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Kavárna Coffee room.
Korunní 74, Praha 10 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-18:30
So 09:00-18:00
Ne zavřeno
Tel: 736 171 990

Coffee room. je útulná kavárnička v Praze na Vinohradech, kde si můžete pochutnat nejenom na výborné kávě ale i na zdejších domácích dobrotách. Prostředí je tu velmi přátelské a vlídně. Coffee room. je výborným místem, kde na chvíli vypnout a užít si naplno svoji kávu a něco sladkého k tomu.



Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.
Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.
Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.

Kavárna Coffee room. - hodnocení a recenze

Tomas N.
great coffee

Nikča Z.
Wow avocado toast a bowl.

Jitka K.
I only expected it a little bigger, but overall the place is pretty cute. ☺️ Amazing flat white with almond milk as well as frappe. 10/10 recommended. 😍

Areej 2014
The service and the coffee are excellent, but the sandwiches weren't wow, i ended up eating the topping only because the bread slices were too thick and hard

WHY THERE: coffee, brunch, cozy stylish interior. COFFEE: one of da best around. DESSERTS: good. LOCATION: outta mainstream. PRICES: average (reasonable). all that you demand from that kinda places

Margot M.
Best avocado toast ever. Super vegan friendly, lots of light, good outdoor seating, and the baristas are cuuuuuuute <3

Andrea A.
Good coffee but a bit to busy for an enjoyable brunch.

Michal M.
Brunch & batch brew ✌️

Claudia D.
Delicious cold brew served in a big Weck glas. Perfect for the hot summer weather!

Santo D.
Amazing coffee and delicious breakfast. There is nothing more to ask for

Ivona D.
Sandwich with lettuce tomato and bacon.

Philip C.
Amazing coffee! Try the sliced Avocado w/ chili, lemon & rocket served on local sourdough bread and/or toasted banana bread with peanut butter, banana, kiwi, walnuts and maple syrup; its to die for!

Todor B.
Smoothie bowl is delicious

Abdulaziz S.
Will the food is good but if you can find a table so small place i will never comeback

Navid N.
Some of the best coffee in the city. Friendly staff and the owner is usually there so you can count on good service. Their baked goods and breakfast are delicious.

Pauline H.
The green smoothie bowl was 👌🏻. Nice service, quite busy in the morning.

Sarah S.
Ok, this place is officially the smallest café in Vinohrady I've been to. However the famous avo toast was very delicious as well as the coffee. Hence the name, it really is a cute n cozy coffee room.

Rebecca S.
Amazing avo toast! + the chai latte was quite sweet, but yummy. Had a taste of my sister's lemonade, & it was quite nice and refreshing as well.

Curtis H.
Flat white was fantastic, the avocado toast was beautiful and tasted incredible. Great flavor. Very friendly baristas! I met Jay and he was helpful and super genuine and pleasant. Good music too!!

Anna K.
Bulka s kozim syrem a brusinkama, croissant, toast s rozmackanym avokadem, kolace, dorty,....💫💫💫💗

May .
3rd top latté I've ever had. Place is small & intimate but the staff is hit or miss being nice.Lot of random sweets & half sandwich's on offer.Loved the presentation of coffee/tea on a hard wood board

Veronika S.
One of the best coffee I 've ever had in Prague.. btw Nordbeans ❤ #liberec

Ewa .
Fantastic coffee! The best in Vinohrady!

Anna K.
Wonderful and tasty food!💚 Friendly young staff & nice atmosphere..💫 little bit small but good located.

Simona Z.
Avotoast 💚

Karin M.
Great avocado toasts, great soy latte! Excelent! Just be ready to wait for a table, because there are not many of them.

Céline C.
Rather small place. Too busy. Good coffee.

Tereza P.
Speechless! Love their coffee ☕️ and food is also great (only had breakfast, have to come back for lunch. It deserves a bigger space with more tables and stuff :)

Andie E.
Awesome goat cheese bun! Mocha is just like it is supposed to be. They also have almond milk.

Bára P.
Awesome coffee, tasty and instagram worthy food, vegan options. Cosy and comfortable, can be a bit crowded.

Tadeáš K.
I literally got kicked out because I was sitting there too long(1h). Even the café was half-filled. Never ever happend to me. Sad experience.

