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Kavárna Café Savoy
Vítězná 5, Praha 5 - Malá Strana
Otevírací doba
Po-Pá 08:00-22:30
So-Ne 09:00-22:30

Kavárna Café Savoy v Praze na Malé Straně byla už odjakživa místem, kde se lidé scházeli u dobré kávy a hříšně dobrého dezertu. Vychutnejte si svoji denní dávku kávy v krásné kavárně v prvorepublikovém stylu. Interiér kavárny završuje nádherný památkově chráněný neorenesanční strop.



Kavárna Café SavoyKavárna Café SavoyKavárna Café Savoy

Kavárna Café Savoy - hodnocení a recenze

Petra N.
I was really excited about a pear pie, but disappointed with average coffee.

Bianca ..
Savoy is a really a touristic place. Interior is beautiful but maybe when it's not overcrowded in order to enjoy it. Breakfast is good but no fireworks. Service can improve but they are always busy

Hikmet .
Too much waiting, good coffee. To sum up, very overrated place.

Veronika J.
I might have super high expectations but for the name and prices I would expect better service and also more space. The food was great though :)

P T.
Used to be my favourite place. Maitre d’ recognised you took you to your table... Now busy, hard to get table, waiters milling around, no personal. Still amazing food, just not a place to relax.

Diane T.
The best breakfast spot in Prague! 🍳

Karolina S.
Beautiful environment and atmosphere, very tasty food!

Lulu D.
Perfect bread and omelette! I'll come back for the breakfast again!

Todd J.
The healthy breakfast and teas are a pleasire

WHY THERE: breakfast, brunch, lively stylish tight interior, not the best staff. COFFEE: regular. DISHES: good ones. LOCATION: close to mainstream (convenient). PRICES: high (unreasonable)

Maud D.
Awesome place, delicious breakfast. Be careful if you want to eat there you might book a table ! This place is always full.

Martyna M.
Great omelletes, fully recommend

David M.
Breakfast excelent

Csaba V.
Very nice place, good quality of food. Make sure you book a table upfront.

Emma D.
Delicious eggs and an extensive tea menu. Also great service!

Caroline G.
Overrated place. Really expensive, and food is nothing special. Bad service.

Patrizia H.
wonderful breakfast place

Oya K.
👌Definetly visit in Prague.

George D.
Perfect desserts!!!

Ulas K.
Omelettes are delicious. French toast is fabulous. Just don't order big breakfast menus, you'll miss other specials. But definitely Kafka has the taste!

Florin D.
Definitely not the best breakfast in Prague. Very nice setting and overall pleasant. French breakfast seemingly not what it used to be.

The best cafe of Prague. Delicious cakes, coffee and nice atmosphere.

Nic H.
Breakfast like a Princess! Fresh bread and the strawberry yam is with cinnamon. Perfect! 👸🏻

Eda S.
service is too slow:(

Hana K.
The most beautiful interior ever! Delicious breakfast with homemade granola and fruit, fresh juice and milk, bread with butter and jams 😻 Their cafe au lait savoy is perfect! 😇

Very good food and cakes. Try duck breasts with lavender and some nice czech wine :)

Kristinn H.
French breakfast, wine and tea selection, and very good service. Usually a 15-20 minute wait for table at breakfast hours.

Suélen R.
The carrot soup is good.

Victor T.
Beautiful place. Very courteous service. Slow fulfillment of orders. Mushroom soup tastes like gravy, which I found unpleasant.

Julia O.
The place is very elegant and all but breakfasts are overrated, it's just nothing special food wise.

Sylwia P.
Best fot breakfast, but better is make an reservation before

Lucie P.
Overcrowded (especially on weekends) but amazing!Go there for a breakfast and enjoy this first republic atmosphere.In winter take a seat away from the door-it's really cold there.Reservaration needed.

Tina v.
Amazing! The best cakes I've ever had. Try Savoy cake, it'll blow your mind.

Valentin G.
Decent food, service is just ok. Probably too much a touristy place...

Chao W.
The french breakfast absolutely recommendable! French toast with apple zests tastes fresh and soft inside, thw hot choco savoy is rich not oversweet.

Mare G.
you can feel the history here.

Mare G.
although they ask for reservation, it's pretty empty after lunch time.

Furkan B.
Savoy plate and soups are sooo tasty, staff is very friendly.

Best breakfast spot in Praha ❤ we ordered : french toast - fried eggs with truffles - warm apple crumb with cream - coffee ☕️

Karolina K.
The best place for breakfast. Sweet, salted, anything you think about :)

Kevin B.
Lovely place for dinner or lunch or snack. Look up to the ceiling which was hidden during the war.The food was superb (schintzels, duck, beef boar, frankfurters), for dessert you choose a patisserie

Emily V.
Very fancy location! Good food! Very crowded and service is friendly but not that good.

Arne D.
Beautiful place, good food, poor service...

Merve G.
Best breakfast in town. French breakfast with cafe au lait is like heaven 👌🏻

Maria Z.
The best breakfast ever!

Özge G.
The most romantic place I stopped by in Praque. I'm in love with vanillia cheesecake. But filtered coffee wasn't good enough as I expected. Anyway I strongly recommend this cafe

Özge G.

Natalia K.
It is truly my favorite spot for breakfast or brunch in Prague.

Polina T.
The restaurant looked very welcoming and cozy; unfortunately the person at reception completely killed any desire to have a breakfast there! She was rude and unprofessional.

