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Dish - fine burger bistro
Římská 29, Praha 2
Otevírací doba
Po-So 11:00-23:00
Ne 12:00-22:00

Nejlepší burgery v Praze 2.


Dish - fine burger bistro - hodnocení a recenze

Petr J.
Nejlepší Burger v Praze

Almonther A.
fried jalapeños are to die for, i have tried three different burgers all of them were fantastic one of the best burger joints i ever visit

The best burger that i ate so far.

Štěpán K.
Great burgers, horrible service.

Ricardo C.
It used to be a really cool place with nice food.. last time we were there they refused to let us in and were rude because we brought the dog with us.. nice way to lose customers.

Lucie K.
Fries with bacon and maple syrup is a must!

iKat k.
Try their fries with garlic and parsley, there're to die for! And all the burgers I've had including the super spicy one are just omg perfect! Defi recommend ;)

Natalia A.
Dish Burger was really delicious

Delicious hamburger! Savory and koza nostra are really tasty. I suggest also fries! Fast service and kind staff. Reserve a table in advance.

Lubos J.
In my opinion second best place dor burger in prague after sladkovsky . Best coleslaw i had in my life . Thumbs up.

Julien D.
Nice tasty burgers

Bistro Fries: French fries + Garlic + Parsley

Rude staff 😏😏

iKat k.
Definitely worth trying: great food, good beer and the service is very friendly!

Lucie P.
If you love burgers, you need to visit this place! Amazing and tasty burgers and french fries with good mayo 😉 my favourite is their classic Dish burger!

Honza K.
Awesome burgers, good service, pretty bad toiletts. You don't want to poop there.

Sebastian H.
The best burgers in Prague! Fancy place, nice staff and delicious food. A must-visit!

Not impressed by their burgers. Too much bread compared to meat. The setup is not great either patty is sliding out of the bun. Also not a fan of the sauce. Overall 2/5

Dimitrios B.
Standard good Burger. French fries good for me, but not for light food eaters.

Excellent burger. Over fried fries. Annoyingly "home made" ketchup. Enjoyable place! Outdoor seating as well (until strictly 22:00).

Peter Z.
What to say... One of the best burger in Prague. Always need reservation.

Adrian A.
I was expecting a burger but was served a grey, sweaty piece of indistinguishable meat served in a soggy, tasteless bun with fries that were so salty they tasted like they just crawled out of the sea

Conni S.
Coleslaw was first class. Burgers were sublime, both the regular Dish burger and the (only) veggie burger. My veggie boyfriend said it was the best veggie burger he's had in years.

Jonathan D.
Delicious, nicely presented, affordable. Would recommend!

Lukáš V.
Dish burger 👍

Lukáš V.
Small bistro, nice atmosphere, delicious burgers

Kasey S.
Honestly, just average. This burger place has been really hyped up, so I was expecting great. Unfortunately, not the best burger in Prague by far. Bun was soggy and meat didn't have much flavor.

Dima S.

Joan M.
Everything was delicious

Ondřej .
Couldn't be more satisfied! Top meal, top staff, no wonder that it's supercrowdy all the time.

Michal T.
Best burgers in town 🍔

tarık r.
best burger in prague, better reserve your table before coming, you'd be lucky if you find a place to sit.

Jana A. Kri
One of the best burger joints in Prague - try out their seasonal specials. Caesar burger is delicious, wine selection is on point, plus several options of fries and sauces.

Ammar A.
It's really good burger but the over sauced it , plus the fried sweet potatoes was almost burned , still the best burger in prague is meat and great !

Nadja A.
Kahuna burger is in my personal top5 burgers I've ever had. Very good place, generous burgers. We ordered ruccola salad as a side dish.

Maroš V.
Average burger, French fries were terrible. I don´t know why this place have such a good rating. It is overrated.

Ilya B.
Best burgers in Prague 👨🏼‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳

The burgers so good they should be illegal.

Lukáš .
Best burgers 🍔 in prague

Eating D.
Small restaurant but honestly it's one of the best burgers in town

Dish burger is really tasty. Reservation is a must and the kitchen closes at 8.30 on sundays.

Petr H.
Best burgers in town! Highly recommended!

Josef C.
Kdysi daaavno to byvala excelenti burgrarna. Ted zije ze stinu sve slavy. Zkuste Black Dog!!

Good lemonades, good sides, very friendly staff and great burger. Try it!

Vojtech C.
One of the best burger joints in town. One of the oldest too. Ofter really crowded. Not sure about the staff, though.

Petr D.
Go there and enjoy the taste...

Jan D.
Best burgers in Prague!

Sailaja A.
Amazing veggie burger, sweet potato fries, and chilli garlic sauce!

Grafton C.
I think this place set the standard for good Burgers in Prague, but the competition has hurt them. Still an amazing burger though a little to pricey

Ozge Sahinler
Totally recommended. Delicious burgers and homemade fries. Chilli Shack was really good.

Sophia X.
Dish and Savory Burger-it was not the best burger we have eaten. Still the ingredients were fresh and the meat was delicious!❤ Love their homemade Dish Ketchup. Try their various Gin&Tonic😉

Order medium-rate ;-)

Jarda H.
Best burgers in Prague. Great fries, awesome BBQ sauce, coleslaw could be better... awesome drinks and cool staff

Tadeáš K.
Very, very good burgers. But keep in mind to make a reservation, if you are going here for a dinner!

Khaled A.
My first burger in Prague. The taste is good but i don't think this is the best in Prague. For me it doesn't worth the 25min walk from the city center and the10 min wait I didn't like the Bun at all.

shehab H.
Very good. But overrated.

Victoria P.
One of the best burger in town...and the staff very friendly and polite!I definitely recommend this!!!!

Michal .
Burger dobry, totalne narvane stoly s moznosti sahnuti k sousedum... , nutna rezervace. Spise fast food nez posezeni... 6z10

Woooooow 👌 totally recommended 👍 i took the Dish burger and it was amazing, this place is a must in Prague

Petro N.
The best vegeterian burger I have ever had (smoked mozzarella is the cherry on the top) 👌😊

Andrew P.
Yes the burger is amazing. Their service and treatment of customer is shit. Even if you have a reservation - which you need. There are many other excellent burger places in Prague. Vote with your feet

Always great burgers, whatever you choose. Make sure to reservate before as its busy every day. Their salted caramel icecream is to die for!

Tyler D.
Burgers were the best I've eaten in Prague. Make a reservation ahead not much seating

Fehmi A.
You have to try Dish Burger!

Tomáš B.
Best burgers in da town ;)

Dylan S.
Burgers are the new "it" food in Prague (according to locals), but the ones here are just ok. The homemade ketchup is way too sweet.

Vojtech J.
Probably the best burger place in PRG.

Tony G.
Surprisignly good choice of gins (Hayman's sloe included), tasty juicy burgers, friendly staff. The menu is rather short though, about 8 burgers, and that's it.

Kim Kian W.
Excellent burgers and great service!

