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Kavárna Café Savoy
Vítězná 5, Praha 5 - Malá Strana
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-22:30
So-Ne 09:00-22:30

Kavárna Café Savoy v Praze na Malé Straně byla už odjakživa místem, kde se lidé scházeli u dobré kávy a hříšně dobrého dezertu. Vychutnejte si svoji denní dávku kávy v krásné kavárně v prvorepublikovém stylu. Interiér kavárny završuje nádherný památkově chráněný neorenesanční strop.



Kavárna Café SavoyKavárna Café SavoyKavárna Café Savoy

Kavárna Café Savoy - hodnocení a recenze

Cana M.
Soup was amazing

Ting S.
Go for French breakfast.

Flary M.
My favourite Place for 1st Day in New Year

I had flatwhite with pear & poppy seeds crumble pie - amazing! The other cakes, good. Staff very polite, the atmosphere was friendly. Usually, reservation is needed. Nice interior!

Serap A.
Winner schnitzel 👍🏻

Petra N.
I was really excited about a pear pie, but disappointed with average coffee.

Bianca ..
Savoy is a really a touristic place. Interior is beautiful but maybe when it's not overcrowded in order to enjoy it. Breakfast is good but no fireworks. Service can improve but they are always busy

Hikmet .
Too much waiting, good coffee. To sum up, very overrated place.

Veronika J.
I might have super high expectations but for the name and prices I would expect better service and also more space. The food was great though :)

P T.
Used to be my favourite place. Maitre d’ recognised you took you to your table... Now busy, hard to get table, waiters milling around, no personal. Still amazing food, just not a place to relax.

Diane T.
The best breakfast spot in Prague! 🍳

Karolina S.
Beautiful environment and atmosphere, very tasty food!

Lulu D.
Perfect bread and omelette! I'll come back for the breakfast again!

Todd J.
The healthy breakfast and teas are a pleasire

WHY THERE: breakfast, brunch, lively stylish tight interior, not the best staff. COFFEE: regular. DISHES: good ones. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high (unreasonable)

Maud D.
Awesome place, delicious breakfast. Be careful if you want to eat there you might book a table ! This place is always full.

Martyna M.
Great omelletes, fully recommend

David M.
Breakfast excelent

Csaba V.
Very nice place, good quality of food. Make sure you book a table upfront.

Emma D.
Delicious eggs and an extensive tea menu. Also great service!

Caroline G.
Overrated place. Really expensive, and food is nothing special. Bad service.

Patrizia H.
wonderful breakfast place

Oya K.
👌Definetly visit in Prague.

George D.
Perfect desserts!!!

Ulas K.
Omelettes are delicious. French toast is fabulous. Just don't order big breakfast menus, you'll miss other specials. But definitely Kafka has the taste!

Florin D.
Definitely not the best breakfast in Prague. Very nice setting and overall pleasant. French breakfast seemingly not what it used to be.

The best cafe of Prague. Delicious cakes, coffee and nice atmosphere.

Nic H.
Breakfast like a Princess! Fresh bread and the strawberry yam is with cinnamon. Perfect! 👸🏻

Eda S.
service is too slow:(

Hana K.
The most beautiful interior ever! Delicious breakfast with homemade granola and fruit, fresh juice and milk, bread with butter and jams 😻 Their cafe au lait savoy is perfect! 😇