Sinem G.
Best choice for breakfast in Prague. Reservation is a must.

excellente place it is. staff are amazing, gourmet dishes, chill atmosphere, reasonable prices, clean toilet!! try special menu! it's beyond my expectations!

Alexander Z.
Great food, vibe and exceptionally good cappuccino!

Ana T.
I had a potato soup, fruits dumplings with sweet cheese and filtered coffee. Super delicious! The place looks neat and the service is best in class. You need a reservation here. A landmark I can say.

Harkirat S.
French breakfast and savoy breakfast

Emel I.
Came for breakfast and the atmosphere is simply amazing. So stylish. And the coffee taste mm👌🏼

rude waiter and waitress 😒

Orsi H.
Nice place, but bit overpriced and need to book a table in advance

Pavlína S.
Sunday morning brunch is awesome, cafe ai last eggs with truffle and than something small sweet from bakery.Better to book an advance

Antonia K.
Nice, authentic, great ambience, good food

Ainsley D.
Delicious French toast and coffee!!

S Marks The Spots
One of the most iconic cafes in Prague. Love the grand interior as well as the food.

Kind a very good place to have breakfast. Good list of tea/coffee,desserts re fresh and delicious. The only "problem" is that this place is usually full. If u don't wanna wait,ask for reservation.

Judith R.
French breakfast (ask for veggie version)

Jordane B.
great lamb good vibes. they have wiener schnitzel

Angelu De Leon R.
Best cheesecake, EVER! 😋😋😋

Philip A. H.
Best breakfast point of Prague

Stephan Z.
Carrot restaurant soup was amazing! The service is really good, a place is fancy. Some of the cakes look better than they taste, so go for the fruit ones.

Gizem T.
Nice apple strudel and nice atmosphere!

Andrew P.
Yes it's a snobby place with not great service. Worth a visit for the atmosphere but NOT best breakfast in Prague. You can find better more authentic places just around the corner.

Tomas B.
Have a breakfast in style here!

One of the most expensive places to grab a coffee or have breakfast, but due to it's history and interior a must-see. However, café lounge around the corner has a much better menu and ambiance.

Océane C.
The savoy plate is just perfect. If you love delicious meat, go for it.

Jessica G.
Gorgeous and clean atmosphere. Delicious food and big selection. Trendy and pretty people. Great service.

Vicky G.
Great choices of bread and spreads! Nice hot chocolate drink!

Sayaka K.
Savoy breakfast and Savoy omelette are the absolute bomb. Lime iced tea is super refreshing too. We loved this place so much that we came here for breakfast every day while we were there!

Philip S.
A must visit in Prague.

Diana Bear G.
Back in time! Lovely

Ali G.
Bad service, overrated food!

Ana I.
Come here to feel real spirit of Prague!!!! Great service and quality! Recommend!

Basically everything!! :)

Jenny S.
Savoy café au lait was their own mocha. Soy milk at no extra charge. A bit upscale and expensive. Free WiFi.

Karina G.
Fancy atmosphere. Great coffee. Definitely going back for the cakes!

Emily A.
Perfect spot for brunch. Delicious hot drinks and juice selection, and the breakfast options come with a wide variety of different foods. Try the Savoy Breakfast! Gorgeous atmosphere as well.

Vishesh R.
One could get a real Czech feel once you visit this place. It looks lavish and and the meals are sumptuous. Don't forget to grab a cappuccino before you leave.

Yi C.
Nice food and atmosphere

Grafton C.
I know the food is good and it is, but it's far too expensive... The coffee is better pretty much everywhere. The flat white was awful.

Can Murat G.
Dört Savoy was delicious. There is a thin cherry sour in it. Smiling and sympathetic waitresses are great. Savoy cafe au lait is being presented in a huge and nice cup.

Loretta L.
Great atmosphere, food and service. Ordered the French toast and it was perfect. Nice balance of toast and fruit. We sat upstairs and had a great view of the restaurant and the beautiful ceilings.

Sara N.
Eggs with truffles. Stunning.

The savoy omelette with cheese and “Classic laite with chocolate syrup and cinnamon

Petr P.
Breakfast was just ok, not special.

Nancy K.
One of the best cafes to start the day,very close to charle's bridge and the petrin hill. Try the cafe eau lait and scrambled eggs.

Kennis K.
Best Breakfast in Prague! Awesome

Şerife K.
Snobby waiters but its a really pretty cafe and soo delicious cakes! apple strudle must try! Aand they bring cream and banana sauce with it!! Btw dont forget to look up!

Olaya G.
Everything in this place is amazing

Craig V.
French toast, Gruyere omelette, tea. Beautiful space. Reservation required.

Diana K.
I suggest to taste any cake with a couple of tea, that you can feel the atmosphere of the neo Renaissance here😊

Colin L.
Omelette savoy was too oily and cheesy. On plus side, Enjoyed the different type of earl grey teas

Oguzhan E.
French toast was good! They served the americano cold, be careful if you dont want it cold!

Anna R.
Elegant interior and the cheesecake is like eating a piece of heaven.

Michael A.
Try brunch on Sunday, you should do reservation few days in advance. If you go on brunch or dinner, please take a regular pants and some shirt. At least I as a guest will appreciate. Thanks:)

Raquel P.
Good food but the bad service overcomes it. Especial treatment for locals and as for tourists, lack of care. Too snobbish. For me a good service is what differentiate a great place from an average one

Lou M.
A lovely, classic cafe, beautiful interior, delightful pastries and cakes.

