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Kavárna Coffee room. Praha

Praha > Praha 10 > Kavárna Coffee room.
Kavárna Coffee room.
Korunní 74, Praha 10 - Vinohrady
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-18:30
So 09:00-18:00
Ne zavřeno
Tel: 736 171 990

Coffee room. je útulná kavárnička v Praze na Vinohradech, kde si můžete pochutnat nejenom na výborné kávě ale i na zdejších domácích dobrotách. Prostředí je tu velmi přátelské a vlídně. Coffee room. je výborným místem, kde na chvíli vypnout a užít si naplno svoji kávu a něco sladkého k tomu.



Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.
Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.
Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.Kavárna Coffee room.

Kavárna Coffee room. - hodnocení a recenze

Thea J.
Nice ambience.

I liked their coffee but tried working here and it was super loud. Music volume and one of the staff was cleaning dishes super loud. As if intentionally 👀 maybe they want people to stay for long.

Saffy J.
Amazing peanut butter banana bread toast. Coconut milk latte was delicious! Cutest little place

Alexandra I.
Great coffee and snacks , but no decaf, many people and hot inside.

Jan P.
So sadly, frappé is not happening here. 😒

Neel H.
V60 was great!!

Jana M.
Very good coffee, cakes are also good. Make a reservation, because it is a quite small cafe.

Adéla P.
Really good avocado toasts but expensive.

Banana bread & avo toast & coffee 🤤

Nikola B.
Slightly more expensive, but so tasty! Try their avocado on toast.

Marie F.
Everything. Brunch, coffee, beetroot latte, staff, etc.

Mariusz C.
Tiny gem. Great coffee, amazing toasted banana bread and fantastic kolache. Definitely becoming one of my favorite breakfast joints in town.

Kristy H.
Avocado toast was delicious. Coffee and homemade limonade too. I hope I will be back soon.👌🏻🥑

Kristina V.
My most favourite “room”.😀The best avocado toast in Prague. Lovely hipsery “berlinish” atmosphere and staff. Coffee is really good and executed with perfection. Toasted banana bread is to die for.

Barbora .
Handsome baristas who know what to do with speciality coffee.

David H.
Delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee. Cozy interior.

Marie N.
The best avo bread what I had.

July M.
Honestly I felt that this place was overrated. The coffee was lukewarm, the toast was good but nothing extraordinary. Plus the place is tiny and you feel rushed to make space for others to sit.

Avocado bread

Irene Z.
Cosy atmosphere!

Tomas N.
great coffee

Nikča Z.
Wow avocado toast a bowl.

Jitka K.
I only expected it a little bigger, but overall the place is pretty cute. ☺️ Amazing flat white with almond milk as well as frappe. 10/10 recommended. 😍

A 2017
The service and the coffee are excellent, but the sandwiches weren't wow, i ended up eating the topping only because the bread slices were too thick and hard

WHY THERE: coffee, brunch, cozy stylish interior. COFFEE: one of da best around. DESSERTS: good. LOCATION: outta mainstream. PRICES: average (reasonable). all that you demand from that kinda places

Margot M.
Best avocado toast ever. Super vegan friendly, lots of light, good outdoor seating, and the baristas are cuuuuuuute <3

Andrea A.
Good coffee but a bit to busy for an enjoyable brunch.

Michal M.
Brunch & batch brew ✌️

Claudia D.
Delicious cold brew served in a big Weck glas. Perfect for the hot summer weather!

Santo D.
Amazing coffee and delicious breakfast. There is nothing more to ask for