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Kavárna Cafe Cafe
Rytířská 10, Praha 1 - Staré Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Čt 10:00-23:00
Pá-Ne 09:30-23:00

V srdci Prahy je ukryt klenot mezi kavárnami a tím je Cafe Cafe. Neotřelý design, profesionální obsluha, výborná káva i kuchyně a každou chvíli vždy něco nového. Pro sezení v hlavní místnosti doporučuji vždy udělat si rezervaci. Cafe Cafe je výborné místo na posezení u kávy, jídla i dezertu a to v jakýkoliv denní okamžik.



Kavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe Cafe
Kavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe Cafe

Kavárna Cafe Cafe - hodnocení a recenze

Prostředí i to jídlo je tam prostě báječné a na to, že je to střed města to není ani zas tak předražené

WHY THERE: desserts. WHY NOT: loads of tourists. DRINKS: regular. DESSERTS: quite a selection of lovely ones. LOCATION: mainstream (relatively convenient). PRICES: higher average (unreasonable)

Anna K.
Breakfast starts at 10:00

Andrej N.
Cakes are delicious. Keep in mind the cappuccino cups are small (for big cup lovers). Prices are above average. Good place and service.

Andrea A.
Nice open faced sandwiches. Service was a little abrupt.

joss b.
One of the best bars in Prague!

Valeriya V.
Very nice place with good wine, desserts, music, atmosphere and quality service.

Michael A.
Inspiring daily menu with possibility of customization. Staff really look after good customer experience.

Wladimir C.
The music is selection was great! Lounge Dance music! Food was great! Service was good too. Chicken was amazing. The starter was also great.

Raian R.
Try their goat cheese salad and sandwiches. Very nice vibe place.

Gabriel R.
Food just average! Attendants below average too! Modern but need a better boss-looking touch!

Karolina K.
Cakes are the best in town! Stylish, also with smoking area.

Jan V.
Amazing cakes, food and atmosphere. Great and friendly staff.

Spyros K.
Nice music and beautiful ambience

Roberto K.
Night life , good life

Didem U.
A good meeting point desserts are delicious

Victor P.
Pet shop boys!

Andrew P.
One of the 'places to be seen' in Prague. Cakes still the best and the rest of the menu not shabby either. Might seem poshy but absolutely worth a visit.

Sophie S.
Delicious apple-caramel cake - one of the best desserts in town. Also, good selection of cocktails

Marie N.
Cool place to be.

Alesya K.
Lovely breakfast options and interior. Not really friendly service(

Yuk Man C.
Nice food but slow. Didn't try the cake as it looked massive but would go again.

rola b.
Great place!

Stephen M.
Wifi martini2016

Very lively place! :) If you are fan of good cup of coffee and caramel desserts, try ice coffee and caramel cake with bananas 👏😍

Ralf K.
Best cakes in Prague. Try the raspberry cheese cake it's amazing!

Jozef K.
Good wifi, great coffee and absolutely awesome carrot cake

Павел .
Best breakfasts in Praha 1 and possibly in Prague at all

My favorite Café in town with probably the best cakes you can get in Prague. Very busy at coffee time. Also recommendable for breakfast and lunch.

Lucia V.
Nice cafe in the city centre, can be crowded, but not s tourist trap ❤️

Michaela S.
Amazing cakes,stylish crowd. Go for an evening salad and a glass of wine.

Liza A.
Can't say, that they have best cakes, but banana with caramel was just melting in my mouth!

İdris H.
Banana&caramell cake

İdris H.
Cake with banana&caramell is awesome. Also schnitzel and risotto with chicken&spinach is delicious. Not an expensive cafe as it seems:)

Jan M.
Wifi password:MOET2016

Anna K.
Big breakfasts

Ελενη .
delicious cakes

rola b.
Great and cool place with the best cakes in Prague. If you are on diet like me everyday you can try one their salads. Daily menu are delicious ! And the Owner??? He is the best!!! Love him!

Mrs F.
always way too crowded...Felt like in a facyory..not going back:(

İlker E.
An upscale, good quality food and cakes cafe with lots of wonderful and beautiful people around. I really like the ambience and service in here. Not like other places in Prague, very elite.

Bianca ..
Pretty nice location for drinks with friends. Good selection of wine. The cakes are indeed one of the best and their food is also decent - don't have a lot of options but they bring it pretty fast.

Jo R.
Well... Nothing special really. We tried the chocolate cake, the carrot cake and the cocoa cake and weren't impressed. Actually we didn't even finish them.

