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Beas Vegetarian Dhaba Praha

Praha > Praha 2 > Beas Vegetarian Dhaba
Beas Vegetarian Dhaba
Bělehradská 90, Praha 2
Otevírací doba
Tel: 773 644 561


Beas Vegetarian Dhaba - hodnocení a recenze

dyego d.
The food in lunch time is good

Pavel P.

Jan K.
I visited all Dhaba Beas restaurants and all are great. I love the food here and i love that you can from lot of kinds of food. Vegetarian food too

Yentl W.
DELICIOUS vegetarian food, great system of the buffet!!

Danielle C.
Much worse food than at Dhaba on Pankrac. :(

Vojtech R.
My favorite vegetarian bistro in Prague.

Viktoria K.
Неплохая кухня, но металлические подносы убивают, конечно

Ilya O.
Affordable and tasty

Daniel K.
Always fresh for reasonable prices.

Martina Lilli T.
Delicious healthy fast food!

Shay B.
Pretty good Indian vegan food. Not a fan of the metal divided serving plates and overal atmosphere.

Adrian A.
Food is usually stone cold and flavours a bit bland.

Charlotte S.
Interesting idea to choose the food and pay for weight. Food is always tepid however. Very busy at lunchtimes.

Nacho S.
Affordable Indian veggie buffet, specially during the hour before closing. Really good take away system (sometimes is packed, as a matter of fact). Not hundreds of options, but all are very tasty.

Pavel K.
Fast service.

Very nice vegetarian fast food

Mat'o W.
Perfect vegetarian place. Every meal u eat creates a small sun in your tummy.

Very good vegetarian bistro! Food is delightfull and happy hours are great.😊😋

Irma A.
Good vegetarian and vegan food, nice garden to sit outside.

Jindra B.
Awesome prices! Just take what you want and ejoy it!

I think it is overpriced for what you get although it's tasty I'm sure one can get a proper meal in a non self-service restaurant for the same cost

Kate K.
Great vegetarian bistro with cheap prices! Must visit!

Karel S.
Love it! Amazing food!

Matthew S.
Very good traditional indian/Pakistani food. Clean, simplr with a very nice garden at the back. Will go back soon....

Prague University Post
If you are into vegetarian, this is the úerfect choice. They have about 5 more restaurant in Prague. The food is same, prices great and food delicious. Plus, 50% off one hour before closing.

Aleksey K.
Halva with pudding is super tasty

Lovely garden in the back.

Filip G.
My most favourite vegetarian fast food.

Dmitry S.
Very tasty bread

Valeri T.
Never thought veg would be so tasty.