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Burrito Loco fast food
Masná 2, Praha 1
Otevírací doba
Tel: 602 281 866


Burrito Loco fast food - hodnocení a recenze

Perfektni maso a fazole!!

J B.
The only drawback is a lack of sitting places.

Jiří B.
Great tacos!

Andrew P.
Great service for being right in the center. Always tasty and filling. Enjoyed the quesadilla. Prag cider is delicious with no sugars or additives

Just another good place to grab Mexican food. There is a nice square near, where you can eat it all.

Juuso M.
Excellent burritos. You won't go hungry, either.

Rewan P.
Open 24 hours! Delicious Mexican fast food. Order a burrito for 125Kc and add gauc for 15Kc.

Totes H.
Burritos are good, but quite stuffed. I would recommend sharing it in two. In any case, pay the extra 10 czk to add guacamole.

Radoslav H.
The tacos is kinda difficult to eat – you may lose all the salad in the process. Get a burrito.

Yulia Y.
Great place for a snack. Tasty and large portions. Good Mexican fast food. Polite and cheerful staff.

Best Mexican bistro in town!

Bernardo R.
Just had the XXL burrito.. I'm ready for a sleep. That was just so good. Washed it down with a grapefruit soda and it was just lush. I'm going back for another one when this ones digested.

Lydia U.
Good Burritos and the prices are okay for the neighbourhood and amount of food you get.

Francesc L.
Very good atmosphere, nice service , good mexican food and margaritas, prices a litle expensive , i recommend

Veronica L.
Great Burritos and what's new is that they have bagels from Bohemia Bagel there 😎

Kirumo T.
get burrito with everithing!)

Josef H.
Great for quick lunch or a late night burritos!

Pavel Z.
Excellent late night food.

Samuel B.
Extra 10 Kc for Guacamole - go for it

Cheese quesedilla is the best!!

Honza N.
The best burritos in Prague!

Benatka S.
After partyyyyy :-)

Carmine M.
Easily my favorite burrito in Prague. Even better than Cantina

Benito G.
Go for the chicken quesadilla. Super yummy and the perfect late night snack after bar hopping.

Marina L.
The 2am kebab alternative.

Excellent late-night drunk food ;)

Aden A.
Nonstop revolution!

Alina N.
Nice fast food spot to satisfy your hunger, especially in the night (24/7), especially after party in one of the nearest clubs. Tiny & humble. Only 2 chairs to sit:))

Best burrito in Prague!

Czeko J.
Best burrito in town!

Kim P.
Get a beef burrito, stuff it with everything, and gawk at the cutie working behind the counter!

Splendid burritos!

Дмитрий .
Напротив M1. Обслуживает своих друзей в первую очередь. Если что-то скажете об этом - до кинет острого перца

Luis Enrique R.
Lugar con auténtico sabor mexicano

Yulia Y.
Отличное место для перекуса. Заведение работает 24 часа. Вкусный мексиканский fastfood. Позитивный персонал.

Arpine S.
Ty jejich quesadillas !! Lepší nenajdete

Monika K.
Ve dvě ráno v dešti vstoupíte do Burrito Loco, řeknete, že chcete něco bez zeleniny, poslintáte pult a odejdete s výbornými quesadillas. Cena vyšší než za nějaký fastfood, ale stojí to za to.

Quesadillas yemek için harika bir yer. Gece de açık

Martina N.
Skvělé buritto, ale musí ho dotyčný umět udělat, jinak to není ono. Ale stále nejlepší v Praze (v ulici Masná). Ty ostatní nejsou tak kvalitní...

Nejlepší mexiko, obsluha si pamatuje 'věrné' zákazníky. Bohužel! Doufám, že si to přečte. Snažím se tam nechodit, ale nejde to - maj to tam 'bohužel' fakt dobrý!

Jan S.
Velmi dobre burritos, jen by to chtelo vice mista k sezeni. Jinak doporucuji

Sergei Z.
Вкусно. Берите мясной буррито с курицей, салатом, острым соусом и съешьте его в парке рядом

Ilja C.
Vynikajici burito, pohotova a prijemna obsluha, doporucuji si priplatit za guacamole

Václav D.
Skvele nonstop take-away mexicke bistro. Velke hovezi burrito, muzete si vybrat jakoukoliv napln a omacku, skvele!