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Asijské bistro Pod osmičkou
Jateční (Bubenské nábřeží), Praha 7
Otevírací doba
Tel: 732 936 653


Asijské bistro Pod osmičkou - hodnocení a recenze

Dan R.
now moved to the west, on the main alley

Ngoc Tram V.
❗️❗️❗️ Od 21.1.2016 se stěhují do nového prostoru, do budovy č. 5! /// They are moving to the building No. 5, starting from January 21st 2016! ❗️❗️❗️

Kristýna M.
Like their pho bo!

Honza N.
This place started the hype of vietnamese bistros in Prague. The same man standing in the window every day last years, handing you great phobo and warning you every single time, that the chilli is hot

Hungry H.
Bun cha chutnala

Petr .
Perfect bun cha

Honza N.
This bistro started this all hype around viet food. Should we thank? Anyways, come here before or after lunchtime, otherwise expect tons of people. Food is good, not best.

Very different, very tasty. Order one of the 5 meal from the main menu

Asja M.
Bun bo kho

Authentic and delicious!

Prostě F.
Their pho is delicious and they are very kind!
Pho is delicious, but anything you choose, you will not regret.

Tinni T.
Very kind staff and the food is great! Love pho here👍

Rudolf R.
Bun Cha is great

Jetam Y.
Vynikající bumbonambo!!
Delicious pho in market atmosphere. We would definitely recommend.

Lukas J.
Shabby place but probably the best pho in Prague.

Petr .
Best Pho I've had so far.

Anna B.
The best Phở in Prague (just as good as we had in Vietnam!). I'm addicted to their Bún bò khô.

Natasha N.
Loved the egg rolls!

Kateřina M.
Go for Vietnamese specials (pho, bun cha) - best in Prague if you don't want to go to Sapa.

Oto M.
Amazing pho. I didn't believe it, but it's one of the best in Prague. Together with the market atmosphere around it feels like in Vietnam. Definitely must. Anything there is great value.

Jan K.
Pho bo tai lan!

Best pho and spring rolls in Prague for years!

Petr M.
Tady před lety začalo mé vietnamské kulinární dobrodružství. Jeden dva závitky a Polívka k tomu.

Bun Bo Kho!

Michal S.
Best pho bò tài I have ever had

Michael P.
Nr. 42 is my favorite, big shrimps w/ rice or noodles and a bit spicy sause. And they have best springrolls in Prague!

Adam F.
Zboznuju zejmena zdejsi Bún bò khô! S trochou cerstveho chilli navic.

Very interesting pho bo - never had such a taste of pho before. Recommend this street place for Vietnamese food.