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Kavárna Cafe Cafe Praha

Praha > Praha 1 > Kavárna Cafe Cafe
Kavárna Cafe Cafe
Rytířská 10, Praha 1 - Staré Město
Otevírací doba
Po-Čt 10:00-23:00
Pá-Ne 09:30-23:00

V srdci Prahy je ukryt klenot mezi kavárnami a tím je Cafe Cafe. Neotřelý design, profesionální obsluha, výborná káva i kuchyně a každou chvíli vždy něco nového. Pro sezení v hlavní místnosti doporučuji vždy udělat si rezervaci. Cafe Cafe je výborné místo na posezení u kávy, jídla i dezertu a to v jakýkoliv denní okamžik.



Kavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe Cafe
Kavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe CafeKavárna Cafe Cafe

Kavárna Cafe Cafe - hodnocení a recenze

renny gastro
Je tu krásně ale byla jsem nemilé překvapena když jsem požádala o zazpívani k dceřínym narozeninám a bylo mi řečeno to neděláme? Pracuji x let v gastronomii s nikdy to nebyl problém proč v tak luxusní restauraci _ kavárně je! Mrzí mě to

Prostředí i to jídlo je tam prostě báječné a na to, že je to střed města to není ani zas tak předražené

Diana N.
My favorite place for glass of Prosecco, caramel cake and fried goat cheese salad 🤤 great ambiance 😍

Ala B.
Fancy and modern interior, veriety of cakes and really outstanding taste of coffee.

Panagiotis G.
Perfect cheesecake!!

Paula M.
the raspberry cheesecake is to die for 😋

Gunnar S.
Me and my girlfriend shared one of the best raspberry cheesecake we have ever had!

Jura M.
Great atmosphere and cute staff

Szymon K.
Very busy, loud and noisy. Luckily it makes it all up with great choice of delicious cakes. Make sure to scan the fridge and well as the counter (seasonal “warm” pastries). Coffee-wise it’s nespresso.

Must try the banoffee pie 🤤

Lona F.
Cakes are tasty. It would be better if the waiter did not come to our table every 10 minutes, asking if we want to order something else. There is a thin line separating good service from bad service.

Mert H.
Tea from ginger is perfect

Roman S.
Cakes, tea, interior, croissaints!

Phillippe K.
Worst service and a average food. I will never go there again

Best cakes and coffee shop in Prague

Jason L.
Wonderful pastry, great atmosphere, friendly staff!

Elily H.
Yeah, this place is amazing, but we came here once almost 1,5h before closing. And the staff didn’t let us in, which was quite disappointing, because we made all the way there.

Jacek S.
Fine and crowdy even on Tuesday. :)

Jana S.
One of the places where no matter what you get - its always good. No matter if you go for coffee and cake, lunch or dinner.

Muffin Man
WHY THERE: desserts. WHY NOT: loads of tourists. DRINKS: regular. DESSERTS: quite a selection of lovely ones. LOCATION: mainstream (relatively convenient). PRICES: higher average (unreasonable)

Anna K.
Breakfast starts at 10:00

Andrej N.
Cakes are delicious. Keep in mind the cappuccino cups are small (for big cup lovers). Prices are above average. Good place and service.

Andrea A.
Nice open faced sandwiches. Service was a little abrupt.

joss b.
One of the best bars in Prague!

Valeriya V.
Very nice place with good wine, desserts, music, atmosphere and quality service.

Michael A.
Inspiring daily menu with possibility of customization. Staff really look after good customer experience.

Wladimir C.
The music is selection was great! Lounge Dance music! Food was great! Service was good too. Chicken was amazing. The starter was also great.

Raian R.
Try their goat cheese salad and sandwiches. Very nice vibe place.

Gabriel R.
Food just average! Attendants below average too! Modern but need a better boss-looking touch!

Karolina K.
Cakes are the best in town! Stylish, also with smoking area.

Jan V.
Amazing cakes, food and atmosphere. Great and friendly staff.

Spyros K.
Nice music and beautiful ambience