Jibran A.
The raspberry cheesecake is awesome :)

Brown bread and cheese board were great, coffee was nice and the view is really great

Doug M.
Fantastic little Cafe. Enjoyed a spectacular breakfast here on my last day in Prague. Would recommend.

Isil D.
Coconut Cake is delicious.

Damianos A.
Nice place to enjoy your coffee!

Roland S.
Very fashioned place

Jason N.
The atmosphere is unlike Prague (a good thing). Great place to come for drinks, even though the service could be better... Would I come here again? Yes! [drinks: 4/5, service: 2/5, vibes: 5/5]

Hazan A.
Very very good place! Don't forget to make a reservation. Try schnitzel and cocktails

Martin P.
Coffee was huge disappointment. Wine is great. Place to show-off. Service is very slow.

Alejandra T.
Very good tea and they have soy milk!

Oksana G.
Ok coffee.

Klára B.
Nice place near Wenceslav squere, good selection of cakes. Coffee is nothing special there. You can sit outside.

Burak N.
Classy local cafe. Tourist free and good food.

Gabriela C.
Great food, but really slow service

Beril D.
Cozy place to eat and grab some beer

Matus H.
Chocolate cake

Thiago T.
it took like 20 minutes to have a slice of cake and the place wasnt swarming. the cake wasnt that special as well.

Andreas A.
Only one Czech beer and it was dark. 😢

Lucie Z.
Nice environment with slow, mostly jazz music, great location, however, their coffee is average.

Michelle A.
We found this place by chance but it turned out to be quite the find! Delicious cakes, friendly service and good coffee (Nespresso capsules though)! Perfect place to hide away from the tourist masses!

Martina H.
Vynikajici kozi syr a dortiky.

Damla O.
Cakes are real good, the cafe is just across the street from Angelato which is the top ice cream place in Prague. Save that street 👌

Florin D.
Vetrnik FTW!!!

Xenia T.
Service, interior, drinks, music - all excellent

Tomáš T.
Standardne snobske miesto. Kava obycajna - Nespresso. Value for money - 6/10

Katrin N.
Výborné dezerty!

Nikola B.
Cakes, coffee, cocktails, excellent location, good value, friendly place

Nela Z.
Trendy place with amazing desserts and salads.

Kryštof K.
Fabulous service. Reasonable prices downtown. Nice ambience. The best fried cheese in town. Attention: fried cheese only on request. :)

Manon M.
The food is indeed very nice and the cakes are awesome. But the service is a NIGHTMARE. One waiter per customer and no one is able to take care of you. Not a tourist-friendly place.

Jiří .
Cool place with Nespresso coffee and delicious cakes. Sometimes, staff could be more friendly.

Zuzana F.
Awesome cakes and great coffee!

Zdena P.
coctails and evening meetings

Veronica L.
They have soy milk! 👏🏼

Constance C.
Cakes cakes cakes🍰

Monika K.
People, cakes and coffee!

a_ k.
The just serve coffee from Nespresso-pads :(

Alexandra G.
Buznadrom 👬

Peeetrs H.
Cakes, hot chocolate

Simone D.
A great cafe with a huge cake selection, pretty interior and great Cappuccino.

Nathalie B.
Nice atmosphere!

Their goat cheese salad is amazing 😍😍

spyridon z.
Banana caramel

Awesome cakes, arguably the best in Prague:)

Boris M.
Stop in for a nice sit. Good for desert and coffee.

Anna-Maria H.
Try the strawberry soup! Sth u never tasted before!!!

Avieza N.
So recommended!! Everything just so good especially if you come here for brunch. The dessert jeez definitely a yummy!!! Love it!

Tinni T.
their cakes, yummyyy❤️

Sorina C.
We had the Coconut cake which was delicious And big enough for two! Everything was good :) Overall: I like it and I recommend the place, for any moment of the day :)

Tasty cheesecake 💕

Amazing brunch 😍😍

urban n.
Nice Place. Good Option to sit back and relax after a long tiring walk in the city centre.

Axel V.
Try the ristretto, great place!

Murat .
Fancy and posh. Risotto with shrimps is awesome, banana caramel cake is mind-blowing.

Milos H.
great service !!!

Denis T.
Chocolade cake worth dying for.

ser y.
A great harlequin chocolate cake

andy p.
Great baked cheesecake. Nice coffee. Water is more expensive than the cheesecake!!!

Ev B.
Good cakes!! Great coffee!! Very nice atmosphere!! But there is a waiting line up to 15 minutes!!

Alex M.
Quite a good and pleasant place with nice design, drinks and atmosphere. Not the best one in Prague, but it's ok to visit it.

Tarun A.
Stuffed croissants... Worth it!