Denzell Melles
Take the Dish Burger with homemade tomato sauce :-)

Roman L.
Lamb Burger very tasty! 😜

T J.
Tasty big burgers, little bit more expensive but it worth it

Jozefina S.
The burgers are really good, by the staff could be a bit friendlier. The girls do not bother to accommodate you at all!

Jakub B.
Finest prague burgers. Try DISH

Carl S.
Burgers and bistro fries were great!

Dawid K.
Delicious burgers! If you like a little bit of spiciness try Chilli Shack.

Morten K.
Great burgers. Loved the bistro fries with garlic and parsley.

One of the best burger places that i have ever tried.

Mellanye C.
Best burger in Prague! :)

Ou em dzy.. Best burgers! Dish burger totally recommended :)

Simon S.
Super unfriendly staff

Robert F.
Came to try it out and was rudely and snarkily turned away by the arrogant waitstaff for not having a reservation. Avoid!

Petr G.
Many choices of delicious burgers

Štěpánka S.
Ajajajaj... Some news for dogs.

Jakub J.
The best burgers!

Tomas F.
Best burger place in Prague!

Michal V.
Nice service, tasty food, but it's quite small...

great fries, burgers, staff, ....

Natalia R.
Well, I am not fond these burgers. Mine was cold and french fries were overcooked... So I wouldn't recommend this place....

Michaela S.
Still my favorite burger place in town. Have their sweet potato fries and wash it down with some cold beer :) Friendly service!

Matěj T.
Everything has been said before, probably the best burgers in the country.

Karolína K.
Amazing burgers! Try the Dish burger. Good fries, and I had salted caramel for desert.

Adrian A.
Decent burger but certainly nothing special

Charlotte S.
Mm. That is one tasty burger. Great meat with tangy gherkin and soft buns. Lovely.

Sean H.
Having the port and stinky cheese burger

Jiri V.
There is better place for burgers in Prague but Dish is solid burgers.

Dorotea P.
The place is really nice so make sure you have a reservation when you go there :)

Zola G.
The food is superb and the stuff as well!

Andrey N.
Loved the place, one of the waitresses could've been nicer though: brought two portions of fries instead of one (even though she asked us about it two times). Hard to get in without reservation too.

Joanne M.
Yummy burgers, but make sure you reserve during peak time!

Marek B.
One of the nicest burger places in Prague

Honza L.
Tiny cozy place with great burgers 🍔

Dan R.
Fine burger all over town. Order Dish burger! Also their chips are the finnest

Emrah C.
Good burgers

Gourmet burgers

Jozefina S.
It used to be my favorite burger place in Prague but unfortunately the last 2 times I was there the burgers were not as good as I they used to be!

Jonas N.
Probably the best burgers in he town. If you love burgers, you have to try this place. I recommend to reserve a table.

Pallo H.
The home made fries are heaven on earth! Each burger is a story of its own, you won't make a mistake it any of them.

Joan V.
Burgers, steak fries and garlic alioli sauce are good. You definitely want to go for the Dish burger as it has a perfect balanced taste. Nice place but you'd beret book ahead as it is very popular

Jan-willem B.
Perfect burgers

Tomas N.
Great burgers, to book a table beforehand is necessary

Karel M.
Best burgers is Prague!

Bogna G.
Shortly - Mnichov burger was very good. Recommend trying that one :)

Hakan O.
Rudeness of the staff makes your experience completely distasteful

Michalis P.
Very delicious burger. Try the greek style burger with tzatziki sauce and baked aubergine. Better make a reservation as it is usually full.

Dmitry W.
Good burgers. 7.5/10. Good fries and cole slow

Zeyad N.
Extraordinary taste..Strongly recommending it

Cesar C.
Big expectations, irrational hostess..... Walked a mile under rain and didn't give us a table...... Go to Putica, nice service good burgers!!

Cristina D.
As tourists we arrived with no reservation after walking 2 km under the rain with big expectations..... Unfortunately all tables were reserved and the host was not kind at all, shame.

Alex L.
Awesome Kahuna burger

Aleksander B.
Good selection of burgers

Martin P.
Very tasty and very friendly service. Love they home made mayo.

Panagiotis S.
Service was amateur, I ve eaten way better burgers in my life. Heads up... You should book in advance.

Petra S.
Best burgers!

Vlad Z.
Burgers are awesome. Everything is awesome, staff, place...everything.

Marcin S.
Cozy, stylish place with delicious burgers and fries...

Dila A.
good burgers but I still think that this place is a bit overrated

Leonardo D.
The Dish serves one of the best burgers in town and everybody knows it.

Océane C.
Really good burger, especially the one with the serano ham and the pineapples ! Yummy yummy in my belly

Vojtěch .
In this restaurant was on of the most delicious food, what I ever eat. I recommended it. There was really good burger, limonade and chips.

Lewis J.
The burgers here of the highest standard, they're just too tasty! The thyme seasoned chips also go down a treat!

Iva K.
Not afraid to say you find the best burgers in Prague here :)

Vladimiro M.
Great burgers, nice staff, pet friendly!

Pavel D.
Some serious burger business is hapenning here

Michal B.
Have a special - Chilli Shack, it is one of the best burgers I ever had. So if you like chilli, this is a must!

Vova N.
Love burgers? Go and take any, or better two!

Jonathan B.
Everything is fantastic. I even took vegetarians there and they loved their meals.

Beyosome burgers! And a very nice personnel.

Petr H.
Everything perfect, highly recommended!

Martin M.
Good burgers, good beers, outdoor seating, friendly staff - the order can take a while though. Anyway, it's worth the waiting & a reservation. 👍🏻

👑 Wojtek Z.
Dish Burger was one of the best I've ever had! I was very, very pleasantly surprised. Good service and comfortable seatng outdoors, too.

Vojta M.
Always amazing. Best burgers in city, nice stuff and coffee was ok. Dish is always good choice. ALWAYS!

Quite popular place. Reservation is mandatory. But service and burgers are definitely good.

Vojta M.
Best burgers in city. Nice place, always nice stuff.

Lukáš M.
Best Burgers ever

Kristina r.
Fantastic burgers! Dish burger and lamb one were both very good.

Really great restaurant. Best Burgers in town for sure! Also very good service.

Martina J.
The best portobello burger I've ever had 😋👌👏

Miroslav K.
Dokonalost sama!

Michelle A.
Great burgers!

Wandering B.
Luckily got a table without a reservation. Quality food (had a dish burger but opted for BBQ sauce.) Waitress took the time to take care of us even though it was super busy. ❤️🍔

Robert M.
Just plain awesome. Lives up to the hype. Call ahead to make sure you get a table.

Colin D.
The menu looked great, unfortunately the food was average. The burger was far too much bread and too little meat, the meat itself was very pink and the kimchi sauce has very little to do with kimchi.

Luc V.
Nice little cosy burger joint with delicious burgers, homemade lemonades and steak fries. Totally worth the money!

Kaan A.
Best Burger House in Prague.

