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Revoluční 1, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Tel: 222 318 724


Coa - hodnocení a recenze

Alkım E.
Nice restaurant very nice music not very modern version Asia restaurant loved it all!!

Pauline T.
The food was fine, BUT there was a fly in my soup. When I told the waiter she said that 'it's normal because there are plants in the restaurant' and walked off. Also charged more tip than what I said

Kacka O.
Their sauce for summer rolls is different than I am used to (black!). Service is kind of slow but not bad, interior is ++. Dim sums were nice but place is just bit too pricy:/

Alex W.
Etwas überteuert.

nastassia n.
Tom Yam doesn't taste like Tom Yam. Dim Sum is bad.Ours was clearly not fresh, too. The service is ridiculous, the waitress gave me terrible attitude, when it turned out she took order wrong.stayaway

Lucie P.
Seriously, they don't even use sushi rice for their already bad sushi

Lucie P.
Average food, rude staff.

Tereza K.
Delicious sushi and Dim Sums.

Trevor F.
The staff are all very attentive and eager to help. They have a lunch menu (only in Czech) that is VERY reasonably priced.

Irina P.
Don't go here. The food is a disapointment. But the pillows are nice

Philip A. H.
Quite okay, nothing special

Anoud A.
I don't recommend....

Daria K.
Cosy atmosphere and nice big meals. Passion fruit and melon ice teas are very refreshing in the hot weather.

Reham A.
Great Asian Food .. Try the lemon grass beef & The Beef with garlic also the chicken satay 👌🏻

Grafton C.
Certainly some of the best service in Prague. Food is quite good.

Monika U.
Quality of dishes has decreased in last few months to unbearable :-(

Nacho S.
Awesome pad thai here. They make vegetarian versions of most courses. Expensive but peerless sushi.

Jakub K.
Nice location and kind services. Food is delicious and prices are reasonable for the lunch menu; however the regular offer seems to be a bit over-valued. They have loyalty program.

Schtivie B.
Liked the food, reasonably priced

Lily M.
I took my husband here today & was disappointed, food's quality isn't consistent, the taste of Padthai I used to like ain't same. Tuna sashimi not fresh & over priced. Tom yum taste like instant soup.

Martina V.
Tasty pho bo 😻

Jana A. Kri
O-ver-priced! Not quite authentic thai restaurant. Portions are small, for high "city centre" prices. Feels very empty and rushed, the staff forgets about you faster than you forget about the staff.

Veronica L.
I would rate the vegan green curry I had average. It tasted good, but there was a bit too much liquid. Prices are a bit higher, but acceptable for the center.

Hakob S.
The best spring rolls

Jason N.
Nothing to feel good about this place. Would I come here again? Only if all the restaurants are closed or if someone pays me to. [Food: 2/5, Service: 3/5, Vibes: 3/5]

Vasek S.
Pleasant place to spend time there, to take something for food and drink and to enjoy your time...

Thiago T.
try the softdrinks! they all are delicious!

Rafael R.
Pretty good food and good price! They have free wifi and good drinks!

Lily M.
Had Pad Thai with chicken, it was the best so far I have eaten in Prague and the price was reasonable as well. Lunch time was packed. Night recommended.

Jan K.
Perfect thai restaurant. Try PadThai noodles!

Liza A.
Actually it a quite pricy place, and the food for this price is awful - it is very dry, not tasty at all.

Stanislav K.
Too busy during lunch time. Sometimes it affects the quality. However, one of the best asian places in Prague.

Kate K.
Green curry is delicious. Lemonade with cucumber and ginger is good.

Marek J.
Excelent Pad Thai

Food is so good that you think that portion is too small :D

Polly S.
Noodles and vegie dishes

Teodora G.
Cocktails with basil and coriander

Aleksandra G.
Really bad service. First time I had to send a dish back twice. I asked for a salad to be made without peppers and it was full of them. Second time they brought it out, it was the same one!

Florin D.
This deconstructed pad Thai doesn't really work. The raw sprouts leave a starchy taste and the barren peanuts make it too dry. Deserves the average marks. Modry zub offers much better.

Jana K.
Delicious lunch specials. Rolling spring please and the rice with vegetables are my favouritea. Also, delicious cakes, although they only have them occasionally.

Sevara A.
Cold and miserable waitress! Loud music. Food is nothing special, very average, definitely not worth the price.

Caroline D.
Great place, good food. Try the spring rolls and dimsums, stay away from the papaya salad

Карпова .
Salads are very spicy,but rools are very tasty and rather expensive.

Hoegaarden is only one good think here.

Ksenia S.
Food is bad, service isn't great. So many better restaurants around serving up the same fusion; zebra, neb.o, modry zub.

Annelies T.
Check the bill cause they charge you thee that you didn't have!

Good F.
Loooong time waiting for lunch special! Food is decent but nothing special.

Gary B.
Try the honey sesame duck tale! It is awesome.

Filip K.
I like this place, I have good experience with staff, very friendly.

Michal A.
Locally made ice tea, duck on udon nudels and ice cream from mango with peper were great. Curry taste was perfect but rice looked like rice from czech pub, not asian place. Dim sums are 'different'.

David M.
Zkuste výborný Coa side salad!

Marena C.
Don't buy their fresh juice they charge 43 czk for ever ,1 of a liter!! I had ,4 and paid 172 czk!!! Rip off

龙 .
AvoidStaff rude. 

Olaf S.
Good place for a Asian lunch . Just not all dishes from the menus where available .

Jakub H.
Love it! ;)

Well..I was disappointed :-( The food is average, the rest was ok.