Tarun A.
Password nespresso

Maria Electra A.
Best coffee shop

berke c.
Best coffee and cakes in town, go go go!

Alvaro P.
Gay friendly cafe? In any case, great cakes offering and nice decor, but quite lousy music...saw some great looking guys too! ;)

The tastiest salad w shrims and sesame in the city! Cakes are so tasty too.

Michal K.
Best cakes in Prague

Steven R.
Skip the diet. Go straight to desert!

Niki P.
Great atmosphere and quality!

Juwana J.
Great atmosphere, salads and cakes between Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, off of Mustek.

Lukáš L.
Great servise, even better mood

Rok B.
Coffee and pastry.

Jana D.
Tuze nesympatické...

Michelle A.
The best cakes in Prague, very trendy coffee place

Martin P.
There is nothing to complain about at this place. The venue as well as the options for drinking good coffee. If you like sweet calorie bombs try their thick pancakes.

Frédéric F.
Great teas, try Red fruit and Caribbean

Limonova M.
Risotto with mushrooms👍

Peter D.
Very nice for coffee and cake. Best in town!

Pili C.
Shrimp risotto is delish! And how about those cakes! Definitely coming back!

Tanya B.
My favorite place in Prague!! Best cakes I've had anywhere during my travels... The staff are super helpful, pleasant and always there! I'm there at lease twice a week! Love it!

Simone O.
good caffe

J C.
The cakes are good, however the service was quite bad, the waiter didn't even look at us while taking the order, brought the wrong thing, and was basically in a hurry to get rid of us.

Maroš S.
good looking stylish place with coffees for reasonable prices and outstanding tasty cakes :) and you can not overlook it from the street!

One of the best cheesecakes I've ever had. Try it

Ifco S.
One of the best cafe in town. And gay friendly :-)

Nice atmosphere

Manos K.
Great atmosphere, very poor cappucino

David W.
Big portions served up in an uber cool setting. However the plentiful food lacked quality in its execution, and music for me was playing too loud!

Steven L.
Nice cafe, nice music, cute waiters and so much to see... The cakes are heaven!

Andreas B.
Great menu, fantastic cakes. Staff slow and unattentive.

Karina F.
Service is nice, but it is very, very noisy place. Negative detail was a warm water.

Areej 2014
Love the atmosphere

Ekk J.
New password updated at June2014 : nespresso

Ро дри го .
The place to see and be seen in Prague. Regularly frequented by the Czech socialite. Some of the best cakes in town.

Joe C.
terrible staff

Anastasia K.
the service is far beyond awful.waiters are extremely slow(you would probably wait for your receipt for 20-30 mins),and even though they are smiling,you kinda realise that they secretly hate you

Jiri S.
Super place to visite, to stay alone or with friend/-s and take a sweet, coffe or meal ... :-)

Branislav B.
Wifi pass: Heineken

Sven B.
Great Food!

Banana Nut Bread O.
Very chill yet gansevoort kind of vibe, but food/coffee is bomb.

Geof S.
Finally mostly non smoking!!!

Lucia R.
Výborná Velka snidane

Password: heineken

Lisa L.
Try the beze cake!

Nina A.
No respect at all, if you're alone - wait at the bar for nothing, no table for you, though there are some free ones. And no attention.

Thanh Van .
super duper homemade cakes :)

Tomas G.
This is the one of the best cafe and cake place you can visit when you are in downtown of Prague. Do not miss it!!

Natasha P.
Everything is awful

Hùng P.
The best cakes...!!

Best cakes and risotto in Prague!! :)

Zuzana M.
Beautiful, bigger (new!) space. Many friendly people. And stylish, fashionable and goodlooking ones. Really, this is the most coolest cafe in Prague. And their cheesecakes are the best.

Jerome J.
❤️ great food!

Karolína G.
perfect! Recommend to all my friends and followers

Ivo H.
Great place. WiFi pass: cafecafe

Max J.
Very nice highly recommended place but always is busy. Think about reservation before you come

xx x.
Great cheesecake!

Angie M.
Awesome food,CAKES,alcohol<3 Really nice atmosphere

Gian-Carlo M.
cheese selection its amazing!!!

Tereza S.
Raspberry cheesecake is absolutely mouthwatering!

Cool and nice place in all ways. Quite hard to find a seat, and I'm not surprised why :)

Evgeny R.
We liked very much banana cake with caramel cream - delicious and balanced sweetness (not over sweet)! And guys were very good, positive and with good English! And very handsome of course! ))

Denisa P.
Best cakes in town definitely!

Martin L.
Wifi heslo: 10203040

Roxanne U.
Great cakes and coffee.... Staff a bit snob and cold.....

