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Kavárna Coffee Ebel Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Kavárna Coffee Ebel
Kavárna Coffee Ebel
Kaprova 11, Praha 1 - Josefov
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-20:00
So-Ne 08:30-20:00
Tel: 603 823 665
604 265 125

Kavárnu Coffee Ebel najdete v Kaprově ulici 11 na Praze 1. Vyniká svoji vlastní značkou čerstvě pražené kávy, která je mimořádně dobrá. V kavárně také nabízí výborné dezerty a něco k zakousnutí. V tomto případě platí pravidlo, když na kvalitní kávu, tak do Coffee Ebel.



Kavárna Coffee EbelKavárna Coffee EbelKavárna Coffee Ebel
Kavárna Coffee EbelKavárna Coffee EbelKavárna Coffee Ebel

Kavárna Coffee Ebel - hodnocení a recenze

Marek P.
Fajn kaviareň.

Kristýna S.
Best coffee in Prague with best & nice service!

Noemi P.
Specialty direct trade coffee! :)

Jason L.
Caramel cheesecake is really delicate.

Marko E.
Don’t go if it’s busy as they can’t take orders for 30 min

Irene W.
Yummy. Will come again.

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: desserts, coffee. COFFEE: wide selection. DESSERTS: lovely cheesecakes and not only. LOCATION: mainstream (convenient). PRICES: higher average (reasonable)

An Illustrated History Of S.
Decent spot in Prague's old town. Lovely interior!

Csaba R.
Very friendly atmosphere, good service, excellent coffee...just the perfect small coffee place you were looking for

Fluying .
Wifi password is ebelcoffee1996

Erin H.
Weak, watery coffee. But free wifi and a clean bathroom!

Andrew P.
Very good and strong decaf coffee. Tasty banana bread and brownies. Accept credit cards. Nice little local business. Nice staff. Recommend!

Miro S.
Get a Jamaica Blue Mountain espresso or better a machiato here. Really worth it!

om a.
Káva, čaj and indy

Ashley N.
Nice coffee, friendly staff! Nice bagel

Wojtek M.
Very nice staff, great dresy coffe, cozy atmosphere. But still - a tourist place.

Milica I.
Very cozy place you can visit to rest and get away from the town noise.

Felipe M.
Coffe and sandwiches

Aleksander B.
Cheesecake to die for

Aleksander B.
Best cheesecake ever and very tasty coffee, probably the best café in Prague

Sorina C.
Coffee is soo good!

Pekka R.
Good cappucino with some nice sandwitch. A bit growded and wifi not working, propably due high amount of ppl

Martin M.
For over a decade (even longer) they manage to prepare the best espresso (espresso!) in the city, imho. Call me "attached", it's OK - might be love even…☺️. Sumatran espresso today - freshest beans👍

Tahai Michelle B.
Bagel with cream cheese (CZK60) and cappuccino (CZK50). Delicious!

Sydney F.
Cozy atmosphere with friendly staff. Great assortment of cheesecakes. Latte and expresso were delish

Antony H.
I love this place. Try Ebel #1 coffee with spices

ᴡᴡᴡ R.
As far as I can tell, this is the best coffee in Prague

Arpine S.
The best fresh roasted coffee (esp. spiced latté) in a little and snug café in the centre of Prague. Literally a place to die for.

Ksusha K.
Wine and quiche! Really good here

Muhammad S.
Great place, awesome coffee and great atmosphere. Nice cozy place but not much place to sit though