Thea K.
Tasty burgers!

Jakub S.
You have to try this one.

Natalia R.
If dis is best burger in Prg we r doomed.It's just ok.Tastes like d sauces in it.If charcoal grilled, it's unnoticeable.Patty's suspiciously soft.That isn't 2 me what a true burger is.Prices 2 high

Jan V.
Outstanding burgers and awesome fries, good beer, perfect sevice, reservation necessary.

Sydney F.
Best burger in prague! Will be back! Everything is delish! Must come here! Authentic tasting meat!

Nihat Sinan E.
Prag's best Burgers here!

Jan K.
Everything :)

Jana S.
Great burgers

Natalia K.
One of the best place to eat burgers in Prague and great service by the way!

Janka S.
Best burger i ate in Prague - dish burger

Nela Z.
Amazing burgers. Trendy place. Book before you come.

George V.
Reservation only. Don't try without one.

Sonjoe M.
Amazing Awesome Delicious Fantasy. Mega. Don't hesitate. Amazing girls - waiters...Wow :)

Tomas S.
I had "Dish" and it wans't the best burger I have ever had. But combination of juicy medium grilled burger, home made fries with Uneticka 12 and attentive service  was the thing that made it best.

Nacho S.
These burgers play in other league. First class prime matter and thorough ellaborations. Not expensive for that quality and flavour.

Andrey A.
Best burgers in Prague

Good gourmet burgers, great service as well. The place tends to be crowded so it's a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

yummy burgers and fries! air condition can be improved.

Martin B.
Delicious burgers, nice service. But it is overcrowded so you need a reservation.

Natasha N.
Delicious burgers and beer.

Antoine F.
Great burgers and beer. Perfect for two : 2 burgers, one fries with sauce !

Lucie B.
Delicious burgers and homemade lemonades for great prices! Service is really fast and helpful.

Tereza P.
Great burgers,nice place to stay for a dinner

Burak .
Great tasty burger, nice cozy and small.

Dave S.
Dish burger the best. + hrany.

one of the best burgers I ever had

Lubomir K.
Delicious burgers, friendly stuff, good prices of burgers (the rest is rather expensive/over-priced, e.g. ketchup for 28CZK). Interior is tiny, so better reserve a table before visit. Try burger Dish.

Johny R.
Most delicious burgers in Prague, great service absolutely top 👍

Sam B.
Everything was great! The service, the Weisse beer, and most importantly the burger :) I had the dish burger and it was the best cheeseburger I have had outside of the US. One of the best ever!

Alena S.
Best Burgers In Prague

Didrik V.
Huge hamburgers and nice variations on the menu. The garlic and parsley fries were insane. Also, be sure to try their gin & tonic, ask for the special.

Andrea T.
Delicious burger! average prices

Hand cut fries 🍟 are top notch! Burgers are very tasty and highly satisfying. Only downside is the size of the sauces that needs to be ordered separately.

Cesnakova mayoneza ftw!

Best burgers ever!

Lukas M.
Best burgers in Prague! The homemade fries are one of the most delicious

Matyáš N.
Try batata fries with Orange mustard

leonid p.
When you try burger here, you will understand that all burgers you were tasting before were sandwiches. Absolutely awesome place, 5/5

Martin M.
Best burger in Prague!

Milos L.
High quality burgers, from beef to bun, if you enjoy a bit of a kick try 'piri piri'. This place is popular and quite small, so reserve or roll the dice

Hanka D.
Best burgers ever!!!

Proper tasty burgers and chips but can improve their homemade ketchup. Highly recommended!

Michal S.
Burgers, Stuff

Natasha P.
There are two best burger restaurants one is Dish and second is Tavern. Dish is more modern and their orange mustard is super delicious.

Jasmine B.
The best burger you will have in Prague. I've been here probably 20times only this year ;)

Kubo S.
drahe, ale dobre ... worth your money

Olivier C.
smelly, fries over salted, & too small place. No consideration taken as you queue @kitchen desk for a free small table. by far not the best place to find a burger if we could still call it burger

Vratislav .
Excellent burgers!

Johana K.
I tasted Koza Nostra and Savory burger and it was heaven. One of the best burgers in town and really minimalistic designed interior. Cool place.

Dodo O.
#1 Dish burger

Aaaah i love their goat cheese salad, homemade fries lemonades and BURGERS of courseeee

Eliška K.
Second best burger in Prague.

Carolina S.
If you want a burger, as it has to be, just go there. Everything is fresh and homemade! French fries are one of the best in the city.

Atoosa G.
High quality, delicious burgers. Great location, and great service.

Adriana P.
Great Burgers, my favorite is Sappi, reservation is recommendable 👍👍

Ellen F.
I've had burger with goose cheese and it was delicious ("Koza Nostra"). I also highly recommend steak fries with garlic dip.

Kathrine R.
Great burgers in the perfect bun

Andreas L.
Great Burgers!

Honza F.
Dish or The Tavern? While The Tavern is more authentic and less hipster-laden, Dish provides a gourmet experience. Make a reservation beforehand!

Tomas A.
Burgers, chips, beer, WiFi, non smoking

Tomas A.
Great burgers, steak chips and beer

Koza Nostra! Goat cheese & sundried tomatoes, just great.

Areej 2014
Worst service ever, its crowded, but the atmoshere is boring, the burgers looks nice, but not tasty, and its not cheap, never again!!!

Areej 2014
Overrated, Bad quality meat

Jana B.
Well, after some research in Prg, I can say that this is the best burger in here. You can try also some cool version, like Koza Nostra, which is incredibly tasty!

Anne-Marie W.
Cute interior, friendly staff and delicious homemade mint lemonade & pear ice cream. However when it comes to the burgers and fries - Dish doesn't even come close to the burgers at Cafe Palanda.

David A.
Damn son once again got angry following some tips on 4Sq. Before claiming that something is delightful make sure your taste buds work properly thus the burger here is nothing more than average.

Caner S.
Dish burger is very delicious.. you should try this ;)

Güneş B.
waitress, all burgers, french fries :)

Emanuela M.
Our first hamburger restaurant discovery in Prague. Perfect reservation system, hamburger are awesome, winner for me is Olomouc! Nice light Uneticke beer, friendly staff with good english.

Julie G.
Delicious and big burgers. Great meat, cool fillings. Loved it. The space is simple and rather small, so maybe it's a good idea to book your table on weekend.

Jan K.
Burgers and potato chips

Christian V.
Awesome burger, awesome fries, awesome staff and nice atmosphere. :)

Bruno M.
One of the top 10 burgers u can have in your life!

Anton E.
11 different burgers to choose from, tasty home fries and coleslaw. One of the best burger joints in the city.

Luana B.
Best burger in Prague! Juicy meet, perfect fries, soft buns and home made sauce, cant ask for more!

Jindra B.
The whole place looks amazing and their delicious burgers fit perfectly into the interior!

Tomáš M.
Great burgers !