Nejlepsi Caesar salat v Praze v nejlepsi kavarne v Praze! / The best Caesar salad in Prague in the best cafe in Prague!

Jiri S.
16/08/13 best 3 floor queer party at Chapeau Rouge, Jakubska 2 -

Dmitry R.
Looks like a gay friendly place :-)

Ekaterina M.
Wi-Fi password 10203040

Basak Y.
The best cafe&bar i've ever seen.

Arxo K.
Very beautiful place, nice atmosphere, nice decoration. Very good service. Good prices. Located between the centre and old town square. And of course the famous cheesecake totally worth it!

Lucie P.
New wifi password - 10203040

Pinot grigio and chardonny... go for its...

Salman A.
Love this place, super friendly !

Jan V.
Best cakes in town!

Matthijs W.
Good service. Menu has not changed since opening, and quality is dropping. Cakes are GREAT

Bet S.
Try the best cake - Beze! Pure insanity, heaven on earth!

Nikola K.
Best coffee, best cakes, best grilled goat Cheese.

Jozef Joel N.
❤..this place!;)

kaloricka bomba! :-)

Nemanja S.
Very rude waiters.

Omar C.
Very interest Café in Prague!! Nice play list and options to eat.

Sash .
super-ql spot but you have to be super-lucky to get free table over weekend without queuing for half an hour :)

Anna K.
Straight friendly cafe!

K H.
Best grog.

Mario M.
The most amazing cakes in Prague

Daria K.
Wi-fi password nespresso

David S.
Ask for homemade chips or french fries...tasty!

Pavel H.
Best cakes in Prague! Homemade! Very good coffee, great food & stuff. Unbeliaveable low prices, nice interiour. LOVE IT HERE! <3 :)

Natalia G.
The perfect caramel cake..!)mmm

Michal H.
Excellent desserts, fast service and friendly environment.

Šimon P.
Out of Hot Chocolate? Seriously people call this best café in town? Shame!

Karolina S.
Nice decor, comfy chairs, fast internet. WiFi pass: nespresso.

Riza K.
Best place in town

Mira T.
Good music, free WiFi, delicious cheesecakes, handsome waiters. Nice place.

Tom S.
Best cheesecake in Prague. Wi-Fi pass: cafecafe

Christian S.
Can recommend the salads ... Try the Nicoise ! A table on the terrace is the best place to enjoy a glass of wine

Perfect cakes and drinks, crazy stupid, lasy and unattentioned staff :(

Thomas S.
Amazing place!!! Try Parma Ham Sandwich :-). Excellent cakes.

Joseph S.
love their raspberry cheesecake and ginger tea ! one of the best cafe in prague

Cyndie D.
The waiter grabbed my glass while I was drinking, I have never seen that in my all life...And it was on a Wednesday, at 5 pm., and not that crowded. I'll never come back there, for sure.

Don't order a martini. I ordered on thinking everyone would know what that was. I received Martini & Rossi vermouth on the rocks. That said, breakfast was good and so was the coffee.

Andrea C.
Everything cool here except the coffee (bad). And now they serve Heineken only - are you kidding me? In Prague? Minus points to an otherwise great place!

Jiri S.
17/08/12 Queer Noises Prague Pride Edition (djs, bands, cabaret...) 4 more info check FB event! Chapeau Rouge, Jakubska 2

Lime&Tonic (Prague)
Very suave cafe. Some cool things to do in the area as well...

Jerry K.
Excellent Greek salad and outstanding coffees.

Sergey S.
Wi-fi password - 12341234

Peter L.
Very good food, cake looks even better (did not try it, on a diet). Coffee is nespresso.. Its okey. Unfortunately the staff's english is not that good, order slowly, you will still love the food :)

Kristjan T.
Wifi password 12341234

Emrah C.
Try shrimp risotto, better than Italy :)

Worst frappe ever. Otherwise my favourite café in Prague.

Andy .
Also, try the veal

Andy .
Password is 33333333

Virginie D.
Good ambiance and Bacon toast very nice!

E T.
Beze,beze, beze!!!!

Henric U.
The hot chocolate is small but very good. Together with a strawberry and cream cake - awesome!

Marina K.
Nice place but the staff wasn't good. They don't smile. Very rude.

Stefan S.
Love the cheese cake, coffee is ok but not spectacular. Wifi has changed, but I didn't ask for the new one

Rob K.
Great Bar! Always fun, great food!

Cenk A.
Nice cafe :) Wifi password 123123

Milan M.
the world's best cheesecake! My favorite place in Prague!

David S.
Owner is interesting..:-)

Try the capuchino

David S.
Good rose wine Minute!

