mert T.
Perfect burgers yummy 👌

Panos P.
The best burger in Prague.

Lydia P.
Great burgers! Maybe the best in Prague ☺️

Antonin D.
Careful about Ippin. That Miso mustard is very strong mustard (I'd call it Dijon mustard). Stay with the classics.

Pavla B.
Delicious fries and burger; my with some pieces of pineapple. Interesting flavors, best meat. Kind and helpful staff. Pleasant interior.

Patricia O.
Try the (fantastic) mayonese

Pretentious. Acted like I should be grateful to sit at a crappy seat in an empty restaurant.