Stanislav T.
Great coffee, good cakes

friendly barista, busted a nut over that banana bread, however, there wasn't enough room. get it

Zuzana H.
Definitely addicted ♥️

Emily A.
I love the vibe here. The coffee is great, staff is very friendly, and the food is very good too! :)

Ľubica M.
Avocado bread forever. Great coffee, chai late and tasty tasty breakfast options

Gabriela K.
this place is exactly what I was missing in Prg! Avocado toast is EPIS! London style!

Tiffi E.
Amazing amazing coffee. But the food in comparison was just ok.

Yana T.
Would do fine for a quick breakfast: sandwiches or tartines and a sip of coffee. Not much place inside and a lot of people on Saturday morning.

Petr V.
Their brownie is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - that means awesome and delicious.

Monika S.
If you're seeking for a slice of the best banana bread in town then you can easily find it here and satisfy your cravings.

Lukas P.
One of the best spot for coffee and breakfast

Martina J.
Very cozy and small Café. Epic breakfasts! Try avocado bread with dried tomates. Lemonades are awesome too. I love this place :)

Jana A. Kri
Love their coffee, atmosphere, magazine selection, friendliness - everything! And if it's one of those days when they have fig sandwich in offer, you're in luck!

Craig R.
Decent rare flat white in europe.

Moayad A.
Tiny place. Their homemade sandwich is really good, I ordered one with avocado it was really good. Coffee in general here is normal!

Honza L.
Small but cosy and trendy space, good quality coffee and tasty cakes.

Dylan S.
Good coffee, great banana bread. Wifi: nocoffeenowifi.

Vojtech J.
A very nice cafe.

Petr V.
Best coffee at Prague.

Ondrej L.
I can recommend bread for breakfast - the one with guacamole and dried tomatoes was very tasty.

Vojtech R.
Coffee, espresso

Simon K.
Great espresso, good coffee in general, made with care. Was quite busy, so didn't get a chance to check out the food, but it looked delicious

Ashwaq A.
best coffee in Prague 👍🏼

Thea K.
I loooove their avocado bread!

Marian R.
Cosy small place with good coffee and sandwiches, but the waiting time can often be way too long ⏱

Ktot K.
Great coffe, godlike goat cheese sandwich, warm armosphere, adorable people! And great music.

A S.
Awesome coffee, great espresso and flat white. The snacks are delicous. A Berlin - like hipster place with Fritz cola.

Shaun B.
Had the flat white and avocado toast. It was amazing. I found the coffee and atmosphere better than EMA. Less tourists and people who appreciate coffee. Good tunes too!

Shaun B.
Melbourne style and quality coffee. Had to come back!!!

Klaus I.
They take their coffee seriously, and it tastes great. The bread is really really good as well - just choose between avocado and selection of homemade (excellent) jams.

František P.
Very nice café. You can't dislike it, you have to love it. One of the best tasting coffees I had in Prague.

Guille M.
Great coffee. It's really small and always crowded, though

Denisa V.
best breakfast around! avocado bread recommended!

Aliona F.
Very authentic, had a good quality of coffee. Also, they have some snacks for breakfast and complementary sweets for coffee.

Nina V.
The best coffee, bundt cake and people

Bogdana M.
One of the best coffee places in Prague❤️

Owen W.
Small but lovely place with free wifi. Toasted banana cake with peanut butter was so good 🌄

Great cappuccino and cosy place :) and nice stuff

Rylan H.
Nice little coffee joint with good quality cappuccino. It's a bit text book hipster and I don't think it's worth going here as a destination - but if you're nearby you should drop in.

Barbora B.
Fav place in our neighborhood. They serve great cappuccino, banana bread and toasts!

Klára B.
That cappuccino made my day. So good!

Veronika H.
Sweet baristas, yummy breakfast, great coffee in the best neighbourhood of Prague. What more do you want from a café!?

Richard H.
started -good service, superb music and a brilliant cuppuccino . After that downhill with sandwich breakfasts left wanting for flavours and service that matched. How did this spot get the rating ?

Tinni T.
Great coffee and cookies are to die for!🍪

Jakub K.
This place is simply awesome. Had a great Irish coffee, had to get one more right after.