Martin S.
Best cafe in town - super service, very nice prices and the best cakes ! very nice and friendly athmosphere ! If you visit Prague, it is a must to go to Cafe Cafe. You can meet also local and internat

Honzík V.
Best everything !

Simon S.
Great vibe and it was recommended to me by Simon Pegg on twitter

Pauliina M.
Great breakfast menu 'til noon and oh, the cinnamon tea is just purrrfect.

Andreas C.
Best Cafe near old town square. Great quality & selection of cakes. Try Poppy cake. Ginger tea is amazing.

Jenelle D.
After Old Town Square sneak in here for a cappuccino and cake. And free interwebs.

Petra P.
Dokonalý salát s kozím sýrem a nejlepší Hugo Spritz po celé Praze. Obsluha umí hezky házet očka. Takže je každý vždy nadšený

Anna K.
Tentokrat obsluha za 1

Dilan K.
Yaniiiii bizdeki cafelerden farkı yok..4-5 kişi bi tık akşam yemeği tadında hafif şıkır halde yemek yiyelim derseniz gidilebilir.

Maria C.
Una ensalada de queso de cabra muy buena, musica y free wifi

Eliška P.

Ahmed A.
اللاتيه لذيذ جدا وكذلك الحلويات

Ahmed A.
مقهى رائع واختياراتي كانت لذيذة جدااا👍

Helena S.
Výborné zákusky 🍰☕. Marcipánový mi prostě padl do oka i chuti 😊👌.

Reiner K.
Die besten Torten der Stadt!

Ck ..
Muhakkak oturun bir bira içip ortamı görün

Ezgi F.
Ortamı çok sıcak ve şık, pastalar nefis görünüyor onları tatmadım fakat yediğim kulüp tostunun lezzeti ve sunumu çok güzeldi . Çay servisi de çok özenli ve şık

Павел .
Очень вкусные завтраки

Karolina K.
Moc dobre dorty i čerstvý caj z maty nebo zázvoru.

Vojtěch B.
Podnik se sice tváří jako na úrovni, ovšem úroveň servisu je dost hrozná. Obsluha je pomalá, skoro až otrávená. Káva průměr, dezerty ok (až na skutečnost, že zákazník si musí jít vybrat k vitríně)

Mixalis R.
Πολύ καλό....

Ilya B.
Отличное место в самом центре среди однотипных кафе. Супер коктейли и закуски, а также официанты!

Joana M.
Ambiente e música fantasticos

Vojta M.
takovy moje nebe, miluju ten interier, umisteni, obsluhu a dorty (zvlast ten bananovej, jedna z veci kterou musite zkusit pred smrti!), kafe je trochu horsi ale fakt to stoji za to💕

Lívia N.
Lugar adorável, música ambiente agradável, comida deliciosa de ver e comer e, ótimo atendimento. Preço não tão caro.

Татьяна .
Не рекомендую! Были вдвоем с подругой. Несмотря на то, что посетителей было не много в пятницу вечером обслуживать нас никто не торопился... капучино не вкусный, в десерте вообще попался волос.... :(

Tomas H.
Pravidelná zastávka cestou na terapii. Aby se pak člověk měl z čeho vypovídat :)

Jan M.
Velmi pěkné prostředí, výborná káva a marcipánový dort je přímo božský. Moc se nám líbí výběr zákusků, stejně tak i menu jídel a káv. Nemám co bych vytknul a tak jen chválím a doporučuji

Татьяна .
Голубизна зашкаливает! ))) не впечатлило совершенно.. куча народу, тесно, ужасное обслуживание, очень громкая музыка. Да, десерты неплохие, но кофе плохой!

Yana M.
Хорошее место,много народу-делайте резервацию. Неплохая кухня,но ажиотажа вокруг этого заведения не понимаю 😕

Michael A.
Cakes, Maxi větrník.

Reiner K.
Sehr schöner Laden, es ist allerdings schwierig, einen Platz zu bekommen. Super Kaffee - und herrliche Kuchen und Torten!

Sinan A.
Bizdeki midpoint ayarinda biryer. Sigara icilen bolum resmen dumanalti. Buyuk salonda oturun gerekirse sigara icilen bolume gecersiniz.

Dirk M.
Lieu branché et accueillant

Jakub J.
Místo spíš pro "celebrity" nebo jak si tu říkaj. Potkal jsem tu mamku Teri Blitzen

Aslı K.
Nezih, sakin, şık bir mekan. Risottolari biraz kuru. Salatalar super.