Lucie K.
OK, we all know about these #1 burgers... But let me mention their steak fries with smoked pepper mayo - how would I say it - Heaven in my mouth!!

Vladimir M.
IWe know what you done, Dear Dish and we appreciate it. Burgers, exactly everything is in a perfect harmony. Don't waste your time and go ! Now.

Thang D.
Number ONE place for burger lovers. Highly recommend! Last time I had sweet potato chips which totally blew up my taste buds away along side with lime mayonnaize. The veggie "Tatarak" is my favorite.

Klasika ktora nikdy nesklame = Dish burger, hranolky s petrzlenom & majoneza s limetkou a koriandrom

TuristiperPraga w.
This place is a fantastic place if you like burger...definitely one of the best in #Prague! Go there early otherwise you'll need to queue...

Andrea W.
The best burgers in Prague, red pepper burger and fries. Good service, delicious food for god money, nice bistro :)

Jana T.
The burgers are so tasty and the french fries are delicious! Also the service amazing. You should definately try it!

Friederich F.
Awesome awesome awesome! The waitress is tasty and has a smooth knee!

Thanh Van .
"Fine Burger" is not enough, try their burgers - you won't regret 🍔

Vojtech J.
Benchmark of hamburger quality in Prague. A bit expensive for what it is, when you factor in price of fries and sauce.

Burger bohou, s hranolkama a dipem moozna trosku drazsi, ale totally worth it! Navic kohoutkova voda 0,75 l za 12 kc..

Robert V.
The best burger in Prague

Marwan Z.
The Red Chili isn't spicy at all, but good if you like Salsa saucy taste!

Juan H.
Best burgers in Prague, but you probably know that already. Absolutely fantastic service as well!

The Smoky Dish is said to be awesome.

Manos K.
One of the best burgers I ever had the chance to experience

Šimon D.
Olomouc Burger bol úplne skvelý!

Artur M.
Good veggie burger (portobello mushroom). Not cheap though...

Petr W.
I cant get rid of the feeling that the quality of meat is taking wrong direction.

Tomáš B.
super burgre aj servis, bravo

They started to serve bigger buns :( pitty they followed the crowd

Great burger place! Awesome food, fair prices and a very friendly staff!

Magdalena G.
great burger, lovely french fries, nice music ;)

Kullervo K.
Výborný burgery i hranolky!

Tomáš S.
Probably best burger bistro in Czech Republic !

Roman G.
Best burgers and beer around :-)

Mark B.
I like this place a lot. That said the last time I was here I had a terrible burger. 30 minute wait for food, arrived cold. Fries were undercooked but way too hot and salty. Bill was over 300 Kc. Sux.

Mark B.
I like this place but last time here had a bad burger and bad fries. My burger took 35 minutes to prepare and arrived at my table lukewarm. Fries were way too hot but undercooked and over salted.

Jakub J.
The best of burger...

Bjarke K.
Good burgers. Nice little place. Free open WiFi.

Michal Z.
Koza nostra it is!

Mária E.
Yummx !!!!

Valentina S.
I had the Dish burger and it was the tastiest thing I ate in a while. Definitely I will be coming back!

Zdeněk N.
New EBBurger is absolutely fantastic, very tasty, will fill your stomach.

Jakub K.
The best burgers in Prague!

Jeremy P.
Best burgers in Prague

Chris M.
cool ambiance and laid back atmosphere. American style burgers. Book cause you won't find a seat!

Steve R.
Lamb burger is pretty awesome. Not crazy bout the fries, but the homemade ketchup is really nice

Radoslav H.
An angel descended from heaven to earth and made this heavenly burger. Probably.

Denis M.
best burgers in Prague

Vuk M.
For me it's tied with The Tavern for best burger in Prague. By far the best fries. I know it's a "fine burger bistro", but the atmosphere is a bit too "fine" and "date-ish" for me. Make a reservation!

Jakub N.
Absolutely perfect!!!

Pavla J.
Burgers with delicious taste!! High recommended!

Jan N.
Delicious Burgers (check the pictures) and homemade french fries - however you will probably need a reservation

Erkan A.
Amazing tasty burgers , fries and choco cake with pistach. Ice cream yammmyyy malaka superrrrr

Great veggie burgers for all non-meat eaters.

Free wifi and nice service.

Wifi password is "dishhoste"

Radovan T.
Average burger for lot of money, the meat and bun dry. Never more , i don't know what is the fuss about this place.. Sorry

Sergey L.
Best burger in town. Nice area, already out of tourist attractions. Dish burger, home made french fries and chili lime mayo was fantastic! Thank you Dish! Great job.

Nikola P.
Best burgers in all Czech Republic;-)

Delicious savory burger, sweeter unique taste thanks to caramelized onion. Bistro chips not bad, mayonaise with chilli yummy :) next time i try olomouc burger!

Anna K.
So happy to eat here. Portobello burger was very tasty and steak fries were served in a hipster way:) Recommend this truly.

Anna G.
Pepper burger&bistro fries! Don't hesitate!!

Szymon K.
Best burgers in town.

Olga K.
excelent service!!! and, of course, delicious burgers and beer.

Rodolfo C.
Try the Pepper burger, it's dobry.

Burger s kozim syrem, rukolou, susenymi rajcaty a fikovou omackou fakt top! Thumb up! ;-)))

Alan B.
Doubt you'll find better burgers in Prague than they serve here. Exceeded expectations from serving to fantastic taste. Just delicious! Summer garden is just cherry on cake. *****

Very slowly and very expensive for this burgers

Matthijs W.
Had to wait 60 minutes to get our burger. Definitely not worth it.

Jason N.
Delicious burgers. You can taste the difference in the quality of their fresh ingredients. It's been a while since I've been completely satisfied with food. / food: A- / service: B / atmosphere: A

Matias T.
Quite small place crowded with both young locals & tourists. Well worth a visit, burgers were superb and cheap.

The best!!! #1 in Prague

Gabriela K.
Bez rezervace ani ranu! Olomouc-Porto & pistaciova zmrzlina <3

Honza K.
Probably the best burger in town, if not in CZ. Amazing Dish burger and Panpa burger, but other dishes are perfect as well.

Mindee B.
Dish burger was great!

Pavel V.
Savory burgr a k tomu bistro hranolky, vyborne!

Samer S.
The best in Town......!!!!!!

Eduardo M.
French fries are not too fresh and they are served with skin :( Bürger was good, soft meat and massive

Georges P.
A new place definitely worth a try

Georges P.
Excellent burgers, unlike others I think the size is just right, certainly not small. Bistro hranolky is a must.

Blanka M.
They use good quality ingredients but still have lots to improve. It is a good competition to The Tavern, yet worse priced.

Lenka L.
Savory burger, bistro hranolky a cesnekova majoneza. A okurkova limonada!!!

Daniela P. K.
Dish burger

Michal P.
Není lepšího burgeru v Praze, není a nikdy nebude lepší a nikdy je nevyměním !! The best of all !!