Vojta Sebastian D.
A cozy café with nice crew and amazing coffee! It's among the best coffee places in the City.

Martin J.
Stopped by for a takeaway flat-white, they do an Aussie style. Tasted good. The place is really small and cozy with a rustic spirit, staff ok, however hasn't left any wow effect. Will return.

Alide A.
Wow, I can highly recommend the café. One of the best cappuccino I've ever had! If I would live in Prague, you would find me there every day!

Juraj C.
Amazing filter coffee, an issue of Monocle mag to read :)

Lou M.
Excellent coffee, yummy cookies, a truly sweet little cafe.

Jana B.
Coffee is good even though there are better places in Prg. Banana bread w/ peanut butter was very yummy though. I appreciate that they sell beans from Berlin!

Sorina C.
Coffee & croissant for a delicious morning!

Tobias F.
Great coffee in a nice neighbourhood. Very nice style, helpful staff.

Ziv B.
Food, coffee, breakfast

Eva P.
Hipsterska kavarna. Skvelej drip na zahradce.

Michal K.
Best coffee in town

imagehunters p.
try some local cake

Great espresso and snacks.

R K.
Avokádo toust

Nikol K.
Coffee, sandwich, lemonade...

Blondyna B.
espresso & tonic prece!

Yasmine D.
The avocado toast = l o v e

Nela Z.
Cosy place, very good coffee. Everything you could expect from a coffee room!

Daniel C.
This is exactly the place you would like to go for some coffee!

Small and cosy place with good coffee and very tasty breakfasts

Misha Z.
Delicious coffee, awesome atmosphere, great location.

JaroslavSl 3.
Jiri Mahr came back from London with idea of nice small cafe just as one he work too that London days. Say hello to fresh new cafe with nice cup of coffees.

Clarka H.
Tiny in size, but overall great! Try their cupcakes! And any kind of coffee ☕️

Lucia V.
Coffee, food, everything is good here

Matěj K.
Lovely small coffee room. Only few tables, very cozy and delicious coffee. Perfect flat white, tasty cakes and nice staff. Totally worth a visit

Kateřina M.
Perfect coffee from The Barn roastery in a lovely minimalist place. Would appreciate bigger choice for weekend breakfast/brunch.

Love it! So small and cozy. Great baristas, delicious coffee. Definitely worth a visit!

A small neighbourhood cafe with very good toast bread sandwiches. It seems that they prefer not to use local coffee roasters which is a shame, atmosphere is very simple, lacking a little character.

Petr W.
Cookies made by the lady behind the desk. Genuine.

Ondřej L.
Great coffee, very good pie.

Michal M.
Lovely coffee blend made with my favourite Ethiopia beans. Thumbs up!

Jiří .
Delicious coffee, helpful staff.

Carly G.
These are the people who make funny signs to go with their good coffee. Try the simple and delicious bacon sandwiches here. Free wifi, jugs of water on the table, friendly staff.

Patrik N.
Tried their coffee few days ago and it was totally DELICIOUS. Fantastic cappuccino made from Barn beans, speechless. Aeropress incredible (Ethiopia from Alchemy Coffee).

Karel P.
amazing coffee, both espresso and aeropress, great homemade cupcakes. this all topped with good service

Denisa Z.
Best soya latte and carrot cupcake.

Veronika H.
Good coffee, yummy cookies, sweet barista.

Jana L.
Malinkaty coffee room. coffe to go why not

Pili C.
The delicious coffee can only be topped by the great service. I'll be back everyday until it's time to leave Prague. Be sure to ask for your frequent customer card and get stamps!

Sajaka K.
Great coffee, comfortable interior, and friendly staff who speak English well. I like this coffee shop!

Katerina S.
Amazing coffee 👌

Petr O.
Perfect coffee, delicious desserts, friendly staff! Definitely worth to visit this place!

Sofi R.
Nice home-made cookies and, of course, outstanding coffee.

Nikola L.
Lovely homemade strawberry cheesecake and perfect Guinness cake! And for girls-handsome barista! Definitely i will come again

Veronika K.
One of the best coffee i've ever had! And the red velvet cupcake is just delicious!