Andělka B.
Potkali jsme tu mamku Tei Blitzen! :D Chodí sem prostě celebritky. Hezké, na urovni, stylové. / Celebrities come here all the time. Fancy, classy, nice.

Mariana R.
Tem wifi e o atendimento é lento. Mas o risoto de camarão e sweet chilli é ótimo!

bacalla T.
El café . Buen ambiente y buena música.amables

Gürültülü ama cıvıl cıvıl bi cafe..... vienna cafe si güzel... kreması bol....

Nikola B.
Nejstylovější kavárna v centru Prahy! Kafe skvělý a dortíky báječný, méně báječná je cena, která ale odpovídá kvalitě a lokalitě :)

Mat'o W.
Cafe Cafe se snazi o to pusobit luxusne skoro az snobsky tak mi zustal rozum stat kdyz jsem byl pozadan at si v pripade ze chci rozvinout slunecnik sednu k jinemu stolu jak kdyby ho neslo posunout.

Десерты потрясающие. Очень вкусные завтраки на выбор. Ризотто всегда было на высоте! Атмосфера очень уютная и приятельская.

Zuzana M.
Cheesecake 👍🏻

Alihan C.
Kaliteli ve nesih bir mekan.. Gidilesi..

Michaela H.
Krásný interiér, milá obsluha, vynikající dezerty a saláty.

Sabina Z.
O nejlepsi kavarnu v Praze se teda rozhodne nejedna. Mozna tak nejvic overhyped a overpriced. Prostredi je moc hezke, ale hra na fancy podnik to proste kazi.😕

Martin O.
Božský trhanec.

Yelda U.
Beer,tea,dessert.mekan güzel, sohbet için ideal. Fiyatlar uygun

vasilina a.
banana caramel cake

Alexandra M.
L'ambiance cosy et glamour

Kristyna V.
Obligátní pražská zástavka. Cheescake. :)

Olga K.
Super prostředí i obsluha. Ceny typicky Pražské.

Ella G.
Топ место не только для приятных встреч но и местечко с вкуснейшим обеденным меню! Ко всему прекрасные торты на заказ за день до события,цены около 1 тыс за торт.Репрезентативно и идеально вкусно!

Вкусное Ризотто❤️ музыка👌 уютно👸

Svetlana K.
Шварцвальский вкусный очень. Место уютное. Музыка хорошая.

Andy S.
Super misto kam jednou za cas rada zajdu posedet s prateli. Pekny interier, latte ok, ovsem martini podavaji v nemoznych sklenickach. (Nebo alespon kdyz jsem si ho posledne davala) 😞

Anna R.
Вкусные десерты и хорошее обслуживание!

Cesar D.
Muy buena atmósfera, buen lugar, buenos precios.

Michaela D.
Skvěla obsluha, super dezerty, dobre kafe .. I těstoviny super

Hodně příjemná kavárna, milá obsluha, výborný kafe, jídlo a dortíky. Akorát pořád plno lidí..:)

Samuel C.
Výborné dezerty, akurát na takú prevádzku automatický stroj na kávu? Čakal som top baristu s super pákovým strojom

Emel I.
Prestala jsem sem chodit kvuli doternym cisnikum,preplnenosti a hlucnosti. Po rekonstrukci jsem zavitala poprve pred par tydny a rikam palec nahoru! Paradne to prokouklo a cisnici jsou super mili! ☺️

Tess K.
Dobrá káva a střik 👌

Тупые официанты,несколько раз нужно повторять чтоб доходило))

David N.
Sice neřeknu nic nového, ale dorty a ostatní zákusky jsou vážně skvělé! Káva mě ale chuťově zklamala, škoda. Snad to je jen subjektivní pocit

Michael P.
Dorty báječné, ale čokoláda naprosto tragická ! Raději Nesquik prosím...

Mary F.
Моравское красное вино идеально!!!😍

Отличное место: современный интерьер, быстрое обслуживание, вкусный кофе и десерты!

Frantiska C.
Vkusný a stylový interiér,majitel miloučkej,obsluha fajn.Ale v podstatě jde o podnik, který navštěvují osoby holdující komzumu s pocitem nadřazenosti.Obrázek dokreslují bezdomovci sedící před vchodem.

Lana K.
Лучшие тортики в Праге!)

Nataly B.
Вкусные и выгодные меню на завтрак. Хорошая атмосфера. Если есть желание перекусить, то есть вкусные сендвичи (большие порции, можно брать 1 на двоих).

Klára T.
Výborná melounova limonáda 👏👏

Deniska N.
Poooomaaalaaaa obsluha ;)

Olga N.
Приятное кафе, отличный выбор кофе, наивкуснейщие гигантские торты. Цена выше среднего, но за приятные впечатления ничего на жалко )

Lukas S.
maj tady vetrnikovej dort, jehoz chut hvezd se dotyka :) nutno ochutnat!