Seda S.
Savaroy:domates sosla bezenmiş hamburger ekmeği arası yine pişmiş domates nefis bir köfte,karamelize soğan ve mantar içeriyor.Harika bir seçim.Afiyet olsun

alhanouf a.
برقر لذيذ والفرنش فرايز برضو ، السعر مثل شيك شاك وفايف قايز تقريبا..الويتر مو فريندلي مثل عادتهم بهالديره

Adam V.
Všechno výborný, až na broskvový sorbet, který byl lehce přechlazený.

Hana K.
I'm sorry, but it was nothing special actually 😕 personally prefer burgers from Kantýna or Naše maso. They are smaller, but the meat inside is just incredible 🤤

Tecí N.
Nakládaná zelenina byla příjemný překvapení v burgru 👌🏼🍔

David V.
Burgry dobré, ale vyhazovat hodinu před zavíračkou, že mají na stůl, kde jsme měli také rezervaci, další rezervaci... příště strávím večer někde jinde.

Alina B.
Obsluha dobra, bohuzel ale tmave pecivo na vyzadani nemaj. Skvelej gintonic i v ruznych variacich. Pro jedliky bileho peciva bezva podnik.

Nejlepší burgry v Praze!

Sirine K.
Burger excellent ! The veggie burger est l'un des meilleurs burger végétarien que j'ai jamais goûté ! Les frites aussi sont un delice

Kendi yapımları olan soslar ve patates kızartması çok iyiydi. Ortam güzel hamburgerlere tam puan.

Andrey S.
Вкусно! Непривычно, что булочки такие большие, но они очень мягкие и вкусные. Удобно есть, ничего не выпадает. Фри тоже крутая — чувствуется настоящая картошка. С чаем подают мёд и сок лимона.

Blanka W.
Milá obsluha, jídlo vynikající. Nemám co bych vytkla.

Kryštof M.
Po nějakém čase musím změnit doporučení! Burgery šli nahoru a kvalita i chuť jsou teď daleko lepší! Doporučuji také domácí omáčky k hranolkám.

Helena S.
Výborné burgery 🍔, obsluha vstřícná. Určitě si zajistěte rezervaci 😊. Doporučuji👌

Martin S.
Žádné luxusní prostředí nečekejte, postarají se o vás a burgery stojí za to. Rio burger 🍔 si musíte dát! Dokud je. Rezervace nutností, jinak si nejspíše nesednete. Za burger, hranolky a pivo 300kc 👍

витёк .
Очень вкусные бургеры!

Tak tady neni o cem :-) Nejlepsi burgery v Praglu! Doporucuju primo Dish burger, steakovy hrany a Unetice!

Liliya S.
Даже при пустом зале счёт будете ждать осень долго. Бургеры стандартные

Roman L.
Die Burgers und die Salate. Fries werden überbewertet, sind eher langweilig.

Roman L.
:-) Lamb Burger war sehr köstlich!

Barbora K.
jsem dost mozna jedinej vegetarian, co sem chodi pravidelne. Salaty jsou super, stejne jako hranolky a Unetice

Deii V.
Burger a Únětické pivečko ladí lépe než kola.

Uzasna burgrarna, skvela obsluha. Burgery nemaj chybu a zmrzlina slany karamel....aaaaaaa, nejlepsi

Michal S.
Dish - místo kde se vysmívaji hostům, kteří přijdou bez rezervace, a stojíce vedle prázdného stolu se zeptajì, jestli opravdu nemají volno. (ale burgery výborný, já vím)

Judita D.
Best burger ever! Jídlo připravené s péčí a jídelníček vytvořený s fantazií a lehkostí. Výjimečný zážitek, cesta do duše dobře fungující restaurace. Skromné prostory, čisté a velmi ochotný personál.

Uzasna burgrana, skvela obsluha a ze vseho nejlepsi je zmrzlina slany karamel 😍😍😍

Alyona P.
Очень вкусные бургеры и картошка ! Картошка вообще прекрасная ! Мне достался супер пересоленный goat chees salad ! И пришлось сидеть без брони за стойкой перед открытой кухней.

Sandra W.
Vždycky se rádi vracíme!

Lukáš S.
Doporučuji rezervaci prostřednictvím webových stránek, nebo prostřednictvím sociálních sítí. Za tento krátce věnovaný čas se pak můžete těšit na vynikající čerstvé domácí burgery. Mňam!

Sercan D.
Servis mükemmel, nezaketin sözlük anlamı .

Peppe P.
Moc prijemna obsluha a dobre jidlo.

Michaela R.
Nejlepší burger v Praze!

Simona O.
Burger je dnes na každém rohu, Dish je ale jen jeden!

Andrej M.
Proste úžasný, najlepší burger.

Matěj S.
Zdaleka nejlepší burger, co jsem kdy měl. Dish burger skvělej, hranolky super. Obsluha rychlá, ochotná. Určitě si ale udělejte rezervaci.

Jakub L.
Velmi příjemná obsluha a jedny z nejlepších burgerů v Praze! Hruškový sorbet vynikající!

Aleš K.
Výborná standardní nabídka burgerů, speciály vynikající, všechny druhy hranolek si zamilujete. Rád se do Dishe vracím!

Svetlana B.
Ожидания не совпали с реальностью... Заказали с мужем разные бургеры,ужасные оба...

Kattie .
Všechny burgry jsou strašně dobré, povinná návštěva aspoň jednou za měsíc! Pro mě top #1 v Praze.

D .
Není nic víc! Skvělá obsluha, pivo a burgy!!!

Daniel K.
Jediným negativem Dishe je jeho stísněné prostředí. Když chce otylý host projít kolem vás na záchod, s trochou smůly vám zadkem šťouchne do hamburgeru. Tomu jako takovému ale není co vytknout.

Ondřej K.
Smoky Dish je skvělý, stejně tak Emiliana, ale ve skutečnosti tu nemůžete s žádným burgerem šlápnout vedle..! ;)

Michal V.
Super burgry, milá obsluha. Zatím nejlepší Burger, který jsem v Praze měl. Určitě musíte navštívit.

Petr K.
Přijďte, sedněte si a užívejte! Stojí to za to.

Filip V.
Ochutnali jsme Kahuna burger a Eggplant burger, oba byly vynikající, určitě se zastavíme na další. V rušnějších dnech doporučuji rezervaci.

Hambáč Olomouc-Porto, domácí hranolky, majonéza z pečeného česneku, pivo z Unětic a obsluha super. Sem určitě ještě zajdeme. Ps: Jen ty domácí limonády by to chtělo podávat studené.

Vojtěch K.
Jeden z nejlepších burgru co jsem kdy jedl, jen prostředí je trochu ztísněné.

Filip G.
Burgry uchvatne, pivo nacepovane do velmi teple sklenice

Vojta M.
Dnes spokojenost jako vzdy. Mila blondynka a trochu zmatena bruneta. Dish Burger jako obvykle skvely, stakeove hranolky na jednicku a kava neurazila.