Martin H.
If you want to experience something different try #10 - summer in a roll. It is truly delicious and you will enjoy preparing it.. :)

Rolling spring pleasure

Eva L.
Just Do NOT order wine!!!!!!!!! Its way to expensive.... And I was waaaaay to polite!!!!! 170 CZK for glass!!!!!! For Czech wine!!!!! Guys watch out!!!

I do agree with other guys that stuff is bit weird, food normal, nothing super yummie except green tea ice cream!!!

Martin F.
Try here Ching Chang Chong, its delicious!

Andrea C.
Try the Dim Sum mix as starter. Nice!

Ondrej K.
My 2nd experience was even worse than my (bad) previous one. You pay premium (lunch for one 400 Kc = $20) for sub-average quality. Over-salted soup, strange tasting curry mix with not very nice meat.

Natasha P.
Boring,boring,boring. It's better to choose any Chinese restaurant in Peague than this one.

Ondra P.
Great Asian food, nice atmosphere, friendly prices.

Jakub H.
Dvakrat a stacilo.

Adela S.
The slowest staff ever!!

Aline Z.
My boyfriend and I came here when it first opened and had several dishes from their menu. The Pad Thai and satay sticks was good. The service was a bit slow!

I am all over this place! Friendly, helpful service. So many vegetarian and vegan options. All things made to order. And fabulous prices for the location. Will be coming here often!

Ondřej L.
Wifi: coapraha

Charles N.
Don't expect to get your food in anything like a reasonable amount of time.

Dreamy green tea ice cream, yum!

Alexej S.
Zadna obsluha

Josef C.
Poledni menu je u bezvadny. Idelani kdyz dorazite pred 12, jinak je dost plno...Pho Bo je famozni

Jako na houpačce... kari mají dochucené precizně, mohli by vsak zapracovat na lepší zelenině..

Mégan G.
Chouette décors et les sushi sont juste à tomber! Je recommande :)

Dominika P.
Obsluha nesymptaická, místo mi nebylo vubec prijemny a meli jsme ty nejhnusnejsi pad thai nudle v Praze. Je mi z nich pěkně špatně.

Yulia Y.
Ужасное место. Не очень вкусно, медленно несут, персонал тупит и приносит не то, что заказали. Не рекомендую!

Nemůžete sáhnout vedle, všechno je strašný

Turkey teriyaki- krůtí steak na shitake houby,lotos, bambus, vodní kaštan paprika, přelitý omáčkou teriyaki, podávané s jasmínovou rýží. Tasty. Vhodné i na oběd v pracovní době, mají denní menu.

Vlad F.
Куба в Тае просто песня

Vlad F.
Очень крутой интерьер, фобо и маки;)))играет Драм и басс просто шок

Kind G.
Полный провал. Ничего вкусного, к wifi не подключал..

Luba K.
Как сказала моя мама: Еврейское кафе😬😄

Stan M.
Ohodnotil bych tento "zážitek" asi takto: Málo muziky za hodně peněz. Dobrý, pokud jste na dietě.

Monika M.
Zazvorovy domaci caj skvely, pad thai jsou parodii sama sebe

Lucie K.
Vyborna okurkova limonada;-)

Milá obsluha, opravdu skvělé jídlo a jedna z mála restaurací v Praze, kde pálivé opravdu znamená pálivé, díky bohu za to! Rozhodně doporučuji!

Tomas M.
Super Pad Thai a Coconut Soup ... a obsluha taky skvělá

Michal T.
Moje zkušenost je velmi dobrá! Mé Pad Thai byli výborné a stejně tak i obsluha! Za mne v pořádku ;-)

Roman B.
Tom Kha Gai ina na aku ste zvyknuti. Trosku malo kari a sladsia od hub.

Ilya Z.
Ze 4 polivek nemeli 2. Pho bo nestoji za nic! Zklamani.

Oles Y.
Skvělá obsluha, výborné jídlo, zajímavý interiér a vcelku příjemné ceny. Doporučuji.

Jídlo dobrý,prostředí příjemné,ale obsluha by mohla být lepší ;)

Jídlo: výborné, obsluha: milá, příjemná, zábavná, vřele doporučuji;)

Radka T.
Nechodit, arogantní personál - čekala jsem 25 minut na objednání oběda. Ohradila jsem se, že čekání bylo nepřiměřeně dlouhé a reakce: však jste si mohla všimnout, že jsem se neflákal...?? Haloo??

Ilja C.
Polevka Pho Bo vypada hezky, chutove to vsak nijak neprekvapuje a vzhledem k cene je to dost predrazene...

Famózní nealko koktejly. Zkuste třeba Ching Chang Chong.

Jana S.
mooc dobrý:-)

Kac B.
Nic mimoradneho.

Tomáš J.
Lassí s mangem nic moc. Zkuste lassí v Tandooru na šestce pod Ladronkou... Prostředí moc pěkné, obsluha pomalá nebyla, byť mě ničím nenadchla... Kari s kuřecím masem bylo ok...

Pavel B.
Na Cesko luxusni zmrzlina ze zeleneho caje, pad thai si doma vetsina zvladne udelat lepe..

Mario M.
Coconut clash s krevetami vynikajúca, The yummy ones (40) s kačkou tiež výborné - všetko veľmi čerstvé. [1.3.2012 - 2.deň otvorenia]

Mario M.
Skvelý coa Homemade čaj. Podľa čašníka si čaj vyrábajú (varia, chladia, dochucujú) sami.Treba ochutnať!