Great food, lovely location, accommodating staff

Dila A.
good place for breakfast but you have to make reservation in advance

Michaela P.
Yes, beautiful, but overpriced in my opinion.

gulru g.
breakfast is good but it's nothing special, snob staff.

Javier A.
Great atmosphere, the place is far from old fashioned, rather authentic instead. Very nice service, English spoken by everyone I met. Coffee the European style.

Fairil Y.
The breakfast is ample and of quality, you won't be disappointed.

İlker E.
It is an average place. Service is not bad but meal sizes are too small for breakfast. Too much crowded, touristic and expensive. Go somewhere else much more modern and keep away from Ambient rests.

Lívia N.
great place, cozy atmosphere and friendly service. the duck is really good!

Philip C.
Parisian Steak Tartare was amazing!

Extraordinary. A perfect breakfast place.

Tomer M.
Great service beautiful place and tasty food. High end but worth it

My favorite cafe in Prague

Nikos P.
Pretentious place.. Nothing special, apart from the ceiling! Too pride waiters, like they have a PhD in nuclear physics...! Service is too slow.. Don't waste your time here...

Jakub K.
Not sure what the hype is about. Beautiful interior can't make up for average food, arrogant staff and stupid-high prices.

Yigit A.
I think reservation is necessary to sit downstairs. Otherwise they take you upstairs. Yummy desserts - my fav apple strudel 😋

Mafalda G.
Really good breakfast.nice atmosphere and must try!

Dominika H.
Brilliant food and not too posh surrounding. Loved it and will defo come back!

Martina Z.
Very nice interior, delicious food and professional service. Lamb was excellent and Savoy cake is obviously a must try!

Klára B.
Great place for special occasions! Really amazing atmosphere and brunch. Reservation needed.

Veronika H.
Cakes, tea & people watching. Great for lunch too.

Great for brunching! They bake everything there. Croissants not good though...

Miranda N.
Its personal preference but I wouldn't choose from the preselected breakfast set. Didn't enjoy it as much. Pick our own eggs or other sweet breakfie dishes. Combine them yourself

Wendell V.
very nice place. the breakfast is good and the place is beautiful. have table for smoke people

Barbora B.
Amazing place for breakfast or lunch. It's very authentic and the quality of food is very high. Highly recommended!

Elif .
Perfection of service.. Delicious desserts..and also steaks..

Beril D.
Delicious breakfast. Blonde Lady at the front gate is a bit rude.

Jasmine B.
Really nice schnitzel, amazing cakes and friendly staff. But a bit pricey. Beautiful interior

Amanda A.
The duck confit with cabbage and dumplings! It's a lot of food and it's so satisfying when you're hungry.

Fiona F.
Beautiful, Art Deco interior, stunning! with good value brunch menu.

Sam K.
A must try breakfast

The French breakfast is good but completely outrageous 🍟🍴🍹

cana u.
Main courses are expensive but tastes are average. Creme brulee was bomb but with a really small portion . Nothing special. Just trendy place.thats it.go somewhere different with better prices

Katie M.
Dort Savoy was fantastic!

Vova N.
Good breakfast place but quite expansive and fancy.

Rodrigo L.
Savoy and english breakfast 💚

very good atmosphere, breakfast is avarege.

Jana B.
Delicious coffee and eggs as well, amazing atmosphere. Try their cafe savoy coffee - very delicious.

Jorge S.
The lamb is perfect. Service is pretty good.

Andras P.
Good food, nice athmosphere, polite staff.

Kristina r.
Very expensive. Main dishes are all between 350 czk and 500 czk (15 to 20 euros). The place is classy but it has no soul. If you like places like this, go to cafe Louvre instead.

Ann Q.
They make good coffee and the cakes are okay. The service is hit and miss, but the location is beautiful.

CloudsTaste M.
Schnitzel beer

Zeynep Y.
Great pastries

Zack S.
Fancy, tasty food at shockingly affordable prices. The steak and the duck breast are both excellent, but you have to leave room for a slice of Dort Savoy.

Janine C.
Not as good as the ratings, it's just ok, hot chocolate not good at all. The one in cafe imperial so much better as the food.

Antonia R.
French toast!

Maria S.
Best service I experienced in Prague! A great surprise given the usual very unfriendly and bad service in most other places. Also, great coffees and drinks, will definitely try the food next time.

Samuele P.
Really nice the Savoy cheese Omelette and good Café au lait for breakfast.

Helena N.
Here is the best duck breast I have ever eaten! Fries are also awesome, but save room for the main course and the sauces that come with it. It's a dream, and the service is good. Highly recommended

Swirly W.
Tasty omlette and coffee.

Ngawang C.
Homemade lemonade is my favorite drink

Yve N.
Very gorgeous Café! Enjoy it!

Sydney F.
The savoy breakfast was delicious. You get fresh bread whatever meal you order. The hot chocolate is rich. The scrambled eggs w spinach was very fresh. Beautiful atmosphere and building. Lovely place

Selen A.
Savoy breakfast is delish.

Pwlina R.
One of the best cafe's in prague. Try one of the cakes.

Sorina C.
Coffee is good! If you can stop yourself from taking a cake, you do yourself a favour because they don't taste so good so you will leave with a better feeling! :) enjoy the atmosphere!