Adam B.
Hranolky dobre, coleslaw neoslovil, ale burgery dokonale

David N.
Die Burger sind sehr gut, die Pommes überragend, so auch die Soßen. Nette, sympathische Bedienung. Ein Ausflug wert!

S rodinkou jsme slavili narozeniny - vynikající! Koza nostra byl nejlepší burger, jaký jsem kdy měla. Ty houstičky? A hranolky? Pastva pro chuťový buňky. Dokonce byl i velmi netradiční "dort" :)

Tomáš T.
Velmi dobry burger, ale pre mna je jednotkou aj tak Cafe Palanda :) Dish-u mozem jedine vytknut male priestory. Inak ok.

A'kim Pavel L.
Excelentní burgery a výborně domácí hranolky. Velmi milá a vstřícná obsluha. Fajn E domácí limonády.

Skvělé burgery ale oblečeni pak ihned letí do pračky ;)

Tomáš K.
Naprosto skvělý burgerový zážitek. V Praze jsem zatím lepší neměl.

Jan .
Výborné burgery. Originální a velmi vyladěné kombinace, chuťově i provedením asi zdaleka nejlepší burgery v Praze. Pokud chcete obžerství, běžte asi jinam, nejsou největší (nebo si dejte dva!).

Roman S.
Netoci tady kostky.

Oleg K.
Супер бургеры. Коза Ностра - очень вкусный.

Josef R.
Burgery mi pořád přijdou lepší v Tavern, ale zase se tu výrazně zlepšila obsluha a točí tu Holledauer Weisses, což se k těm burgerům perfektně hodí

Restaurant J.
Koza Nostra - это явно то, за чем сюда стоит зайти. Котлета без наворотов, приличный medium well, а вот сыр и вяленые томаты делают этот бургер идеальным.

Filip .
Nejlepsi burgery v Praze !

Sabina Z.
Dish je laska. Chci tam bydlet a jist Dish burger k snidani, obedu a veceri.❤️

Martina S.
Obří výběr burgeru zajímavých kombinaci (doporučuji Koza Nostra), netradiční dipy, komorní (chybí trochu soukromí) a retro zařízený prostor a příjemná obsluha, která vám bude pokukovat po příteli :)

Alexandra G.
Uzasne hranolky s cesnakom a bylinkami, nikdy som nemala lepsie

martin l.
Vše nejspíš odpovídá. Vyšší třída burgeru. Pivo Únětice. Trochu zaskočen trhanym místo klasickým jehnecim.

David T.
Burgery a Únětice top! Přesto existují konkurence s nižšími cenami a o něco hezčím prostředím.

Lukáš T.
Skvele osobite prostredi, konecne obsluha ktera umi doporucit, UNETICE, BURGERY, HUDBA, vse naprosto SKVELE...

Gleb K.
Бургеры просто отличные, с какой стороны не посмотри: вкус, подача, прожарка - всё безупречно. Картошка - домашняя и с душой. Очень рекомендую заглянуть, хоть и далековато от основных турмаршрутов.

Maru M.
Domace hranolky su najviac! Burger super, obsluha super, limonady super, ale tie HRANOLKY! Treba rezervovat, lebo je stale plno. Pre mna lepsie ako taverna. Kvoli hranolkam :D

Pavol S.
Pre mňa o trocha lepší burger ako v Tavern. Skvelá vyvážená chuť, kde mäso a bulka hrajú vedúcu úlohu. Sedenie na bare má + aj -. Vidíte prácu majstrov zblízka, ale dosť nepohodlne sa Vám bude jesť.

Barbora R.
Nepopsatelně dobrý burger. Chci vyzkoušet všechny! ❤️

Andrea P.
Burgery! A dokonalý!

Andrea P.
Naprosto všechno

Jan A.
vynikajici burger, neuveritelne mila obsluha (a taky dost pekna:-)), jen zamrzi absence obedovych menu, u burgru za skoro 2 stovky by klidne alespon zakladni priloha mohla byt v cene.

Pavel K.
Ano ano ano.Vynikajici burger s Bistro hranolkama a salat s hruskou.Perfektni servis a prostredi.I ta kohoutkova voda je tady o neco chutnejsi :-)

Sandra P.
Jeden z nejlepších burgerů, které jsem kdy jedla!

Veru S.
Neni co vytknout, poslední sousto zamrzí :D

Alena S.
Koza nostra je bezkonkurencni a pokud mate radi kozi syr nevahejte! S zadnym burgerem neslapnete vedle, se syreckama taky vyborny a originalni. Zmrzlina vyborna od 3 kopecku ;) slany karameeel!!

Radim K.
Výborný burger i pivo

Marcel L.
Neni co vytknout. Jidlo, piti a hlavne obsluha je TOP.

Veronika K.
Batátové hranolky v soli, které nejsou v oficialnim menu, ale napsane na tabuly kridou.. jsou jen tresnickou na dortu, tech nejlepsich burgeru! Maximalni spokojenost, doporucuji! Domaci limonady top!

Antonín P.
10/10! Nejen nejlepší Burger v Praze!

...a když vám housky zachutnají natolik, ze je chcete ráno s vajíčkem, kupte si jich pár domů. Nejsou nejlevnější (22 Kč/ks), ale stojí za to!

Michelle A.
Opravdu úžasné burgery...

Karel M.
Absolutní paráda! Burger perfektní, obsluha skvostná.

David S.
Po asi 20-ti minutovém čekáni na servírku, až nád usadí ke stolu, který měl být volný, ale nakonec nebyl jsme radši šli na burger do Tom's Burger...

Elisa g.
Panini buoni, per me un po' troppo salsosi ed un po' agliosi. Problematica la cucina aperta che profuma troppo l'ambiente. Il personale sbadato. Per me c'è di meglio nella zona. È trendy. Prenotate.

martina h.
Úžasný burgery, skvělá obsluha i kuchaři 🍔😊

Artur s.
Uááá, Dish vám odje... gebulu. Zabudnete na Tavern. Jednoznacne NEJLEPSI BURGERY V PRAZE! Hrany bozi, dijon s pomerancem, domací kecup. Ta slaninka ♥

Tais B.

Thiago C.
Hamburger delicioso, home-made ketchup sensacional!!!

Martina S.
Dobré burgery, i když se poslední dobou zhoršili. Hranolky nic moc.

Karolína B.
Skvěle burgry,příjemné prostředí

Štěpánka B.
Nejlepší burgry v Praze!!! The best burgers in Prague!!!💜

Michal M.
Burger nebyl spatnej, i kdyz vyhrady napriklad ke stupni propeceni masa (tzv. do sucha) bych mel. Ale na nejlepsi burger ve meste budete muset zajit jinam. Dobry dojem zanechala prijemna obsluha.

Jana L.