Gd chosing 👍✌️

Petr M.
Prostředí super, dorty famózní, káva ok, ale nic o čem bych psal domů, obsluha na zahradce: 20 minut čekačka na vodu, obdobně na zaplacení za mě neopakuju.

Jirka K.
Simply the best Café in Prague! Le meilleur café de Prague !

Katrusy T.
Wifi password "Heineken"

Boris K.
Вкусные десерты и кофе

Anton L.
Симпатичное место

Lucie M.
Mattoni za 49,- :-)

Polinka J.
Nejlepší dorty v Praze! Ceny trochu vyšší, ale stojí to za to!

Míša S.
Super rozlivany vina ze sedmicek! 🍷

Ketrin M.
Najlepsi cosmopolitan z celej Prahy 🍸

marek b.
Dej/te si dort

Kristýna P.
vlasy v jídle a homo everywhere. ale jestli jsi dost posh, tak zapadneš.

Alex M.
značně nesympatické anorektické hranolky

Hana M.
Vetrnikovy dort - 5 hvězdiček! Po rekonstrukci stale krasne a plne! Nova dekorace, novy prostor, kuracke a nekuracke lepe oddelene.

Philipp S.
Sehr nettes Kaffee für alle. Sogar für Straights.

Ekaterina M.
Все официанты красивые и дружелюбные. Десертов большой выбор.

Adam B.
Příjemné kavárenské prostředí, několik vynikajících dortů, střízlivá obsluha a od února 2014 taky rozdělená kuřácká a nekuřácká část.

Alexey I.
завтраки вкусные и очень сытные.советуем малиновый чизкейк!это что-то!!)))

Inés R.
Vsichni jsou tu 4%! ;D

Michaela P.
Obsluha strašná. Chodím tam ale kvôli lahodným dortom a skvelej atmosfére. Perfektná poloha je veľké plus!

Adem K.
Ortam ve dekor mükemmel.

Mirek T.
Kava je spis mleko s kavovou prichuti, ale dorty jsou luxusni.

Denis A.
Отличное место с хорошей музыкой как в московской пропке

İlkgun C.
Çalışanlarının çok artist olması dışında güzel kafe :)

Limonova M.
Очень вкусное Ризотто с грибами)

Dmitri O.
Пристанище гомообрпзов, но завтрак ничо 😜😇

Лидия .
Вечерами многолюдно,но если даже придется подождать столик,это того стоит!!!)

Лидия .
Закажите ягодный шейк,нереальный вкус!)очень понравились ризотто с креветками и баварскими колбасками.Отличное кафе с приемлемыми ценами.

Dima Z.
10203040 - cafe-cafe

Kačenka L.
Dorty skvele, ale obsluha je priserna, snobska, je jim jedno,jestli prijdete znovu,vzdyt je to plne cizincu. A to jsem tam nebyla jednou!

Alexandr S.
Chodim sem již 12 let a ještě jsem ani jednou nebyl zklamán. Vynikající kuchyně a bezkonkurenční dorty. Včetně vždy milého majitele Ríši Hrádka. Tento podnik všem vřele doporučuji.

Denis T.
Симпатичные официанты и очень вкусный малиновый чизкейк.

Líbí se mi, že pouštějí v televizi Spalovače mrtvol.

музыка шикарная

Super bezinková limonáda!!

Konstantin G.
Smeranový dortik je bohovský!

Mary F.
Красивое место для красивых людей!) вкусные десерты) стильная обстановка)обычно очень много народу. Лучше бронировать столик.

Tomáš G.
I pres silenou obsluhu to za to stoji. Nejlepsi dorty na svete!

Irina B.
Девчонки, это гей кафе)))так что не нужно здесь засматриваться на парней, они конечно красавчики, но не для женщин))))и музыка здесь отличная))

Hanickamaus 🙈🙉🙊
Nejvic namyslena obsluha ever. A nejvic lina. Ctyri cisnici stoji na baru, tri se bavi nad telefonem. Desny!

Violetta B.
Про малиновый чизкейк подтверждаю-это супер нямка👍

Anton C.
Очень вкусные десерты. Приятное молодежное кафе

Alper C.
Pasta, kahve zart zurt işte. Ortam keyifli ama gereksiz bir artizlik hakim. Ezik kafe lan nedir?

Alper C.
Eğer geç saatte geldiyseniz birşeyler içtikten sonra devam etmek için hwmen karşıdaki Kuku ya geçin.