Joao L.
Amazing food. Nice atmosphere. Ok service.

taste the desserts from pâtisserie!

Kamil G.
The BEST french breakfast I have ever eaten in the BEST bistro I have ever been. Classy!

Kacper G.
Cakes look much better than they taste so I recommend drinking just a cup of coffee there to see amazing interiors and feel the atmosphere of this more than 100 yo place.

Alper .
For the best breakfast..

Consider yourself very lucky if you can manage to get a table for breakfast during the weekend. Top notch service, food and cakes. Highly recommended

Susanna A.
Cafe is overrated, brunch is tasty, but pretty standard. Not so different from other classic decor/vibe brunch venues I've been to. Hot chocolate is very good though

Kristy M.
This place is like heaven on Earth — they serve brunch throughout the whole day so be sure to ask for the breakfast menu! ❤️🍳

Mark S.
Breakfast Savoy & French Breakfast are awesome! Service was okay not particular good, atmosphere is great! Strongly recommend for breakfast / brunch

Niso M.
Ambiance and service was excellent the coffee was not hot. The coffee cups must be hot..

Peri .
Perfect breakfast!

Didrik V.
Ordered the Café au lait, that I recommend if you like your coffee sweet. If you take a toilet break you can catch a glimpse of the bakery located in the basement. Clean environment & attentive staff.

Ana M.
Environment cakes

Crystal T.
The chicken schnitzel is divine!

ser y.
Delicious cakes in a historical setting

The atmosphere and especially the service here is exceptional. The best is brunch, make sure to reserve in advance.

Get the Savoy breakfast which comes with their hot chocolate! Wifi password is ambiente

Absar S.
Cafe Savoy lives up to its name. Had the French breakfast tea, and scrambled eggs with chives.

A great location and one of the best hot chocolates I had so far! Quite pricey though!

We stayed there a few hours after a morning visiting the palace and surrounding. Great modern food, the place is nice, the cakes are amazing!

Hannes .
The breakfast was okay, but very pricey. The croissant sucked for a place that pretends to be French. Left with a meh feeling.

Anna-Maria H.
Great place for breakfast!! Amazing hot chocolate and home-made bread. Lovely place for a brunch on sunday :)

David 🎉 L.
Brittany Oysters and steak tartare prepared table side. Order with a glass of fine wine including Dom, billecart, and Fleury rose available by the glass.

Noam H.
After 3 weeks in Eastern Europe, this place has the best culinary and service experience ive had so far

Shalev S.
Order the soup. The English breakfast is not as good as it's price. Great place with great vibe

Pawel C.
Easily one of the best breakfasts I had. Great food and drinks, huge portions that will keep you full for the rest of the day. The homemade bread is super good.

Andrei H.
Breakfast is good although a little cramped. Call and make reservation ; even if it's an hour before or you might not have a table. Wifi pass : ambiente

Sema S.
I change my tip about foods :) they are very delucious but very limited options.

Sema S.
Atmosphere is so nice. Foods are ok but place is so cozy. Nice to get relax here.

Phat B.
The cakes will make you cream in your pants - incredible! Highly recommended

M. Faruk D.
Very cozy and fancy place to have breakfast. Reservation is almost a must. Price/Quality ratio is good. Worth to go there for sure.

Areej 2014
Dont miss the french toast, i am not fan of their coffee, but I love this place!

Joachim C.
The baked brioche with ham, gruyere cheese, and poached egg is superb! Their cocktails are very good as well

Šimon V.
English breakfast was so-so - kinda small for the price and the bacon was burnt. Might recommend to try the french breakfast instead which was ok

Andreia M.
Patisserie is fantastic!!

Jakub M.
French breakfast. Enough said.

Eunhwa K.
Nice foods, nice services, and not that expensive! Love the croissants here!

Massimo P.
Classy place in Ujezd, come here for a rich brunch. Perfect for a romantic date

Ross W.
Very friendly staff who speak great English. The ambiance is fantastic as is the food.

Olaf S.
May be the best Breakfast place in Prague. Reservation most of the time needed . Always crowded .

Rob B.
one of the best breakfast in Prague. Omelette Savoy is a best...

Noah R.
Excellent grilled chicken breast and coffee

Mg A.
Service is perfect and the place is a must see!

Aleš Z.
Uzasny dortiky a zakusky!

Matthijs W.
Go for the veal schnitzel...

Miguel L.
excellent Czech cuisine, service and beer

Mert T.
Don't know about the main dishes but the deserts are terrible. This is a cafe that can not even prepare a lemonade. However the interior design is simply astonishing and breathtakingly beautiful.

Alexandr S.
Architecture and dining.

Cizenbayan E.
Another great restaurant by the ambiente group! High, decorated ceelings, good quality food and very good service.

Lucie K.
The biggest & most delicious brunch menus around. Don't expect any eccentric menu but the quality is unique!

Tomas N.
Vynikajici zakusky!

Paolo M.
Magnificent home made pastries

Yash M.
Do sit outside! Great view of the Charles bridge

Cheesecake is amazing!

Patty S.
The restaurants (soups) are a must, especially carrot with chicken and smashed potatoes. The prices are high.

Tatarak savoy and oystres best !

Denis D.
Good coffee, great ambience, food is ok!

An amazing place without much tourist. Service is great, food is awesome. The place is really nice with gorgeous high ceilings and an old-time, 19th century ambiance. A bit full for the breakfast..