Silvie M.
definitely the best coffee in Prague and lovely homemade stuff!!!

Aneta K.
Home-made broccoli soup...delicious!!

Matthijs W.
Red Velvet cupcakes taste like red velvet. dee-li-cious

Kateřina .
Super kavicka a domacj polevka. Vratim se!

Vojtěch P.
Excellent coffee in a very pleasant spot with lovely people in there. What else u want ? ;)

Monika K.
The best quiche! ;)

Jiri M.
Pop in and try lovely espresso or flat white together with carrot cake or apple pie.

I přes vzrůstající konkurenci pořád nejlepší kafe v Praze! 🖤

Kate M.
Безумно красивое и атмосферное место. Играет потрясная музыка. Цены как и персонал и ассортимент кофе и десертов приятные :)

Martin .
Rozhodně doporučuju. Skvělá káva s posezení. Milá obsluha. Co víc si přát.

Artem S.
Не плохой кофе, но с кислинкой. Сэндвичи холодные и не вкусные.

Lucie P.
Zajděte si sem na snídani a ochutnejte některý z výborných obložených chlebů nasladko (banana bread s arašídovým máslem) nebo naslano (s gorgonzolou a hruškami) - je to pecka stejně jako jejich kafe!

Kristy H.
Coffee room prostě nikdy nezklame. Baví mě to tam čím dál tím víc.. 😍

Tadeáš K.
They make perfect coffee in this room and also know, how to make interesting breakfasts with delicious breads from Antonínovo pekařství.

Kristy H.
Malý, ale děsně milý místo, supr kafe, avokádovej toast je top! Mít to blíž, jsem tam furt... 😍

Monika S.
Avokádové hody jako brunch - chléb z Antonínovy pekárny, úžasná atmosféra, bezchybný servis, přátelská obsluha.

Lucka H.
Úplně skvělý Cortado!

Jan G.
Super Platz für gutes Frühstück und nahezu perfekten Kaffee. Die Crew ist auch wunderbar. Der Weg aus der Stadt hoch auf den Berg lohnt sich!

Pokus o to udělat to hip skončil tragickými prkénky místo podšálků a nedořešeným prostorem k sezení.

Olya I.
Не были в Питерских кофейнях?У вас есть шанс почувствовать эту атмосферу!☕️

Kamila S.
Dnes jsem tam měla nejlepší V60 vřele doporučuji, nejen na filtrovanou kávu.

Honza N.
Pro mě nejlepší kavárna v Praze, potažmo v Čechách! Obrovská snaha a chuť se posouvat pořád dopředu ze strany majitelů. Prostě SUPER!

Simona O.
Správný hipster place :) káva a domácí (?) pěcivo, co víc si přát.

Andělka B.
Krásné! 😍 Dobrá káva, cider nedoporučuju, chai latte bude určitě taky dobré. / Amazing! 😍 Good coffee, cider not so good, chai latte will be good too.

Zuzana B.
Skvělé prostředí, výborná káva, milý barista a dokonalé konvice na čaj! Za každou kávu dostanete razítko a za 6 razítek máte jednu zdarma. Z čajů doporučuji jasmínový.

Sabina Z.
Cool kavarna v berlinskem stylu se skvelou kavou a super obsluhou.Nicmene snidanove sendvice za 95 jsou opravdu sileny prestrel.Skoricovy snek chutnal,jako by tam lezel tyden.Priste asi jen na kafe.:)

Jan M.
Zdejší tipy nekecají. Velmi útulné, malé, bombastické chai latte, check-in special! Voda na stůl zdarma a free wifi. Parádní kombinace! Great cozy place with delicious Chai Latté and check-in special!

Aneta S.
Domácí limonáda, káva a snídaně 🌱🍓 zdravé, chutné a také pro vegetariány.

Kristyna T.
Skvele! Utulno, vyborny kolace, skvele kafe, prijemna obsluha. Jen ten avocado toast :( Byl spise syrovy s trosinkou nezraleho avocada, toast nic moc a cena za toho chudaka fakt vysoka. Skoda

Výborná káva (i decaf!),domácí dortíky a koláčky.Vyhněte se ve dny anglických snídaní,kvůli špatnému odvětrávání budete smrdět jako opečená slanina.Malý prostor,je to espresso bar.Předzahrádka! Wifi.

