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Restaurace Praha
Křižíkova 26, Praha 8
Otevírací doba
Po-Ne 11:00–24:00
Tel: 222 311 233


Cihelna La Familia - hodnocení a recenze

English version - the bill is for the whole table/friends. So they can ask the last customer for items he knows he did not have and he is sure his friends have paid before they left. But you cannot proof it. So - go to another restaurant next time.

Nepřehledné placení - účtují za stůl/společnost. Takže poslednímu naúčtují vše co podle nich "zbylo", i když víte, že to není vaše a navíc, že to před vámi odcházející kamarádi zaplatili. Ale - dokažte jim to. S kamarády - raději jinam !

Gülçin Y.
Slowest restaurant in Karlin at lunch time.

Tereza O.
Opened on Sunday as not many restaurants in Karlin. I had delicious tomato soup and fettuccine with salmon, all fresh and tasty. With lemonade and coffee I paid 320 CZK =delicious meal for good money.

Anna K.
Cozy Italian restaurant in Karlin. Good pasta dishes, most recommended is tricolor pasta dish with broccoli. And they serve drafted Heineken :)

Nice place, good service, awesome pizza (even my Italien friend is recomending it ;)) and tasty pasta. Lunch menu. According to some of the reviews from previous years they improved significantly.

Helena N.
I had a great pasta, super friendly service and a beautiful place to sit quietly and enjoy my dinner.

Rares S.
Very bad experience. I ordered lasagna from the manu and after 40 minutes of waiting I was announced they don't serve lasagna

Juli N.
I waited for exactly an hour,,, while others table come after and they finished their food already i still dont see my food. We have 3 people and we are Asian. Is that why they cheated us so different

Jitka B.
Nice italian place in Karlin, they have Heineken beer ❤️

Vasek S.
Very pleasant place for dinner

Sonjoe M.
Jedna z najlepsich pizz v CZ/ dreve pecena, famozne pomodoro a mozarella. Go for it. Delicious pizza. Best :)

Turisticka agencija L.
Great soup and pork knee.

Dzintars S.
Good place for a lunch.

Milan R.
Payment by card is possible.

Ladislav P.
Wifi: pizza112233

Jiří K.
Tasteless spagetti aglio olio :/

Ladislav H.
Very very bad pizza - was around lunch thus it could be that was bcs the cook did not have time to make a good one - it was very bad:/

Andrea C.
Overcooked and tasteless pasta.

Eugene P.
Do not take Visa or MasterCard. Only cash!

Fabulous spinach pasta with mushrooms, great tiramisu..

Kryštof P.
Waiters tend to behave a bit rudely some of the time. Cuisine seems to be OK almost all the time.

Mateusz F.
Simply amazing pork ribs with wasabi sour cream. Delicious!

Milan F.
Try exclusive mushroom cream and home made strudel!

Honza S.
Zkuste specialitu: hamburger! A luxusni zampionovy krem.

Kristina A.
Vzdy nam zde moc chutna,hlavne rizoto al mare!Pani Zdenka je moc mila a vzdy se sem radi vracime:)

Alex Z.
Ризотто не берите под дулом пистолета!!! ОЧЕНЬ ПЛОХО!

Ms. Johnson
Тут реально очень вкусная пицца!!!!

Ilona K.
Атмосфера прекрасная, еда и вино также, но сервис.. и вечно недовольный официант портят всю картину 😔

Michaela R.
Číšník voprsklej, jídlo spíš podprůměrný. Sem raději ne.🙄

Šimon P.
Karty pod 200 CZK neberou 👎Obsluha je tak nějak pasivně agresivní.

Adéla H.
Výborná pizza 😍😍👌🏼