Chris M.
for a brunch or lunch

Dave M.
Perfect. French breakfast. Wow.

Anastasia G.
Great place with tasty food and friendly staff, not a beer spot, French style

Melih Can .
Savoy's menu is very large and pies are very delicious.

Ahh Cafe Savoy! The original coffee and / or brunch place that has it all...great food, original atmosphere and fabulous customer service!

French toast is amazing

jiri s.
once again little bit annoyed by the poor service

Dean L.
Apple strudel

On weekend reservations is not an option...

Alberto C.
Double expresso is a entire experience. I haven' t never see such details in a single service.

Nuno S.
WiFi password is "ambiente"

Jan K.
Very good!!

Paddy Z.
New wifi pass, oct 2013 "ambiente".

Peter L.
Order the double espresso, it comes with a little bit of milk in case you don't like black coffee.

Luis-Manuel G.
Amazing dècor. Decent coffee and good hot chocolate. The Savoy cake (Dort Savoy) was very good.

Excellent food, i enjoyed it with a friend after his recommendation.

Vojtech H.
Great breakfast spot. Serves breakfast all day

Debby M.
Great for lunch, pea soup is delicious and all kind of home made pastries. Extended wine list with nice local wines.

Arxo K.
Chocolate fonduee with fruits! Excellent!

Yve N.
Very very nice place to have breakfast. Choose Savoy Breakfast, is soo yammi!

Bibi G.
Carrot restaurant

Marcus S.
Lovely pastry

Alan C.
Friendly English speaking staff. Fantastic food, try the chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes.

Alan C.
Order the Health Breakfast, it's amazing.

I loved this place so much! Came here twice in the past 4 days.

Pea soup is pretty damn good- and I don't even like peas :)

JaroslavSl 3.
Best brunch place in Prague (unfortunately for lots of loud families too) but brunch still counts! Great new is @Doubleshot_cz on grinder;)

Sander S.
Very fancy place, me like ;)

Farin A.
I'm so disappointed with Savoy. They just removed "american breakfast" from their list. It was my fav. Breakfast. They have changed their menu and breakfasts became smaller and more expensive.

Robert B.
Ask for baby chair,they have 5 of them,but don't offer it,if you enter with a baby.

Janie W.
healthy breakfast was an absolute dream.

Lime&Tonic (Prague)
Perfect for a weekend brunch. Deserves to be in the Top 10 brunch list!

Wolfram S.
The place for a lazy sunday breakfast

Silvia H.
Amazing homemade apricot cake

Yulia P.
Best cheese cake in Prague and tea marco polo !!!not with tea bags :))

Jacob B.
Try the French Breakfast, but make sure your table has room for it!

Vero A.
Had a vanilla cheese cake that was really good. Highly recommended

Hereza T.
The best salad with chicken breast ever! Not so expensive as it seems.

Cinnamon R.
Great pea soup here! Totally recommend it! And they have great, wide collection of wine! Bon appetite!

Sabine (Your Ambassadrice) d.
Great place for gourmet food in a great renaissance decor. Try the rump steak or foie gras

Mateusz F.
Fancy place but worth visiting because of interior - incredible ceiling and great wine wall.

Banu B.
Best Carrot Cake

Szilvia W.
hot chocolate is very good, prague ham, omelette w/ gruyere etc etc it's all good. A bit pricey but definitely worth it.

Sunjin L.
Such a friendly staff. They can do 'virgin' cocktails.

Ricki T.
Great place to visit. Very good for families with children. Nice service

Lina U.
Great daily specials

Matt W.
Sitting outside can make you a target for pigeon shit. Dine outside at your own risk!

Seungki L.
nice place to visit~ :-) well trained staffs are so nice

MiBa .
ideal place for looong breakfast

Caroline H.
The ham omelette is to die for!

look up! bc the ceiling is one of a kind and filled with history. the brunch here is really good too. coconut creme brulee! yummers!

David L.
Prague ham bread, not so small meal! it was great

Marina N.
Chocolate dessert with poached pear is great

Vojtech F.
For breakfast: omelette Savoy with cheese Gruyére. For lunch: beef tartar Parisiene. For dinner: baked rabbit leg with pumpkin.

Süleyman .
Nezih bir ortam, köklü bir geçmiş... Rezervasyon yaptırmadan gitmeyin.

Ahmet .
French toast mutlaka deneyin👌

Great atmosphere and great food👌🏼احلى مطعم فطور ببراغ

Aleksandra B.
Вкусный горячий шоколад; красивый потолок.

Albert S.
Buen cafe pero 20 trabajando y muy lentossss

melih e.
Omlet çeşitleri,ekmekleri ve tereyağı inanılmazdı.mekanın şıklığı ve hizmet kalitesi de 10 numaraydı☺ ayrıca çocuklu gidilebilecek bir mekan😉

Вечером отлично посидеть на лавочках вдоль стены кафе. Специальные подлокотники подходят для пива и проссеко. Официанты обслуживают.

Déborah R.
O lugar é lindo! Não é barato, mas vale a pena tomar um chá ou um suco enquanto come uma fatia de torta. A limonada não é um suco normal, tem água com gás, fica a dica.

Onur K.
İki gün sonraya rezervason yaptırdık, o konuda çok katılar, kruvasanları ve kahvaltısı çok iyi, fiyatlar ideal, atmosfer güzel...