Standa K.
Únětické je jinde lepší, prostředí je jinde lepší, burgery cenově spíš dražší, ale to maso..! Byli jsme 4 a každej měl jinýho, ale pokaždé to geniální maso a chutě k sobě ladili jak pr*del na hrnec;-)

Martin S.
Chodím sem od otevření a snad začnu mít pocit, že je to stále lepší. Tohle místo za to prostě stojí. Chuťově úžasně vymazlené burgery a do toho zapadá koncept, obsluha, prostředí, servírování :)

Jan V.
Kdo tu nikdy nejedl, jakoby nebyl.

Julie .
jednoznacne nejlepsi burgery v Praze! Stylove bistro, vsechno je domaci, cepuji unetice a maji i americke limonady. Rozhodne stoji za navstevu, ale nezapomente si udelat rezervaci!

Jitka K.
Skvělý burger, skvělá obsluha!

Burger z cervene repy nemel chybu ! prijemna vstricna obsluha!

Neuvěřitelné Bistro hranolky s česnekem a petrželkou!

Бургер Red Pepper - пробивает на слёзы!

Jana D.
Ty domácí hranolky jsou ještě o chlup lepší než burgery.

Eduard P.
Nevernore! Opet to same. 21.50 slusne se zeptam na take away. Cisnik otravene prohlasi, ze ne. (maji do 23.00). Meztim 2 cizinci vchazeji dovnitr a obsluha je usazuje a dava jim jidelni listky.

Ondrej F.
Vyborny burgry, fajn prostredi, vyssi ceny.

David V.
Jedny z nejlepších burgerů v Praze

Tere P.
Burger bozi, ta houska je proste genialni. Cena vyssi, whatever. Ale ten servis...15min cekat na menu, dalsich 15 na piti a pak se doprosovat placeni? No snad to byla jen nahoda..

Aleks Daily✌🏼😎 #.
Прекрасное место, чтобы перекусить. Отличное меню и обслуживание.

Yuryツ K.
Бутеры маленькие , но вкусные . Без картошки не наесться . Лимонад - ерунда .

David S.
Benchmark pro prazske burger fanatiky.

David N.
Trendy místo, burgery velmi dobré. Ceny trochu vyšší, ale je to pochopitelné. Pro mě nicméně o chlup prohrává s The Tavern v celkovém dojmu (burgery, atmosféra, obsluha).

🇨🇿Přemysl Kunda🇨🇿🍺 .
Dish burger výbornej! 👍👌

Ruama F.

Ondřej S.
The best burgers in Prague. Point. (Or Tečka.)

Lubor J.
Solidní burgery, dobrá obsluha, z podniku je cítit nadšení pro věc. Jen prostory jsou slabší, měli by se po vzoru berounského Black Dogu přestěhovat, aby tam člověk nešel jen jíst, ale i posedět.

Johann W.
Trochu trendy misto, jehoz kvalitu zhodnoti az cas. Jehneci burger sice drazsi, za to vsak vynikajici zalezitodt.

Victor X.
Рекомендую - Dish

Kateřina V.
..a ještě si můžete odnést jejich skvělý housky na domácí grilovacku - 22,- za kus!:)

Stepan N.
Dnesni dish sebou byl tragicky, postradal tu originalni chut a bulka ta mi dnes vubec nechutnala prilis bez chuti a o 50% vetsi nez obvykle nechapu co se stalo...

Ven D.
Jaké jsou ceny ?

Phuong L.
Bohuzel nas Savoey burger nenadchl. Mozna protoze byla zrovna doba obeda, burger nebyl vubec okoreneny. Steakove hranolky taky nic moc.

Míša S.
Nejlepší burger ve městě! Obsluha super!

Karolina C.
Tak dlouho jsme se tam chystali, az jsem se bala, ze budu mit prehnana ocekavani, ale Portobello burger me velmi uspokojil. Stejnetak interier, obsluha.. S PBP jedna z nej burgraren:)

Pavel .
Nemůžu si pomoct ale majonéza z uzených paprik chutná jako desetiletá Laphroaig. 👌

Martin M.
Super šťavnatej burger a fajn obsluha. Pražská špička!

Michal S.
Olomouc & Porto = záruka #nebevhube

Ondřej K.
Skvělé burgery, výborné nefiltrované Únětice a domácí limonády, pozorný personál a příjemné prostředí - rozhodně jsem tu nebyl naposled, to si pište..! ;)

Zarazilo nás, že nás "vyhnali" 10 minut před otevřením. Burger Savory byl chuťově slabší než Dish, ale i tak dobrý. Prostředí příjemné.

Jay B.
Jedny z nejlepších Burgerů v Praze!

Adam B.
Bohužel bez rezervace neměli v 8 večer volné místo, tak jsme museli zpět do deště nadýchaní krásnou vůní. Možná by neškodilo rozšíření o víc míst. V přední části je dost volno bez stolů.

Clarka H.
K hranolkam je nejlepsi omacka z uzenych paprik!

Michaela .
Super. Burger skvělý, hranolky parádní.. a ty majonézy! Určitě lepší vychytat hodinu, kdy je méně lidí, abyste nebyli začouzení z kuchyně.

Mega super žrádlo, na me az moc velka porce. A hranolkam tady se nic nevyrovná! Celkový super dojem doplňuje sexy a milej číšník. Určitě zajdete

Ludovit G.
zajímavý provedení burgeru, každopádně moc dobrý :)

Wilfrid G.
Příjemné prostředí, Velice milá obsluha, a Burger take výborný. Mel jsem to Lamb a vynikající maso! Ale možna trochu dražší než podobne podniky (jako The Tavern atd.)

Terezie S.
Výborná zmrzlinka pistaciova a pomerančova <3

Jakub H.
Ceny mírně vyšší, ale ten burger za to opravdu stál!

Vladimír B.
Po delsim case z5 a o5 jsem velmi spokojen. Ma to styl, chut a je to proste celkove super!

David K.
Jedna z nejlepsi burgraren v Praze...

Michaela P.
Skvele burgery,prijemna atmosfera,ale obsluha..otras.

Tereza R.
Výborné burgery, domácí hranolky a výtečný coleslaw s koriandrem! Mohu jen doporučit.

Marek Z.
Dnes tu byla docela zima. Chtělo by to pritopit.

Petr V.
Všechno čerstvé a chutné. Akorát na hranolky sypou tolik soli, že je to občas over...

Alice B.
Perfektní burgery vyladěný k dokonalosti!

Dominik 👻
Skvela restaurace s burgerama, jidlo je tu skvely, obsluha taky, urcite zkuste:)

Jan Karel P.
Kuchyň zavírá ve 22.00 a na poslední chvíli mi udělali hranolky, ale zněli dost nasraně :-( A už nemají to vynikající pšeničné pivo...

Julia P.
Приятное место, грамотно организованно и очень быстрое и милое обслуживание! Вкусные и не большие бургеры! Стэйковая картошка супер! Нужно обязательно заказать соус! У нас был с чили! Вообщем хорошо!)

Michaela P.
Naozaj výnimočné burgre, ale nepríjemná až miestami arogantná obsluha. Nutná rezervácia.