Veronica L.
Příjemná kavárna i obsluha, dobrý dortíky a mražený kafe bylo jako stvořený pro slunečnej den. Myslím, že odteď moje oblíbená kavárnička :)

Svetlana P.
nejlepší dorty, domácí hranolky a smažený sýr v celé ČR!

Julia F.
Wi-fi heslo: cafecafe

Petr P.
Výborné dortiky

Stanislav I.
Nice! Мило и вкусно!)

Jaroslav K.
Výborný hovězí vývar, kuchyně jinak průměrná. Za hlavní tahák považuji skvělé dorty a sympatickou obsluhu. Nic pro nekuřáky a odpůrce silikonové kokspseudosmetánky.

Anya G.
Очень порадовали приемлимые цены ,атмосфера и персонал;))

Katya C.
Lidé sem přicházejí, aby si ukázali a podívali se na jiné ;) ale dezerty jsou bomb! A taky grilovaná zelenina jen za 60 kč - paráda ;)

NEJlepší (a NEJvětší kus na talíři) Schwarzwaldský dort! To opravdu chcete ochutnat.

Жиганюк .
Отличное место, шикарная атмосфера. Чизкейк малиновый - песня без слов!

Das immer noch angesagteste Café in Prag Innenstadt!

Ondřej L.
Zakouřeno :/

Jarda C.
Maji tu super iMac z iWorld a obsluhu s knirem. Musite si ho vsimnout. Bryle a knir!

Johana F.
Doporučuju větrníkovej a jahodovej dort.

Hanka L.
Vynikající Ceasar salát :)

Andrea P.
Krásné prostředí, které kazí akorát velmi často (poslední dobou pořád) nepříjemná a nesympatická obsluha, která se mi zdá týden od týdnu horší a horší. Úsměv příště prosím!

Olga K.
Jednoznacnē nejlepší dorty v Praze!!!

Egesz jol ereznem magam, ha nem smárolna ket kocsog mellettem. Boaf aaaaa

Thu Ha N.
Nejlepsi houbove rizito.

Edouard K.
В кафе работает блондинка невысокого роста, отьявленная сволочь.

Pavla H.
Wifi heslo "cafecafe". Káva průměrná, čokoládový dort s jahodami božský, obshluha famózní... Nebo opačně?:)
Nejlepší kavárna v Praze, vynikající dorty, skvělé jidlo a moderní interier.

thomas j.
The best "Větrník" cake in the world, worth trying

Martina K.
Moderní a stylová kavárna s perfektní atmosférou :)

Zdenek V.
Vetrnik! Nechte si ukrojit kus z toho obrovskeho, uzasneho vetrniku a pozor, zpusobuje zavislost. Neni preslazeny. Odpoledne uz vetsinou nebyva, je pryc jako prvni...

Petr Z.
Prostě nejlepší podnik s úžasnou obsluhou a panem majitelem!

Caroline V.
Super carte ! Super ambiance !

Petra D.
Naozaj krasne a pohodove miesto, mila obsluha a best malinovy cheese cake ever.

Dan T.
Tak aby mi obsluha vylila obsah lahve do sklenice a lahev odnesla, bez vyzvani, to teda nechapu. Dislike.

Ondrej N.
Pozoj, je to tu samej buzejant. Jinak dojty dobji a vino nic moc...

Artur G.
Очень вкусный малиновый чизкейк, приятная музыка!

Veronika S.
Nejlepsi dorty v Praze..

Martin S.
Prostředí pěkné, kafe není ani na tácku, voda na zapití taky k němu není.. A je to normální Plazza d'Oro jen v samotném hrnku, což mě docela zklamalo, na to že se podnik podle kafe jmenuje.

Lucie v.
Nic pro dietáře. Příliš dobré dorty:-)

Helena K.
Úžasna obsluha, prostředí a dortíky nej v Praze

Xavier T.
Un café muy cool. El cortado con la leche a parte :) las tantas tenían una pinta increíble

Marieta K.
Miluju jejich interiér a mrkvový dort s poctivou smetanou. Zato obsluha by potřebovala hodně vylepšit.

Jirka B.
Rizecky s bramborovym salatem jsou excelentni. Obsluha take bez chyby :-)

Richard B.
Tohle misto ma jednu nevyhodu: cloveku se nechce odejit :) super misto, super majitel...

Petr V.
Dneska vynikající čočová polívka!

Jana C.
Nejlepší malinovy cheese cake pod sluncem.

marek b.
Vsimnete si napisu "cafe" na zdi,ktery je poskladany z bas od piva.

marek b.
Jedna z nej kavaren v Praze