Amra S.
Guter Kaffee und leckere Torten 🍰☕️

Öğle yemeğini burada yedik, eşim 4 çeşit etin olduğu (adını unuttum)yemeği yedi. Yemekler göründüğü gibi ve çok lezzetli. Servis süper, garsonlar iyi👍

Burçak O.
Kesinlikle görülmesi gereken bir mekan ❤️

Karolina K.
Asi nejlepsi dezerty v Praze,ale na jidlo uz chodíme radeji do Next door or cafe imperial.Zde jsem mela mix nejhorších jídel v Praze.The best cakes but the worst Food inPrague i can reccomend imperial

Nazli S.
Mekan gayet hoş fakat kahvaltı tercihi yaparken dikkatli olmak lazım. Porsiyonlar oldukça ufak ve doyurucu değil!

Sabina Z.
Lovely iconic place with very unique historical atmosphere. Nicest staff and best větrník of them all.👌🏼

Mekan oldukça keyifli, uzun saatler sıkılmadan oturabilirsiniz. Ancak kahvaltı seçenekleri oldukça yetersiz. Kahve için değerlendirilebilir.

islam b.
kapı önündeki banklarda oturarak elmali tart (Apfelstrudel)👍 denedik.ceviz, kuru üzüm takviyesi ile elmali tarçınlı içi lezzetliydi.vanilya sosu ile daha da lezzetli hale geliyor.

Nila F.
Breakfast 👍🏻 ✨

Petr S.
Samozřejmě profi obsluha a skvělé jídlo. Bývá plno, tak rezervujte včas.

Катя .
Красивое кафе. Еда вкусная , тортики так себе .

Merve C.
Apple strudel enfes hayatımda daha güzelini yemedim.Çalışanlar çok profesyonel..ortam muhteşem.Prag a yolunuz düşerse buraya gitmeden dönmeyin derim.

Burak O.
Elmalı tatlısı güzel.

Busra Y.
Yemeklerde ahim sahim bir sey yok. Ortami, garsonlari ve fiyatlari iyi. Yemekten sonra disardaki banklarda takilmak keyifli

Sibel .
Genelde kahvaltı için önerilse de biz yemeğe geldik, oldukça hoş ortamıyla gayet güzeldi. Fiyatlar da uçuk değil ama ortalamanın biraz üzeri...

Sibel .
Ortam harika, size Paris ve Prague arasında güzel bir havayı birlikte yaşatıyor. Gelinesi görünesi... wifi şifresi: ambiente

Aziz R.
Sakin gitmeyin tatlilar les limonata sekerli limonlu soda cappucino soguk

WiFi password: ambiente

Necdet K.
Nazım'ı andık. Güzel şarap içtik. Hoş..

Karolina K.
Mam to tu rada :)

Татьяна .
Прекрасные завтраки, чай и десерты. Очень приятная обстановка!!! Лучше столик бронировать заранее:)

jidlo skvele, ale za ty prachy jeste aby nebylo...ale personal? zmateny, dlouhe cekaci doby, napor lidi trosku nezvladaji.

Emre B.
Viyana'nın görkemli cafelerinin benzeri, tatlılar ve kekler başarılı

Deniz A.
Kahvaltı çok lezzetli mekan çok şık

Jaroslav H.
Hodne si priplacite za to, ze je to Ambi. Jidlo v poradku, ale daleko lepe se citim v Cafe Louvre. Zazitek fajn, ale asi nezopakuju.

Anna R.
Атмосферное чешское место с антуражем первой республики, большие куски тортиком, но ничего сверх естественного. Красивая подача чая.

Michael A.
Snídaňová menu, cheesecake Savoy s mákem a hruškou.

Juliana N.
Chocolate quente espetacular! As tortas também são deliciosas!

Блюдо дня -хорошая цена и размер. Если кофе, то flat white ☕️👌🏻

Sinem Y.
10 numara kahvaltı yeri atmosfer çok güzel keyifle oturdum yarın sabah tekrar ordayım

Sinem U.
Mekan çok şık, yemekler çok lezzetli ama tatlılarını pek beğenmedim. Çalışanlar ilgili ve güleryüzlü.

Marko P.
Çok şık ve bu şıklığa rağmen ucuz pastane..

Iva K.
Say what you want but the most astonishing place for breakfast in Prague is Cafe Savoy. You can try anything and won't be disappointed. But safe place for desserts - those mini větrníks 😊

Murat Timur A.
Sıcak çikolata ve Tatlıları başarılı

Murat Timur A.
Mola vermek için güzel bir mekan. Ben sıcak çikolata ve citrony dart denedim.

inspector c.
Вкусно. Очень. Но название заведения видно задает пафос общения персонала и это напрягает.

Emrah B.
Kahvalti icin degisik tadlar denenebilir

Şevki T.
Kahvaltisi guzel ve guler yuzlu hizmet

Петр .
По французски !

MiriAB A.
Çok şık bir cafede oturup eşimle birer kahve icip lezzetli tatlilar yemek be 30tl civarında bir hesap odeyerek kalkmak guzeldi.kesinlikle tavsiye edilir

S G.
Nazim Hikmet'in de oturup siirler yazdigi Slavya kahvesi ❤️pastalari harika....Slavya kahvesinde dostum Tavfer'le Vitava suyuna karşı oturup tatlı tatlı yarenliği severim hele sabahları,hele baharda ❤

Ziya C.
Viyana schnitzel (et ve tavuk seçeneği var) yanında mutlaka "potato salad" Ortam hoş, fiyatlar böyle bir mekan için normal

...go with the flow... ..
Best cafe in Prague, service mostky a bit slow. Great Cakes - really solid breakfast. Das beste Café in Prag, wg Ambiente und Küche und der grossartigen Patisserie, Service leider meist etwas lahm.