Olga Guseva
zatím nejlepší flat white a granola :3

Martin S.
Velmi kvalitní káva a originální zdrave dezerty.Prostredi stylove,ale málo utulne.Obsluha by mela více nabízet své produkty a poučit o typech přípravy káv.

Kristyna V.
Mrkvový cupcake z Coffee Roomu? Měkoučký, skořicový a extra vláčný! Pro takovou kombinaci mám chuť zabíjet. O jejich sandwichi ani nemluvě...

Chai latte super a banana bread mnam! Moc milá obsluha a příjemný interiér. Takže jako jo! ;-)

Lada 🐰
Milá a útulná kavárna s výbornou kávou a čaji. Za barem sympaťáci, na baru skvělé dorty. A za každý check-in domácí sušenka.

Hana B.
Nejlepší guatemalská káva, co jsem měla.

Jiri V.
Krásný čistý design kavárny, kde pokaždé dostanu přesně to, co potřebuju :-)

Petra L.
Kava v ruznych podobach a vzdy vyborna-krome espressa vacuum pot, aeropress, drip, taky domaci cookies a kolace. A mozna nejlepsi chai latte ze sojovyho<3 mnam.

Josef R.
Heslo na WiFi: "kafekorunni". Užitečný tip, pokud jste si nevšimli toho velkého nápisu na pokladně.

Josef R.
Zajímavý výběr pražíren, na které v Praze moc často nenarazíte - aktuálně třeba londýnská Alchemy nebo irská Third Floor Espresso

Vladimir B.
Super káva, super podnik.

Jana D.
Když váháte, jestli sem nebo do nedalekého Momentu, tak sem.

Agata S.
skvělý chai latte!

Lukas K.
tousty tady mají fakt výborný

David S.
Káva super, chtělo by to lépe umýt sklenice na vodu...

Míša K.
Docela hořký kafe. Možná jsem natrefila zrovna na špatně upraženou várku ale nevím jestli se někdy vrátím

Miroslav O.
Minimalistická kavárna podle mého gusta. Přesně takhle by to mělo vypadat. Zajímavý interiér, milá obsluha, skvělá káva, na stole karafa vody zdarma, zákaz kouření uvnitř, výtečné cookies. Takhle ano!

Jaromír K.
Ethiopie na filtru, nom nom!

Zuzana T.
Parádní kavárnička, příjemné prostředí a výborná káva. Doporučuju!

Johana K.
Super sandwich a kava a hlavne klid. Urcite se vratim, minimalne na cupcake.

Jiří P.
Jedna z nejlepších káv v Praze. Ručně vyráběné pečivo a koláče. Tak vypadá ráj na zemi :-) :-) :-) Stojí za to se tu zastavit!!!!

Ellie H.
perfektní obsluha, která kávě opravdu rozumí. A zkuste něco na zub, domácí výroba. Quiche dělají orgastický

Robert P.
Dnes první návštěva (nikoliv poslední), nejlepší flat white.

Marcel B.
Dalsi novinka pro vinhradske kavarenske povalece. Espresso bar s luxusnim flat white, velmi prijemnou obsluhou a jako bonus vyborne cookie za 4sq check-in zdarma! Doporucuji!

Vojtech K.
Velice prijemne prostredi, vytecna kava a dobrutky, super lokalita a tip jak stravit prijemne dopoledne, odpoledne, podvecer, vlastne cely den :-) V kazdou denni dobu jsem zde byl a jsem nadmiru happy

Sisoj R.
Luxusní káva, extrémně dobrý domácí quiche, zázvorovka jako křen a navrch příjemná obsluha. Ideální! / Excellent coffee, very good home-made quiche, ginger ale strong as hell, kind staff. Great place!

Ivo J.
Dobrá káva a příjemná obsluha. Líbí se mi pult s výhledem na ulici.

Eliška T.
Kafe vyborne, obsluha prijemna a se stejnym hudebnim vkusem (massive attack) a cookie zdarma za check-in :) a ty dobroty v nabidce!! Brzy se vratim :)

Aneta K.
Maji javorove latte. Je super. A mila obsluha.