Ondřej K.
Savory Burger je perfektní, chuť je výborně vyvážená. Jediné mínus byla vlažná houska jinak bez poskvrnky.

Kryštof .
Nejlepší burger vůbec! Navíc skvělé prostředí i obsluha.

Neochutnat nic v Dishi, je jako nikdy nezačít souložit.

Petr D.
Skvělé burgery, vysoká úroveň, tak se to má dělat.

Petra Z.
Výborný burger (Koza Nostra) s domácími hranolky. Fajn interiér a skvělá obsluha. Doporučuju!

Vlada K.
@kalinay_v:, to je ta restaurace, ve ktere kdyz dojite, POPROSITE znovu o jidelak, abyste si vybrali na priste. #nejburger

Ter L.
Dish burger, steakový hranolky a okurková limonáda. Vražedná kombinace, která nikdy nezklame. 100% spokojenost. Love ya, Dish!

Ka r.
Phantastische Burger, netter Service und ein cooler Laden. Sehr lecker und sehr zu empfehlen! Gin probieren!

Александра .
Безумная вкуснятина! Картошка просто восторг. А уж бургеры...

Jan V.
Lahodné, skvělé, vynikající... a mnoho dalšího. Tato restaurace probudila chuťové pohárky, o kterých jsem do té doby neměl tušení. Vřele doporučuji zajít na burger a domácí limču :-)

Zuzana O.
sklamanie. dish burger bol slany a nicim specialny. na to ako to vsetci ospevuju to bolo o nicom.

Jan K.
Burgry fajn, i když jsem jedl lepší, ale pivo za 50 Kč??! V zastrčený italsky?

Šáríí N.
Skvělé burgery, dokonalá domácí rozmarýno tymiánová limonáda, super zmrzlina s příchutí slaného karamelu a v neposlední řadě příjemné prostředí a obsluha;)

Michal N.
Burger super ale za tu cenu preferuji Café Palanda

Jitka B.
Výborný Burger Olomouc/Porto s grilovanou zeleninkou a espresso ve stylovém hrníčku

Tomáš P.
nejlepší burgery v Praze!

Ja K.
Pochvala servírce Pavline... Jinak tradičně nejlepsi burgr v Praze!!!!

Georges P.
Dish Burger nejenom vybornej, ale i správný velikosti. Bohužel Frankovka ve sklence měla určitě přes dvacet stupňů...

Lucie B.
Vyborna zmrzlina ze slaneho karamelu!

Veronica L.
Opravdu dobrý burgery! Doporučuju Caesar a k němu okurkovou limonádu. Mňam, vynikající! K tomu profesionální usměvavá obsluha jako samozřejmost.

Sarka B.
Burger Savory byl naprosto úžasný. Domácí limonáda taky jen ty hranolky bistro s petrzelkou a česnekem mi trosku prismahli. Na dezert už nezbylo místo :))

Oleg T.
Очень вкусный бюргер!

Lukas K.
Jednoduché nepřeplácané burgery, skvělá houska a perfektně upravené maso. Výborné domácí hranolky + výběr neokoukaných dipů. Obsluha příjemná, všímavá ale nevtíravá. Cenově dražší, ale jídlo skvělé.

Bara K.
Nová Koza Nostra je skvělá.). Jen škoda zdražení o dvě pětky, burger zůstává za tu cenu pořád malej.

Matěj S.
Všechno bylo lahodné, perfektní prostředí... jen neakceptují stravenky.

Martin P.
Bacha, množí se rezervace klidně celého podniku.. před návštěvou radši za zavolejte.

Lubos J.
Oproti minule navsteve vse stokrat lepsi-skvelej burger,vynikajici hranolky co krupou.Oproti Tavern mene uspechane a burger je lepsi.Burgarny jsou modni vlna ale tady jde o maso a ingredience.

Zoufalý J.
Naprosto výtečný je hovězí Burger s kozim sýrem a sušenými rajčaty! :))

Pavel D.
Obsluha je pomalá. A to hrozně.

Matej F.
Mozna si budu muset zvyknout na jejich housky, ale jinak moc dobry burger s ohledem na cenu. Prijemny podnik, kam je hezke se parkrat do mesice stavit (skoda, ze nemam cas).

Petr B.
Dobre, lec vcelku drahe burgery zabiji spatna (arogantni) obsluha. Matesola, delej s tim neco...

Martina P.
Nespresso je v tomto provozu vynikající kompromis. Pokud chcete zažít v šálku víc, za rohem je Al Cafetero!

Markéta H.
Maly burger za velkou cenu. Zklamaní a hladoví.

Jakub H.
Jedna z nejlepších burgráren v Praze. Posezení na baru je doplněno o pokec s kuchaři, kteří jsou upřímní a v pohodě. Tak nějak si představuju pohodový podnik. Fine Bistro jak má být !

Michal K.
Vyborne jako vzdy.

Jiří O.
Bez rezervace to nemá cenu ani zkoušet, ale obsluha byla milá a vysvětlila, jak to u nich chodí. Tak snad příště...

Adam P.
Tomuhle modelu moc rozumim! Konečně burgrárna srovnatelná se světem, bez českých komplexů. Dish burger bez chyby, hranolky s bylinkama vynikajici. Řeči o malých porcích nechápu - sem se přejed sem se!

Zuzana V.
Bomba spica falafel burger a k tomu prijemne zatisie s kartonovym jelenom ;)

Michal M.
Bezva domaci limoska, burgery jsem mel zatim jenom dva, ale skvele vypadaji a jeste lip chutnaji, domaci hranolky the best of, zaverem jednoduse ausgezeichnet!!!!

Kateřina V.
Burgery super, ale nemají dětskou židličku, takže jsme je spíš vdechli a běželi za děckem mizejícím na schodech... 3 druhy domácích limonád - zázvor i okurka mňam, jahodu jsem nezkusila.

S. f.
Вкусные бургеры, картошка, соусы. Посредственный домашний лимонад. В целом, очень понравилось, есть желание прийти еще.

Robert .
Pozor, kuchyne zavira hodinu pred zaviračkou!

Tomas V.
Tady je pouze jedina volba - klasicky Dish burger v uprave rare. Toto je aktualne nejlepsi burger v Praze. Ty ostatni sladke burgery, chlapi, nechejte holkam. Bomba jsou hranolky a majoneza s chili.

Jan Z.
Zklamani :-( totalne presolene jidlo odbyl cisnik slovy, ze nekdo si to jeste dosoluje. Co to je za argument, ze nekdo to presoli jeste vic? Bistro hranolky dobre, burger kvalitni ale nesedlo ochuceni

Tomas B.
Asi nej burgery ve meste

Ondra P.
Opravdu velmi povedene burgery. Nebyl jsem zde na posled. Jedine co bych vytkl tak to je horší odvětrání prostor restaurace.

Michael B.
Opravdu úžasné burgery. V ČR nemaj asi konkurenci.

Dalia M.
Pistaciova zmrzlina posouva zazitek ze zmrzliny na novou uroven, doporucuji.