Alexandra G.
Za odmenu :) ranajky Savoy, ledva som zjedla vsetko.

Veronika P.
Hvězda mezi pražskými kavárnami! Dezerty jsou úchvatné, pozdní snídaně na jedničku, skvělé polévky! Prostředí jak z prvorepublikového filmu, servis bezchybný - tohle je Creme de la Creme!

Yelda U.
Pastalar ve servis çok iyi. Kaliteli mekan.fiyatları uygun

José Luis O.
Desayunos buenazos!

Arzu S.
Pragda ikinci gunumde gordugum en guleryuzlu garsonlar burada,Türk zevkine uygun omletli kahvaltinizi yapip bu tarihi mekanin keyfini cikarin derim

Jan M.
Krásné kavárenské prostředí, bohatý výběr desertů a zákusků z vitríny, ochotná obsluha, lahodná káva. Čokoláda Savoy byla trošku více hořká, ale chuťově zajímavá.

Alexandra M.
Pour le service, le cadre et surtout le carrotcake 💝😊

Menderes S.
Newyork Times 36 Saatte Avrupa Kitab'ında Prag'da görülmesi gereken yerlerden biri. Tatlıları başarılı.

Johana F.
Kvalita odpovídající ceně, příjemnej interiér, milá obsluha, dobré menu. Z dezertový nabídky je rozhodně nejlepší věneček (zřejmě nejlepší v celý Praze!). Trochu zklamaná jsem byla asi jen z kachny.

Ella G.
Не могу нарадоваться уровню обслуживания, вкусу еды и кофе! Рекомендую посетить Савой во время обеда но заранее резервировать столик. Место замечательное!

Spokojenost jak se snídaní tak s obedem i večeří! mnam

Stefania A.
La classe, un bijou!

Salem a.
المحل راقي / واكله ممتاز / عنده تشكيلة واسعه من المخبوزات

Елена .
Savoy- best of the best. На мой взгляд, самое французское место в Праге! Soft boiled eggs with Parmesan-😍

Honza U.
Jedno z mých go to places kdykoli jsem v Praze. Zkuste tartare Parisien, míchany přímo u stolu. Na maly hlad doporučuji restauranty - ten karotkovy je přímo božský.

Elisa g.
Ma soprattutto buone le torte! Brunch affollato ma il personale non smette mai di sorridere. Buonissimi anche i French toast. Bravi.

Elisa g.
Colazione francese, pranzo ceco e dessert internazionali. Prezzi alti ma qualità altissima. Free wifi e personale gentile. La colazione Savoy è super!

Veronika K.
Po 11te hodine je snidanove menu pouze na vyzadani

Karolina C.
Skvela snidane. Ochutnala jsem i vajicko s parmazanem a toho si priste poprosim aspon tri porce🙏

Jirina H.
Excellent atmosphere, very nice cafe au lait :-)

serkan a.
Reçeller çok lezzetli, yumurtayı da beğendim. Ama pek doydum sayılmaz.

Michal R.
Perfektní servis, excelentní vyhlášené snídaně v krásných prostorech. Vyšší ceny, ale opravdu se to vyplatí, vřele doporučuji !

Lukáš D.
Dobre jidlo, doporucuji levandulovou limonadu, vyborna!!!

Petr K.
Nezapomeňte kouknout na patisserii a vinotéku po cestě na toaletu.

Petr .
Kafe si tu nedávejte. Chutná jak rozpustné.

Když muž se ženou snídá

Caio A.
O ambiente é muito agradável e bonito. A taxa de serviço destoa dos restaurantes de Praga, pois cobram 21%, enquanto os outros lugares cobram 10%.

Karolina P.
Vypadá to tam hodně na úrovni. Bohužel personál nestíhal a nebyl sehraný. Za tu cenu jídla by to měli však zvládat. Jinak snídaně byla super. Manager je zvláštní.

Jana P.
Naprosto luxusni snidane!!!

Christoph W.
Gutes Frühstück, leider lange Wartezeiten, Reservierung erforderlich. Bleibt etwas hinter den guten Bewertungen zurück

Jitka B.
Moc levné...

Ершан .
Kahvaltısı güzel. Yeri güzel. E bi uğrayın :)

Lanýžové cappuccino s francouzskými kachními játry s jablečným želé bylo dokonalé. Obsluha se ma ještě co učit, ale celkový dojem dobrý.

Míša K.
Bezkonkurenční cheescake, skvělá káva a příjemná obsluha.

Мария .
Нам перепутали сорта чаев, эта путаница перешла и в чек. Десерты вкусные, но не супер. Пытались обслуживать 3 официантов разом. Бестолково. Посетите туалет-там красиво!) стеклянная стена!

Michael M.
Einfach nur wow!

Tereza V.
Vari vyborne! Jen asi nejsem dost nobl, abych ocenila to gurmansky menu. Fois gras apod. na me proste moc nefunguje.. Verim, ze snidane jsou tady top.

Gabriela S.
Velky vyber caju, ale cukr jsem k nemu nedostala.. Croissant delany z testa na brioche,takze nestal za nic.. Snidane celkove predrazena.. Ale designove krasne a prijemne misto

Jiri S.
Jednim slovem dokonale. Urcite zkuste nejakou z polevek a nechte si misto na dezert!

Hana V.
Nastavit mlýnek pořád neumí a crema na espressu nedrží a nedrží :(

Jana S.
Skvela snidane, uzasna domaci horcice a grilovana rajcata v anglicke snidani. Ambi jako vzdy nezklamalo.

Jane P.
Hezké prostredi, ale obsluha a ceny nic moc

Sedli S.
Přátelé a kamarádi, tak chřestové dny to je jeden velkej chuťovej orgasmus. Spěchejte ať stihnete

Tomas A.
Na ceny a aristokratický interiér je personal příliš proletářský. Jídlo je výborné.

Kristýna M.
Nadherna, romanticka kavarna, ktera urcite stoji za navstevu... V rusnejsi dobu je zapotrebi udelat rezervacku ...

Eva P.
Prijemne uvedeni. Ze 6 polozek objednavky nam 2 prinesli jinak. Kafe ok. 500Kc za odpoledni kaficko a domu. Nesplnilo ocekavani podle referenci, bohuzel.

Jaroslav K.
Místo s atmosférou a klasickým kavárenským interiérem s patinou. Obsluze se nedá nic vytknout, vždy je velmi ochotná. Po dortu Savoy, štrúdlu nebo pralinkách nebudete pochybovat, že ráj existuje.

Dominika P.
Oběd zklamal. 4 jídla přinesli zcela studená. Jinak dorty skvělé.

Tono R.
Muy recomendable!

Asja M.
Arogantni obsluha, neutulne prostredi, premrstene ceny. Na jidlo se ceka, ale jeste nez dozvykate, uz nesou ucet. Never more.

Дэн М🎃
Уютно и очень вкусно:)

Barbora S.
Výborný gurmánský zážitek ať už jde o snídani, brunch, oběd či večeři. Skvělý servis a nezaměnitelná atmosféra!!!

Martin P.
Pozor, dort s tvarohem, makem a hruskou vytvari zavislost!

Arina Kulikova .
Отличное респектабельное кафе, напоминает одно место на Кутузовском в Москве времен начала двухтысячных...

Skibi Kids
Místo na skvělé snídaně, které se protáhnou do oběda, nebo na návštěvu kdykoliv v průběhu dne :) Nemají koutek, ale vždy se hned postarají o děti. Pastelky, omalovánky a další péče o malé strávníky.

Jedna z nejlepších snídaní v Praze! Pokuď máte volných 10 minut projděte se pěšky přes Kampu a Karlův most, optimálně s vypnutým mobilním telefonem pro nerušený zážitek .)

Marketa H.
Možná je to klišé, ale kdo má klišé rád, rozhodně sem musí zajít na ten nejklišovatější brunch co existuje!! Vejce do skla! Ano!

K. S.
Výborná snídaně, promyšlená z kvalitních surovin. Ale nemám ráda když na mě někde blbě koukají jen protože mám na zádech batoh a automaticky se mi věnují míň než pánovi vedle v obleku.

Petra B.
Neni nad to si tady dat vybornou snidani a uzit si ranni atmosferu. Nezapomente upnout oci ke stropu!

Nejlepší větrníky - mini je moc malý. Maxi je nutností. Mňam.

Petra V.
Francouzská snídaně nebo omeleta Savoy se sýrem Gruyère + fresh

Michelle L.
Nejlepší nabídka dortů, snídaní a toalet v Praze. Kuřácká část :)

Ondřej K.
Skvělá atmosféra, bezchybný servis, interiér je vskutku klasický. Doporučuji cheesecake!

Petr T.
Moje 3 nejoblíbenější: párek Savoy, dort Savoy a Café au-lait Savoy.

Michala G.
Připlácíte tu za atmosféru, ale zdejší buržoazní snídani to chce i tak aspoň jednou zažít.

Martin K.
Jistota servisu a české kuchyně. Telecí brzlík a řízek se salátem 4 ever! ;)

Lucie K.
Dala jsem si francouzskou snídani, no, spíš oběd, ale vše vynikající - rozhodně stojí za návštěvu. Toasty s vajíčkem, croissant, javorový sirup. Příjemná obsluha, nechá vás v klidu posnídat 1,5 hodin.

Tomas V.
Francouzska snidane! Jedna z nej v Praze. Genialni croissant, prazska sunka, stavnata klobaska marquezi s domacimi hranolkami a na zaver sladka tecka - opeceny toast na sladko s javorovym sirupem.

Petr K.
Snídaně tu nemají chybu, až na to, že se skoro nevejdou na stůl.

Matej B.
Nejlepší tatarák (tatarský biftek Savoy), který jsem měl. Samozřejmě že s topinkami!

Dan F.
Maji skvela vejce do skla a parecky. Obsluha je ale nekdy na zabiti, odtazena, namyslena a delaji chyby, coz v pripade ambiente site je nezvykle.

Martin K.
Jediny podnik ze site Ambi kde personal neni 100%. hodil by se vic familierni pristup viz. Manesova nebo v tomto nejlepsi Celetna. K jidlu ale vytknout nelze temer nic.

Lukáš P.
kdo by si nedal bábovku savoy s čekuládovym středem za dvě kilča? a ten větrník!